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Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matt Bronzer

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Brand: Estee Lauder / Type: Bronzer / What it does: Bronzes,

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    2 Reviews
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      22.06.2012 21:42
      Very helpful
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      Good, just a shame about it been too light and expensive.

      "Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Duo Bronzer"

      I have been wearing Estee Lauder Double wear foundation for 5 years now and no other foundation that I have tried during these five years has even beaten it. Despite this I only own two other Estee lauder products at the moment. One is the double wear concealer which is great for extra coverage on my dark circles and the other is of course the 'Estee lauder bronze Goddess soft duo bronzer'.

      I have really toned down my make up shade and sometimes this can cause a problem when I get a tan (when the English weather decides to give us a break from the rain). So I decided to buy a bronzer that I could wear all over my face for these times but looked natural and not cakey.

      So I went into boots and asked the Estee Lauder advisor if she could recommend a bronzer that is very natural looking and one I can wear all over my face as opposed to just on my cheek, forehead and chin area.
      The bronzer she ended up recommending me was of course the Estee Lauder soft duo bronzer. Which I will be basing my review on.


      This product is available in Boots, Debenhams and any other department store that has an Estee lauder counter- this product is £27 which I do think is pretty pricey for a bronzer, I do spend a lot on cosmetics usually especially foundations but one product I have never spent a lot on is in fact bronzer, as I have never been really known to wear it. It isn't tested on animals as the brand refuses to do so which is also very important to me.

      According to the Estee Lauder- "Give yourself a heavenly glow with this super-luxurious powder bronzer duo. Unique oil-control complex keeps skin shine-free and comfortable. Two smooth, oil-free shades blend brilliantly to give face, shoulders and décolletage a seductive bronze look.

      The Soft duo bronzer has a matte finish and has no shimmer. The product was definitely the way I asked for it extremely natural. In fact a bit too natural in some way as I could not even tell I was wearing it. So maybe too light for my skin tone. This would really suit people with light complexions like red heads, as it is hard to find a bronzer that is 'natural'. However, I wouldn't recommend it if your bang in the middle like me. Despite not necessarily liking how light the bronzer is, I do still use it because it definitely isn't awful; it is just not necessary exactly what I wanted. When I am feeling extra lazy I even use this bronzer on its own to set my foundation rather than using my pressed powder. It does seem to keep my make-up in tact quite well so I guess it can't be that bad doing jobs that it didn't necessarily set out to do.


      This product is thankfully not loose- I have no patience for loose powder as it seems to get everywhere including the bed sheets (I know I shouldn't really apply my make-up on the bed anyway), the bronzer comes with a small brush that laid on top of the bronzer inside the compact. The brush is terrible, definitely not for me. It seems very cheap and hard. So I use my 'Great Technique' brush bronzer brush to apply it.

      The bronzer is split into two shades. One is a light beige and the other is darker beige. I don't actually know the real reason for this but I just lazily mix my brush into both. But I guess there will be a reason for a duo of bronzers. Maybe one for when you're less tanned and the other for when you tan more? Oh I give up!

      The bronzer typically looks like a bronzer you would use on holiday. The colour of the compact bronzer is that typical brown tanning product colour. The bronzer also has a bit of gold on the packaging, which makes the product have that extra luxurious feel that "Estee Lauder" seems to entail on all of its products.

      The bronzer is expensive compared to the products I have also tried out. However, I can't believe how much of the product I do still have left- it looks still brand new after having it for other a month.
      So maybe it will work out a fairly good price in the end with the amount of time I have it. Its just a shame the product isn't the right shade for me.


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        06.01.2009 22:42
        Very helpful



        A bronzer that works and that won't end up in the bed drawer!!

        Estee Lauder sell the best cosmetics - in my opinion. I received a variety of their cosmetics for christmas as a present from my husband. Each year at christmas Estee Lauder sell a variety of their cosmetics in a desirable cosmetic case all for a very reasonable price and at a fraction of their individual retail price. Last christmas was no different. I received a beautifull mock croc cream zip up cosmetic case which inside contained a smaller mock croc cosmetic case which contained make-up brushes, mascara, eyeshadows, blushers, lipsticks, lip glosses, eye make-up remover and bronzer. I hope I haven't missed anything out because even though I was expecting this present from my husband I hadn't seen it arrive and was still completely amazed at just how lovely the packaging was and at how beautifully presented all of their cosmetics are.

        The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess soft matt bronzer is something new to me and one which I was eager to try. I haven't been very successful before when it comes to bronzers or blushers to be quite truthful and have often ended up looking like aunt Sally from that old TV show Worzel Gummidge! Feeling brave after christmas and very eager to try out all my new cosmetics I decided to try out my new make-up and finish of with a light sweep of bronzer.

        The packaging as aways does not disappoint. It is however different from the picture above, this maybe due to the fact my cosmetics were from a special christmas collection. On the Estee Lauder website the packaging is the same as the above picture. The bronzer I received is indeed in a compact with enclosed mirror and individual bronzing brush which appears thick and soft and carries the Estee Lauder branding on the side. The compact itself is in a beautiful burgandy red opposed to the golden copper coloured compact above. None the less the product inside is the same.

        I applied the bronzer firstly very lightly accross the cheek bones, forehead, bridge of the nose and chin after dusting any excess off of the brush. The results were quite suprising. I did not look like aunt Sally at all, hooray. I did indeed have a light healthy glow, which appeared very natural and professional looking without any hint of a shimmer which to be honest puts me off sometimes with these types of products if they appear too shimmery. This product is very soft and matt. It resembles a very light colored tan colour and therefore would suit all skin types. I was especially pleased considering how pasty I usually look for december and have to rely on my good old fake tan to get any hint of colour at this time of year. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet too hastily I summoned my daughter April into the bathroom to test out the bronzer on her. She was only too happy to oblige, teenage girls and make-up and all and was equally impressed with the overall look that the bronzer was able to achieve.

        The product itself is very light and you are unable to actually feel like you are wearing anyproduct at all. It does not cake the skin in any way and you can apply repeat applications to achieve a more bronzed appearance. The compact mirror of course is essential for those who like to do touch ups on the go. The bronzing powder itself is oil free which again I think is brilliant as I have combination skin which is just dying to break out with all kinds of nastiness if I should apply the wrong type of product to my skin.

        In the summer I can see this product being invaluable to people who prefer to wear little make-up but still like to look feminine and achieve a more polished look. It comes in one shade only which means there is no choice, which is very helpful for people like me who so often get it wrong when faced with making a decision about this type of product and faced with more than one colour way option.

        Price wise, it is a whopper at £23.00 from Estee Lauder themselves. Would I recommend it? Yes, because it works and is practically fool proof. It is also oil free which in my eyes is better for your skin and the whole reason you wear make-up is to look nice and feel better about yourself and you can with this product.

        Thanks for reading.


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