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Divaderme Lash Extender

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Brand: Divaderme

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    3 Reviews
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      15.10.2013 12:43
      Very helpful



      If you've never tried any other lash extender before I recommend you get this now!

      You may see that I have recently reviewed the Model Co fibre lashes. Well much as I loved that product, I also decided to try an alternative - the Diva Derme Lash Extender.

      You cannot buy this product in Boots or Superdrug of the usual places where you might get your toiletries and cosmetics and I actually got this from Amazon.

      It cost me about £9 and I got free delivery which was less than a third of the price of the Model Co mascara.

      This is just the brush on lashes. It does not also contain a tube of mascara like the Model Co does allthough I didn't see this as a problem as I always have a plain black mascara knocking about that I could use.

      The tube contains a 9ml product.

      So the plan here is that you brush on black mascara as normal, then you brush on a coat of these 'lashes'. The tube contains a mascara wand that is coated with these fluffy little 'lashes'. They look like bits of fluff of cotton wool. After a coat of those, you then brush on another coat of mascara to coat the lashes.

      Unlike the white Model co lashes that I have complained about in my other review, these here are black and so you do not need to worry about ensuring that you coat them fully in black mascara.

      *** The results ***

      These do give longer lashes, longer than you would normally get with a regular mascara, but I am afraid I have been spoilt with the Model co version. I sometimes wish I hadn't tried that one as it is hard to go 'back' to this, wheras if I had never tried that I would be more than happy with this one!!

      One thing that is a shame with this mascara is that a LOT of the 'lashes' (which are black) tend to drop over your cheeks during application and as they are slightly tacky, it takes a bit of rubbing to get them off.

      All round, a good product and would well be worth a go to anyone who hasn't tried the Model Co version!


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        05.06.2012 23:54



        Does give good results but is just so messy, fiddly and too time consuming

        I first heard of this product about a year ago at a UK beauty exhibition. The stand that was selling this item was absolutely jam packed with people buying it literally by the case load! So needless to say, I was extremely intrigued! So I bustled my way into the crowd and asked 'what all the fuss was about', not sure those were my exact words!

        Anyway the lady on the stand informed me of the Lash Extender and explained that the product was effectively 'lashes in a bottle'. She began to tell me about the special fibres that seem to 'magically' attach to your natural lashes to create the look of fuller, thicker and longer lashes!

        I have to say I am always trying to find new products and ways to make my lashes look longer and thicker without using lash extensions, so obviously I needed to have this product. I was lucky enough to get a special offer price, which made me even more extatic!

        I was super eager to try this product out, so that night I decided to give it a go! The product has a wand applicator, similar to a mascara brush. Instead of mascara in the bottle, there are thousands of tiny black fibres which are designed to coat the lashes to give a natural, fuller, thicker lash look!

        It says that the best way for a successful application is to apply the fibres Inbetween coats of mascara in order for the fibres to stick. So I applied a coat of mascara to my lashes then immediately brushed on the fibres. I repeated this about two or three times. I did notice a difference in my lashes.

        My lashes did appear to look longer, darker and more volumised however the fibres did appear to clump slightly. I also found the fibres to be very messy, there was a lot of fall out and my face looked slightly furry afterwards. The fibres didn't all necessarily wipe away easily, which was a bit annoying.

        Overall I would say that the product does do what it says, however it does take such a long time to apply and get right. For this reason I haven't really used this item much as I never seem to have the time. Also a good mascara will give you the same result in a much quicker time.

        I am still awaiting the invention of a simpler, quicker and less messy invention!


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        15.12.2010 15:27
        Very helpful




        Divaderme are an Italian company whose small product range includes lash and brow extenders, lip volumisers and lash stimulants amongst others.

        I first came to hear about Divaderme Lash Extender when I read an online article, where the journalist testing it proclaimed it to be "one of the most honest products I have come across in a while". That kind of statement is always going to get me reading more to find out what's so good about it, particularly as it was a potential replacement for my false eyelashes (given up on them after an embarrassing incident in the pub where one flew off!!)

        The product claims to deliver longer fuller eyelashes in seconds, instantly and dramatically lengthening, adding volume and strengthening your lashes

        So impressed was the journalist, she convinced me to give it a go, so I went an ordered myself a tube from eBay priced at around £25.

        I have never seen this in a store, I think it is currently only available online (www.idealbeautyproducts.com) is a good source if you aren't keen on buying from eBay.

        ~~ My experience: ~~

        I decided to try it out for my birthday night out on the town as I fancied a slightly more exaggerated look than normal.

        The instructions tell you that you need to apply the product immediately after your first coat of mascara, so it is handy to have them both open and ready to use before starting.

        Very carefully so as not to blow all the fibres away, I opened my the tube of divaderme (which looks just like a small mascara wand) and handed it to my husband in preparation.

        Next I applied a coat of my usual mascara to my lashes. Note: it is very important to use a fresh, almost runny mascara and not an old dried up one, because the fibres are supposed to stick to the wetness of the mascara.

        Immediately after this, I applied the divaderme fibres as advised in rolling motion from root to tip, all the while looking downwards into a mirror. I only used this on my top lashes to avoid it looking too spidery.

        At this point your eyelashes look a bit furry and you can remove any excess from your lids or underneath your eyes with the small brush provided, should you need to.

        The last stage is to coat your newly furry lashes with your usual mascara which seals in the fibres. I applied a couple of coats which was enough for me, but you can go on and on until you get the effect you are after.

        I feel I ought to assure readers that if all this sounds complicated, it really isn't!
        It IS slightly fiddly on first use but that's just getting used to it more than anything, by the second eye I was quite confident. Plus it is FAR less tricky than applying false lashes and takes a fraction of the time.

        ~~ The results: ~~

        My expectations were wavering between "It's a waste of money I'm not going to notice any difference" to "Wow what a result!" obviously hoping for the latter.

        In actual fact, the results sat happily between not being as full on as false eyelashes, but a definite step up from mascara on its own. This is exactly what I was hoping for.

        Another thing to mention is how they felt - I have quite sensitive eyes and experienced no irritation with this product. The only thing was in one of the eyes a couple of the fibres did sneak their way in leaving me feeling slightly gritty but that went away when I removed them with a cotton bud.

        They also don't feel any weightier than wearing mascara, whereas false lashes can feel quite heavy at times - you are not really aware that you are wearing anything different. The fibres stayed firmly in place all night long and were removed super easily with my usual eye make up remover at the end of the night.

        £24 might seem initially expensive but when you consider it as an alternative it false ones then it is very economical due to the amount of use you get out of one tube. Added to that, you can use bog standard cheapo mascara with this and still get the same results (I have tried and tested this theory!).

        Overall, I'm really pleased with this product and happy to recommend.

        (also on ciao as ciaomiaow)


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        Divaderme / Instant brush on lash extensions

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