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E.L.F Eyebrow Treat & Tame

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Brand: ELF / brow care. / Suitable for: Eyebrow

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    4 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 14:53
      Very helpful



      Not the best of eyebrow treating products. Much better alternatives around.

      I usually adore e.l.f.'s products, and have used a few of their products with both good and bad results. Their eyebrow tamer is ok, but it isn't a patch on their wax & powder duo, which matches the hair colour much better and gives finer control over the finished look.

      I bought a shade in the middle, which came to me looking very reddish in tone - sort of chocolatey. There's also a slight sparkle to the coloured gel. Take that as you see fit, but I can't see much point in having reflective sparkly bits in gel that's supposed to go on my eyebrows. The applicator brush has rather short bristles, which makes it hard to apply the gel without pressing it against your skin and painting a huge coloured slugs on your face.

      As for the 'treating' gel, it's ok I suppose - it absorbs well into the skin so it doesn't hang about for long, but I didn't notice any change in regrowth of patchy areas in my eyebrows. Application would have been easier if they'd used a sponge tip rather than a brush, as the gel just glides over the hair - you have to smush it in with your finger for it to reach the skin (and, appropriately, the hair follicles.)

      Overall I'm not all that chuffed with this product. I'd stick with the studio wax & powder.


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      18.09.2011 16:46
      Very helpful



      One to avoid

      Up until trying this product, I had already used two ELF eyebrow products with wildly differing results. The Studio Eyebrow kit is a product I've used for a couple of years now and one I adore. On the other hand, I found the Lifter and Filler to be terrible and made my eyebrows look very dark and thick. Given these mixed experiences I wasn't sure whether or not I would like the ELF eyebrow treat & tame product at all, but having been seduced by its claims, I bought it anyway.

      ==What is it?==

      Treat & Tame is a double ended, dual action eyebrow product. One end of the product contains a vitamin infused gel which should be applied to the brow area to help stimulate the follicle and encourage re-growth to sparse brows. The other end of the product is an eyebrow mascara, which ELF say has a fibre infused formula, so that it will grip even the smallest hairs and give definition.

      It is available in four colours - light, medium, dark and ash - which is a new colour. I purchased light, but being dark blonde/mousy brown naturally and having paler brows than my dyed dark brown hair, I think I would have gone for ash had that colour been available at the time.


      Like all ELF products, this comes housed in a box. The actual product is double ended and unscrews from the middle. The gel is clear and the brow mascara is brown so you can clearly tell which end is which. The design is a little plain in my opinion, although being a budget brand I would not expect anything too fancy and the packaging is functional if not much else.


      I will start by telling you about the treatment side of the product. This was the reason I purchased it, as being over-zealous with the tweezers as a teenager, my brows have ended up slightly uneven. I tried leaving them to it and not plucking them for a while hoping that they would grow back and leave me able to start from scratch, however some areas simply didn't grow back at all. If I'm honest, I was very sceptical about the claims of this product, but as it was relatively cheap, I decided to put my fears to one side and give it a try anyway.

      The gel is applied by a small tapered brush, similar to a lip gloss brush. The gel is quite thick in consistency, so I find that I sometimes have to wipe the excess off onto the side of the tube. The gel doesn't seem to have any significant scent to it and to apply you simply brush it over the brows and the area around the brows where you want to encourage hair growth. The gel dries quickly and once it's on you can't see that you have applied it at all.

      When I purchased this product I think I must have applied the gel regularly over a period of several weeks and saw absolutely no difference in hair re-growth at all. I recently dug the product out and began applying it again, however still I have not noticed any difference at all in hair re-growth. Whilst I find that disappointing, I must admit, cynic that I am, I didn't find it particularly surprising.

      The other use for the product of course, is to tame the brows. This, again, is something I need help with. As I said I had over-plucked my brows when I was younger and when I left them to grow back, one of my brows seemed to grow in a different direction (I'm sure I'm making my eyebrows sound shocking/hilarious now!), so I usually use either a clear mascara or my ELF studio brow kit to slick them down a bit.

      The 'tame' end of the product is like a coloured mascara which is brushed on, to add colour and to slick eyebrows down, taming any stray/unruly hairs. The brush is just like any standard mascara wand and to use, I simply brush through my brows. The first problem that I encountered is that the mascara seems to cling to the hairs and is very noticeable and unnatural looking. The product seemed quite wet and I had to brush it through several times to get rid of the little lumps of product that it seemed to leave on my eyebrows - not good.

      The end result was not great. Although the stray hairs in my brows had been slicked down, the overall appearance made my eyebrows look like slugs! I think the colour was a big factor in this, as it looked, quite frankly odd. My dark blonde eyebrows actually looked a gingery brown colour, despite the fact the product looked pale brown in the tube. They didn't look natural at all, so the taming part of this product has only been used about 3 or 4 times and never in public!

      ==Price and Availability==

      This product costs £3.50, which at first seems like a bargain for something which does two jobs, but now that I know it doesn't work, I can see that it was a waste of money!

      At the moment ELF products are only available online in the UK, the website being www.eyeslipsface.co.uk. Delivery costs are £2.95 or free if spending over £30. If you become a customer and subscribe to their email however, you will probably find that they frequently send out codes to get discounts on their products or freebies with your order, so it is possible to pick up their products even more cheaply.


      To conclude, I think it would be fair to say that I cannot recommend this product. The treatment doesn't really work at all and the taming mascara was poor. I would not buy this again, nor would I recommend it, however if you are looking for something that will just tame your brows then I can highly recommend the ELF Studio eyebrow kit instead.

      *Review also posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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      07.05.2010 12:08



      For the money this is an ok product!

      All the years of plucking and waxing have left my eye brows looking a little sparse so I thought i'd treat my self to the studio elf treat and tame wand, at £3.50 I thought what the heck and ordered the darkest shade as my eyebrows are very dark.

      I have to admit I was a little dissappointed at how light and red the wand was, I was expecting dark brown but what I got was a muddy colour, I tried it anyway and was left with what looked like auburn eyebrows which was totally unsuitable.

      It has a mascara wand which was easy to use but you had to make sure alot of the hair was picked up and it did cling to skin.

      Over all it was a nice product but the colours are slightly off, the clear treatment was ok but I didn't notice anything 'overly' amazing with it.


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      05.11.2009 12:56
      Very helpful



      An okay product, ELF needs to being out darker shades

      ELF Eyebrow Treat and Tame

      I don't have the most perfect looking model eyebrows, so they are always in need of help to stay in place through the day. Also I have noticed through the years I have spars eyebrows at the front that needs filling in so while searching ELF's new Studio line I came across Eyebrow Treat and Tame. It comes in three colours including light, medium and dark, which are swatched on their website and costs £3.50 I though this is a perfect product for me.

      The product comes in a 10cm thin tube that looks like a mascara tube. One end is clear and this is the treat part of the product. The treat part is said to re-grow spars eyebrows (but it doesn't say in what time period), the clear gel is infused with vitamins to help stimulate hair follicles so eyebrows become thicker over time.
      The other end is called Tame, the mascara wand is fibre enhanced to make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural. The wand grips onto every brow to create the most natural look for you.

      As with all ELF's delivery this product came really quickly, and well packaged.

      The product came in black cardboard packaging. I bought the dark shade as my eyebrows and hair is dark brown.
      Either side of the tube feels really soft, almost a leathery finish to it. While the middle is shiny black with tame and treat on either side with elf Eyebrow Treat and Tame in the middle.
      Just like a mascara tube you turn either treat or tame to get the product out.

      The wand of the treat part once unscrewed is a brush, which is actually soft to the touch and not at all scratchy on the skin like I thought it might. As it is a clear gel if feels very light to the back of my hand, eyebrows and sinks in very quickly. There is also no smell what so ever.
      I applied this to my cleansed, dry eyebrow at night that way the product can work its magic over night and give me my spars eyebrows back. Simply brush the product over the spars parts and leave to dry. This doesn't take long at all, even with three coatings.

      I have to say with having spars eyebrows at the beginning for a long time now I am surprised to say I have seen a difference! Now I don't know if it is because of this product or it is coincidence but I can't see my eyebrows growing back because they feel sorry for me so it has to be the product. I'm not going to say they grew back over night and their now thicker and fuller as this is not true but as I said I have seen a difference. Although I still do have spars parts.
      Also the brush doesn't go all the way to the end of the tube so getting the last bit out is going to be fun and a waste of product, never mind money if you can't get it out.

      Now onto the tame part of the product, this is where the whole thing is let down for me. The wand is actually a mascara wand; there is no shape to it just a thickish straight wand. Straight way by looking at the colour of the product in the tube I can see it is lighter than my dark brown eyebrows, it is on the verge of medium brown but not dark enough for me. So all ready I am weary of trying it.
      The consistency of the product on the back of my hand feels sticky, not at all runny, more of a mascara type feel and look that dries very quick.
      When applied to my eyebrows straight away you can tell there is a colour difference that doesn't seem to budge. When the product does dry yes it dries darker but there is still a colour difference that you can see on the skin where it has dried. While brushing the wand through my eyebrows it doesn't cost every single hair like ELF like you to believe so you have to go over a few times, and it defiantly doesn't cover any spars parts, I have had to dab the tip of the wand onto my skin for it to stick and be covered. I did have natural looking eyebrows but that was because there wasn't a lot of product applied, if there was I don't think it would be natural looking. The hairs looked clumpy where a little more of the product was applied and hard to the touch but it felt like any clear mascara to tame eyebrows.

      In the end my trusty eyebrow pencil or powder came into action to fill in the spars areas, which looked more natural as you can get it to look like your brows.
      Also you can see it is the wrong colour even with a little application, so it is defiantly something I won't be using again.

      Even though I didn't like the tame part of the product, if the treat part carries on working for me I will happily spend £3.50 for it. It is better than paying £20 for something similar. Also if ELF made a more darker shade I might be tempted to purchase that one.


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