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E.L.F. Mineral Infused Mascara

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Brand: ELF / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2012 21:59
      Very helpful



      Good budget mascara for creating everyday looks.

      I was shopping on the e.l.f website for some cheap but nice quality makeup goodies, and they had an offer of 35% off everything so I thought it perfect time to try out a lot of their stuff. How I came to buy this mascara in particular was that I had been using the Maybelline one-by-one mascara and loved it... For a couple of months. After buying that mascara I realised that I love silicone brushes for the fact they don't have all the clumping you find with bristle wands. In the end I found that the Maybelline one tended to clump after a few weeks, which annoyed me to the point where I simply had to find a new mascara.

      Anyway I eventually came across this mascara and for £3.50 I thought I might as well try it, after all it had the silicone brush I was looking for. I know some people find the packaging on makeup products really important, I don't. However for the sake of those that do, this mascara comes in a slim matte black straight tube with the name of the mascara written down the side. The packaging seems to be pretty sturdy so shouldn't have trouble with cracking etc.

      When I opened the product the first thing I noticed was that the brush on the wand is a lot thinner than I thought it would be. However I don't find this to be a problem as I find the smaller the brush, the less the likelihood of getting it elsewhere on the face. The tip of the brush is also small enough to easily coat the inner lashes, and the bottom lashes without accidentally touching the lid. The colour of the mascara is nicely pigmented, so it is actually jet black and not dark grey like some mascaras turn out to be. This mascara isn't waterproof but I've found it to last well under humidity etc. And stays put all day without flaking. In fact I have to use a facewash to get it off as I think any other way would be too harsh on my eye area. The thing I love most about this mascara is there is absolutely no clumps! Not even when I ad more than one layer to my lashes.

      The bad points about this mascara is that it doesn't create any volume or fullness as such. The only thing I think it does do is lengthen them slightly. However this mascara does separate and coat your lashes very nicely to create a more natural look for everyday. So if you're looking for an everyday mascara to enhance your lashes without clamping, then this is for you. Especially if you're on a budget. However if you're looking for a mascara to give a more dramatic or evening look, then I'd suggest looking elsewhere... Or at least buying a Volumising mascara for night time.


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      15.09.2011 12:13
      Very helpful



      A great mascara for such a small price

      **Why I want the product**
      I do not know a woman who's best make up item and one she will not live without is mascara and like every other woman out there I have purchased my fair share in mascara's trying to find the 'perfect' one without it costing the earth. I am also sick and tired of big brand names bringing the 'best' and 'new formula' mascara out every day. All with new claims that are false, and as it is 'new' they charge you the earth for it.

      Hands down the best mascara I have used and absolutely adored is Dior Show, this mascara is perfect in every way possible but at £15.00 plus a time and replace every six months due to hygiene, is something I cannot afford to do all the time and would rather have a cheaper mascara that will serve me right every day without breaking the bank.

      **About the product**
      I have seen ELF Mineral Infused Mascara in black for a while now and thought nothing of it as it's cheap I thought it would also mean nasty, horrible, waste of money. On a recent purchase and in need of a mascara I decided to give this product the benefit of the doubt and purchased it.

      Studio Mineral Infused Mascara comes in 8g of product for a staggering £3.50, the cheapest branded mascara I have come across is £5 plus and the newer ones you are looking at over £10 so this was a great bargain for me.

      ELF Mineral Infused Mascara comes in a black cardboard box like all their Studio range. The packaging looks sleek and not at all cheap looking.
      The front of the box tells you what the mascara is called and with a little cut out on the right hand side so you can see the product. The back states what the mascara can do, directions and ingredient list.

      The product itself comes in a slim straight tube that is matte black in colour with e.l.f Mineral INFUSED Mascara written on the side in silver. Like the packaging the product doesn't look or feel cheap even though it was.

      **How it works**
      ELF say this mascara is mineral infused that helps to create fuller, healthier looking lashes. This mascara will help to enhance your lashes for a ticker and fuller look. Long wearing formula with a silicone brush creates clump free and more defined lashes that will last all day.

      **Applying the product**
      Taking the brush out of the tube I am surprised to see hardly no excess mascara stayed on the brush and all had been left inside with a satisfying pop. Although I normally go for mascara with larger brushes as I believe this helps to create volume to the lashes I was a little disappointed to see the brush is tiny, but I love silicone brushes so I guess I cannot have everything.

      As there is such little product on the brush a few coats are needed before a difference is needed otherwise your lashes will look very natural with hardly any product on them. If you want a more dramatic look from a mascara this may not be for you unless you apply a fair few coats.

      The mascara doesn't do anything for volume like ELF says it would, nor does it do anything to make them look fuller. Despite this I am left with nice looking lashes that do look natural, which can be built up to your desired affect. The silicone brush really does mean no clumps as each coat applied the brush glides through the lashes separating them.
      However, once my mascara had dried and I curled my lashes I found the mascara to be soft and almost fuse together to make little clumps at the base of the lashes. But no one looks that close into your eyes so it was not that much of a big deal to me.

      Once applied I find it takes a few minutes for it to dry completely, which means smudges happens if not careful and the odd sneeze after application will mean mascara all over the bottom eye lid.

      **How does it stand through the day?**
      Through the day the mascara stays on with no flaking or fading in colour, black really does stay true to black. You do need to be careful in the rain or suffer from watering eyes as you will find this mascara down your cheeks.

      **How easy it is to remove?**
      Removing Mineral Infused Mascara is easy but feels different at the same time. I use a makeup remover from Boots and massage it into my lashes I found although the mascara melts of easily it is quite stubborn at the base of the lashes as it seems to 'cling' there.

      **Price and availability**
      You can only purchase this mascara from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk for a staggering £3.50 that will not break anyone's bank.

      **What I think about it/do I like it?**
      To say I had my doubts at first about this mascara just because it was 'cheap' I am not afraid to say I was wrong and it is in fact a good mascara for anyone on a cheaper budget.

      **Would I purchase again?**
      Without a doubt it will be in my next purchases.


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