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DuWop Venom Gloss Berry Chill

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5 Reviews

Brand: Duwop / Type: Lipgloss / Contents: 10.4ml

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    5 Reviews
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      04.07.2012 10:45
      Very helpful



      perfect for emphasizing smaller lips

      The Beauty Box has taken all of us girlies by storm and I got my Duwop Venom Lip Gloss in one of the first Beauty Boxes I received. I am reviewing the Buttercup shade.

      As girls, we are never satisfied with the way we look. We always want thinner ankles, fatter ankles, bigger boobs, smaller boobs,, thinner lips fuller lips.......... Unless its just me ;) Anyway, I am one of those that wants bigger everything...... so this product really excited me.

      As you will see I have already reviewed Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Plumping Lip Gloss, but I have to say this has over taken in my opinion and I use it most days.

      Okay, so the Duwop brand are well known for their Venom Lip Plumping formula. It was the first lip plumper on the market and boasts their no testing on animals policy. It is also is sulfate-free, petro-chemical-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, free of pthalates, no GMO's (genetically modified organism) PPG's (Polypropylene Glycol), MEA's (monoethanolamine) , DEA's (diethanolamine), TEA's (triethanolamine), formaldehyde-free, and triclosan-free. In laymans terms these are products which add substance, colours, the wet look affect and generally pollute your body ;)

      So if there are none of these products in the Lip Gloss what does it contain? Lip Venom is a blend of essential oils, which include cinnamon and ginger, that cause the blood to rush to the surface of the lips, which causes the plumping effect and jojoba and avocado oil and beeswax adds the gloss and the moisturising qualities. Predominantly, I always recognise the cinnamon smell and taste in the gloss and I can not deny the gloss and moisturising qualities - they are awesome. Definite glossiness.

      The Gloss comes in a little squeezy 10ml tube with a plastic angled nozzle to apply to the lips. Admittedly, the nozzle is not the greatest out there on the shelves. It is very easy to end up a lot more gloss on the lips than you need or want! And you have no brush or wand to remove it, just a finger (well that's what I use!)

      There are 9 shades currently in the range: Buttercup, Coral Tree, Jessamine, Lantana, Love in a mist (which I really want!!!) , Wisteria, Tulip, Berry Chill, Pink Champagne.

      The shade which I use is called Buttercup. It is a rich creamy colour, almost a nude, perhaps a slightly peach tone with a glittery shimmer. I use it on its own, with a lip liner for added enhancement, or over the top of other lip colours. The texture on the lips is quite sticky but it is not unbearable. Then comes the tingling - I have heard some say that the effect is more of a stinging, but I have not experienced this. The tingling is the effects of the essential oils bringing the blood to the surface of the lips. Then voila, your lips appear plumper. They do, honest!! I add a nude lipliner ass well and wow, I look fab ;) x

      My only dislike of this product is that if you have a drink it is gone! yep, so you have to reapply again. And like I said it is not just a quick smear on the lips and its perfect, you definitely need a mirror to avoid great dollops of gloss on your lips (which my husband has pointed out to me on a few occasions :(. )

      So how much is this little gem of a lip gloss? Well, make sure you shop around because they retail at £16 but I have seen them as low as £6 . £6 is pretty good for a decent lipgloss in my opinion where £16 is more of a luxury item in my make up box. Seems to be that certain colours are cheaper - whether they are less popular, I'm not sure.

      But, I guess it is a personal choice, we all have our favourites and our hates! This is one of favourites and I hope this review has been helpful to the Venom Gloss Virgins ;) x Thanks for reading. x


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      04.06.2012 10:35
      Very helpful



      A novelty beauty product but not one I'd wear every day

      This is a review of DuWop Lip Venom gloss in buttercup. I received a 5ml sample size in a beauty box and was pleased when I first saw it as it is exactly the colour I would usually go for in a lip gloss. Neutral and shiny, lovely.

      Plumping properties
      I then noticed and guessed by the name that it was going to have plumping qualities in it. I have tried a few other plumping glosses in the past namely Soap and Glory's you motherpucker and also the lip injection by too faced.

      My lips
      To be honest, I already have generous sized lips so plumping is not really a necessary beauty tool for me but some would argue that you can never have too much lip action going on in the beauty stakes.
      On applying, the gloss feels all tingly then it really starts to border on pain. It last a few minutes before the sensation stops.

      A full sized tube retails at £16 which is quite a high price tag but if you like the product and it gets the results you want albeit temporarily, it's probably worth paying. A tube will last a long time, even with daily multiple use. You can purchase this product at beautybay.com.

      My thoughts
      I don't really place lip plumping at the top of my list when I'm looking for the perfect lip gloss. I love the colour of this one though. I was not overly keen on the smell of it and it tasted quite sweet, again, I'd rather something has no odour and tastes of nothing when I am regularly applying it to my lips. This product is also mega sticky and with long hair it's not always a good combination when the wind gets in your hair! A lot of lip glosses are sticky though so I can't really hold that against the product.

      Final word
      I think this is a fun product to use and it really does make your lips look and feel more plumped up. I find the venom part a bit unpleasant although it is quickly over. The results of the lip gloss do last for a few hours and as with all lip glosses you do need to reapply regularly if you want shiny lips. I would recommend this product to fans of lip plumping glosses who have a bit of money to spend on a premium product.


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      14.05.2012 13:19
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      good if you want subtle gloss and longevity, not so good if you're looking for bee stung lips

      I received my tube of DuWop Lip Venom gloss a few months ago in a Glossybox. It was a product I had heard of, yet not one that really appealed to me. The main reason for this, is that this product is a plumping gloss and although I would not quite describe my lips as being to Angelina Jolie proportions, they are quite plump and it's not something I want to accentuate.

      DuWop also make a product just called Lip Venom, which was the first lip plumper on the market and is designed to be used either on its own or with gloss over the top. I guess with the popularity of that product they must have decided to make a separate range of coloured glosses, so that women could eliminate the second step. The product contains cinnamon, ginger and wintergreen which DuWop say will make the blood rush to the surface of your lips, making them swell slightly, giving the effect of fuller lips.

      Lip Venom gloss comes in nine shades, which are mostly pinks, although there is a lilac shade in there too as well as a beige shade, Buttercup, which is the one that I was sent. The lip gloss is paraben free, sulphate free, petro-chemical free, fragrance-free, free of pthalates, no GMO's, no PPG's, no MEA, DEA, TEA's, formaldehyde-free, and triclosan-free and not tested on animals.

      The gloss is presented in a plastic squeezy tube and should be applied straight from the tube to the lips. I tend to prefer lips glosses which come with a sponge tipped wand as I find them more accurate to apply, but the tube is fine and not the end of the world. In terms of design it's quite basic with just the product name printed in silvery grey.

      On applying the lip gloss, I find that it is quite thick, although not gloopy and the slanted tip of the applicator is sufficient to spread it across my lips. It does take a bit of manipulation with the applicator to get the colour looking even, and again I think this is where a sponge tip applicator would have been better.

      Once on, it does look quite nice, with the gloss being subtle rather than the full on wet-look lips. The colour, Buttercup, is subtle and sheer, so not good for those looking for an intense shade, but it's fine for me as I tend to prefer a more subtle look anyway.

      The gloss has a faintly sweet scent to it, as well as quite a sweet sugary taste when first applied. I find it takes a few seconds for the tingling sensation to kick in. The very first time I used this, the sensation was like lots of hot needles on my lips and I absolutely hated it! I think I only had the gloss on for about five minutes before wiping it off as I couldn't bear it any longer and even after I'd removed it I could still feel it on my lips for hours afterwards.

      Given this experience you might wonder why I applied it for a second time, but I did and strangely the experience wasn't so intense this time. The tingling sensation was still there, but it only lasted around thirty seconds. This has always been the case on subsequent occasions, so I'm glad I gave it a second chance. Other than the tingly feeling, this doesn't feel too bad on the lips. It's not overly sticky and doesn't feel heavy or greasy once on, my main criticism is that once it's been on a while it does feel a little plasticky and unnatural.

      As for plumping the lips, I do think I could see a slight difference although it was minimal. My top lip looked slightly more plumped, although the difference was minimal. As I mentioned my lips are quite full anyway, there is a chance that the results may look pronounced on those with thinner lips.

      One area I have found this gloss to excel at is longevity. It really lasts well on the lips and even when drinking it stays put, which is almost unheard of for a lip gloss in my experience.

      A 10.4ml tube of this gloss retails at £16 and is available from feelunique.com, lookfantastic.com and beautybay.com. I can't recall having seen it in the shops myself, but I'm sure somewhere sells it. Although this is a decent gloss, I do think £16 is a little on the high side, so I probably would look out for other offers.

      Aside from the first try of this gloss when my lips felt like they were on fire, I don't think this is a particularly bad product. The lip plumping properties didn't work well for me and I don't really like the tube applicator with a gloss this thick, but I like the subtle colour and subtle amount of gloss that this gives as well as the fact it is long lasting, so I think it is deserving of a three star rating.


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        24.02.2012 12:23
        Very helpful



        A plumping gloss that gives me lips like Angelina's!

        Being a bit of a beauty product addict, I always like to try out new things and vary the brands that I use. One of my most exciting discoveries in recent months has been finding online companies that provide beauty boxes. These usually contain various make-up, skin care, fragrance products etc, and I have been trying a few from different suppliers. I received this DuWop Venom Gloss in my latest delivery from "Glossy Box". You can find further information at www.glossybox.co.uk, and DuWop cosmetics can be purchased directly through their online store at http://shop.duwop.com.

        Venom Gloss is inspired by DuWop's famous Lip Venom lip plumper. It comes in a choice of 9 different shades including mainly pinks, reds and neutral tones. It costs around £16.00 for a 10.4ml tube, and I received a smaller 5ml tube, which you can also purchase as part of a "Candy Box" package which gives a selection of colours in smaller sized tubes. I have the shade Buttercup, which is a described as light shimmery champagne.

        Product description: "If beautiful shine with stunning colour and the Venom tingle is what you're looking for, DuWop Venom Gloss Plumping Color Gloss delivers.
        Blending that same spicy concoction of cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger with skin softening ingredients like jojoba, avocado and sunflower oil, beeswax for protection, and green tea for soothing, DuWop Venom Gloss Plumping Color Gloss gives you full, soft, hydrated lips."

        This lip gloss comes in a plastic squeezy tube which is see through, allowing you to easily see how much product you have left. The applicator is a slanted tip with a small hole in it that forms the end of the tube, and is protected by a screw on lid. To use, you simple squeeze the end of the tube, allowing a small amount of product to come through the hole on the applicator tip. Then spread the gloss evenly over your lips, and get ready to pout!

        The slanted tip gives a smooth and even application, and allows you to sweep the colour evenly over your lips to get a full coverage. I find that I don't need to use a huge amount as it covers well and spreads over the lips easily. The gloss itself feels quite thick but is not heavy or sticky on the lips and provides a good coating that stays firmly fixed in place without bleeding or running. The tube packaging is really handy to carry around for on-the-go touch ups as it is small and practical, and really easy to use without fiddling with brushes or wand applicators.

        The main thing that makes this lip gloss stand out from others on the market (and goes some way to justifying its price tag) is that it acts as a two in one product. As well as giving the effect of a lip gloss, it also has lip plumping ingredients to give bigger, fuller lips for a temporary period. The gloss includes cinnamon oil, ginger and wintergreen, which give it a spicy, warming effect on lips. It starts to work very quickly and I can really feel the heat as it starts to tingle on my lips. I'm a bit of a wuss and find this sensation to be a bit painful and uncomfortable, and the worst thing for me is that this can go on for the best part of an hour as the plumping action continues to work on my lips. Basically the idea behind it is that the lips are irritated by the gloss, which then increases circulation and boosts blood flow to the area giving a plumping effect which results in visibly larger lips. I am lucky to have quite full lips anyway, but this Venom Gloss really gives them a boost and I can notice the plumping effect almost immediately. It makes my lips look bigger and fuller and I can also feel the difference if I run the tip of my tongue over my lips as they feel swollen compared to the usual size.

        I received this gloss in the shade Buttercup, which is perfect for me really as I am going through a phase of wearing pale, neutral lip make-up and this fits in well with my look. The colour is a pale shimmery beige and this gives a wash of colour over my lips without making them look too pale or leaving a solid block of colour. This is definitely a shade that I would have picked for myself, and I think it would look good on anyone as it's quite a natural, neutral colour. I trialled this with my normal day-to-day make-up and although the colour suits being worn at any time, I think because of the full-on pluming effect I will be saving this to wear on nights out when I want a more glamorous look as this Venom Gloss certainly fits the part, and gives a look that is ready for the red carpet!

        The lip gloss has a good staying power all round, and I find that the plumping effect lasts for around 3-4 hours before starting to fade away. The look of the gloss is gorgeous, and it gives a solid coverage of high shine finish, which also lasts well. I find that the gloss will start to wear away by maybe an hour or two after the plumping effect has faded. There is still a residue and light sheen left behing, although the majority of the gloss is gone by then. The demise is hastened by frequent eating or drinking. If I'm going to be wearing this on a night out I would probably only need to reapply once, why the plumping effect is starting to fade, and this will refresh the look leaving it perfectly polished and as good as new for another few hours until my night ends. The gloss is powerful to provide the plumping effect, but it also seeems to be quite nourishing as my lips never feel dried out and the gloss stays moist leaving my lips soft. One point to bear in mind is that although this gloss does not feel sticky on my lips, if a stray hair falls onto it then the gloss is like glue! Hair really sticks to it so I would avoid wearing it in situations where this might become an annoyance.

        Overall I think this is an excellent product - part lip plumper and part gloss. It performs well in both of these areas and is clearly a high quality product. It has a noticeable and impressive effect in plumping my lips as well as leaving me with a gorgeous glossy finish. It gives me a pout that could rival Angelina Jolie, and that's more than enough to make me very happy! The only reason this loses one star is because I really don't like having to endure the tingling, stinging feeling from the plumping ingredients and wish there was a pain-free way to achieve the same results. All in all I would definitely recommend this Venom Gloss by DuWop as it gives visible results and enhances my features in a completely simple and reliable way.

        DuWop do not use animal testing on any of their products - please keep your beauty cruelty free!


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          18.02.2009 02:38
          Very helpful



          Nice addition to the Venom range

          If you are already a Lip Venom fan then I'm sure you will have combined it with a lipgloss - with Venom Gloss DuWop have done the mixing for you. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lip Venom it's a clear lip-plumper that is formulated to enhance the natural pout and color of the lips by irritating the lips. The increased blood circulation plumps up your pout.

          Venom Gloss contains exactly the same ingredients as Lip Venom with the same aim - naturally plumped up lips. The skin irritants in the venom are cinnamon oils. When applied to the thin and sensitive skin on your lips your body reacts in a natural way. Extra blood flow to the area - the result of which is redder and fuller lips.

          Does it work?

          A lot of my friends really love this product - but we all report different levels of plumping. With the original venom I find that the most noticeable difference for me is the colour - because these glosses are already tinted, the main criteria I assess it on is the plumping. I find this slightly less effective than the original venom - but there are real plumping effects. The plumping action is enough to result in visible, noticeably plumper lips. I also think lips look more defined.

          Burn Baby Burn ...

          You'll feel Venom Gloss kicking into actions seconds after you apply it. You'll feel the burn on your lips - a 'spicy' feel similar to if you have eaten hot peppers. The taste is cinnamon sweet, so don't worry you won't taste the pepper - you'll just feel the burn.

          You can really get hooked to this tingle - it's definitely a pleasurable (mild) pain. The tingle begins and works up to strength over the first few minutes after application. The tingle is at max strength for about 10 minutes, before fading to a milder tingle, for another hour or so. The plump lasts another few hours, but it's hard to resist not going straight back in for the tingle sensation. Your lips tolerance to the irritants does build up - and you stop feeling the tingle so strongly and for so long - you still get the fullness.

          Colour ...

          Venom Gloss comes in 9 colours; most are pink or peach shades. I have tried both 'Lantana" a candyfloss pink, and 'Wisteria' a purplish-pink. Neither of these colours comes out strongly - all the glosses appear sheer once they are on - so don't expect to get the density of colour that appears in the tube. Most of the colours are pretty neutral which gives a chance for the natural redness produced by the venom to also be seen.

          Sensitivity ...

          If your lips are dry, cracked or generally very sensitive then I don't recommend any Venom products. Because I wouldn't use this with dry, dehydrated lips, make sure you moisturise your lips at night if you want to use this everyday.

          Shine ...

          This gloss is amazingly shiny - one of my best for glossy, glassy looking lips. I'd recommend it for shine even if plumpness were low on your priority list.

          Smell & Taste ...

          The active ingredient in this product - cinnamon oil - also gives it a lovely smell and taste.

          Stickiness ...

          This is a thick gloss, but not unpleasantly sticky. It has quite a balmy texture for a gloss, and so stays on well without feeling gloopy. The texture means you don't have to apply as much gloss with each application, so your tube will last a bit longer.

          Kiss Kiss ...

          When you find the perfect product you have to spread the news (thanks to DooYoo for helping us all to do this). With Venom I don't think this news should only be shared with the girls - let your men in your life know about this by giving them a smooch. The cinnamon oil will cross over and 'spice' up your love life (sorry, sorry a terrible pun, couldn't resist).

          The one problem is that you'll give the game away - unless you can convince your lover you've just tucked in to some spicy dinner he's going to know your plump, red lips have had a helping hand. You'll have to spill the beans - you don't want your man to think he's allergic to you.


          Ultimately I don't think that there are significant differences between the effects of Lip Venom and Venom Gloss but the gloss has become more useful to me because it is easier to apply - especially when topping up throughout the day. Venom Gloss comes in a squeezy 'Juicy Tubes' style tube, so application is a doddle. Original venom comes in a small glass bottle, so this is a lot easier.

          Price ...

          Venom Gloss is £15 a tube (10g) - This works out as better value than original Lip Venom - which retails at the same price for only 3.5g. The glosses as any other similar sized tube - so the price is comparable to other glosses.

          Alternative ...

          A friend of mine has decided to cutting down on expensive makeup and recently bought cinnamon oil to produce the lip venom effect on the cheap - I have no idea how much she uses or if this should be recommended - so do your own research on it if you think it sounds sensible. I myself prefer to stick to the tried and tested methods.

          Summary ...

          If you haven't tried original Lip Venom, and are a bit worried about the 'spiciness', I recommend starting with the Gloss. For die-hard Venom fans this is a great alternative to the original, especially if you want some extra colour or an easier way to top up on the go.


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        • Product Details

          Ingredients: Venom Gloss is paraben-free sulfate-free petro-chemical-free fragrance-free free of pthalates no GMO's no PPG's no MEA DEA TEA's formaldehyde-free and triclosan-free. Berry chill - cool shimmery berry / Get stung with the fullness of Venom Gloss / For fuller, shiny lips /

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