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E.L.F Lipstick

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Brand: E.L.F / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    5 Reviews
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      02.03.2014 21:14
      Very helpful



      Quality seems to vary depending on shade

      ELF (which stands for eyes, lips, face) is an American brand of budget make up which is available online in the UK. I have been using the site for several years and found the products hit and miss, but with the prices being so low, it is possible to try out quite a range of products for not much money. This is especially good if you want to experiment with colour.

      I am a big fan of the ELF Studio Mineral lipsticks. The studio range is the slightly more expensive range ELF do and those lipsticks cost £5, whereas the lipsticks I am reviewing today are from the more basic range and cost £1.95. It might be my imagination, but I think the prices have gone up slightly just recently - I could have sworn I only paid £1.50 for these, sometime last year, but I may be wrong. Either way, they are still very cheap.

      There are twelve colours available, mostly brown, pink and plum toned shades. I believe I bought three colours, however one has gone AWOL, so I will just discuss the colours I have with me at the moment which are 'Classy' a deep pink and 'Nostalgic' which is a brown/nude colour. Obviously buying make-up online is not always ideal in terms of choosing a colour, but what I tend to do now is just google image search the shade and there are nearly always pictures of someone wearing it. I found the shades to be quite similar to the swatches on the website.

      The packaging of the lipsticks is nice enough for the price paid. They come in silver tubes and when you remove the lid, the inside part is clear. I don't think they look obviously cheap, but at the same time I doubt anyone would mistake them for a very expensive product either. The only complaint I have with the packaging, is that the twist up mechanism can be quite stiff and almost seems as though it jams at times.

      I find the lipsticks to be quite creamy in consistency and to go on easily and smoothly. I have noticed that they have a very slight fragrance to them - it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what this is, but I'm not keen on it and would prefer it didn't have this.

      In terms of colour I found Nostalgic to be awful. As it was quite pale, it showed up any imperfections on my lips and the coverage was quite poor - it almost went on patchy and if I tried to go over it, it then looked too thick, so I felt I couldn't win with it. In fact, I think I will throw it out once I've finished this review, as I don't imagine I'll ever be able to wear it.

      Strangely, Classy, was a much better colour. It gave good, full coverage to my lips and although I think it is perhaps a little more pink than suits me, I really like it as a product. It feels quite nice and moisturising and doesn't dry my lips out at all. Unlike the paler shade, it does not seem to draw attention to dryness or other imperfections on my lips. It seems to last reasonably well - perhaps 3-4 hours as long as I am not eating or drinking. If I do eat or drink the whole lot seems to disappear, but I often find this to be the case even with much more expensive lip products.

      Despite experiencing mixed results, I would buy these lipsticks again in the future. I do think the problems with 'Nostalgic' were due to the pale colour. My natural lip tone is quite dark and I think I chose a colour that was too pale for me. If I was to buy another one of these, I would stick to the mid-dark colour range, which I think would give better results.

      Given the mixed results I've had it is difficult to know whether to recommend these or not! I would definitely recommend the shade 'classy' and I suspect the other, slightly darker shades would also be good, but I will avoid the lighter shades in the future.

      Buy from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk


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      25.08.2012 08:51
      Very helpful




      Back when ELF had their last 50% sale I decided to buy a couple of their basic lipsticks to try as I really like their mineral lipsticks. I managed to get mine for just 75 pence each, and even at the full retail price of £1.50, these lipsticks are a real bargain! There are twelve shades available ranging from pink, red and brown. Each shade has its own unique name and I purchased Posh and Fearless, both of which are pinky red shades. Fearless is a nice and bright shade of red with subtle shimmers, while Posh is a dark pink. One thing worth mentioning is that the swatches on the ELF website are incredibly inaccurate, so I'd recommend using Google Images to check the different shades to see which would suit you.

      I was expecting Posh to be postbox red, when infact it's a dark, almost bubblegum pink - luckily it does actually suit me quite well though so I'm not too dissapointed! Another thing to mention is that certain shades sell out quickly and remain out of stock for a few weeks, which is slightly annoying. Each lipstick comes attatched to a cardboard backing which is sealed with a transparent piece of plastic which I personally think is a real waste of packaging. The cardboard part simply has the ELF logo and product name as well as a small circular swatch and the shade name. The packaging needs to be opened with scissors. The design of the lipstick is average.. the casing does look a little basic and cheap - it's silver with the ELF logo on it and it has a transparent section showing the lipstick, which is handy if you have more than one as you can see which shade is which without having to take the lid off.

      Each tube contains 3.5grams of product and the packaging is overall very basic but I don't see this as much of a disadvantage as the lipstick itself is pretty good quality. The lipstick has a slanted nib and it is very soft and waxy, meaning it can easily become mishapen or even snap in half if you apply too much pressure to it while applying it. The lipstick has a pleasant fruity scent which is very girly and sweet. It does however smell artificial and if I'm honest, the scent is quite cheap and plasticy. The lipstick is easy to apply and the nib glides along my lips, applying the lipstick evenly. One coat is enough as this is so well pigmented and I find that the smooth, creamy formula is also quite moisturising, too.

      It doesn't look cheap and the lasting power is reasonably good (around 4hrs before a top up is needed) however it's pretty easily transferrable, meaning it can easily get on clothes/on my boyfriends face! It is easy to remove though and a bit of moist tissue does the job. This is not at all drying and as long as I apply vaseline as a base, this doesn't highlight any lines or dryness on my lips and due to the subtle sheen it provides, it makes them appear quite moist. Overall, the ELF lipsticks are a real bargain. Despite the rather cheap looking packaging, the lipstick is good quality - it's well pigmented and reasonably long lasting as well as suprisingly moisturising. The only disadvantage that I can think of is that it's quite easily transferrable.


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        01.11.2011 15:23
        Very helpful



        A great lipstick from ELF Cosmetics budget range

        ***Why I want the product***
        I have tried other lipsticks from ELF budget range before and hated them due to them drying out my lips, colour payoff was shocking and you got such little product it didn't even seem great value for the little amount they we're charging.

        However, during my recent shopping from ELF Cosmetics I noticed they had a new lipstick or re-launched a new formula in their budget range, funny enough called Lipstick in their Lips category.

        ***About the product***
        ELF says this new moisturising lip formula will indulge your lips with long lasting colour and shine. It helps to hydrate, condition on contact.
        I decided on a shade called Seductive that ELF describe it as, Deep warm pink crème. The full size product comes in at 3.5g and comes in a lovely range of six shades from a nude brown to a deep cool berry tone.

        As it is in ELF's Basic range it comes in a simple cardboard backed with a transparent plastic moulded coating keeping the lipstick in place on the card. The cardboard packaging tells you about the product, colour and directions for use.

        At first I am a little taken back by the colour as on the website the lipstick looks light and sheer. But in reality it looks, deep, rich, warm red, which I was not looking for so ended being a little disappointed but not to worry as it did not cost the earth.

        Taking the lipstick from its plastic cover I am actually surprised at how well made the lipstick tube is, yes it does look cheap but does not really feel it. It doesn't feel at all flimsy like other low budge brands. The tube is simply shiny silver with a transparent part in the middle, which you see the lipstick inside and you're chosen colour, I feel this is a lovely feature that makes it different from the norm. The side of the tube also sees elf Lipstick in silver writing. The underside of the tube tells you the name of you're chosen colour and the product has an expiry of 12 months.

        ***Applying the product, and how it feels***
        With cheaper lipsticks and some high end brands, lipsticks always have that funny smell that you cannot put your finger on to what it is but this lipstick is not like that at all, it smells almost like cherry, which I feel is there to hide the nasty smell and not just for cosmetic purposes.

        The lipstick is soft, to the point if you are not careful it will snap in half, unlike other lipstick brands that feel are a little tougher.

        Swatching the colour to the back of my hand I am very impressed to see the colour payoff was brilliant and the colour in the tube is the exact colour on my hand. There is no shimmer but has a light sheen. I am more pleased to say the pigment is just as good on the lips as well.
        The formula glides on my lips with ease and feels smooth and silky; there is no shimmer for a more sophisticated look with a light sheen that sets the lipstick off. When I rub my lips together my lips do not feel sticky or dry, instead they feel smooth and moisturised.

        Although I was a little worried about the colour at first, it is actually a beautiful colour that is not too in your face or a 'look at me' lipstick. The warm red with pink undertones look lovely on my pale skin and gives my face a lovely lift, the lipstick can be blotted with one coat for a more natural look but still giving you full coverage or if you like more than one coat the look is more pigmented to the point the colour is absolutely opaque with a beautiful sheen.

        Colour transfer is easily done with this lipstick, but instead of all the colour on a cup and nothing left on your lips, I am pleased to say there is still loads of colour left on my lips without it looking faded or worn out. In all I can wear this lipstick for a few hours with no problem what so ever before I have to touch up again.

        Wearing the lipstick in doors does not make my lips dry until a few hours of wear but going outside is another story, my lips get dry very quickly and end up cracking so a lip balm is needed underneath the lipstick and over the top to seal in the moisture.

        ***Price and availability***
        I purchased this product from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk for a whopping £1.50.

        ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
        I love it, I love the fact it costs next to nothing and the pigment is fantastic to say it is a budget range and price, defiantly something you would not expect to have.

        To say at the beginning I thought it was the wrong colour for me is now my favourite colour and a great colour to wear in the morning for a quick, easy and fool proof makeup application.

        ***Would I purchase again?***
        I would absolutely love to purchase more of these lipsticks and of course my favourite colour Seductive. The range is such good value and with their new formulation I could not ask for more.


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          10.09.2011 19:09
          Very helpful



          An exceptional lipstick that everyone should have in their make up case.

          I was browsing the E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) website during a 50% promotion and decided I may as well try a bit of everything and so I chucked a couple of these lipsticks into the basket. They arrived promtly as with everything I have ordered through ELF and I decided to give them a try as lipstick os a product I really enjoy using.

          *~* Price and Availability *~*

          It is only available from the E.L.F website in the UK, however in America it can be bought from various stores as well as online websites for around the world. It can definately be picked up but just to mention in addition to keep a look out in TKMaxx as sometimes the products can be found there for a little cheaper than online.

          The cost of these is an incredibly tiny £1.50, a fabulous price if you ask me. I paid just 75p for each of mine so an even better deal but I would be more than happy to pay full price for this.

          *~* Packaging *~*

          This comes as most of the basic E.L.F products do attached to a baby pink card with a transparent plastic cover keeping it attached to the card. The card gives various details such as the colour, size (3.5g), contact information, ingredients, instructions how to use, company logo etc. Very informative but nothing special.

          Inside the plastic cover is the actual product itself which is silver in colour and cylindrical. Around 3/4's of the way up the product is a band around an inch thick that is transparent showing the colour of the lipstick held inside. The outer case displays nothing but the E.L.F logo in silver (I did find that this rubbed off very easily, I'm talking after 2 or 3 applications so don't expect this to last in any way).

          The bottom has a sticker that details the number and colour of the product. I have two: 'Gypsy' - described as a Deep Cool Sheer Pink and 'Seductive' - Deep Warm Pink Creme'.

          I don't feel this looks cheap at all and I love the fact that I can see the colour of the product without taking off the lid to look. It's a genius idea and it does make life easier. I feel that the look of the product is lovely and in no way cheap or tacky which it could have done being so cheap. The lid fits snugly on the top to protect the lipstick but is not hard to remove or sticks in anyway, it's definately a very sturdy product which I really like.

          *~* The Lipstick Itself *~*

          On opening the lid and having a smell (I know most people don't do it but I do) I was greeted by a very sweet, berry smell. It wasn't overpowering but definately detictable and not at all what I expected. A very nice touch however. I didn't find that they smelled different, both were exactly the same in scent.

          The colour is very rich and I thought that it may have been rather strong on but I was suprised to find that although it had plenty colour it wasn't too much, I was definately impressed. It is very creamy and smooth, not at all crumbly or patchy. It easily glides onto your lips (I have to say it looked much better on when I applied lip balm first, that's not to say it wasn't good without using it, it most definately is I just felt it looked more smooth by using balm in addition) and is very smooth. I have to say that my lips felt soft, which I was rather suprised about by using the product solo as it is not something that I normally find with lipstick. I only required one sweep to give a good colour which of course means I'm using less so the product overall will last me longer than others would.

          It is very light and soothing on the lips and definately is long lasting much more so than other more expensive brands I have tried. I found that after a few hours the colour started to fade but was still detectable. It most definately lives up to the claim on the E.L.F website:

          "Indulge your lips with long lasting color and shine. The moisture rich formula hydrates, conditions and softens on contact for silky smooth lips"

          *~* Other Information *~*

          This doesn't stain clothing, I successfully washed my garment and the lipstick was removed as normal. It is easy to remove from the skin with either water or a make up remover wipe or just a baby wipe depending on your preference. I also like the fact that E.L.F do not test on animals and so this makes the product even better. Delivery is fast and efficient, customer services are fantastic and solve any problems exceptionally wuickly. A fantastic company overall.

          *~* Overall *~*

          Overall this is a fantastic lipstick, it looks good, hydrates your lips, has a gorgeous colour although a little more variety would be nice, then again that could just be my greedy side looking for more lipsticks to add to my collection.

          I have already ordered another 2 in a couple of other colours in my recent order (50% off until 12/9/11 - check out the facebook page for the code). Definately give this a shot, they are fantastic, 5 stars from me.


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            20.12.2010 16:50
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Fab fab fab!

            I am a huge fan of make-up...I own loads and loads of the stuff. I never started shopping on E.L.F until rather recently and only then I did because of reading loads of positive reviews about the stuff!

            I placed a rather large order the other week, really treated myself and avoided purchasing a lipstick at first. The main reasons being that I'm really funny about wearing the stuff and don't get on with anything on my lips very well at all and I try not to wear it very often anyway for that reason but at £1.50 per lipstick how good could it be anyway? I mean come on thats cheap for a standard size eh lol. In the end though I decided it had to be worth a go and I had not alot to lose anyway!

            The Packaging:

            The lipstick comes on a backed white and pink card held on by a clear plastic cover to keep the lipstick in place. On the front of that card we are told that it is E.L.F (Eyes lips face is what E.L.F stands for if you havent worked that out yet lol) Lipstick 'Smooth and long lasting coverage' I am shown a colour coded dot for the colour I chose and given its name and number (which in my case was Seductive 7703) and the size is stated which is 3.5g (which I consider to be a standard size lipstick). Other information on the back of the card includes being told a bit more about the product and given instructions on how to use it, ingredients and warnings are given and contact details for E.L.F are given. The lipstic is cylinder, tube shaped and twist to take the silver lid off the rest of the silver tube and then you twist the base of course to get to the lipstick itself which is a solid looking colour with a slight slant to it. It does have a clear plastic section that goes around the case to so you can see the colour of it through it which is a brilliant idea if you have a few E.L.F lipsticks in your possession of course! Down the side of the lipstick in a bright, metalic silver writing we are told that it is E.L.F and on the base of the lipstick once again we are told the colour. I think the packaging is really stylish with its two tone silver theme and I really do think the clear section to the tube is genius cos I will be purchasing more lipsticks from E.L.F in the future and will appreciate being able to see at a glance which coloured lipstick I am picking up! More companies should do this I say! However the one negative of the tube is that lid feels slightly wonky though it does fit on it gives a cheap and insecure feeling.

            The Lipstick Itself:

            On the back of the card the lipstick comes on we are told that it is a long-lasting color and gives shine and hydration and that it conditions, softens and smooths but does it?

            I am shocked to report that yes it most certainly does and with complete ease too. I love this lipstick if I lost it I would be devasted waiting for my next one to turn up!

            What you get with this is a creamy formula which goes on rather sheer but feels ultra hydrating though not one bit greasy or heavy on the lips. My lipstick has a sort of berry smell to it which is lovely and fresh but it doesn't taste at all.

            Not too greasy as I have just pointed out, I find this to simply glide on with ease. With some lipsticks I have used in the past I have experienced the colour to 'bleed' but this doesn't it simply stays puts so I don't have to use a lipliner ever so its a wipe over the lips and go product for me thankfully!

            You can of course wear this by simply smearing it over the lips or use it, blot and redo technique and of course the latter method means the lipstick stains the lips so to speak and so the colour stays on a good 2-3 hours even when I'm drinking and eating (and smoking..... tut at me lol) by just coating my lips with it I find it stays on about an hour however it doesn't seem to come off on everything I touch with my lips either.

            When on the lips it really does feel moisturising and cos it isn't a thick formula it doesn't clog over dry bits of skin.

            All in all I adore this lipstick. I can't really feel it on my lips, the colour I chose is simply gorgeous and it lasts the same amount of time as far more expensive lipsticks on the market. I shall be collecting them all!

            Available in 6 shades all priced at £1.50 each why not collect them all????

            Go to Elf.com/ Elf.co.uk to make a purchase!


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