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DuWop Private Lipstick

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Brand: DuWop / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip / Contents: 4g

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2011 13:27
      Very helpful



      A great lipstick trio :)

      DuWop Private Lipstick Trio

      - About the product

      As the name states this product being reviewed is a set of three lipsticks from DuWop. DuWop is an American brand and the products are made in America, but their products are available in the UK from various sites such as HQhair, lookfantastic.com, asos.com, cultbeauty.co.uk, QVC and amazon.

      The set contains three lipsticks: "Private Nude", "Private Plum" and "Private Red". The lipsticks are mini/travel size and they are approximately half the size of a normal lipstick. Each tube is about 5.5cm, so they are fairly small so they would be great for traveling. The three lipsticks come in a small sealable clear pouch which has a small card in showing the shades and it lists all of the ingredients in the lipsticks too.

      - Description of the product from Duwop

      "Achieve the perfect lip on the go any time you want with Private Lipstick Trio. Our travel size Private Red, Private Plum and Private Nude all conspire to give you gorgeous lips, customized to your perfect shade. Wear Private Nude on the weekends, Private Plum to the office and Private Red for a night out on the town!"

      - Main Ingredients

      Three main naturally derived pigments in the lipsticks includes: Annatto, Hibiscus and Henna. Annatto is the pigment which makes the lipsticks really pigmented. Hibiscus flowers have a mild antiseptic property and the henna in the lipsticks leaves a long lasting stain on your lips. There is also beeswax, castor oil and vitamin E for hydration - these hydrating ingredients also make the lipsticks feel lightweight on the lips and act as an emollient. There are quite a lot of natural ingredients, which I like, such as beeswax, hibiscus flowers, safflowers and castor seed oil. But there are also some ingredients such as iron oxides, titanium dioxide and also a lot of added colourings.

      - Packaging (pouch that contains the lipsticks and the lipstick tubes)

      The lipstick tubes themselves are quite nice, they are grey with fine silver shimmer in them. They are made out of plastic and they feel quite durable and well made. The lipsticks have "DuWop" printed on the side and they have the shade name on the bottom of the tube.

      As for the 'pouch' that the lipsticks come in, I really don't like that much. The design on the front of the sealable pouch is quite nice, but that is the only nice thing I can say about it. The pouch is has a small sealable edge at the top and this did not work from day one of having the product. The pouch opened and now it is stuck and does not seal at all. Also the pouch is small enough to store the lipsticks in, but it is quite difficult getting the lipstick out so they can be used, as the pouch that they come in is far too small - so overall, I am not impressed with the packaging, especially the container/pouch that the lipsticks come in.

      - Pre-application

      Before applying any lipstick I usually exfoliate my lips using the lush lip scrub - this will get rid of/reduce the dry skin on the lips. Then I apply my carmex moisturising lip balm (the squeezy tube one) and I apply quite a bit to my lips and leave it on for a few minutes for my lips to become really moisturised. I then wipe the majority of the lip balm off with a clean cotton pad, so that my lips are soft, smooth and they now provide a good base for the lipstick. At this point if you have a lip primer you can use it. Urban decay, pixi, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, revlon and too faced cosmetics all make lip primers.

      Tip: for a cheap alternative for exfoliating your lips you could use a cheap tooth brush, as it works just as well. Just wet the tooth brush and brush on lips for 20 seconds or so to exfoliate. Exfoliating your lips before applying any lipstick will give a smoother application.

      - Various application methods

      There are four methods for applying these lipsticks, I have found, and they all give different levels of coverage/colour intensity. Firstly, you can just use the lipstick straight from the tube, but with these lipsticks I would not recommend using this method, as the lipsticks are really pigmented and you can apply far too much very easily. Secondly, you can pat the lipstick in the tube onto you lips directly and then blend, this gives quite a lot of colour to your lips but it is not as intense as if you apply it straight from the tube. Thirdly, you can use a lip brush to collect some of the lipstick from the tube and then apply to your lips - I would not really recommend this method as it is a bit fiddly and it is a little bit more time consuming to apply the lipstick in this way. And lastly, you can gently wipe your finger tip across the top of the lipstick and then apply and blend onto your lips - this is the best, and my favorite, method for applying these lipsticks as it is quick, easy and it gives a more subtle, although still quite intense/strong, wash of colour.

      - Lightest shade "Private Nude"

      Private nude is a medium brown colour in the tube, which looks a little off putting, but when it is on the lips the colour is more of a dark terracotta colour - a brown colour with a slightly orange undertone. The colour is very pigmented but it can be toned down using different application methods and lip balm.

      To apply this lipstick I use my finger tip or a lip brush as I find that if I apply it straight from the tube, my lips can look quite cakey and not natural at all. If applied from the tube, it also makes my lips looks not very nice and it also highlights any dryness on my lips which is not a good look. Using my fingertip to apply the lipstick allows the colour to be made more subtle, it blends the lipstick well and it is just easier to apply and blend with my fingertip.
      The application of this lipstick from the tube is really nice, if you don't mind the highly pigmented cakey finish, as it has a silky smooth texture and it glides onto my lips so quickly and easily. After the application of this lipstick you have to blend well otherwise you can get uneven colour distribution and the edges of your lips will look softer/more natural if you blend it out.

      I find that this shade does look nice on my lips and against my pale skin is does not stand out too much. It gives my lips a nice, slightly glossy finish. This lipstick is so comfortable to wear all day, it does not make my lips feel dry or tight at all. It does last a while, but it can transfer to glasses and it leaves a slight stain to my lips - due to the henna in the lipstick - but with this shade the stain is really minimal.

      Overall, I do like this shade, but I have to apply it with my finger tips, as otherwise it makes my lips look cakey and not very nice - it is a ok shade for my skin tone but it can make my lips looks a little dead/zombie like if too much is applied - and the zombie look is not in this season unfortunately. Also one tip on the Duwop site is to use these lipsticks as a cream blush but with this shade I find that it just blends away and disappears, if I try to apply it to the apples of my cheeks.

      Tip: Apply with fingertips, lip brush or cotton bud to give a more subtle wash of colour that it great for day wear - then you could apply the lipstick from the tube in the evenings for a stronger, more intense shade - but do remember to blend. Also if you lipstick does not stay on as long as you would like, you may want to invest in a lip primer or lipstick sealer.

      - Medium shade "Private Red"

      This shade in the tube looks like a very dark red colour and it does look really nice in the tube. Although when I apply it to my lips, using my fingertip, then it is actually a red/pinky colour. The shade when blended is no where near as dark as it looks in the tube - although when applied directly from the tube it is the same colour as the colour in the tube - a dark red.

      The best application of this lipstick is to use my finger tips/cotton bud or just to press the lipstick in the tube onto my lips gently (not swiping across my lips, as that would give a intense dark wash of red). I then blend the edges of my lips with a cotton bud, as they are gentle, they are disposable and they blend the edges of my lipstick really well.

      The texture of this lipstick is the same as the private nude shade - it has a very silky and very smooth texture and it just glides onto my lips so easily. Once applied using my fingers, a cotton bud or pressed onto the lips the shade is a red/pinky colour which was not expected as the colour of the lipstick in the tube is very dark. The red/pink colour looks exactly like a lip stain on my lips and it is really nice for summer as it is like a bitten/stained look - like a lot of the products that are being promoted now, such as the revlon, benefit and urban decay lip stains.

      The lipstick does last for a while, but it does transfer on to glasses etc. Once the actual lipstick has worn off, which takes a couple of hours at the most, you are then left with the stain from the lipstick - again due to the henna. The stain is a red/pink colour and it lasts for a while after the lipstick has worn away - about another 2/3 hours.

      Using the fingertip application method with the lipstick shade, although it is the best application method in my opinion, it does mean that my fingertip does get stained because of the henna too - and also the swatches on my arm on the photograph stained my arm slightly too. This private red shade is the shade that stains the most and as with all of the lipsticks you only need a tiny amount to get a good wash of colour too. So I would use this shade carefully as you do not want to apply it outside of the lip line as it will stain your skin and clown lips are not too attractive!

      Tip: If you have applied too much lipstick or if you want to tone down the lipstick a bit you can do so by patting your lips with a clean cotton pad which will take off some of the colour (as the lipstick does transfer). Or you can apply some lip balm which will reduce the intensity of the lipstick - I am using the squeezy tube of carmex with these lipsticks and it works really well.

      - Darkest shade "Private Plum"

      The private plum shade has to be my favorite of all of the trio, as it is just a really nice shade and in my opinion and for my pale skin tone I think it is the most wearable shade - although they are all very wearable I feel like this is the best shade for everyday wear - and evening wear if it is applied from the tube.

      The shade is a really nice red/purple shade which is, in my opinion, really nice against my pale skin and dark hair. It is really pigmented like the other two lipsticks and on my lips it is just like the colour in the tube - a medium/dark red, purple colour. Although when applied with my fingertips and blended it is not too dark. If you apply this lipstick straight from the tube it can look a bit more purple and if you apply it using a lip brush/fingers it looks a bit more red, so you can adapt the lipstick to suit your skin tone and mood really.

      I apply this like the other two lipsticks, I use my fingertip or a small lip brush (I use my mac 209 lip brush which is great with these lipsticks - although this shade, private plum, and private red have slightly stained the bristles of the brush). As with the private red, this also stains my fingers slightly when I am applying and blending the lipstick but the stain is not as intense as with the private red shade.

      It has a gorgeous silky texture, it applied really nicely, it blends very easy - as do all of the lipsticks and it does have a slight scent to it, like the other two lipsticks, but it is not very strong. The scent is not unpleasant but it is not really nice either, the scent reminds me of playdoh and it smells a little like it too.

      Tip: to change the finish of the lipstick you can: apply some lip gloss over the top of the lipstick to give a glossy finish - or I find that my carmex strawberry lip balm (in a squeezy tube) works fantastically as a moisturising gloss over the top of the lipstick. Or you can pat your lips with a clean, dry cotton pad to give a more matte finish.

      As for removing the lipstick, I find that my lush eau roma water works really well and it does not sting my lips and does not dry them out. I have tried my clinique lids, lashes and lips make up remover but it leaves a greasy film on my lips.

      - Overall positives of the lipsticks

      Overall, the main positives for this product is that, the shades are wearable and can be adapted, as they can be used straight from the tube to give a strong wash of colour or they can be applied with your fingertips or a lip brush for a more subtle, and more wearable lip colour. They do last quite a while, they moisturise my lips and they do not dry my lips out for make them look cakey (unless you apply too much). They do have a slight scent but that does not bother me and they do leave a stain behind (due to the henna) which I quite like as once the lipstick has worn off I still have a nice colour to my lips.

      - Overall negatives of the lipsticks

      The packaging/pouch the lipsticks come in is awful - it opened and then it would not seal again and it is far too small so it is quite difficult to get the lipstick out. They do stain skin so you have to be careful with them, not all of the ingredients are natural and they can be a very cakey and sometimes not very nice if you apply them straight from the tube.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this trio from HQhair.com, they have free delivery and this set cost me £12 from their site as I found a discount code online, as they are priced at £15. I think £15 is a little bit expensive for three mini/travel size lipsticks but £12 is obviously a little bit better. Although these lipsticks are worth the money in my opinion, as you don't need a lot of product at all to get a lot of colour pay off - as they lipsticks are so pigmented. This set is also sold at the following: cultbeauty and beauty bay for £15.



      *Does not dry my lips out - in fact they feel like theymoisturise my lips well
      *About half the size of normal lipsticks so they are good for traveling and they are very lightweight too
      *Highly pigmented - only need a really small amount of product
      *Good range of shades - can be used for day wear or intensified for evening wear
      *Very comfortable to wear and can be used to create a range of different looks
      *Last a while on my lips and the stain that is left behind on my lips from the henna lasts for longer even after the lipstick has worn off - a lipstick sealer would make the lipstick colour last longer
      *Really nice smooth silky texture which applied really quickly and easily


      *Packaging - the pouch that the lipsticks come in is far too small and makes it difficult to get the lipsticks out

      *You can not just apply and go - as you have to make sure you don't go over your lip line as you will get a slightly stain on your lips and you have to blend them in otherwise they could look cakey

      *Does emphasize any dryness or lines in your lips - a good exfoliator, lip balm and maybe a lip primer would be good to use

      - Overall, would I recommend this lipstick set?

      Overall, there are some negative points about this product that could be changed but in my opinion they are worth buying - as you get a good trio of shades, they can be made more subtle or built up using different application methods and they do not dry out my lips like a lot of other lipstick have done. Although you have to be careful when applying and you have to makes sure that your lips are smooth and moisturised before using these lipsticks.

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is posted on ciao too under my username labellavita1992 with pictures and swatches


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