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Everyday Minerals Blush

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Brand: Everyday Minerals / Type: Blushers

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2010 13:17
      Very helpful



      A fantastic way to achieve a nice, healthy glow!

      Despite having been blessed generously with nature's blusher (the annoying tendency to be embarrassed far too easily!) I am still quite surprisingly fond of the powdered alternative. Although I tend not to wear that much makeup, a bit of blusher is pretty much essential in my books and has been an integral part of my makeup routine for a long time.

      Having moved on from the days of experimenting with a Barbie makeup set and painting huge red circles on my cheeks, however, I tend to go for a more subtle blusher look, but I find this can be quite hard to achieve with the limited amounts of shades some makeup companies have on offer. I think that, more than any other makeup product, blusher needs to be absolutely perfect for the skin tone (to avoid the "I've been dabbling in a clown's makeup kit" look), and this is something that Everyday Minerals seem to have taken on board.

      While most companies out there offer your basic few shades of blusher (one each for light, medium and dark skintones), Everyday Minerals allow you to really embrace your individuality and find your perfect look by offering up a huge selection of blusher... in 34 different shades!

      Being a fan and all, after stumbling across this fabulous range of makeup I dutifully decided to test out a couple - well, seven - shades of Everyday Minerals blusher. All in the name of research (and pretty things!)...


      As mentioned in some of my other reviews of Everyday Minerals' brilliant products, Everyday Minerals are a mineral makeup company based in America. The company has a strong focus on ethics - offering exclusively vegan, eco-friendly, organic products - and also on offering great quality products at fantastic prices.

      Everday Minerals, as the name suggests, specialise in mineral makeup; a type of makeup that is manufactured from minerals which are pure, natural, safe and kind to the skin. Mineral makeup has become a big trend in makeup in recent years, however Everyday Minerals differ from the other brands out there in that they offer more variety and better quality products than any other brand I have seen out there (mineral or otherwise) as well as purer (yet cheaper) makeup than most other mineral makeup brands.

      While it is a pain having to have my makeup delivered from America, I have found it impossible to break my loyalty to Everyday Minerals simply because I have never found to date a brand of makeup to rival Everyday Minerals' range in quantity or quality!


      * Anyone in need of a healthy glow.
      * Anyone - of any skin tone - who struggles to find their perfect shade of blusher.
      * Those with sensitive skin.
      * Acne sufferers.
      * Eco-friendly women.
      * Vegans and animal lovers (Everyday minerals have a strong no animal testing policy).


      * Mica - this is a natural mineral which gives the makeup a light-reflective quality.
      * Laurnyl Lysine - according to Everyday Minerals, this is "An all-natural amino acid derived from coconut fatty acid, contributing to the products silk like creamy texture and spreadability qualities."

      May contain:

      * Titanium Dioxide - this is a natural inert mineral which "is used as a color adjuster", and which also helps absorb excess oil.
      * Iron Oxides - this mineral gives colour to the makeup.
      * Ultramarines - this mineral also adds colour.


      As I mentioned previously, Everyday Minerals currently offer 34 shades of blusher. While this ensures that it is extremely likely you will find a great match for your skin tone, it also makes it quite tricky to find your perfect choice.

      Luckily, Everday Minerals make it a lot easier to find a suitable blusher without you having to buy and sample every single shade by providing lots of large photos and descriptions of their products. They also offer very handy (and cheap) sample sizes of all the blushers so that you can try out a few before you commit to the full size product.

      The first thing to decide when choosing your blusher is what kind of effect you are hoping to achieve, as Everyday Minerals conveniently categorise their blushers into three sections: "matte", "sheen" and "shimmer". Once you have selected the look you are after, you can then choose your colour. As is to be expected from such a number of shades, Everyday Minerals' blushers cover a vast array of colours, ranging from very subtle light pinks to red-ish tones to browns.

      Unfortunately I am only qualified to review just over 1/5 of the shades they offer (and I think this would be a very boring review if I were to review all 34!), but the others come with handy descriptions to help you make your choice. Here is a very brief summary, however, of seven of Everyday Minerals' blusher shades...

      * All Smiles (matte) - This is a peachy shade that has more of an orange than pink undertone. It is OK for pale skins but is not particularly subtle. I think it would look best with a tan.

      * Soft Touch (matte) - My favourite! This is a very, very subtle light pink shade that gives a subtle glow without looking too "made up". May perhaps be too subtle for some however.

      * Weekend Getaway (matte) - A dusky pink that is more "earthy" than girly. Nice to add a touch of colour to pale skins but doesn't provide much of a "glow".

      * Wild Vines (matte) - Word of warning to any pale skinned ladies: This one does not look as pinky or pale in real life as it does on the picture! It is much more of a purple pink and far too dark for my quite fair skin. I didn't look so much glowing as as though I had been slapped really hard across both cheeks!

      * Like Lady Bird Lake (sheen) - Another earthy pink but with more of a reddy undertone and a nice shimmer. Would be fine for most skin types but should be applied very sparsely on pale skin.

      * Come What May (shimmer) - More of a lilac than a pink, this blusher is a lot paler than my natural cheeks and left me looking completely washed off. Good perhaps for very pale skins, but not suitable for anyone with rosy cheeks!

      * Pink Ribbon (shimmer) - Another favourite. This is another very subtle, soft pink that is perfect for lighter skins. It is like Soft Touch but with sparkles!


      I generally apply my blusher after foundation, using my Bare Escentuals Angled Face Brush (which sounds posh but which I have actually owned so long that it has started to feel a bit like a brillo pad against my skin! So I think any brush would do just fine.)

      The blusher comes in a loose - rather than compact - powder form, making it easy to get just the right amount of product out (by shaking it into the lid and dipping your brush into the powder) and to remove any excess blusher off the brush (by tapping the brush lightly against the lid).

      I have found that it really depends on the shade of the blusher and the look you want to achieve how much of it you use. Some shades definitely need to be used quite sparingly, but others can be built up gradually to the desired effect. I prefer to use a lighter shade and apply more so that I have more control over how light or dark it turns out (Soft Touch and Pink Ribbon are great for this!) but that is just personal preference.

      I found, on applying all blushers, that the makeup goes on really nice and smoothly and gives a great application. It doesn't clump, it doesn't look powdery, it is very easy to blend and, in most cases, it looks quite sheer and natural; giving the skin a nice, subtle glow which really brings it to life.

      One thing that I would say about this product - which could be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it - is that the shimmery and sheeny blushers are not actually all that shimmery or sheeny, and the two formulas themselves are very hard to distinguish between. In fact, on writing this review (and after having a quick test of all the blushers to refresh my memory) I had to look up on Everyday Minerals' website which blushers were which formula as I couldn't tell for definite.

      I am always a little wary about shimmery products as I prefer more of a matte makeup look, however after exhausting all potential colours for my skin tone in the matte section of the website I decided to take a gamble on the shimmer and sheen blushers. On opening the blushers I noticed that they were quite sparkly, which I found quite pretty and worrying at once! However, once I applied them to my skin, I can't say that I noticed a massive difference between them and the other blushers!

      Don't get me wrong, there was a definite sparkle when I moved my face under the light, but it is something you would have to be quite close to notice. I definitely didn't notice that I looked particularly sparkly or sheeny, which may be a disadvantage of the product to some. However, for me, this was a definite advantage and I was pleased with the subtle sparkliness of the product.

      I would point out though, as I mentioned earlier, that the shimmer and sheen products had, to my knowledge, almost exactly the same effect, and I couldn't really tell which was which just from looking at them either in the pots or on my face. Although this didn't particularly bother me, I expect it would be a criticism of the product for some.


      I usually apply my blusher in the morning and then leave it for the rest of the day and I find that it endures really well. No matter how long I leave it for, I find that when I get home at the end of the day (or in the early hours of the morning!) it has stayed put and hasn't gone cakey or rubbed off.


      To give dull skin an extra boost, I would recommend Everyday Minerals' Soft Bronzer to accompany the blusher and work with it to provide a subtle, healthy glow. If you'd prefer the glow without the colour, however, Wet Sand is a lovely shimmery highlighter which I highly recommmend and which I love to use on my cheekbones after the blusher for a night out or when I'm really making an effort!


      Everyday Minerals offer good customer service. Although based in America, they ship internationally at cheap rates and deliver products quite quickly. They also respond to emails very quickly if you need to get in touch. One problem that I did find, however, was that on my most recent order I was charged £11.50 in Customs charges (which I had never been charged before) for products that only cost me £24 in the first place! While I understood that this is more a disadvantage of the international mailing system than the service of the company itself, it does making shopping from Everyday Minerals a lot more inconvenient and pricey!


      Everyday Minerals Blusher is available at www.everydayminerals.com. It costs $2.50 for a sample sized jar (which will last for well over ten uses; mine have lasted me for about two months each) or $8 for the full size product. At the moment, with current conversion rates, this is roughly £5 for the full size product.


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        20.05.2009 21:14
        Very helpful



        i love this

        ****Everyday Minerals Blush****

        I first came across this make up brand a few months ago and ever since i have been hooked!!!

        As the name suggests the products are all mineral. To purchase go to www.everdayminerals.com th
        When you first go on the site i found the selection a little overwhelming. There are four different styles to choose from -matte,shimmer,sheen and lucent. Under each of these styles there are quite a few different shades to choose from. I love the selection and i think they have enough shades to suit every occasion and persons skin tone.
        I always get the smaller sample size so it can be a bit hard to get a full sizes blusher brush in but i have overcome this problem by using a travel size one i got from the body shop. I like how they all have names instead of being called blusher 1 etc as it feels like more thought has gone into the product. I have found the coverage on these to be great and last the whole day.

        Can be bought in the "free" sample kit for £2.90 along with foundation and concealer. The sample size pots cost $2.50 or a big pot costs $8.00 .They also do other kits that work out at great value and i would recommend getting them.

        I love every day minerals and would recommend them to everyone. They are cheap,the products are great(not just the blushers) and they arrive quite quickly.e site is American and they ship worldwide. Another thing i like about them is that they take paypal as a method of payment so i can treat myself with my funds here(when you know what gets round to sending them that is).


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