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E.L.F Candy Shop Lip Tins

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Brand: ELF / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    5 Reviews
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      28.05.2011 15:40



      I love this product and this is one I'm going to buy again!

      The first time I ever shopped on the ELf website I wanted to buy some lip products, as I hadn't yet gotten into eye and face products. One of the lip products I ordered was the Candy Shop Lip Gloss. There's a selection of colours but I chose Candy Fix.

      I received it and opened it. First thing I did was smell it - it smelt like banana chocolate (if you knew me, you'd know that I LOVE banana chocolate foods!) I put it on my lips and it tasted exactly the same, though I could taste a bit of candy in there too.

      Throughout the day I kept applying it as soon as I started to feel it rubbing away - it tasted too good to go! And I had to stop myself from licking off the lip gloss as I just wanted to eat it!

      This lip gloss was quite shiny and shimmery and moisturised my lips very well. Overall I loved the product and had a very good impression on me - I knew I was definitely going to buy more of this product!

      Elf website for UK: www.eyeslipsface.co.uk
      Elf website for US and Canada: www.eyeslipsface.com
      You can also purchase Elf products in the US in places like Walmart, Target, and some drug stores.


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      30.10.2009 09:34
      Very helpful
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      Good make-up at a more than reasonable price.

      I'd been wanting to try out E.L.F's make-up range for years, but hearing mixed reviews I kind of stayed away until last week when I had a bit of spare money and thought 'Oh heck, why not?' I spent a good 45 mins to an hour pouring over all the products and picking out a couple I really liked the look of. Their Candy Tins were actually the first thing I chose after being completely won over by the design on the tins.


      E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, Face) is an American born brand where 'Beauty meets Value.' Over in the States all the products are priced at $1. Following a similar rule over here, all the products are priced at a tiny £1.50. (Although the new Studio range is £3.50 a pop)
      E.L.F have always prided themselves on having high quality yet low costing makeup, suitable for any age, any look and most importantly every purse.
      And another bonus? While buying your budget friendly makeup, you can feel almost saintly as E.L.F are 100% against animal testing, and according to a little symbol on the back of their packaging they also support charities, so double kudos to E.L.F


      E.L.F's Candy Lipgloss comes in a little tin, roughly 3 x 6cm. You also get a lot of the product, with the lipgloss filling the bottom tin completely (measures roughly 1cm deep, just under 3cm wide and 6cm long)
      The lid on the tin is quite quirky, and unlike other lipbalms I've used (maybe I've lived a sheltered life?) the lid slides back from the top of the tin to 'reveal' the lip balm inside. Two little bumps on the lid stop it from sliding off completely, so unless you're freakishly heavy handed you'll never loose the lid on this.
      The design on the lid it really what drew me to the product. The background of it is basically 3 stripes, the bottom and top stripe matches the colour of the lipgloss inside and the middle stripe is white with 'Candy Shop' written in a cute swirly font over the top. Underneath this is a little cartoon of the 'flavour' lipgloss that's inside, like a cupcake or a milkshake with the name of the lipgloss written beside it.
      The whole feel of the packaging is extremely kitschy, and as the packaging is very compact it's perfect for keeping in your bag.


      The Candy Lipglosses come in 7 different 'flavours' and shades so there should a tin for everybody! The flavours are, Crazed Coconut, Frosting Fantastic, Mocha Maniac, Candy Fix, Berry Pop and Cherry Bob.
      For the purpose of the review, the product I'm basing this on is 'Frosting Fantastic'
      The lipgloss itself is really good, and even more so considering the price. It doesn't leave a sticky kind of feeling on your lips like some glosses can do, and is a pretty smooth product on a whole. I'd say the consistency is the perfect mix of lip gloss and lipbalm, it's not gloopy (like lipgloss) that you can easily put way too much on, and it's not as hard as some lipbalms that it's pretty stiff to put on. Like I said it's pretty smooth, one swipe of your finger over the product is enough to give your lips a good, long lasting, coverage.
      The colour and pigmentation of 'Frosting Fantastic' is amazing, the colour in the tin is the colour you get on your lips - I wasn't expecting this at all with it being a cheap product. I thought I'd just get a little shimmer and tint to my lips - but Frosting Fantastic is a full on shimmer fest. I wouldn't recommend it for the people who like a modest colour on their lips at this practically goes on gold, although it does die down one you've rubbed your lips together, leaving a lovely iridescent kind of shade on your lips.


      I really like this product, and at £1.50 I can't complain about it at all. The shade isn't one I would have picked myself, I actually picked Frosting Fantastic as I thought it would be the most neutral tin of the bunch! (How wrong can one girl be?!) but after using it everyday for a week I've become a bit of a junkie on it. - although a big part of this is because of the smell, it smells just like Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Yum!!


      As I've mentioned above (quite a lot!) E.L.F's Candy Shop Lip Gloss is priced at £1.50 - like all their other products. The downside of the product is you can only buy it online, making it hard to judge the colour you'll like best. But the product on a whole is pretty fantastic, and I'll definitely be buying again.


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        14.09.2009 14:27
        Very helpful
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        During my recent spending spree on www.eyeslipsface.co.uk I noticed these little tins called "Candy Shop Lip Gloss" and decided to try one. I love the name of these and how it rolls off the tongue! After I'd placed my order I flicked through the reviews here on Dooyoo and found conflicting opinions but one person who wrote a very negative review appeared to be under the impression this was a lip balm and I think the clue's in the name!

        These lip gloss tins come in 6 different flavours: Coconut Craze, Frosting Fantastic, Mocha Maniac, Candy Fix, Berry Pop and Cherry Bomb. All except the Coconut Craze are coloured as well as flavoured but I wanted a clear gloss so the coconut one seemed ideal for me. They all taste as well as smell and the coconut one smells of coconut but tastes like vanilla.

        The tins are really cute, they look really old fashioned and contain 11g of lip gloss. The lid slides across to open the tin which makes life easy, I got fed up of trying to prise the lid off my tin of vaseline lip therapy and threw it away because it got so difficult. No problems with these tins, just press lightly and slide to reveal the lip gloss.

        The lip gloss is in a balm form but let's remember that these aren't sold as lip balm and there are no claims that they work as a lip balm either. On first inspection I found what looked like vaseline with bits of glitter in it. I'm not someone who wants chunks of glitter on my lips so I wasn't sure how this would look once applied. It smelt of coconut which was lovely after I previously bought a handcream claiming to smell of coconut and it didn't!

        To use you just rub some onto your finger or a lip brush and apply to your lips. It does feel like lip balm and I find it moderately moisturising, not as much as a proper lip balm as it's not as thick but it does leave a balmy feel to the lips. This particular one tastes of vanilla but thankfully doesn't smell of it! I can't bear the smell of vanilla. I can't vouch for the other flavours but I suspect they taste of what they smell like.

        Once on the glitter is less obvious, it does shine when it catches the light but doesn't look like big chunks of glitter on your lips. It's actually a very subtle effect which is what I was looking for. The balm feel to these moisturises the lips lightly and makes them feel soft and smooth at the same time as being a lip gloss but we must remember they aren't designed to be a lip balm so this is a bonus rather than to be expected and if you really badly need lip balm these aren't the right product.

        I'm someone who doesn't lick flavoured lip products off so after a brief taste I left it alone but if you can't resist these aren't going to stay put on your lips!

        Any gripes? A little one about the tin. I find if I put this tin in my bag it sometimes slides part way open without any help and this could lead to getting bits in the gloss or if it's hot the gloss leaking out so watch for that and if possible store it in a small zip compartment of your bag to minimise this.

        Overall though I'm very pleased with this product, it gives me soft slightly shimmery lips that don't look over the top for day or night wear, the tin is easy to access and it looks so cute. They cost £1.50 as do most of E.L.F products and will last ages because you only need a smearing to get the glossy effect. I'm giving it 4 stars and will most likely try at least the cherry one in the future.


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          15.07.2009 20:53
          Very helpful



          I did not like this product, because it was greasy and smelly, not really what I expected!

          ELF are an online budget make up company, and their prices are very cheap, but can the products really be any good at such a price? If this Lip Gloss Tin is anything to go by, not really.

          I had a free Delivery code for the site, and so decided to give it a go and try out some new Lip Balm. I work in an Ice Rink, so my lips are constantly dry and chapped, and I need Lip Balm during work to keep me at my kissable best!

          I purchased two lip gloss tins from the website, the one pictured above which is "Crazed Coconut" and "Candy Fix".

          The packaging of the tins is really cute, and they come in a good sized pack, and so would last a while. The lip balm itself is a nice colour with a lovely glitter through it. Thats the good points, the bad points, are that the Gloss or Balm or whatever it may be is very greasy and just really sits on top of your lips and stays sticky and greasy, now maybe its just me, other people might want that from a lip gloss or balm. The second point was the smell of the lip balm. I ordered coconut and candy because i thought it would smell nice, both of the tins smell the same, and the smell was nothing like candy or coconut, but rather i thought it smelt of burning plastic and was just not nice at all!

          I am the kind of person who likes their lip balm to smell nice, and smell tasty, so this was the main reason why I dislike this product, for £1.50 you could buy a nice lip balm pot from Body Care (they cost 99p) which smell lovely and have a nice consistancy, which is what I did, as I will not be using this product!


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            28.05.2009 12:44
            Very helpful



            A fab little gloss, well done E.L.F x

            After reading lots of reviews and keen to investigate budget cosmetics I discovered the EyesLipsFace website. For those who have yet to discover this gem of a website, E.L.F as it's more commonly known, sell a large range of cosmetics, most of which come at the bargain price of £1.50.

            On my first visit I placed an order for 12 items, some great, some good and some not so good. This Candy shop lip gloss was one of them, and my absolute favourite. Definitely great!

            ~ ~ About Candy Shop Lip gloss ~ ~

            E.L.F Candy Shop Lip Gloss comes in 6 flavours/scents.

            Crazed Coconut
            Mocha Maniac
            Cherry Bomb
            Frosting Fantastic
            Candy Fix
            Berry Pop

            In my first order I received the Mocha Maniac, and have since received the Coconut Crazed and Cherry Bomb varieties in subsequent orders.

            Candy Shop Lip Gloss comes in a small tin, containing 11 grams (39 ounces) of product. The retro design is incredibly cute and appealing on first sight. The colour of the tin will depend on the flavour you have purchased, along with a little picture representing the taste. My Mocha lip gloss tin, for instance, was brown, white and pink and has a little picture of a mocha coffee glass on it, like the kind you would get in Costa.

            The tin itself fits into the palm of your hand, being about the size of a match box but much thinner. It's a lovely neat size that would fit effortlessly into the smallest bag, or slip into a jean pocket easily.

            The back of the tin gives an ingredients list which include: Polybutene, Isooctyl Palmitate, Ceresine wax, Microcrystalline wax, Methylparaben and Propylparaben.
            We are also advised that it may contain Iron Oxides and various colourings.

            A symbol indicates that once opened, the lip gloss should be used in 12 months. E.L.F confirm on the tin that the product hasn't been tested on animals.

            To access the lip gloss you slide the tin lid, revealing as little or as much of the product you would like. This is incredibly easy to do one handed, yet offers security that the lid won't fall off in your bag, messing up the contents.

            The inside of the tin is full, pretty much to the brim, of thick lip gloss, coloured to match your chosen flavour. It looks a lot like Vaseline when bought in lip tins, being a very similar consistency and the only difference being colour.

            ~ ~ Using Candy Shop Lip Gloss ~ ~

            Applying the gloss to your lips requires nothing more than a gentle rub of your finger tip over the top of the product, then applying directly to your lips. I have, in the past, found that some lip balms and glosses that require this method are too solid, meaning you have to dig in it a bit, and get the product stuck in your nails. This isn't the case with this Gloss, as while it looks solid in the tin, it almost melts on contact with your finger.

            You only need a small amount of this product at a time, as it spreads very easily. A little really does go a long way. The lip gloss feels quite light on your lips and isn't too tacky like a lot of these products can be. It feels as if it sinks into your lips, rather than sit on them uncomfortably.

            I do tend to suffer from dry lips. I could feel the lip gloss moisturising my lips, making them feel smoother. It gives a very subtle colouring, again depending on your chosen flavour. The mocha gives a light shimmery brown gloss, perfect with sun kissed skin or bronzing make up, while the cherry gives a slight bee stung look. It isn't solid colour like lip gloss, more of a suggestion or enhancement of your natural lip colouring.

            I hate thick high mirror sheen lip gloss, or being left feeling and looking like I've just dowsed my lips in chip fat. This gloss definitely doesn't give that effect, more giving my lips a smoother, dewy appearance.

            The long lasting effects of this product are pretty impressive too. I only feel the need to reapply every few hours, even when eating, drinking and smoking (as I very naughtily still do). I definitely think that this gloss improves the overall look and feel of your lips, even when it's wore off pretty much.

            They are scented and flavoured, so if you don't like this in a lip gloss, then it's not for you. The scent is very apparent as soon as you open the tin. Out of the three I own, I don't find any of them unpleasant although by far my favourite is the coconut. The taste is more subtle, while definitely there if you lick your lips, I can't taste it all the time I'm wearing the gloss.

            ~ ~ So Would I Recommend? ~~

            I think it's clear that I love these lip gloss tins, so would definitely recommend!

            The retro tins are so cute, and such a perfect and compact size. I love the design of the sliding lid, meaning that accidents in my handbag are never going to happen.

            There's a range of flavours to suit most people's tastes. These would make ideal party favours or stocking fillers, I can't imagine anyone being disappointed by them.

            The gloss itself is really lovely, it's subtle on the lips so even those who aren't keen on make up would appreciate it, and it really does moisturise your lips wonderfully and lasts very well.

            At just £1.50 you get a lot for your money. The tin is designer looking and the gloss quality, and as you only need to use a tiny bit at a time and you don't need to re-apply often, it will last ages, making it more of a bargain.

            The only problem I can find regarding these lip tins, is that as far as I am aware, they are only available to buy on-line. While £1.50 is a bargain price, E.L.F charge £2.95 for posting standard class. If you only want to purchase one of these products then that would be a problem. however if you would like to buy in bulk for gifts, then they are fantastic value. if you are already placing a larger make-up order from EyesLipsFace, them I heartily recommend you pop at least one of these in your virtual shopping basket. you won't be disappointed!

            For more information and ordering visit WWW.EyesLipsFace.Co.Uk


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