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E.L.F Lengthening & Volumising Mascara

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4 Reviews

Brand: ELF / Mascara / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye / What it does: volumizeses,

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    4 Reviews
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      02.12.2014 17:22
      Very helpful



      My first ELF order!

      My sister had a discount code last year for elf where she got 50% off, but had to spend a certain amount so I ordered some things to help make the order up to the amount she needed to spend.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      Elf products are only available from their website, www.eyelipsface.co.uk.
      This mascara is £3.75, but I got it for £1.87.
      The mascara contains 7g of product.

      ~ In use ~
      The wand is uninspiring. It is quite narrow. The bristles get longer in the middle and then smaller at the edges. The bristles twist around the brush. It is what you’d typically expect from a really cheap mascara.
      The directions on the back of the box advise to ‘Apply to eyelashes from root to tip, working in a zig-zag motion to fully coat the lashes. Reapply if desired.’
      The mascara doesn’t smell strongly like some waterproof mascaras can.
      I have found it quite easy to apply, but I do find that I need to go over my lashes more than once with this as the bog standard brush does not coat all of your lashes the first time.
      It is fairly easy to apply with the poor brush and I haven’t made any mistakes and got it all over my face luckily.
      Once applied my lashes look thicker, but I wouldn’t say they look lengthened at all. The mascara isn’t clumpy and my lashes are separated and look even. The finished effect is quite good and I have been impressed with this mascara.
      My lashes stay black and looking good all day and I don’t get any smudges under my eyes throughout the day, which I’m very pleased about.
      My lashes do feel a little different to touch when I am wearing this mascara as I'm not used to waterproof mascaras. My lashes feel a little bit more rigid than when I am wearing a normal mascara.
      To test the waterproof claims I wore this mascara in the shower and was pleased to find that it didn’t smudge all down my face. It remained on my eyelashes as though nothing had happened, but my lashes were wet to touch and the black mascara did transfer onto my fingers when I touched my lashes. I am still very impressed with this mascara and I agree with its claims to be waterproof.
      It isn’t too much trouble to remove the mascara either. I prefer to remove it with a wet wipe and if you gently rub at your lashes the mascara will come off without a problem.
      I think the brush is the main problem with this mascara. It is a very basic design and it doesn’t do the job as well as my usual mascara.
      I would buy this mascara again, but I’d probably rather pay a little bit more and buy a waterproof mascara with a better brush.


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      07.03.2011 14:07
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not recommended

      For a while now I've been using E.L.F's standard waterproof mascara for £1.50. I get through this item very quickly however as I always use waterproof mascara and their cheap version has a small amount of waterproof on one end and regular on the other so I found myself browsing through the "studio" section looking for a waterproof mascara a while ago. E.L.F can be found at www.eyeslipsface.co.uk and most of the items cost £1.50 but the studio section is more expensive and the mascara in there called "Waterproof Lengthening and Volumising Mascara" costs £3.50 for a 7g tube. I decided to give it a go and ordered one. I chose the black one but there is also a brown version available.

      Once the item arrived I found it was packaged in smart black like all the studio items are and couldn't wait to see how it fared. Having the whole product waterproof instead of having some regular mascara I wouldn't use seemed like a more economical idea despite the fact it cost a bit more. The tube is square and lid tapers almost to a point. The lid, which contains the brush, is actually alot longer than the base which contains the mascara.

      The brush doesn't look any different from their standard one and I've found that to be a really easy to use brush that does separate and lengthen my lashes so I had high hopes for this product. However as soon as I started to apply it I began to change my mind. This brush seems to be messy and I ended up with small blobs of mascara on my eyelids. This isn't because I'm a mascara novice, I've been using mascara for over 20 years now so I was a bit peeved this happened. Also try as I might I could not get the mascara to make my lashes look long or thick, it just went on like a black coating on my lashes and didn't improve their length or volume at all. I have quite long lashes anyway but most mascaras add to that length. This one didn't. I've closely examined the brush and compared it to their other mascara and can see no obvious difference but there must be one for the cheaper product to work so much better. I've also tried this mascara several times since and repeatedly end up with some on my eyelids and with no lengthening or volumising effects whatsoever. I'm really not sure why this is but nothing I do seems to make this worth using. The one thing I can say in its favour is that it is waterproof and doesn't budge once it's on but because it doesn't give the effect I'm after, or the effects it claims to, I'm not going to buy it again and I can't really recommend it to others. In fact because the cheap version runs out so quickly and this one doesn't do the job I'm heading back to my usual Maybelline product that I know lasts and makes my lashes look thick, separated and longer.

      This isn't a product I recommend trying, if you must buy a mascara from E.L.F go for the £1.50 one and don't bother with this £3.50 studio one. I'm giving it a low 2 star rating purely because it is waterproof and the packaging is pleasant. Not recommended though.


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        02.02.2010 22:26
        Very helpful



        Ok for length, not good for volume.

        I bought this ELF Lengthening and Volumising Mascara in December in an with a number of other products. It was the most expensive item which I bought, at £3.50, with all the other things costing about £1.50 each.

        ELF is, obviously given these prices, a budget brand. I had a good look on their website before buying, as I didn't to put just any old thing in on my eyes, and decided to order from them based on the number of recommendations they had in magazines. From what I have heard about them, they save money on packaging and advertising, but use reasonably good ingredients.

        I was, therefore, pleasantly surprised by the packaging, when the mascara arrived. It looks sleek, and I really liked the matt finish it had.

        Now for the actual product. I don't normally buy volumising mascaras, as I have always found them a bit clumpy, but as this one was both lengthening and volumising, I thought I would give it a try.

        The first time that I used it, I was not at all impressed, the texture was slightly odd, even grainy looking on my lashes and within a minute, had somehow migrated down below one of my eyes. I had to take it all off and start again. I'm not sure whether it was my technique or the mascara, but it was quite odd.

        I then reapplied it, and this time, it seemed to stay on no problem and the texture seemed better. I was going out to meet some friends and I did feel a little worried that it might slide down onto my face again - but thankfully it didn't! I probably wore it about 25 times, and it only smudged again once, thankfully right after I applied it.

        In terms of the visual impact, I actually quite liked the results. It was, to my mind, more valuable for its lengthening qualities, than its volumising. This was okay for me, but I imagine a lot of people would be disappointed - it didn't seem quite thick enough to work at adding volume.

        For a cheap mascara, I thought that the brush was a good one - it lengthened and separated the lashes fairly well.

        I don't think I would be in a hurry to buy it again - unless I decided to order a number of things from ELF, which would make the postage cost more worthwhile.


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        30.09.2009 19:13
        Very helpful



        Wouldn't even give it one star

        E.L.F Lengthening And Volumising Mascara

        When I saw ELF bought out a studio range I thought great, great products (so they say) at a very reasonable price I have got to give some of theses ago. So I did, I made a purchase of a few things and one of them was the Lengthening and Volumising Mascara.

        Normally I wouldn't even consider their mascara's due to them being cheap but because there was quite a bit of hype regarding their Studio
        Range I thought I would try it, after all its only £3.50.

        ELF say with this mascara you will be able to achieve thicker, fuller and longer lashes that look natural. Their enlarged brush coats every lash, clump free, quick drying that will last all day. Sound's good doesn't it?
        In a mascara this sounded right up my street so I was sold.

        Even though my lashes are long, thickish and very straight I am always on the look out for something that will make them standout, make them eye catching, fuller, glossier, sexy and easy to use without the fuss.

        ELF first started in the cosmetics business in New York in 2004 who was founded by the same man who founded Hard Candy Cosmetics in 1995.
        ELF has always provided cosmetics for £1.50 and their highest at £3.50 for their mineral and studio line.
        They have always kept their prices low and this is due to not advertising, instead they rely on word of mouth to sell their products, although they don't skimp on ingredients.

        From their two colours on offer including black and dark brown I opted for the black one. On the site the packaging looks sleek and quite a good size for a mascara. So I was happy. But it didn't show how the brush looked, but when you think of lengthening and volumising mascara you think the brush is big, chunky to create all that volume so that is what I was expecting.

        As always I received my package the next day but I waited the day after to try my new purchase.
        On first impression I am all ready disappointed as it is a lot smaller than the website makes out it to be, but for now I am willing to let this go as everything looks smaller in real life from ELF so I should have known this would be no different.

        The day came when I used it, I unscrewed the long black lid and pulled it out, shock horror the wand wasn't what I was expecting at all, it looks nothing like a lengthening and volumising mascara wand that is big and chunky, instead I am looking at a wand that is the complete opposite. It has small bristles that are quite close together, quite a small wand I have to say and it is curved! The only curved mascara wands I have had is when I bought a mascara that curls the lashes not maximise them.

        I do what I always do with mascara's and wiggle the wand into my lashes from root to tip, that way it coats all of the lashes and less likely to clump.
        On first application I notice there isn't a lot of mascara on my lashes at all, yes they look blacker but it looks very subtle so I do the other eye and then back again for a second coat. Second coat looks better but I wouldn't go wow over it, it looks okay and it will do for day time look.
        It didn't take that long to dry but maybe that was because it felt like there was nothing on my lashes in the first place.

        I didn't get any clumping, which was a bonus, I got a little lengthening but I wouldn't say it made a huge different and there was certainly NO volumising going on my lashes also didn't look glossy but rather matte looking.

        After a week of wearing it I have to say I don't like it, ELF's clams are wrong and I am very disappointed with it, straight from the get go nothing was right with it.
        The only good thing about it was I didn't get any irritation from it.

        At the minute I am stuck with this and I am determined to use it up, after all I paid £3.50 for it and I don't want to throw money down the drain.

        But I will be buying a decent mascara as soon as I can as, something that works and the company doesn't make claims they defiantly can not keep, even down to the brush of all things.


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