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Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

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Brand: Estee Lauder / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye / What it does: volumizeses, Lifts / Skin type: All skin types

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    5 Reviews
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      09.11.2013 18:40
      Very helpful



      A product I won't be touching again

      I buy the double wear concealer and liquid foundation from the Estee Lauder range from House of Fraser and every time I go in to pick up my products they always have special offers on and free gifts which is always handy indeed. Once there was a special offer on on their Sumptuous mascara but of the trial size so I thought that I would give it a go and what's the worse than can happen by trying something new. The full sized product price varies depending where you shop for it but it roughly £21. A price I refuse to pay for a mascara.

      The product promises bold looking lashes with plenty of volume. Estee Lauder claim the mascara "Lifts and plumps the look of even sparse lashes into big, lush lashes that are all lightness and flirtatious curl. The brush thickens like a brush. Defines like a comb. Wraps your entire lash in air-light volume. Lashes soar with 360° lift and curl. The look Daringly full, sensuously curved, all-out seductive lashes." and I can honestly say.. this isn't the case for this product.

      The packaging is nothing special and not really appealing. It's just an average looking mascara with a silly long name printed on it. As far as I am aware this is only available in black which to me is the obvious choice of coloured mascara because if I was going to have brown mascara.. well I just wouldn't wear any would I. The brush is fairly normal and average as well, the bristles are long and then slowly descend making it easier to get those little lashes. This is a fairly standard brush for any mascara and I would of expected a little more from a brand like Estee Lauder who are offering so much promise with this mascara.

      When taking this out of the tube always a little bit of the product will be clinging to the end of the brush which doesn't amuse me in anyway, it means I have to faff around scraping it off either on a wipe or attempting to get it back into the tube so I don't waste any, and just for good measure I scrap any excess off back into the tube as best as I can. Mascara is the last part of my eye make up I apply and I usually have various eyeliner types and some times shadows and high lighters.

      When first applying this is takes roughly fours strokes acorss my top lashes to almost get every lash from what I can see anyway. This is a lot of effort just to get them covered nevermind attempting to get this volume and flirty look. Once covered I notice the lashes are very flat to applying more mascara whilst trying to push my lashes up and out a bit. It isn't hard for me to achieve great mascara covered lashes because mine are really long naturally yet this just seemed to weigh them down and not give me the expected look or the look of the model. I wasn't disappointed with the coverage but the fact my eyelashes look more like the model when natural rather than with this product on them.

      It is also quite messy to apply, while trying to achieve the desired look because when pushing the lashes up I end up getting this all over my eyelid so I have to waste time cleaning my eyes up. Apart from it not looking anything like it should I was fairly happy with the product.. Until I became tired. As I've mentioned a few times before when I'm tired my eyes water a little bit and this product doesn't half sting my eyes until they're really red. I get tired often so my eyes water a lot and they can water any time even when I'm not tired and when I wear this at least twice a day this will start really irritating my eyes to the point where I'm rubbing them and of course to me this is really annoying.

      As for wiping off this tends to smudge around my eyes and when I think I have it all off before bed I wake up and more of it it below my eyes and clinging to my skin. It isn't very nice. Overall this is an expensive mascara and such poor quality that I will never be using this item againa nd wouldn't recommend it to anyone


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        16.10.2012 17:15
        Very helpful



        Wouldn't recommend this mascara to anyone!


        I usually use the Estee Lauder Magnascopic but it was out of stock in the colour (black) I usually use, so after the hard sell by the girl at the counter decided upon this one.

        I found the brush was very wide which meant getting to the innermost lashes was difficult, and it's certainly too thick to use on the bottom lashes. It did provide good coverage on the upper lashes though and once you get the right angle on the brush (after a lot of attempts!) you can get to the inner lashes.

        I used this with the Estee Lauder Eye Make Up Remover (as it came as a free sample with the mascara), so thought it would be relatively easy to get off, but found it stuck like glue to my lashes- great when you don't want it to run, but makes taking your make up off pretty difficult!

        I found the mascara did flake quite a bit, and tended to clump eyelashes together, especially if applying quickly- i ended up with a lot of bits in my eyes which was uncomfortable.

        After about a weeks use I found that more eyelashes were coming out when taking my make up off than usual (normally a couple every few days) but this was about 6-10 each time i took off my make up.

        I changed the make up remover to my usual in case it was that, but there was no change so decided to take it back to the store I bought it from.

        The girl on the counter was very good and changed it for my usual one after i explained the problem (that it was difficult to take off and was making my eyelashes fall out) the shop assistant told me that there had been quite a lot of problems with it, and I got a refund with no problems at all (got to love that Estee Lauder Guarantee) and they gave me my usual mascara at a discount.

        I'm not saying that it would make everyone's eyelashes fall out, and maybe I got a freak batch, but do be vigilant and make sure you're careful with it!

        I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, but Estee Lauder is usually a safe brand and their returns policy is second to none!!


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        31.07.2012 11:58
        Very helpful



        A good mascara, at a cost.

        I bought this mascara while ago when returning from Spain. I was browsing the duty free when a consultant came up and recommended this mascara to be as her favourite. I'm a sucker for a sales spiel and I bought it because she said it was good and I liked the look of it.

        Truthfully I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with pricey high brand mascaras. There are a selection of high street mascaras that do the job perfectly at a fraction of the cost. I am always, therefore, reluctant to shell out for the expensive mascaras because I wonder if they really offer better quality and better effects. I do still like to try expensive mascaras though, and will often ask for them for birthdays and Christmas because they are one of my favourite cosmetics to test out.

        The price of this mascara, £21.00, did put me off slightly. However, the recommendation combined with the look of the brush sold me and I indulged myself. Estee Lauder isn't a brand that I tend to buy from, viewing it as aimed at slightly older women. That may be a complete oversight on my part but I would liken it to Clarins where the branding feels slightly outdated and fusty which often puts me off as a young woman. That said, I thought the look of this tube was great and it felt classic but still modern.

        The mascara comes in a gold coloured metal tube with blue plastic edging and and blue lettering. The look of it is very stylish and it definitely looks expensive. I like the gold colour because it stands out among my other mascaras which tend to be in black tubes. I also loved the brush on first look. This mascara has a really wide barrel tapering brush made from bristles. I far prefer bristle mascara brushes as I find them easier to use and more effective, this brush has even spaced bristles and it collects the mascara really well.

        The mascara fluid has a lovely thick consistency and it smells like an expensive cosmetics counter. Applying the mascara is really easy to do and it gets great coverage. Because of the shape of the brush it is both great at adding volume and length to my lashes. Usually with these really wide brushes though they tend to be trickier to reach outer lashes with. This mascara actually does a really good job at reaching those tricky lashes because of the tapering shape of the brush.

        The overall effect of the mascara is stand out lashes that make a real impact. I wouldn't advise using this mascara for day use because it is a little heavy. I prefer to keep it for the evening and special events where a high impact look is appropriate. I love the effect of the mascara but I do have a couple of issues with it...

        Like most expensive mascaras I find they tend to run out before you've had a chance to use the entirety of the mascara fluid. For most this happens within the first two months which mean replacing it regularly is very expensive. I actually found this one lasted more like 3 months, but definitely not as long as the majority of my other high street mascaras. This is a real issue for me because if I pay a lot of money for something I want to get my moneys worth and you don't with this mascara.

        Overall, I really like the mascara but the cost and the length it lasts does put me off. As a result I have yet to re-purchase it, though I might ask for it as a gift.


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        21.06.2011 00:11
        Very helpful



        I think I'll be giving this a miss next time.

        As a redhead with woefully blonde eyelashes, mascara is without a doubt my absolute essential make-up product. I never wear eyeshadow or foundation and only occasionally wear lipstick, but am rarely caught without my mascara on as I much prefer my eyes to look more defined and open. My eyelashes themselves are very long and I'd say reasonably curled, it's just that I can't see them - so I don't particularly look for a lengthening effect, just something to give lots of volume and colour them in so you can actually tell they're there! I'm also a contact lens wearer so ideally I like a product that won't disintegrate into loads of tiny flakes which then get stuck under the lens and cause ultimate pain all day.

        I've recently been going through a phase of testing various mascaras and Estée Lauder Sumptuous Lifting Bold Volume Mascara was one of those I tried out. Estée Lauder is an American high-end makeup and cosmetics company which can be found just about everywhere - it's been going since 1946 and now sell their products all over the world in most major department stores.


        I had high hopes for this one: it won Best Mascara in Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2009 and I've quite liked other Estée Lauder mascaras in the past, so I was eager to try it. It's marketed being able to "lift each lash with big, bold, weightless volume", which of course is a load of marketing speak, but still, I liked the sound of big and bold volume! Apparently, the formula has "ultra light, lash-thickening fibres" which also sounds good - I'm not a fan of heavy, clogging mascaras which feel like you've got dead weights on each lash.

        So what does it look like? It comes in Estée Lauder's fairly traditional packaging: a long gold tube containing a wand brush, with the logo and the name of the mascara in black writing on the side of the tube. It's all packaged in a navy cardboard tube. The whole effect looks nice enough but isn't particularly modern, innovative or interesting; I've always had an impression of Estée Lauder as a traditional, somewhat "older person's" company and the packaging does nothing to dispel that. Certainly this mascara feels like a higher-end product and the overall effect is luxurious, but perhaps a little staid and unexciting.

        THE BRUSH

        Well, according to Estée Lauder, Sumptuous Lifting Bold Volume Mascara features a BrushComber which "thickens like a brush and defines like a comb". I thought it was actually a pretty bog-standard mascara brush, if I'm honest. It's tapered and much fatter towards the base and thinner towards the end, which is a very nice touch as it makes it easier to coat the little lashes at the corners of my eyes; it dunks in the tube well and doesn't lose all the mascara when it's pulled out, plus it doesn't seem to grab as much product on the end as some other brushes, but apart from that it's not so innovative compared to every other mascara brush I've used. It definitely doesn't feel anything like a comb and I certainly didn't think my lashes looked particularly separated.


        It's pretty easy to use and I like the thinner brush which doesn't deposit great chunks of mascara onto my upper eyelids. I don't know whether I have particularly mascara-friendly eyelids or whether it's my technique, but it always seems to happen and I hate it! I like to get the brush to the base of my lashes and wiggle it through to the end; the fact that the brush is reasonably thin means I can do this without risking getting mascara everywhere. The product itself doesn't smell of anything except that usual mascara smell, and it's a nice deep black, but perhaps not as sooty and true-black as I'd ideally like. Compared to the colour of, say, Benefit Bad Gal Lash, it's actually kind of weedy...

        I'm not sure about the claims of weightlessness, either. It's very easy to get too much of this on just with one application, which has left my eyes looking a bit, well, spidery at times. Far from acting like a comb and a brush, I've thought more than once that I could really do with an eyelash comb to separate some of the blobs and give my lashes a little less gunkiness, so be aware that dipping the brush into the tube more than once may result in real old-lady spidery lashes!


        Sumptuous Lifting Bold Volume Mascara more than fulfils my requirements of giving my lashes colour and defining them more than they already are, but frankly, anything with pigment in would do that as my lashes are naturally so blonde. I suspect that if your lashes are naturally dark then this might not do all that much for you - I don't reckon my lashes looked wider, thicker or that much more volumised; if anything, the blobbiness and tendency to deposit a little too much mascara with each brushstroke meant they felt a bit weighed down and spidery.


        This mascara lasts well all day and into the evening. It does flake a little, not much, but it's worth mentioning that I did notice a couple of bits under my eyes at the end of the day. I used the non-waterproof one as I absolutely hate waterproof mascaras, but it still took a fair bit of scrubbing with hot water and some remover to get all traces of it off. When it wipes off onto a cotton pad you can see that there actually are "lash-thickening fibres" - it comes off weirdly in strands.


        Sumptuous Lifting Bold Volume Mascara is £19 and can be bought at Boots and other places which have an Estee Lauder counter. It's definitely a higher-end purchase so it might be worth first getting hold of some samples on Ebay or something if you can - I won't be repurchasing and it seems a shame to waste money on something so expensive without doing a test.


        I'm not overly impressed with this one, to be honest. It wasn't a bad offering and it didn't irritate my eyes or all slide off at the end of the day; it was just a bit underwhelming and too spidery for my liking. I shouldn't need to want to comb my lashes through with something else to get the excess off - I think I'll give it a miss next time.


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          18.06.2011 11:41
          Very helpful



          a fab mascara from Estee Lauder

          *Please note this review discusses the smaller that fullsize version of the mascara..same formula, same brush just a different coloured/sized tube*

          Estee Lauder is a premium beauty brand. They offer perfume, skincare, mens products and also a wide selection of makeup.

          *~*Eye Eye*~*

          Estee Lauder offer a few different mascaras. There is a vibrating one, lengthening, lifting etc. One mascara they offer is named Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara. This review discusses the normal formula mascara, however there is a waterproof version available.

          This Sumptuous mascara is available in 2 shades, black and brown. The mascara claims to lift each of your lashes to allow them to be bold aswell as curling them. It contains a Bold Volume formula with thickening fibres. The brush claims to thicken the lashes whilst acting as a comb for definition. The mascara is fragrance free and ophthalmologist tested. The mascara should be discarded after 6mths due to hygeine reasons.


          The fullsize version of the mascara is a shiny gold tube with a black band and writing. The smaller, travel sized version offers an identical shaped tube/brush but in a smaller size. The mascara I have is navy blue, almost black tube with gold screw off lid and gold writing.

          *~*Availability and Price*~*

          The full size mascara contains 8ml of fluid and can be purchased from department stores and online stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser. It is priced at £19.00. On www.esteelauder.co.uk, you can purchase a bonus set with the fullsize mascara, a trial size makeup remover and a trial size eye cream for £19.00.

          *~*My Experience*~*

          Finding a decent mascara is like finding the right deodorant. Mascara is an important part of my makeup kit and even if I can't be bothered wearing my full slap, I like to have something on my eyes and lips or I feel naked! I have tried and tested so many brands over the years and have never really settled on a specific mascara..perhaps I'm too fussy but when it comes to enhancing my blue peepers, I have right to be!

          Estee Lauder is a brand I trust and as I sell the travel sized stuff on ebay, I know what is popular. Most people I know prefer to try before they commit to a fullsize product and I am one of these people. A 2.8ml tube of this mascara found its way from an ebay box to my makeup bag a few weeks ago when I was going to Blackpool for an overnight. It was the perfect size for my trip and ideal for any holiday. I find fullsize mascaras a bit false economy as I never manage to use up a big tube within the recommended 6months but a 2.8ml tube suits my needs perfectly. If you want one of these, I recommend ebay where you will find them for a few pounds.

          *~*Only The Best For These Peepers*~*

          So what do I expect from a mascara? Being a fan of black mascaras, I expect a strong colour to enhance my already dark lashes. I also want some thickening of my lashes and a little bit of extension and definition doesn't go a miss. Although my version isn't waterproof, I rarely go out in the rain with no umbrella and I don't go swimming so have no need for waterproof. I have runny eyes but have experienced no issues with running.

          *~*Classy or Tacky?*~*

          I like a natural look most of the time but when it comes to going out somewhere, I prefer to spruce up my makeup and this mascara is suitable for this purpose or for everyday where. The tube design is classy and sophisticated..certainly not cheap and nor should it be for the price! The brush itself is quite long and sits on a short wand which I find very easy to grip between my fingers. Applying in front of a mirror with decent lighting is the best way to apply and my mascara is the final touch to my makeup.

          I feel a lot of mascaras are let downs because of the brush. This one isn't overly fancy with combs or vibrating actions but its practical for its intended purpose. The brush is made up of spaced out bristles which look quite rough and sit at an angle. A quick dunk into the tube and the brush can be pulled it to reveal a decent amount of mascara on it, ready to be applied to my lashes. I don't use a primer and never have. During the day, I apply the mascara straight onto my natural lashes but find for going out, I get much better results by curling my eyelashes with my Lancome eyelash curlers.

          There is a slight, mascara scent to the mascara but this doesn't linger..its perhaps a little plasticky smelling but inoffensive. The mascara is quite thick but not too heavy on the brush. I find using sweeping motions from the base of my lashes up to the end is the best way to apply this mascara. Short sweeps with little pressure allows the colour to transfer smoothly onto my lashes coating them. With the little amount of mascara left on the brush, I angle the brush and catch the few tiny eyelashes at the corner. Gently shutting over my eye, allows the slightly damp mascara to coat my bottom lashes in a flush of blackness.

          The mascara takes a moment or two to settle on my eyelashes and at first, feels a tad heavy. Once settled, the colour is bold and noticeable and that is just with one application. For more dramatic effects for night time, I added a second sweep after a minute and this allowed my eyes to appear more defined but did add an extra layer of heaviness which I wasn't so keen on.

          The effects of this mascara impress me greatly. My lashes although quite thick to begin with, thicken up nicely and remain presented as to not resemble spider legs but not clumped together. The heaviness on my lashes doesn't last long and once dried, there is no flaky, crusty feeling which is a plus point. The mascara wears well, with no running from runny eyes but will smudge if I rub my eyes and forget I'm wearing mascara!

          The mascara leaves my eyes pretty and allows my lashes to be fluttery, light and with sweep of black, bold colour. The mascara stays put most of the day with no flaky bits falling down underneath my eyes and the colour/effects remain consistent. Removing the mascara at the end of the day, is very simple with a sweep of eye makeup remover and thankfully, the mascara didn't irritate my sensitive eyes in any way.

          *~*Eye Popping Success?*~*

          I love this mascara. Fair enough, the heaviness on my lashes feels a bit off putting at first but I've gotten used to it. Only a tiny sweep is needed to coat my lashes for all day colour and give my eyes the look I want. £19.00 is alot to pay for one mascara but if you can get this cheaper then snap it up. Its all about trial and error. This one suits me perfectly but might not suit someone else so save your cash and order a smaller tube from ebay. These tubes last well and there is little chance of waste.

          I recommend this mascara for everyday use but in comparrison to others produced by premium brands, it is perhaps a little basic if you want more impressive results.

          Thanks for reading :)


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          Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara / Brush included.

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