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Estee Lauder Pure Colour Travel Makeup Companion

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Brand: Estee Lauder / Travel Makeup Companion / Type: Colour

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2011 15:18
      Very helpful



      A great value set, the only disappointing product is the cinnamon eyeshadow but it is ok :)

      Estee Lauder Pure Colour Makeup Companion (Mini palette only available at duty free)

      As always at duty free there are some exclusive sets that companies, such as Mac, Chanel, lancome and Dior, bring out just for duty free shops at airports. This mini eye, lip and face palette is only available at duty free - it is stated o the front of the box "Travel Exclusive".

      - Packaging

      The box that this palette comes in is really nice, simple and the text on the box is easy to read (although the text on the side of the box that states the ingredients is really quite small).

      The palette itself looks really nice too, in my opinion. The lid of the palette is gold and the base of the palette is navy. The front of the palette has an E on the front and it also has an E on the lipstick that can be seen on the front of the palette. There is a space in the lid of the palette for the lipstick to fit in and when the palette lid is closed the lipstick can not fall out. There is also a large mirror inside the palette, which would be good for on the go but not really if you are going to be using this at home.

      - What does the palette contain?

      The palette contains a pure colour long lasting lipstick which is 3.8g (full size, I think) and it is in the shade "118 Bois De Rose". Some of the ingredients of the lipstick are as follows: Castor seed oil, Beeswax, Soybean seed extract, synthetic wax, Fragrance (perfume), titanium dioxide and colourings.

      The palette also contains two pure colour eyeshadows which are 0.9g each and the shades are "10 ivory box" and "35 cinnamon". Some of the ingredients in the eyeshadows are as follows: Talc, Shea butter, Zinc stearate, soya bean seed extract, corn starch and silica.

      The last make up product in the palette is the "Lucidity translucent pressed powder" which is 8.5g and is in the shade "01 light". Some of the ingredients are as follows: Talc, Linoleic acid, Fragrance (Perfume) and Lecithin. And the palette also contains two small sponge applicators and a larger application sponge - to be used with the powder. The eyeshadows and the powder have a clear plastic cover over them too.

      - Pure colour long lasting lipstick

      The tube for this lipstick is really nice, it looks quite sleek and expensive and the bottom section of the lipstick shows the shade of the actual lipstick. The colour shown at the bottom of the tube is an almost identical match the what the colour will actually look like - although on your lips it will look shiny/glossy and in the tube it does not look as glossy. Another positive point for the tube/packaging is that the lid is really secure, so if you put the lipstick in your bag the lid will not come off and the lipstick will not be destroyed. Overall, I like the packaging and it is quite small so it would be good for traveling - without the rest of the palette.

      The shade of the lipstick is "118 Bois De Rose" which is a gorgeous red colour - it has slight dark dusty pink undertone but it is mostly a deep red shade. Looking at the lipstick in the tube it does have some very fine shimmer particles in it (silver/purple/pink shimmer) but when applied the lipstick does not look very shimmery/glittery, it has instead a shiny, glossy, metallic sheen.

      The lipstick has an incredibly smooth even texture and has a creamy consistency which makes the lipstick so easy to apply. The lipstick applies really nicely and the lipstick is very pigmented so you only need a small amount to get a very good colour pay off.

      The texture and consistency of the lipstick makes it super moisturising. I always have to apply lip balm before any lip product as my lips are always really dry but with this lipstick I do not have to apply any lip balm at all! It applies really smoothly and it is really moisturising. This lipstick does not emphasise any dryness on my lips as it just smoothes over the dryness to give my lips a smooth, moisturised look and feel.

      I apply this lipstick straight from the tube as it is quicker to do so and I just dab the lipstick onto my lips and blend with either a small lip brush or a cotton bud. This lipstick is very easy to apply and blend and it does not leave any patches, dryness or flakiness on my lips. I find that if I want the lipstick to look quite subtle and natural then I will dab the lipstick onto my lips (this is what I normally do with this lipstick as it is really pigmented). But if I want the colour to be more intense then I will swipe the lipstick onto my lips, which gives my lips a lot of colour and then I would just blend the edges of the lipstick.

      Once applied the lipstick looks really nice and very fresh and summery - but I think it would also look great for fall/winter. The longevity of the lipstick is good, as it lasts a good few hours (about four to five hours maximum) but it does transfer. I find that as time passes this lipstick does wear off nicely - it wears off slowly and it does not leave my lips looking patchy or dry after all of the lipstick has worn off.

      This lipstick is really easy to remove, I just use make up wipes and the lipstick comes off very easily. The lipstick does not leave any stain on my lips and it also does not stick to any dryness on my lips.

      Overall, I really love this lipstick! It has a really nice smooth texture which makes it really quick and easy to apply. It is very moisturising and smoothing. It is super pigmented so you only need a small amount - so this one tube will last me a while. It does transfer to glasses etc, but it wears off nicely and still leaves my lips smooth and fairly moisturised after it has worn off.

      I bought this lipstick as part of this set but this lipstick (in this shade) can be bought from the Estee Lauder uk website (link at the end of the review) for £18.50 each. This lipstick shade (118 Bois De Rose) on the Estee Lauder site does not look anything like the one I have so you may want to go to a counter to see the shades. And on the Estee Lauder site this lipstick is stated to be a 'creme' finish lipstick.

      - The Eyeshadows

      There are two eyeshadows with this palette and they are both shimmery neutral shades - they are "10 Ivory box" and "35 Cinnamon". The eyeshadows are inside the palette and can not be taken out.

      Firstly, Ivory box, this shade is a gorgeous shimmery light champagne/beige colour. I use ivory box as an all over the lid colour and I also use it as a brow bone highlight colour. I really like this shade, it is a very wearable, everyday shade that I think would suit most skin tones. This shade is shimmery, but it has a lot of fine shimmery particles so it does not look glittery when applied. The fine shimmer in the eyeshadow makes it look metallic on the skin, not really glittery.

      Ivory box has a really smooth consistency as it has been finely milled, this means that it applies so smoothly and softly to my skin. The smooth texture of the eyeshadow also makes it incredibly easy to blend. I apply this product with my finger tips or a small eyeshadow brush (such as the mac 242 or the eco tools eyeshadow brush).

      The second shade is "35 Cinnamon", in the palette this shade looks really nice, it is a medium brow shade with a lot of gold shimmer. The texture of this eyeshadow is not as nice as "ivory box" as it is not as smooth - when I swipe my finger tip over ivory box and cinnamon I can definitely say that cinnamon has a rougher texture which may be due to the large amount of gold shimmer in the eyeshadow.

      I use cinnamon as an all over lid colour or I will just use it in the out corner of my lid for a slightly golden smoky eye. To apply this shadow I prefer to use a small eyeshadow brush as this shade is really shimmery and if I use my fingers to apply it then most of the shadow will stay on my finger and will not transfer to my lids.

      I an not too happy with this shade in terms of the application and pigmentation as when I apply this shade to my skin, the brown does not really show through too well - I mostly just get a gold shimmer, even though in the palette the eyeshadow is definitely a medium brown shade. The application is ok for this shade but it is not as smooth as the Ivory box shade. Although I find that dampening my eyeshadow brush before I use the cinnamon shade helps make the eyeshadow look more brown on my skin, instead of just the gold shimmer.

      The longevity of the eyeshadows is good. I use an eye primer before I apply any eyeshadow and with a primer underneath these eyeshadows for me last for about four hours before creasing - which is quite good and the ivory box shade does last longer than the cinnamon shade.

      Overall, I am really happy with the Ivory box shade as it is really smooth, it applies really nicely, it is pigmented and a great shimmery everyday neutral shade. But I am not too happy with the darker cinnamon shade as when I apply it to my skin I mostly get a lot of gold shimmer and not a lot of brown. The longevity of the shadows is good and they are nice to wear for everyday.

      Having looked on the Estee Lauder uk site, these two shades (ivory box and cinnamon) are not available to buy - they may be limited edition shades for this travel exclusive palette. But you can buy individual pure colour eyeshadows from the Estee lauder uk site for £16 each.

      - Lucidity Translucent pressed powder

      The last make up product in the palette is the translucent powder which is the same shade in all of the palettes - the shade is "01 Light". This powder is inside the palette and can not be removed and it is protected with a clear plastic cover, like the eyeshadows.

      This shade is a really good match for me as I am quite pale - I am usually the lightest or second lightest shade in any face product - so if you have pale skin this shade would be great. But if you have darker skin this may still work for you as it only has a light coverage.

      I have really dry skin, due to eczema, so I do not use this powder all over my face. I just use this powder on my nose and chin - the places where my skin can get a little bit oily and I also use a small amount of this powder under my eyes to set my concealer.

      This powder has a really smooth texture and it is completely matte finish (there is no shimmer at all) and it applies really smoothly. This powder is so quick and easy to use, I just use my mac special edition 129 brush to apply this product to my skin. I use this product after applying my foundation but you could just use it on its own or just with concealer.

      This powder gives my skin a light coverage on top of my foundations coverage and it gives my skin a matte finish, which is not good for dry skin so I only use it on certain slightly oily areas. I find that this powder is good for keeping my skin matte for a few hours but it does not keep my skin matte all day - as after about four to five hours my nose can look a bit shiny (due to oil) so the powder is not very good for keeping my skin matte all day (and my skin is not very oily at all).

      Overall, I do like this powder to set my make up - especially under my eyes to set my concealer. It is a good shade for me and it has a light coverage so it does not feel heavy on my skin at all. The powder has a really nice smooth texture which in turn makes it really quick and easy to apply - it is also very quick and easy to remove. Although I would say that if you had oily skin this may not be enough to keep your skin matte for very long. And if you have dry skin I would not apply this all over your skin as with my skin it did emphasise dryness and make my skin look dry/flaky in certain areas.

      This powder can be bought individually from the estee lauder uk site in a range of shades from light (the same as this one) to medium. This powder is the "lucidity translucent pressed powder" and is priced at £25. The amount you get in the palette is less than the full size version as you get 8.5g in the palette and I think you get more than 10g in the full size.

      - Applicators

      There are three small applicators with this palette - two small eyeshadow applicators and a larger powder sponge. With palettes I always throw away the little applicators that come with them as they are usually not very good and these are no exception. The two eyeshadow applicators are not very good for applying the product as they just tend to hold onto the eyeshadow but they are fairly good for blending (and they are really smooth and soft).

      The larger powder sponge is actually really nice to use, unlike most applicators that come with palettes. The applicator is very smooth and soft on my skin and the applicator applies and blends the powder well. The applicator is a rectangular shape and has rounded edges - the shape of the applicator is great for applying the powder to small areas such as around my nose.

      Overall, the two eyeshadow applicators are not very good, which is not surprising and the little eyeshadow applicators do not fit well in the palette and keep making the lid not close fully. But the larger powder sponge is really nice. The best thing about the powder sponge is that the shape is great for applying the product and the sponge is also really smooth and gentle on my skin.

      - Overall positives about the palette

      Overall, I love the lipstick, it is a great shade and it applies nicely and it is really pigmented (it is also super moisturising). I also love the light "ivory box" eyeshadow shade as it is a great all over the lid colour and it makes a really nice subtle brow bone highlight colour. I also like the powder that comes in the palette as it is a great setting powder and the sponge that is used to apply the powder is great too. The design of the palette, in my opinion, is really nice and it is a nice set for traveling. I also like that it has a product for everything - it has two products for eyes, one for the lips and also one for the face.

      - Overall negatives about the palette

      The main negative about this palette is that the cinnamon shade does not have a good colour pay off as it mostly just leaves gold shimmer on my skin and not a lot of brown. The only other negatives are that the powder may not be good for people with oily skin as it did not keep my skin matte very long and my skin does not get very oily at all. The two eyeshadow applicators are also not very good for applying the eyeshadows but applicators like this are never very good, in my opinion anyway.

      - Price and availability

      I bough this palette from Schiphol airport, Holland, about three weeks ago and I payed Euro35 for the palette - which is about £35 actually. I think that is a good price as you get a full size lipstick, a pressed powder and two eyeshadows. The lipstick and the two eyeshadows alone are worth just over £50 - and that is not considering the price of the pressed powder. So overall I think it is a good value set and I think the two eyeshadows are limited edition, as they are not on the estee lauder uk site. I do not know about the availability of this palette in UK airports as I bought this palette at Schiphol airport, Holland.



      *Design of the palette and it is great for traveling (as it is fairly small and light weight).
      *The lipstick is gorgeous in my opinion - in terms of the shade and it applies really quickly and easily
      *The lipstick is very moisturising and does not highlight any dryness at all
      *The Ivory box eyeshadow is fantastic and does not look powdery
      *The longevity of the eyeshadows is good - about four hours until creasing starts
      *The powder is great for setting my foundation and concealer - the powder does not feel heavy on my skin and does not clog my pores
      *There is a fairly larger mirror inside the palette and the powder sponge applicator is great
      *All of the cosmetics are easy to apply and remove
      *I had no irritation or adverse reaction to any of the products in this set
      *Overall, good value palette


      *The cinnamon shade mainly just shows up on my skin as gold shimmer - and not a lot of brown
      *The eyeshadow applicators are not very good at applying the shadows

      For more information about estee lauder pure colour cosmetics: http://www.esteelauder.co.uk

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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