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DuWop Twilight Venom Lip Stain

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Brand: Duwop / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2010 14:22
      Very helpful



      Not worth the kind of money it sells for.

      Holy crap. Advertised as a 'lip stainer', this product does not disappoint. It goes overboard with the kind of vigorous excitement you never see in regular lip gloss or plumpers. I am almost afraid to touch it again.

      It was surprisingly small, a bit shorter than my index finger and thinner as well. It seems as if you are paying for the advertising and over-hyped Twilight saga rather than any value for money.

      The first scent was unusual and a little hard to pin down. My friend commented that the aroma was definitely liquorice/anise but i believe it to be something closer to cough syrup.

      When i first acquired it, the tube looked like the photos online.. dark matter below (ooh don't we sound so sci-fi/Daniel Jackson!), and clear liquid on top with flecks of the darker liquid floating around. It takes some vigorous shaking to mix the two and they don't stay like that for long. Once mixed, the colour looks like a shimmery purple nail-polish.

      Upon pulling the wand out, the sides clung to it and removed any excess so it doesn't drip like similar products. Indeed, it appears as if the wand has caught nothing at all and is just a stained brush with clean bristles..You will soon discover looks are deceptive.

      Let me warn you.. this is not something you wish to play with carelessly. Be extremely careful about how/where you apply it because if you make a mistake, there WILL be trouble. This stains your lips instantly, with a rather alarming colour.. about the hue of a ripe cherry(with a few applications, at the beginning it is something between neon pink and burgundy). I had normal, everyday makeup on but it causes you to look pale and somewhat like the Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland, 2010).

      There is a cool tingle and slightly addictive element to it. Imagine applying a wonderful minty balm, and then add chili. I would not call it painful or burning, but some could think it to be a discomfort. After awhile your lips go numb.

      Again, unlike most staining lip products.. this one is incredibly hard to remove. Scrub all you like, at least 50% of the colour stubbornly remains for hours after.
      Applying a clear lipbalm/gloss before Venom makes no difference to the degree of colour imprinted on your lips.

      Plumping ability
      As usual, no noticeable difference. Of course, i had put some effort into attempting to remove it.

      (Disclaimer.. i loathe the Twilight and most of it's franchise but the bottle looked rather intriguing and i had read some good reviews online about the rest of the range)


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  • Product Details

    DuWop / Another lip-staining plumper from DuWop's range, taking it's name and blood-red inspiration from the Twilight franchise /

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