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E.L.F.Mineral Makeup Starter Kit

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Brand: ELF

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    2 Reviews
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      21.03.2010 16:09
      Very helpful



      While I'd buy the blush again, I wouldn't buy the whole set.

      I was desperately in need of a new foundation and concealer. While browsing EyesLipsFace.co.uk I came across their minerals starter kits. Remembering many positive reviews about mineral make up in general, I decided to give these a try, and at £15 for a complete set with brushes and a bag it seemed very reasonable.

      ~ About The Mineral Make Up Starter Kits ~

      Each starter kit from ELF contains one each of Mineral Foundation-SPF 15 (3.4grams), Mineral Concealer-SPF 15 (3.4grams), Mineral Blush (3.4grams). In addition you receive a large and a small brush for application and a black Canvas Case.

      ELF describe their Minerals makeup as "your way to healthier illuminating skin in an easy 3 step process" and promise that they are 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes. After years of abuse to my skin, I liked the sound of something lighter and free of chemicals and so I was swayed. ELF don't test their products on animals either.

      ELF's Mineral makeup starter set comes in 5 different shades to suit most skin tones. I decided to go for the Light Starter Kit 'for light skin and golden undertones.'

      ~ Using The Mineral Makeup Starter Set ~

      Considering it was after 4pm when I ordered my starter set, I was very surprised to have it delivered the very next day! I was keen to give it a go and opened it up straight away.

      The foundation, concealer and blush each come in little pots with a perforated section to allow you to shake just a small amount out at a time. Because the pots were filled to the brim, Initially this was quite difficult to do as the powder was so compressed. After some vigorous shaking, I eventually got enough of the concealer powder into the lid and started to apply it to my face.

      I have to be honest and say it was with some trepidation I started brushing the powder underneath my eyes. I suffer terrible dark circles and usually use something heavier and liquid to hide them. I wasn't really convinced that this fine powder would make any difference at all. However, much to my surprise it covered really well. The powder blends in easily and well with the brushes provided and I was quite impressed.

      I had the same experience with the foundation, in that it did seem to cover the skin on my face and even out the tones. The powder is so light it doesn't feel as if you have any makeup on, but to touch with your hands it feels soft and silky. The blush was my favourite part of all, being a lovely subtle rose colour which gave me a healthy natural looking glow.

      However while the make up looked nice and subtle in my bathroom, unfortunately in the natural light of my living room mirror I began to feel disappointed. The minerals make up had covered well, however it didn't look quite so natural. You know that powdery look that old ladies who use lots of pressed powder have? I felt I looked like that. The powder also had the same sickly smell, which I didn't like at all.

      I tried reapplying the make up again, only this time using only the tiniest bit of powder with better results. It's important to only put the faintest veil of powder onto your brush, blow any excess off and blend gently and thoroughly. Using this technique I found the concealer gave me a far better result and the blusher looked amazing. I'm still not keen on the foundation because of the powdery and unnatural appearance it gives my skin, and so I don't use this at all now.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      I'm a bit disappointed with the starter set if I'm honest. While I like the concealer powder, I still prefer a more traditional concealer stick. The foundation is pretty useless to me as I don't like either the powdery look or smell it leaves it on my skin. Until you have created some space in the pot, the powders are difficult to get out and it's unbelievably messy. Don't make the same mistake I made by putting this on wearing a clean black polo neck. I had to wash my jumper as brushing it with my hand made it worse.

      I do however love the blush and this is something I will buy separately in future. I like the natural healthy glow it gives my cheeks and doesn't look like I have blusher on at all, being very subtle and easy to blend. I also liked the 2 brushes which came with this kit and they work very well.

      At £15 this set is a good set to try mineral makeup for the first time before buying a more expensive brand. As you only need to use the tiniest little bit at a time, it will last ages and is therefore very good value.

      I think I've come to the conclusion that minerals makeup is just not for me, and will be buying more traditional concealers and foundations in the future. I'm glad I tried this for myself and the blush is definitely something I would buy again. Perhaps I'd have been happier with a more expensive brands effects with the concealer and foundation, but after trying this I probably won't be shelling out for some. Overall not a bad set, and very good value for money but left me a little unimpressed.


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        12.01.2009 15:25
        Very helpful



        The application is very different to other make up but persevere!!

        I've been meaning to try mineral make up for a while and when I discovered that www.eyeslipsface.co.uk offered starter kits, it was a good opportunity to give it a go!

        Mineral make up is made from 100% natural minerals that are crushed to a powder. They contain no parabens, chemical additives or dyes and they are alleged to leave a flawless, weightless, silky finish. They are meant to be good for people with problem skin because unlike conventional make ups they are not bad for the skin.

        A company that started in America in 2004. They do not test their products on animals, and their products are priced at just £1.50 each!!! Their mineral make up is slightly more expensive - prices range from £2.50 to £5.00 per product, so still very reasonable.

        This particular kit costs £15.

        The kit contains mineral foundation, concealer and blusher, a blusher brush, a total face brush and a canvas make up bag. The make up comes in 3.4 gram pots. They are available in different shades, ranging from fair to deep.

        The kit comes in a presentation box with application instructions on the back. The packaging is relatively plain, however the contents are of excellent quality and the tubs the powders come in look a little more expensive than the outer packaging would suggest. This would easily be suitable as a gift for someone.

        The foundation, concealer and blusher all consist of a fine powder, even finer than regular loose powder.

        Each tub had a small plastic tray inside with small holes on it, similar to those you get with loose face powder. The instructions stated to shake the tub to get some powder through the holes then apply with the brush, but try as I might, I couldn't get any powder through them so I took the trays out and chucked them (I could never get the hang of them with loose face powder either).

        The instructions then state to apply the concealer with the total face brush. On first application I made the mistake of dipping the total face brush into the powder then dabbing it on below my eyes. Big mistake! I ended up with a major dust cloud, powder all down the front of my top as well as in my eyes, mouth and up my nose! Less is definitely more when it comes to using mineral make up. The trick is to apply it in light layers until you get the coverage you want. I've now got the knack of it but I prefer to apply the concealer with the smaller blusher brush as I only apply it below my eyes. I just tip the closed tub upside down to get some powder in the lid, then dip the brush in the lid.

        I apply the foundation in the same way - just by tipping some powder into the lid then applying in layers to get the right amount of coverage.

        As for the blusher, I am not a blusher wearer normally but thought I'd give this a go. It's very simple to apply but I really don't like my face with blusher on it so won't be using again. If you're a regular blusher user though, it should be fine.

        The first couple of times I applied mineral make up I did wonder if it would be more hassle than its worth but now its second nature to me.

        ++THE EFFECT++
        When I first applied the concealer it instantly seemed to crawl into every line below my eyes and make me look about 20 years older. I immediately decided that this make up clearly wasn't for me. However once the powder had settled and I had applied the foundation, it no longer emphasised my lines, but did effectively cover my bags. I still find it emphasises the lines when I first apply it but as this effect doesn't last, I don't mind.

        The foundation gives fantastic coverage and never needs to be reapplied during the day. My skin feels as if there is no make up on it, yet looks flawless. I do get the feeling that my skin can "breathe" better without being clogged with liquid foundation.

        I have open pores but the foundation disguises them well. Mineral make up is allegedly good for skin prone to breakouts, due to the natural content and the fact it doesn't clog the skin. I can't vouch for this as my skin is generally quite good, but from what I've seen of the product so far, I could believe this claim.

        ++IS IT WORTH IT?++
        I would say yes, as £15 isn't a huge amount of money if you decide this isn't for you. The concealer, foundation and blusher are priced £3.50 each separately, plus you would either have to buy a kabuki brush for £5 or the full brush kit for £9, so the set is definitely worth it. However as I probably won't use the blusher again, it might have worked out slightly cheaper for me to have bought the other items separately so that's something to bear in mind.

        I would definitely recommend mineral make up as I think it gives a better coverage, plus it is a natural product. I would also recommend this kit as it gives instructions on how to apply as well as containing all the basics that you'll need.


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      • Product Details

        Kit includes: Mineral Foundation-SPF 15; Mineral Concealer-SPF 15; Mineral Blush; Total Face Brush; Blush Brush; Canvas Case

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