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Dior Travel Studio

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Brand: Dior / Type: Eye Shadows

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    2 Reviews
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      09.06.2011 09:36
      Very helpful



      Great travel makeup. Worth the money if you want quality and quantity, and to look great!

      I purchased my dior travel studio an airport shop. I had compared it to other similar products and chose this one becasue it seemed to give you more products inside for your money. It has pretty much everything you need; 6 eye shadows, 3 lip gloss, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, face powder, mirror and make up brushes. As the flight was early morning and I had not put any make up on I took my opportunity to use it there and then. Even my bloke commented on the great results and if he noticed at that time of the day it must be good and worth the cash. I usually stick a small bottle of foundation in with it when I go camping. (Yes people can still look glam in soggy fields with the dior travel studio!) I couldn't love the kit more, well unless they had some how managed to squish foundation in too but I realise this is asking way to much and to be honest it is probably my vanity more than a product issue. Indeed it is what is says, perfect for travel the added bonus being that it is top quality stuff. No eye shadow leaving its dusty residue on your cheek bones and lip gloss which lasts. I sometimes us the red lipgloss on my cheeks for a bit of rouge - you only need a little dot of the stuff. I take very few (if any) other makeup products with me on breaks and holidays now. It has certainly freed up luggage space for more shoes! My skin tone is quite fair so I am not sure whether the pressed powder would be as good for people with a darker skin tone. I never enquired whether they did the equivelent for darker skin tones but they may well have a product which would meet such needs. I am a tad concerned that the black eyeliner and mascara with run out before the other prouducts and hope that I will somehow be able to replace these in the future instead of having to buy a whole new travel studio.
      Over all the product has always brought a smile to my face when I have used it, I love it and would definatley recommend the product. I'am a money consious person, I bought this as a luxury item but realise now that it was a bargin.


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      09.07.2010 14:58
      Very helpful



      A amazing product - highly recommended! :)

      Dior Travel Studio

      This is another Item that I bought when I was on a cruise last summer. I bought this from the health/beauty store on the Royal Caribbean ship. I have not really used Dior before I got this, but I had tried the dior show water proof mascara (which is the best mascara EVER!), So after using that I thought that this product would also be of a really high quality, and it was.

      Firstly the packaging is so pretty and sleek and elegant. It looks really expensive and the case that all of the products are in is really strong and durable and keeps all of the products undamaged. Also the box that the set comes in is also really nice and it is looks great and it would make a great present too.

      The set is called Dior travel studio and it is a make up palette from the collection voyage. The set contains a lot of great high quality products including:
      *A mini travel size Dior show mascara (not waterproof) in Noir
      *Three lip sticks/glosses in various pink shades
      *Diorskin forever compact pressed powder foundation - in shade light beige
      *Double ended eyeshadow sponge applicator
      *Double ended lip brush
      *Lip liner - in the shade linen 513
      *Small foundation brush
      *And a small travel size eyeliner in Noir (See my previous review)

      *Lip gloss trio*
      Firstly the shades are really pretty and suit my pale (ish) skin quite well. They are also really nice and shimmery/sparkly. The top two shades are really nice and they are my favorite as they are nice and subtle with a sparkly slightly metallic sheen to them. And they also look quite natural but the last shade is a lot more glittery than the first two. You can actually see the small individual pieces of glitter in it - some people may like this but I don't really.

      But they are nice and I don't really wear anything on my lips apart from Lip balm, so these would be good for someone who wear lip glosses/lip sticks more. They do apply really easily and they are also easy to take off with a damp flannel. They are not heavy on my lips and they are not overpowering, but the first shade is my favorite as it is shimmery, subtle and natural. The colour also does not feather or move out of place very easily and it lasts for quite a while on my lips - but it does need touch ups.

      There are three duo shadows, so you actually get six different shadows to work with. But the shades on the left are larger than the ones on the right. They are all again like the lip glosses shimmery and metallic looking. I can't find the names of the shades on my box but they are so nice.

      The first duo is a light cream colour and it has an iridescent baby pink sheen to it. The shade next to this which complements it is a light brown again it has a slightly pinky metallic sheen to it. This is my favorite duos in this set as it is really wearable.

      Then you have a pink shimmery baby pink with a deep violet colour and the last one which is also really great is a gorgeous metallic blue with a grey/charcoal colour.

      They all apply really easily and they can be taken off easily and they can also blend together really easily. I just put the shade on the left as an all over eyelid base (after a primer) and then apply the shade on the right to the outer corner of my eye and blend it inwards to create a subtle smoky eye. All of the shadows last for ages on my lid (especially if I use a primer) and they don't really crease or smudge. They are also quite pigmented.

      *Diorskin foundation*
      I only wear pressed powder foundation and I have tried so many. When I was looking at buying this I did not see any that had different foundation shades in the sets. They all seemed to have the light beige shade. It is ok for my skin tone, maybe just the slightest bit too dark but it works well.

      It is easy to apply with the brush in the set or I like to use my Clinique powder brush. The foundation in the set is an 8g sample and I have had and used this set for almost a year and it is now just almost run out, so it lasts ages.

      It has a very smooth, silky texture and is applied so smoothly (especially with a primer) and it stays on my skin and does not move for ages! It also instantly makes my skin matte, with like no oil at all! - and this matte effect does last for most of the day, but touch ups are needed in my case as I have quite oily skin sometimes. And it is so easily blended and covers up most of the redness in my skin and it just smoothes out and evens my skin tone.

      I really like this foundation, but the only thing that I don't really like about it is that when I have used it a while and it is wearing down, the powder can easily break off and go all over the palette and it gets stuck to the lip glosses at the side and it is a bit difficult to clean up the set as it does get every where, but apart from that it is a great foundation.

      *Foundation/blush brush*
      I really like the packaging and the way this brush looks. It looks sleek and simple and it is like a mirror. And it also has Dior print on both sides of it too, which looks good. But as I have been using it a while the dior on one side has almost completely worn away - which is not good as it did look really pretty.

      The brush is really soft and smooth and my skin and it makes putting the foundation on quicker an easier. It is also really compact so it is great for traveling or putting in your make up bag. I like this brush, but I do like to use bigger powder brushes as the are just so much quicker to use all over my face. But this brush is great for touch ups of small areas of the face.

      *Eyeshadow brush*
      It is a simple double ended sponge applicator which looks again nice and simple and sleek. It also has dior printed in the middle of the brush which looks pretty and makes it look more expensive.

      It picks up a good amount of the product and it blends the shadows easily. It is just a simple brush with a really nice look and it is quite durable too, due to the metal handle.

      *lip brush*
      I don't really use the lip glosses so I don't really use this as a lip brush. I use it to apply eyeshadow some times and it is good as both a lip brush and an eyeshadow brush.

      It also has the same appearance as the eyeshadow brush with the metal section in the middle and the dior printed on the middle section, which looks pretty and sleek. The brush is really soft and it is a bit fiddly as a lip brush, but is is good as a small eyeshadow brush. They are both easy to control and make apply the eyeshadows easy.

      I have already reviewed the dior show waterproof mascara (and it is amazing) and I have also reviewed the eyeliner before. So you could see my previous reviews for more information on those products if you want.

      Overall I think this is a great set for all occasions and it is great for traveling as it is so compact and it has every thing you need (although I would have preferred the lip glosses to be more eyeshadows, just because I don't really wear lip glosses). But it is great and I think it would make a great present.

      As I said before I bought this from one of the Royal Caribbean stores, and I think I payed $50-60 but I can't remember, but in my opinion it is well worth the money and the products last for ages and it looks so nice.

      Also I have not used the lip liner so I can't give a review on it.

      On some American sites that I have looked at the prices are about $80, which is quite a bit but you may be able to find this on ebay or amazon.

      Good points
      *very high quality brand and products
      *6 shimmery gorgeous eyeshadows
      *Good foundation which gives medium coverage
      *Amazing mascara - but it is not the waterproof one
      *Compact, durable, hard wearing case to protect the products inside
      *Great colour shades
      *Soft durable brushes

      Bad points
      *Slightly expensive - but it is really high quality and you get a lot of use out of it
      *The foundation can break off and crumble - as I have used it loads
      *Not sure if it is available to buy in the UK


      Thank you for reading my review


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