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E.L.F Bronzers

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Brand: E.L.F. / Type: Bronzing Powder / Subcategory: Bronzer / What it does: Bronzes,

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2011 20:32
      Very helpful



      Gives a gorgeous sunkissed look for a good price.

      I have to admit that I am not a big user of bronzers, and considering I am awful at applying them, the only rare time I do tend to wear them is for a night out when I can trust a reliable friend to do the job for me. Because I love the effects in which a good bronzer can give to your face, I decided to buy a cheap one to practice my technique so I could start wearing them more. I had a look around some of the high street pharmaceutical stores and to my surprise there was not a great deal that interested me, but when I went on to E.L.F (eyes lips face) on their website I was taken aback by their range of Studio Line bronzers.

      E.L.F provide an extensive range of beauty products at bargain prices, with all of these products ranging from around £1.50 in their basic line, however in their Studio Line the majority of things retail at £3.50, with some others being priced a little higher. Not only did the small £3.50 price tag catch my eye, but the beautiful design of the bronzer. It comes in a little compact complete with a large mirror to help to apply some when you are on the go. If you are aware of the brand Nars and their bronzers, it looks very similar to these but at about 10% of the price you would pay with them!

      So for a cheap price, you get a good quality compact which looks of a very high quality. This opens up and closes shut easily and I have not had any problems with the product coming out. You get a generous 12.3g - 13g worth of product depending on which you opt for. It is available in three different shades which is not fantastic but for a fairly new company it is all you can expect. There is a cool bronzer, and this is ideal for use in winter, but can be used all year round. It contains matte colours to give off a more natural glow. In addition to this there is a warm bronzer, and this gives a slight shimmer on to your face and is more recommended for summer use, however of course can be used all year round.

      I personally was captured by their last shade which is their golden bronzer, and is an illuminating shimmer which is subtle and radiant and mostly recommended for summer. I feel that I was probably attracted to this one most as it was the most glitzy and glam! Once you open up the compact, the bronzer fills it up completely, and it is split up into four different squares. Within the golden bronzer you get a range of shimmery brown shades, and the idea is that you combine all of these shades together to give an all over glow, however you can mix and match depending on how tanned you would like to look!

      Unfortunately, one thing I was disappointed with these bronzers is that you do not get a free little brush like you do with some others, and this means that if I want to take it on a night out, I have to carry a big brush around in my bag in addition to this. I personally use a kabuki brush to apply the bronzer, however a powder brush or blusher brush would also do the job. I start by swirling the brush quite lightly all over the bronzer, making sure that I get all four squares of shades in it. I then blow on the brush to remove any excess unwanted powder. The first thing I noticed when looking at the brush was that the product was extremely glittery so I was a little worried about this as I did not want to look over the top!

      I then dusted the bronzer really lightly on to my cheek bones which is where I think bronzer looks nicest. You can also add it around your face, on to your forehead and chin like I know some people like to do. The one thing I must warn you with this bronzer is that it can get quite messy and very shimmery, so if this is not for you, I would definitely recommend trying out the cool bronzer which is matte. Because of how shimmery the golden bronzer is, it does mean that you only need a tiny amount of it to achieve wonderful results. It took me a bit of getting used to, but I am now confident at using bronzers, and this is a decent cheap one to have a little play with.

      The results are excellent and it gives you a gorgeous sunkissed glow, however I would recommend using this best for a night out or if you are on holiday in the sunshine as this is when it looks best as it can be quite noticeable. It looks best when teamed with blusher and some eye make up for a glamorous look, and for £3.50 I have got to say that it is a brilliant bronzer despite the mess! It does last for a good few hours meaning I am confident in wearing it throughout the night, however I like to top it up just to be sure I have shimmering cheek bones!

      If you have not already tried out E.L.F make up, I would strongly recommend them to you, particularly the Studio Line blushes which I have just reviewed. They do also offer bronzers in their mineral collection and some in their basic line which is worth having a look out for as well if it takes your fancy. Overall, I have to give this bronzer four stars as it is brilliant quality, as good as some which I have tried which are triple the price, so it is a bargain alternative which does the job. I have now had my bronzer around six months and I have still got heaps of it left so I am very happy with my purchase. If you can get over the messy and the quite extreme shimmer of the golden bronzer, then I think you will love it! If not, try out some of E.L.F's other bronzers as it will save you a dime! Thanks for reading.


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