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Elysambre Sun Compact Powder

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Brand: Elysambre / Powder / Type: Bronzing Powder / Subcategory: Powder

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2011 15:06
      Very helpful



      A product I can recommend especially if you are looking for natural cosmetics.

      With the lovely summer season ahead of us I know that many add a bronzing powder to their make-up to give a sun-kissed look. I love to do this, as I don't sunbathe anymore since both my parents have suffered skin cancers on their faces in recent years.

      I have found a product that I can highly recommend, particularly if like me you are seeking to purchase natural paraben free cosmetics from companies who operate ethically. This has been so important to me as I have got older. I now tend to do a complete make-up before I go out, whereas maybe a few years ago I might have just needed a light tinted moisturiser. This means that I own a lot of make-up products which I use daily, so purchasing natural brands is of paramount importance to me.

      Elysambre is a make I have talked about on Dooyoo before. It is a French company and they offer mid-price range natural cosmetics which are beautifully packaged. I purchase mine from Lucy Rose Organics at www.lucyrose.biz, but you can often buy them on Ebay. Many other natural on-line make-up specialists stock their range, and you may even find it in your local health food store if it is independent. I don't think the company is well known at all in the UK, which is a shame as they offer a very good selection of natural products, most of which I have been extremely pleased with.

      If you are interested then head over to www.elysambre.fr where you can discover a little of what they are trying to achieve. On the home page you will see this comment "The treasures of the earth to the heart of our skin.The advantages of refills to preserve our environment."
      I think this is exactly what they are seeking to do- provide beautiful cosmetics using natural ingredients, but not at the expense of preserving the environment.

      You can find out a little more about how to use the Sun Powder product I am about to review by watching a YouTube video made by Monika Sidor Baranska, the make-up artist for Elysambre. If you type in "NOW VIDEO: Beauty Tips - essential summer products" you should find it. She talks about summer make-up in general and then shows you exactly how to apply the Sun Powder to achieve a healthy glow.

      The Sun Powder is £15.99 from Lucy Rose, and there is an additional one off charge of £4.59 if you would like to purchase the case which can then be used again and again with the refills. One of the aspects of Elysambre that I really value is the ethical considerations they place so highly in their business practices in terms of making sure that the wastage is as minimal as possible. The cases are also very adaptable, and come in two sizes so you can use them for various products or combinations of products across their range. For example you could purchase a large case for £4.99 and fill it with the sun powder, and a finishing powder or blusher. The cases are magnetic so the refills slot in really easily, and look very stylish too. This larger case is shown in the Dooyoo photograph, but you could choose a single case which would just hold the product itself. Incidentally the smaller case also fits two eye shadow shades making it so versatile.

      The Sun Powder is sold as a product designed to brighten up a tired winter paled complexion. It is formulated to add some brightness and sparkle, and to give the entire complexion a healthy glow. It is available in four shades, pearly golden beige (shade22) which is the one I use. This is ideal for fair skin tones but you can also choose from pearly beige brown (23) pearly brown (24) and pearly orange beige (21). I think over in France you can purchase two more shades.

      To use I tend to take my bronzing brush picking up a little powder and I then sweep it across my cheek area blending up towards the forehead, and then I will touch more lightly the areas of the face away from the cheeks as this gives a natural sun-kissed look. In many ways this product doubles up as a bronzer and blusher, and I often take it away with me on holiday as it is ideal for both purposes. You can also use it over the entire face lightly to impart a radiant look.

      The product contains mother of pearl particles, which help to give the slight sparkle to the face. Also contained within the powder is grapeseed oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, shea butter which is intensely moisturising, olive oil, red tea extract and soya oil. The moisturising qualities of so many of the ingredients make this a fantastic product for ladies approaching their more mature years who don't want to look powdered. I think this powder dries to a cream finish so you look moisturised not wrinkled.

      This product goes especially well with neutral eye shadows- brown and peaches and with the natural barely there look. You can of course make this more dramatic by building the colour up, or adding other features such as eye liner and then maybe going for a slightly darker shade than you would normally purchase. For myself I am happy with a natural daytime look, and this Sun Powder gives me that with the minimum of fuss. When packing my make-up bag for holidays I will always take this with me as it is just so versatile being a blusher, a bronzer and a skin brightener in one.

      Although the initial cost is more than I would normally pay the product lasts a long time, but you do have to be aware that Elysambre products have use by dates on them as they do not have preservatives. I have been using this for two summers now and so far it has lasted beautifully, and the use by date is well into next year so it has served me very well indeed.

      I think the important thing I have learnt when using this product is that you should build up the colour gradually and not be too heavy handed at first. You can always add more. I love the natural look and by doing this you can achieve a pretty and healthy glow without overdoing it.

      For a natural product to earn its place in my make-up bag it has to perform as well as, or better than, mainstream alternatives and this certainly does. The case is glamorous , the ethics of the company delight me, and the way this product looks on the skin is fantastic. A perfect summer buy in my opinion.

      I have taken off one star as I would like to see the price come down a little, as it is at the high end of what I feel comfortable with spending on this type of product. I would say, however, that it does represent value for money, and the ethical considerations really impact my decision to purchase. Would I buy again? - yes without hesitation.


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