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Essence Multi Dimension 3 in 1 XXL Shine Nail Polish

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Brand: Essence / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Polish / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2010 19:59
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      Not a great polish - the glitter one was good though but the rest was awful!

      Essence Multi Dimension XXL

      If you look though my previous reviews you will probably find quite a few nail varnish reviews, and this is another one! I have tried so many nail varnishes I have lost count but unfortunately this is not one of my favorites.

      *About the product*
      They come in the normal generic nail varnish packaging/bottles, they are 8ml each or 0.27 fl oz. They are made in luxembourg. The ones that I have are slightly different to the picture above, mine hav silver/metallic screw top lids, not coloured.

      *My opinion of the product*
      unfortunately I really don't like this product, well I really like the look of the colours in the bottle, but thats about it. I have the shades dress to party (shade number 42) and I also have Purple diamond (shade number 59).

      Why do I have two I hear you ask, well I didn't buy them, They were a present and I really do like the look of the colours in the bottle. They are both purple colours, shade 42 is a shiny iridescent purple and shade 59 is a purple too but it has loads and loads of silver glitter in it (my favorite of the two).

      On application the mono tone purple (42) is really really streaky and it just does not coat evenly it is just awful to apply and the end look is not great at all. It is shiny but that does not make up for the fact that it is super streaky, uneven, runny and the colour is just not intense enough (not really pigmented when applied).

      The second colour is my favorite of the two, it is so much easier to apply, it does not look streaky or uneven at all, but this may just be because it is very very glittery and therefore more pigmented and more intense. This one applied really nicely, but the first one really did not. So if you are looking to buy some of these nail varnishes, then for my experience with these products I suggest you get the glittery ones and the mono tone/colour ones are really not very good in my opinion.

      On drying times, they are good, the glittery one seemed to dry faster, maybe because the coat was more even. But they both still dried fully in about ten minutes, which is good.

      Overall, the dry time is good and that is the best I can say about the first colour one (42) but the very very glittery one is good. The glitter in the second one is probably the only thing that made it more even and better than the first one. So if you want to try these then I suggest that you go for the glittery ones, there is only this glittery one that I have and just one other. the rest are the normal ones that in my opinion are not that great.

      I did not buy these for myself, they were both a gift and they can be bought from ebay and they are quite cheap, but I have not seen these anywhere. But they are on ebay for just over £1.

      Good points
      *The glitter one was really good, it applied evenly and it was not streaky, it looks great, it is nice and glittery
      *Not too long drying times
      *Also the glittery one did last a while (but the other one really didn't last as long)!

      Bad points
      *The normal mono tone block colour one (42) - it was super streaky, unevenly to apply, runny, a bit longer to dry and it really just was not very good at all
      *The packaging/bottle looks really cheap
      *Only have two of the glitter shades - the best ones
      *In my opinion they smell a bit stronger than other polishes I have too
      *Not really really shiny like the name suggests

      Two stars for the glitter nail polish but the rest was a bit of a disappointment.

      Thank you are reading my review


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