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E.L.F.Studio Blush

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Brand: ELF Cosmetics / from their studio range / Type: Blushers

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    6 Reviews
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      12.08.2013 14:44
      Very helpful



      I would repurchase this in a heartbeat.

      I am kind of addicted to blushes and always seem to go for peachy shades. When I saw this on the ELF (Eyes Lips Face) website, I added it to my basket without any hesitation. At the small price of £3.75 I couldn't see any reason why not to.

      When I recieved this product through the post, it came packed in a nice black box which looked sophisticated and high end. The actual blush is in a matte black single blush palette. The palette has it's own little mirror at the top making it perfect for using on the go. I chose the colour 'Tickled Pink' which is a light pink colour, a little different to my usual peach tones, and has a slight shimmer to it, without making my face look like a glittery mess. The palette does not come with a brush, which I don't mind because I usually throw them away anyway, but if you don't have your own brushes and you would need one to apply this, I thought it would be handy to know.

      I really like this product and enjoy using it. It is such a gorgeous colour and applies so brilliantly. It is such a natual flushing colour that I think it would work well on a wide range of skin tones.
      Isn't it weird though that we girls spend so long covering up our natural redness, only to go and put it back on again?

      The only drawback I have with this is that it is very powdery. When I rub my brush along the surface (which has the ELF logo imprinted on it) it is quite crumbly. I worry that this product is going to get used up quite quickly because of all the fallout. I am thinking about getting another one to replace this one if anything happens to it, thats how much I like it. The colour seems to go everywhere if you tip the product up too, because of it's powdery consistency, but if you don't tip it up then you're grand.

      This blusher is so easily blendable though and you can deposit just enough colour to give a natural glow, or build it up to give a pop of colour.

      I would definitely buy this again and I would recommend it to anyone. I have only removed one star for the slighlty iffy texture of this product. However, overall ELF has hit the nail on the head with this blusher and I think it will become a firm favourite in my make up bag.


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      26.11.2012 20:36
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a great blusher

      I love trying out new makeup, a few months ago my friend recommended the ELF range. ELF stands for eyes, lips and face and is an online makeup shop with lots of cheap make up products. When I started looking through the site, I couldn't resist ordering in a few different make ups because everything was so reasonably priced. One of the things I ordered in was the ELF blush.

      Colours Available
      There is a really wide variety of colours available in this blush, there is a good range of pinks, beiges and also orangey gold shades. I decided to pick up the Pink Passion shade because it is really vibrant and bright looking and I thought it would look good with a lipstick I picked up recently.
      Some of the names of the colours include:
      Peachy Keen
      Tickled Pink
      Berry Merry
      Fuchsia Fusion
      Gotta Glow
      Giddy Gold
      Candid Coral

      This blush is really easy to apply, you simply use your blush brush and drag the blush over your cheekbones. I found that this blush is really well pigmented and comes out really well on my skin so not much is needed when I am applying it.

      The first thing I noticed about this blush is that there is a really nice texture to this blush, it feels really light and silky on my skin, which is lovely. I really love this blush, it looks amazing on my skin and blends nicely into my makeup with just the right amount of colour.
      I do not really look like I have overdone it when I wear this blush, but my skin does have a really nice glow when I am wearing this.
      I found that when I am wearing this blush, I do not need to keep re applying it throughout the day. It has really good staying power, but it is easily removed with cleanser and toner or face wipes.

      Price and Availability
      This blusher is available from the ELF website for £3.75, this gets you a 4.75g little compact with a little mirror in the lid to help with application. I think that this is a really good price for a blush and I would definitely buy it again.

      I really like this blush and would definitely recommend it. It is cheap, looks great on my skin and has great staying power. Overall I would give this blush 5 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        01.06.2012 20:36
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        ELF Blush

        *Note - this review is on studio blush*

        ELF cosmetics are a fairly recent disovery of mine after seeing a social networking status regarding their website www.eyeslipsface.co.uk. Makeup and all things beauty are a big interest of mine so new products and ranges just have to be checked out and this one was no different. The whole website of ELF is dedicated to affordable, quality cosmetics so it is well worth a look. They do quite unique items like colour correction concealer and 'staying' mist which helps to set your makeup so it is well worth a look.

        The blusher comes in a compact black patent casing which lift up on a hinge. On the iside lid is a mirror with magnifying qualities which is very handy if you are applying your blusher whilst out and about or on the move. The case is the perfect size to fit into your bag - even the smallest of bags! The casing can be quite hard to open but long nails usually does the trick!

        The blusher doesn't come with it's own brush but I tend not to use the small fanned blushed brushes that typically come with this type of product because they are usually too stiff and collect too much of the product onto the brush resulting in an uneven result.

        This particular product is available in 'giddy gold' and 'twinkle pink'. I chose the 'giddy gold' which is a bronzed colour as I prefer this colour to pink as it looks more natural on my skin tone. The product itself does have a slight shimmer to it which is noticable but is not unnatural or overwhelming.

        The blusher applies really well and even for a cheap product which I was pleasantly surprised at. The one disadvantage to the product is that it doesn't last very long. I'd say maximum longevity is 3-4 hours before it needs topping up but for £3.75 and quite a big product this product still gets 4 stars from me!


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          20.03.2012 17:26
          Very helpful



          A really good blush at an excellent price.


          The subject of my review today is The Elf Studio Blush, which I am really pleased to say is one of my favourite blushers, and certainly one of my most inexpensive!

          If you are new to the company Elf, also known as Eyes Lips and Face, they are a mail order cosmetics company. Their website is at www.eyeslipsface.co.uk and it offers excellent cosmetics which are beautifully packaged, and in my opinion are incredibly good value for money. The ordering process is simple, and postage is reasonable or free if you spend over £30. It would be quite hard to actually spend £30 though, as many products are only £1! All the items I have sent off for have been beautifully packaged in a secure mailing box, and delivered within two days which I think is excellent.

          The Elf Studio Blush is not the only blush Elf sell; they also make a cream blush for £6.50, and a Natural Radiance Blusher which is only £1.50. The Studio Blush retails for £3.50, and is presented in black packaging. This resembles some of Nars products in that it is sleek and clicks open to reveal an integral mirror in the lid. The product sits underneath and has a plastic protective sheet over it. There is no brush supplied, but for the money I wasn't expecting this. Certainly the Bourjois Little Round Blush pots have the advantage of a mirror and brush, but they do retail for more, but NYC available from Superdrug does supply a brush with their blushers, and these retail at a similar price to the Elf, so it is something to think about. The Elf blush is one of the most lasting blushers I have used in terms of being visible on the skin for hours, so it isn't as critical as some products to have a brush included.

          The Studio Blush is available in 11 shades so there is something for everyone. From the look of the Dooyoo picture this shade would be Pink Passion which is a fushia pink. I probably wouldn't pick this myself but I understand from some reviewers that this shade is easy to wear if you apply with a light touch. I purchased Blushing Rose which is gorgeous. It is a sheer blush in a rose gold shade, and it gives you a healthy English rose glow. It is similar in colour when applied to the skin, though not in the pan, to the Sleek blush in Rose Gold that I have reviewed before on Dooyoo. There are also peachy shades to choose such as Peachy Keen, which also doubles up as a bronzer, and a lighter pink called Tickled Pink if you just want a light dusting of colour.

          The blush is really easy to apply- I use a Kabuki or a blush brush, and a light application is all you need to ensure a warm and healthy finish. It blends so well and looks natural. It has a very slight shimmer, but is mostly semi matte which is a look I really like.

          I usually like to mention the rating given to a product by the reviewers over at Make-up Alley, This website is just a dream, as it has almost every make and shade you can think of together with reviews and ratings for each of them. This is so helpful as it guides you through the maze of cosmetic buying preventing costly mistakes. The shade of blush that I purchased is awarded a 4.2 rating out of 5, which is excellent as it refers to the number of people who would re-purchase the product. This is a high rating as reviewers over there are very discerning and don't award high scores lightly.

          At my age, which is almost 52, I am sometimes wary of using powder blush, preferring to use cream products as they help to moisturise the skin. However having said that I really love this powder blush from Elf almost as much as my cream blushes, as I have noticed no drying effect on the skin at all, and it sits well on the cheeks highlighting them with a soft glow, and imparting no powdered or cakey finish.

          I think this product is a prime example of how sometimes you don't have to spend a lot of money to own a really lovely product. Yes I do buy MAC products from time to time and I love most of these, Bare Minerals is another of my favourites too, but both are expensive, and in these economically challenged times it is lovely to find inexpensive gems. I also find that it helps me to have a choice when it comes to products as with Elf, and many other excellent budget brands, you can collect quite a few, and have a choice to create different looks depending on what you are wearing that day.

          I think that my only reservation would be the size of the mirror which is just over half the size of the lid, but really for the price I would probably not have expected a mirror at all. The small mirror is designed on purpose as the extra space allows for a clear window. This is so that you can see the shade for yourself before opening the compact. The lack of brush is something that isn't important to me anyway as I use my own and rarely have to touch this up at all during the day.

          I will certainly be collecting more shades in the future as l have been delighted with my purchase, and certainly for the cost it is actually so uplifting to find something so good. I also love the Sleek blush range available from Superdrug and online, and see the Elf blushes in the same way as these. They both offer quality and provide affordable products to everyone. I think the Elf wins over the Sleek on packaging though. With its Nars style black case which exudes sophistication and style, it can easily deceive an untrained eye into thinking it was a high end purchase!

          This review is also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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            09.12.2011 10:49
            Very helpful



            The quality of an expensive blush at an affordable price

            When elf recently had a 50% off event I went a bit mad and bought loads of new products to treat myself. One of the products that I purchased was the elf studio blush.

            **Who are elf?**

            Elf is a makeup company who sell most of their products online via their website; www.eyeslipsface.co.uk. It is a great website to have a look at as the products are so affordable. Elf has their main line with products costing up to around £3 and then they have their studio line with products costing just over £3. Typically on the website you won't find many products costing over £5 apart from the gift sets, so you can find an absolute bargain!

            **Packaging- Studio blush**

            All of the elf studio line products come in black packaging so this is no different. It looks very sleek and quite expensive.

            The case itself is made out of sturdy plastic which clips together nice and tight so it won't open and get powder all over your bag.

            When you open the case the flip top lid has a mirror on the inside which can come in handy when you are on the move. There is also a plastic sheet which protects the mirror from the blush.

            The blush itself is set deeper within the case, this is useful as the lose powder stays in the case and does not go to waste.

            **Using the blush**

            The colour inside the casing looks absolutely gorgeous so I was hoping it would look the same on my cheeks, the colour I chose was mellow mauve which is a deep pink.

            As I swept my brush along the blush block the colour came off very easily and coated my brush. A little bit of lose powder came off and sits in the case but this can be used next time.

            With one sweep across my cheek the colour looked amazing. The pigmentation of the blush is fantastic but does not look over the top. My cheeks are left with a lovely colour that is silky and blends perfectly with my foundation to look natural.

            Not only is the pigmentation and the colour of this blush fantastic but it has great staying power. My cheeks still look blushed at the end of the day.

            **Price and availability**

            This product costs £3.50 which is a bargain for such a great blush. It is available online at www.eyeslipsface.co.uk and I will definitely be purchasing it again.


            In case you can't tell I absolutely love this blush, it is one of my beauty must haves of the year and I can't recommend it enough!

            --also on ciao--


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            21.09.2011 13:22
            Very helpful



            Why purchase expensive blushes when you can have this?

            ***Why I want the product***
            Having pale skin means a blusher is a must for me, otherwise I can look ill. Even if I am wearing no makeup that day I still find I need a touch of blusher to lift me face, make me look alive and awake.
            I have used the same powder blusher now for over six months by ELF Cosmetics, which cost me a mere £1.50, give or take a cream or gel blusher I also use, but I always end up going back to my trustee powder. I do not go for expensive blushers as I believe they all do the same job no matter the price.
            I decided I wanted to try a new blusher from ELF Cosmetics Studio Line, with a new colour and of course the formula would be different compared to their £1.50 line.

            ***About the product***
            ELF say their Studio Blusher is a soft sheer texture that blends easily onto the skin leaving a silky finish. This blusher has been designed to be worn alone or layered on top of another for more depth.

            This blush can be bought in eight different shades, ranging from a light peach to a fuchsia pink. There are nine shades on ELF's website but the ninth shade is Gotta Glow, which can be used as a facial highlighter as it's white in colour.

            Like all of ELF's Studio Range this blusher came in a sleek black cardboard box with a square hole cut in the middle so you can see your product. The top and bottom of the box shows your chosen colour and the name, I picked Tickled Pink. The back of the box tells you about the product, directions of application and ingredients.
            Other useful information includes expiry date of 12 months of opening, you receive 4.75g of product and on the bottom it says it can be recycled.

            ***Product Packaging***
            Like the outer packing, the product looks sleek and more expensive than it really is. The blush is cased in a matte black plastic case with a flip top lid. The front sees the writing elf Blush in silver with a little see through part in the middle so you can view your chosen blush colour for easy reference.
            Opening the case inside the flip lid you have a small yet welcoming mirror that comes in handy. The blush is protected with a clear sheet of plastic with elf cosmetics wrote on it, which adds a nice touch.

            ***Swatching the blush***
            When I purchase cheaper makeup products, the pigments are shocking and coat after coat is required to see any pigment, I am afraid to say this is one of them but it's not as bad as you think. As swatching it on the back of my hand I need to swipe the product at least three/four times to be able to see the product properly but applying to my face requires two sweeps of the product and I am good to go.

            I am surprised to say the blush actually does feel silky, soft and almost creamy, which is unusual for a powder blush and the best thing? It is matte; no more looking like your face has been dipped in a disco ball. That look may be good for a teenager but not as you get older.

            ***Applying the product***
            I have found this blusher to apply to the skin lightly with a hint of colour, which can be built up for a more dramatic look.
            Easy spread over the cheek area without a lump of product being applied to one part of the cheek and nothing left as you sweep it out.
            The colour on my pale skin shows up as a lovely peach/pink pop of colour that makes me look awake and really well.

            ***How the blusher stands through the day***
            I have found depending on the condition of my skin determines how well this blush sits. If I have dry cheeks one morning, like most blushes it can be a nightmare to apply and to get right as the powder clings onto the dry areas. If I did not apply a mattifying primer that morning the blush can gradually slide off after around three/four hours. But if I do wear a mattifying primer my blush applied in the morning can last a good six hours with only a little fading that can be rectified with another quick sweep of blush.

            I have also found if you apply a gel, cream or tint blush to your cheeks and apply this powder on top the staying powder is magnificent. Applying this product on top of another creates the most amazing three dimensional look to the cheek area, with an unmarketable pop of colour.

            ***Price and availability***
            This product can only be bought online from eyeslipsface.co.uk for a fantastic price of £3.50.

            ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
            For the price I really cannot grumble, I think for the price and the amount of product you get is wonderful.

            I have used this blush now for a few weeks with no dent in the product what so ever and I am still loving it.

            I am tempted to try some more blushes from their Studio range but I need to use this one a bit more first.

            ***Would I purchase again?***
            Silly question, of course.


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