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E.L.F Lifter & Filler+E9530

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Brand: ELF / Brow pencil. / What it does: Lifts,

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2009 09:24
      Very helpful



      Not good

      My natural hair colour is a dark blonde/mousy brown shade, and for several years I've been dyeing it a rich, dark brown. Unfortunately my eyebrows are still quite light and can look a little strange, so I tend to use make-up to make them darker. My favourite eyebrow product at the moment is actually another one by ELF - their studio eyebrow kit which is excellent, so I had hoped the ELF lifter and filler would be just as good.

      The product is a double ended pencil. One end is a dark colour with which to fill the brows in, the other is a lighter colour which you apply under the arch of the brow to highlight and lift the brow area.

      The pencil comes boxed like all e.l.f. products, and the actual pencil has a sharpener in the lid at one end, which is really useful as you don't have to scrabble round looking for a sharpener when the pencil becomes blunt.

      I must admit, my initial concern was how chunky the pencil was. It's fairly thick and as such it can be difficult to apply it precisely.

      I'll start with the 'filler' end of the pencil which is the darker colour. When you begin to apply this, you will find that the pencil has quite a waxy texture. It's incredibly thick and it's very difficult to achieve a natural look to your brows, even when applying minimal pressure to the pencil. I have found, however that because the pencil - or given the texture, I think 'crayon' may be more appropriate- has such a waxy texture, it actually holds stray hairs in place when you go over them, which I suppose is a slight bonus.

      The result I almost always seem to get from the filler is very thick, slug-like brows. It takes careful application and some skill to achieve anything but this look, but like a lot of women I don't have huge amounts of time to spend in front of the mirror perfecting my make-up on a morning, so it's not ideal.

      I tend to apply the 'lifter' end of the pencil under the arch of my brows - the place I would usually use a highlighting cream such as Benefit's High Beam or MeMeMe's Beat the Blues. Like the other side of the pencil, I find this to go onto the skin very thickly, and it has a similar waxy texture to the 'filler' end of the pencil.

      Initially when applying the lifter side, which is a neutral creamy colour, you get a quite thick, obvious looking line. I have to blend this to make it look more natural, but because of the waxiness of the product it's not the easiest thing to blend. Once it is actually blended however, it's almost like it's not there, and certainly doesn't seem to lift my brows in any way. So I suppose in conclusion, I'd have to say this element of the product is useless!

      This product is from elf's studio range and costs £3.50. It's only available online from www.eyeslipsface.com. Comes in three colour choices - ivory/light, ivory/medium and ivory/dark.

      Had I reviewed this as soon as I'd bought it I would have given it one star, but I have found that with (very) careful application and blending you can achieve a look that could be described as 'acceptable' and so I'm going to be generous and give it two stars.


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        16.09.2009 21:27
        Very helpful



        Horrible pencil that belongs in the bin and never to come out.

        E.L.F. Eyebrow Lifter and Filler

        When I saw elf bought out a studio range I thought great, great products (so they say) at a very reasonable price I have got to give some of theses ago. So I did, I made a purchase of a few things and one of them was the Eyebrow Lifter and Filler in colour ivory/dark.

        Elf say this product helps to create a polished and defined look to the eyebrows. At one end of the pencil there is a Lift product that is said to lift the brow bone for a more fresh look with sheer light reflecting pigments. It enhances the shape for a more youthful and awakened look. At the other end you have the actual Fill product that fills in your eyebrows making them seem filler, also to create a more natural shape and fill in sparse areas.

        As I have got older I have noticed the hairs in my eyebrows falling out and not coming back. This has only been happening at the beginning of the brow in the middle and it's not because of tweezing.

        The average lifetime of an eyebrow hair is four to five years; this is the same as eyelash hair. Hair stops growing when it has been removed from its source of nourishment i.e. skin. This happens naturally during the normal cycle of hair growth and replacement of another hair. The papilla, which contains blood vessels degenerates the blood supply ceases and caused the hair to fall out. Unfortunately sometimes the hair isn't replaced with another causing sparse hairs.

        Eyebrow pencils are used to strengthen the natural colour and shape of the brows that define the shape of your face.
        Pencils are applied light with feathery strokes for a natural effect.

        Elf first started in the cosmetics business in New York in 2004 who was founded by the same man who founded Hard Candy Cosmetics in 1995.
        Elf have always provided cosmetics for £1.50 and their highest at £3.50 for their mineral and studio line.
        They have always kept their prices low and this is due to not advertising, instead they rely on word of mouth to sell their products, although they don't skimp on ingredients.

        I haven't always used an eyebrow pencil and since I saw this in their new studio range I thought I would give it ago after all it costs £3.50 and you can spend a lot more than that on another product that will do the same thing.

        As always I received my package the next day and I could wait to try it. I liked the packaging of this pencil, it looked liked it cost a lot more than £3.50 and uses the same design and colours of a very well known cosmetic brand.

        The product itself is a chunky pencil; at one end when I took the black lid off it says Lift. The colour looks peach and even on a swatch at the back of my hand it looks peach, on elf's site they say this is an ivory colour. The swatch itself looks matte with no sheer light reflecting pigments init unlike what elf say. It was very easy to apply and really smooth, it glided on with no effort. So I gave it ago and applied it below my eyebrow. Again it glided on smoothly but it felt heavy and it wasn't easy to blend in at all. I had to rub my eyelid quite a bit for it to blend into my skin to look natural and that's never good as that is how you stretch this delicate area making the lid sag.
        When it was blended in it looked patchy in places but in other places I couldn't see it. There was no light reflecting going on at all. My first disappointment of this product.

        The other end had the filler part. The lid itself is clear with a build in sharpener. I haven't seen this before with other products so this is a good idea.
        Again like the Lift part the filler part is very soft, in a swatch the colour looks like it will match my eyebrow colour but this product feels very waxy on my hand. I applied it to my brows and I wish I didn't bother. The product was very difficult to apply blending wise, it just seemed to stick to my brows and wouldn't let go and looked very waxy on them, dark in parts and light in other parts.

        I tried to blend with my finger and feather the product and dab as not to apply to much pressure and this was also a waste of time. Everything I did to apply it nothing worked. When I had finished and I looked into the mirror I looked a complete mess, it looked like a newborn applied it. When I looked further away you could see it a mile off.
        Very disappointed with this product.

        Removing this product again is a pain as it's like a wax it takes a while to remove with eye make up remover and when you have removed it there is still some stuck to the brows that don't want to budge. Eventually after pulling, which seemed like forever this terrible product was removed.

        After all that this product went into the bin and it won't ever see day light again. Good riddance.

        At the beginning I said I can pay a lot more than £3.50 for an eyebrow pencil that does the same job? How wrong was I? I am going to look out for a decent eyebrow pencil and it wont be from elf.

        I give this product a one star rating and that was just because of the packaging.


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