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Elizabeth Arden Intervene Foundation SPF 15 Soft Sand

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2 Reviews

Brand: Elizabeth Arden / Type: Makeup

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    2 Reviews
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      24.07.2009 03:02
      Very helpful



      An excellent natural finish that lasts all day, without touching up.

      I bought this Elizabeth Arden Intervene foundation make up a few months ago after receiving a free sample of it. I was really very pleased with the free sample and I have used Elizabeth Ardens compact makeup for years and find it is really good. I hate using the sponge that comes with the compact ones though. My old make up was very greasy on my face, but I did love the colour of it, so I used it until I bought this one. Well, Elizabeth Arden foundations do not irritate my skin like others I have used in the past did. I paid a few pound more for this bottle of liquid makeup than my old compact makeup, so it was in the price range that suited me.

      Design Of This Makeup Bottle:
      This liquid makeup comes in a lovely 30ml glass bottle with a clear lid. I bought this a few months ago, but I am sure it did not come in a gift box. It has a lovely silver little pump dispenser that I like. Everything you need to know about it is clearly written on the bottle. It is a nice size and fits into my handbag well. The pump dispenser works well and only lets out a little bit of foundation at a time, which I personally like, as I do not wear much of it anyway. The only problem I have found is that you need to wipe any foundation left on the nozzle of it, after use, as I have found it dries up and blocks up the little hole where the foundation comes out. Overall a nice, stylish makeup bottle.

      The colour:
      I was spoilt for choice with this foundation regarding the range of beautiful natural colours as it was available in twelve different shades all nicely displayed at Boots. The tester I had used before buying this one was "soft beige", which I found nice, but a little dark. I ended up purchasing the "soft cameo" shade, as I thought it looked very close in colour to my previous foundation. It is a very soft, natural pink, tinged shade tone (although beige) that is really nice and suits my complexion well. I actually picked the right colour for once in a foundation.

      Other Colours That Are Available in this range are:
      *Soft Shell.
      *Soft Cream.
      *Soft Sunbeige.
      *Soft Sand.
      *Soft Beige.
      *Soft Cameo.
      *Soft Toast.
      *Soft Cognac.
      *Soft Bisque.
      *Soft Tan.
      *Soft Toffee.
      *Soft Cocoa.

      To me this is a great range of shades by Elizabeth Arden, so I really think there is a colour to suit everyone really.

      First Impressions:
      On first using this foundation, I noticed it did not come out of the pump dispenser in a large amount, but I prefer this because I do not wear my make up to thick. One pump allowed me to do one side of my face and another pump of the makeup did the opposite side. I just use my finger by the way. I hate using makeup sponges. Well it really rubbed in very easily indeed and all blended in really well. It also has no real smell to this either. It was not too thick or greasy like a lot of makeup is. It felt very smooth and my skin felt soft, but a lot firmer after applying it. It really evened out my skin tone well. I find no shine or unnatural glow with this makeup either. It really does look very natural to me and feels light to wear.

      I also find that this make washes of my fingers well and does not leave a greasy feeling behind. It is more a powdery feel with this. Well it does wash of my hands well after applying it and also comes off very easily with makeup wipes from my face.

      I really was pleased with my choice of colour, when I first bought this foundation. It was even hiding a few wrinkles around my eyes, so this made me feel great. The makeup lasted all day on my face and it did not need touching up. I could not believe I did not need to reapply it when I first tried this out. Once a day is all you need to apply with this foundation and to me that is excellent!

      What this Makeup claims and does:
      Elizabeth Arden Intervene Foundation Makeup states on it that it helps put a pause on aging signs. Well I have not noticed this yet with this makeup, but hopefully it will. It does smooth out imperfections, evens out skin tone and creates a softer natural finish that will last all day with micro-mineral pigment technology. It also claims to deliver all day coverage, which it really does and I am impressed with this. It is meant to visibly delay the appearance of lines and wrinkles as it gives skin a firmer look and it does make my face feel a lot firmer. It also provides SPF 15 sun protection which is good.

      Overall this is an excellent, high quality make up. It really does last all day without having to touch it up. The colour range is amazing, so there should be one to suit everyone. It really is a beautiful colour that I really am very pleased with. It has the most beautiful, soft, natural finish to it and I am pleased that it is gentle on my skin. The price is not too bad either for this good quality product. This really is a great liquid foundation that I am sticking with. I highly recommend this liquid foundation to everyone. It has only taken me twenty odd years to find a foundation I actually like, so this product gets full marks from me.

      This liquid foundation (30ml) can be bought online at Amazon for £16 at the moment which is excellent, as I paid a lot more it.


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        14.05.2009 23:45
        Very helpful



        make up

        Elizabeth Arden Intervene make up

        Having returned from my holidays with more of a tan, it was time to change my make up. I have been using some of the Intervene products and decided to try out the foundation.

        THE PROMISES...

        The oil free make up apparently has Biodormin technology which promises to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give skin a firmer look. It doesn't get rid of lines so you have to use the product to delay them not to get rid of them! As well as this, the mineral technology will smooth away imperfections and even out skin tone for a finish which will last all day- that's the theory anyway
        The make up is SPF15 so will give protection in the sun and is suitable for normal skin, is clinically tested and medium/ full coverage.

        With all of this going for it I am expecting something well worth the money.


        The Make up comes in a box containing an information leaflet and instructions.

        When I open up the box I find a class bottle with a pull off/push back on lid; the lid is very stiff and needs a good pull to get it off and some force to get it back on again.

        To get the make up out there is a pump action trigger and when I press it down the make up comes out easily. The only problem I find with these pump action triggers is that sometimes I don't get all of the make up out, unlike pots from which I can scoop the make up till the last bit.

        The make up iteself is, as expected since it is for the more mature skin, quite creamy with no discernible smell. I tend to apply my make up with my finger tips and it does glide on really easily and leaves a very even skin tone. Since mine is a very good match for my skin, not a lot of blending around the jaw line is needed so it's really easy to apply.

        HOW TO USE IT...

        The instructions very briefly tell me to apply it to the face. The lady at the elizabeth arden counter suggested using a sponge or a brush but I have never been able to get away with these and find that my fingers work very well.


        The product can be bought at chemists and online and costs £26 for 30ml, which seems a lot but you really do need only a very small amount of the stuff and it lasts for ages.


        The product is available in a number of shades to match several skin tones:

        * Soft beige
        * Soft shell
        * Sunbeige
        * Soft sand
        * Soft cameo
        * Soft toast
        * Soft tan
        * Soft cocoa
        * Soft toffee

        Quite an array so it's best to get a match at the counter to avoid the guessing game.


        I like this make up. It is easy to apply and leaves me with a smooth and even finish which, although it is a medium coverage, doesn't look at all heavy. It is nice and creamy and so glides on easily and I feel it doesn't dry out my skin, and even gives me some protection in the sun. Once applied it also lasts a long time and even though I am on the go all day at work, it stayd the distance.

        I can't vouch for the fact that it is delaying those wrinkles (does anything)? but it lasts for ages and is one make up i will certainly be buying again.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela x


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