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Elizabeth Arden Cheekcolour Blusher

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Brand: Elizabeth Arden / Type: Blush

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    3 Reviews
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      29.11.2008 13:23
      Very helpful



      worth a try

      I got this product from a special offer in a magazine it was free and you only have to pay postage. I think the site was selling them for £17.00 usually but I know if you shop around you can get them for a lot cheaper.
      It comes in a plastic case which is black with gold edging I really like the packaging it is quite simple but still looks nice and classy. It is a flip up lid compact and inside is a small brush and the lid has a large mirror in it so you can actually see your whole face when you look in it not just a tiny strip as in some compact mirrors. The brush is small yet its bristles are very soft although usually I prefer a larger brush as I feel it blends better this is still very good for touch ups when you are out and about.
      The product itself feels soft and silky and has a slight shimmer to it but its not really very noticable when it is on. I have the natural red shade it is a bit too red for me but it blends really easily so if I use a small amount it is ok. A little does go a long way as they are quite strong colours in the other shades I have seen. So even though they are expensive it is a good quality product that will last you a long time.
      When it is on it feels nice and looks good. The colour lasts all day and doesn't rub off so you don't need to keep reapplying it.
      I don't think I would buy it for £17 as there are products out there that are just as good but cost a lot less, but if shopping around it was cheaper say between £8- £10 then I would buy it again.


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      17.06.2008 21:46
      Very helpful



      Good quality cheek colour

      Elizabeth Arden Cheekcolour

      The product is basically as the name suggests- a colour for cheeks.


      The cheek colour comes in a plastic case with a silver coloured lid which has Elizabeth Arden written on the top of it. When I lift up the lid, there is a mirror on the inside of the lid so I can apply my cheek colour at any time!

      The cheek colour itself is in a recessed circle of colour and underneath the colour is a small brush with a silver handle.

      The powder itself is quite non powdery when seen in the case but when I brush the small brush over the colour, it does attach itself easily to the brush. Once it attaches to the brush ready for application it does so easily without any need for pressing and brushing the brush backwards and forwards. It is also not overly powdery, so thankfully it doesn't shed bits of powder everywhere. It does tend to stay largely on the brush until applied to the face

      When the colour is applied to the face, it is quite subtle, but the depth of colour can be built up by adding more of the powder. The colour I have, which is Sunblush is quite natural looking, and rather than looking too pink or orange, it gives a sort of sun kissed/healthy glow.


      This costs around £18 for 5g of the product. It is widely available and although it seems quite expensive, there are really good bargains to be had with some online shopping.

      MADE BY...

      Elizabeth Arden, New York

      www.elizabetharden,com for lots of information about the products


      There are several colours in the range including: Berry Bush, Peach Sorbet, Tawny, Tea Rose.

      As with all make up products, it's best to try before you buy, and check out the colours on your own skin


      Ilike this cheek colour because it is light and quite sheer, and applies easily. Because it is not overly thick and heavy it does give a nice natural looking glow rather than an obvious blusher look.

      It is quite pricey but so many sites offer make up bargains that I never end up paying RRP, and once bought, the product does have a 36 month shelf life, so no worries about it going "off".

      It has caused me no nasty reactions, which I didn't expect it to because I have used elizabeth Arden products before and find that they suit my skin. One of the bonuses is that it is clinically and dermatologically tested so I believe this may reduce the chances of any skin complaints.

      The only down side is the size of the brush- very small. However, I tend to find that brushes supplies with a product are usually not ideal, and I get over this little problem by using my own blusher brush. The product does fit easily inside a hand bag and the rather nifty mirror means, as I mentioned before, that should the impulse take me, I can apply whenever and wherever I want.

      A good quality product and one which I would recommend

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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        03.05.2008 04:42
        Very helpful



        A fool proof blusher!

        I love Elizabeth Arden products as a rule, from the packaging to the effects it can achieve and the durability. It's classic make up with nothing extraordinary in the range. This isn't cutting edge and 'out there' make up . This in my mind is for a woman that knows her own mind.

        Sometimes I want a party look for a night out with my pals and a face full of glitter and gloss is just perfect in which case my Elizabeth Arden cosmetics stay tucked away in my drawer but if I want to achieve a more glamorous and grown up, polished look out comes Liz's stuff.

        I have written reviews on a lot of blushers in my time and I have alot more to do. I rely on blusher to give me cheekbones I wasn't blessed with but also for a bit of colour, otherwise I look a bit dead as I resemble a goth! I'm not meant to be one, but I'm thin, have jet black hair and very pale white skin! So if I had to chose one make up item I couldn't live without it would be blusher.

        The Packaging....

        Comes in a black plastic compact with a large mirror and a small black brush is included. Gold writing on the front tells me it's Elizabeth Arden. Simplistic packaging but does have a sophisticated look! Also I've had my compacts for a while and they haven't scratched and look as good as new!

        The Blusher....

        Well its a powder but not in the conventional 'rough' form. It is 'set' but flick a brush over it and a fine dust coats the brush and although a delicate powder the brush holds on to it and you don't get in a mess with it.

        Now even though it is sheer in it's approach this is sturdy enough to put under your pressed powder or over it (once you've achieved your shade of colour and are happy with the results of course). You can still see it. It goes beautifully over foundation with no sticking or dragging and it doesn't create lines providing of course your using a decent brush. If you do go too heavy handed with the blusher you can brush it out.

        I love this for definition and for colour equally, it's very versatile in this respect. It doesn't irritate skin and it doesn't feel heavy on your face or uncomfortable, and it doesn't make skin greasy or dry the only thing you can feel when you touch your cheeks is a feeling of silk. It's not fragranced and is hypo allergenic as well so it doesn't block my pores.

        The only thing you may not like is that it does contain very tiny bits of glitter (most Elizabeth Arden blushers do). Now I'm not sure if ALL the blushers do but I assume they do as the ones I've tested (a few) have. Don't be put off by this though as it creates a subtle shimmer and when you touch your cheeks you can't feel said glitter and the whole lot is none transferable anyway. The particles of glitter are so fine, like flecks that they actually do help create definition and a healthy glow and they don't flake anywhere they do stay put.

        Suitable for anyone who likes 'quality' make up that is easy as pie to apply. This is pretty much fool proof and is long lasting in the compact and on the face. I can apply this in the morning and don't need to 'top up' any time during the day. It stays put until you remove it.

        Removing it is easy as well, it's only a light powder. Just use your normal make up removing routine.


        Lovely. Simple to use and suitable to apply and forget about it and live a life! I like the durability of this one and not needing to cake myself in it to try to get it to give me colour all day long, one swish of a brush and I'm away! I also like using this as an eyeshadow, it really is so gentle!

        £18.00 per colour in places like Boot's but do shop about on line and in places like T.J Hughes.


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