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Elysambre Natural Eye Shadow

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Brand: Elysambre / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      14.11.2010 14:26
      Very helpful



      A superb collection of shades and well worth buying.

      Recently I reviewed a foundation make-up by the French company Elysambre, and being very pleased with this product I went on to purchase more items from the range. The first item which I bought was the eye shadow which I purchased from Lucy Rose Organics, and there are other places to obtain the product which I will list at the end of the review, including a rather fantastic bargain on Ebay at the moment.

      If you are not familiar with the brand I will just mention that they are a natural make-up manufacturer, their products are free from synthetic ingredients and parabens. Their prices are very reasonable and compare well to mid-range main-stream cosmetic high street brands.

      The packaging was the first aspect of the product which caught my eye; this has been very well designed to reflect the feminine aspect of this product which is important. However it also shows their commitment to the environment and to sustainability. In common with all their products the eye shadows are sold without elaborate packaging. The way the system works is that you purchase a one off case which fits two eye shadows side by side. The case has a magnetic strip so that the eye shadow palettes simply lock into place and are then easy to transport in your handbag. This also allows you to replace the colours when they are finished, or indeed to swap in colours for a special evening make-up. I really love this system; the case is a very high quality product which looks very elegant, and it retails for £4.59, which is of course a one off expense. The shadows themselves are £8.99. If you prefer to use four shades then you can purchase a large case which fits 4 for £4.99.

      The shades are lovely and I chose several of these including a white which is a perfect highlighter. Some of the shades have a pearl effect, and some are matt, and the range of colours is excellent. At the moment there is a lady selling some of the shades on Ebay for the fantastic price of £3.99. You just need to type in Elysambre and you will see the listing. I have shopped with her, and it was just a question of asking what shades she has available. This allowed an inexpensive means of trying the shades, and what I did was to then purchase the case separately from one of the natural suppliers listed at the end of this review.

      The shadow has a high level of mineral pigments which makes the colours really bright and long lasting. In addition to this it contains organic rapeseed oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil rich in omega six. Also in the product are shea butter and rooibos extract, the latter of which is from a red tea and is a natural preservative. The shadow also has olive and soya oils, and what I would say is that the overall look of the shadow, due in part to these ingredients, is one of moisture. The finished result looks really natural, but soft and I think it imparts freshness to the eye area which is especially useful if you are not 20 anymore!

      What I really like about this shadow is that I have found it to be crease resistant and long lasting through the day. It applies very easily using a brush, or if you are using the pearl shades a sponge applicator may give a better finish, and if you are using two shades, as I do, you can blend them together. This is easy to do, and I really liked the result. I usually apply Elysambre foundation base, and then their concealer over the eye area first, as this helps to lock in the shadow and preserve its colour through the day. Their concealer is excellent too for disguising dark circles and is also inexpensive at £9.99. Incidentally this also fits in the eye shadow case, and will happily sit alongside a shade, or maybe you would prefer to buy the case for four products, and then the concealer, highlighting white, and two shades could fit nicely together. The choice is really yours, and I have experimented with all these options and combinations depending where I am going.

      You have to bear in mind that the shadow is free from synthetic preservatives so it must be used within 2 years. This is also important as the price reflects this to some extent, allowing the buyer to be able to justify the cost as these cosmetics will not languish in make up drawers for years.

      I have been so pleased with these shadows that I have bought more from Lucy Rose and from Love Lula, which are both excellent companies specialising in natural make up products.

      There is also an excellent video on YouTube, which is made by a make-up artist from Elysambre. This shows a full make-up demonstration using their products. If you look for the one by Monika Sidor Baranska you will see a few tips as well as a view of the eye shadow collection there.

      I have, until recently, found natural cosmetics to be very expensive and difficult to find. Recently these companies have become more accessible and their prices are now in a range affordable to many, which is a positive step forward. My make-up bag is gradually changing to become only filled with natural cosmetics, and I am at last obtaining the result I want from these products without making a dent in the bank balance. This collection of shadows is lovely, the price is good and the concern for the environment is reflected in the packaging. I would recommend them to anyone looking for ethical make-up which actually, in my opinion, comes up to, and in many cases surpasses, high street alternatives.




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