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Everyday Minerals Foundation

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Brand: Everyday Minerals / Type: Foundation

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    5 Reviews
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      23.07.2010 15:28
      Very helpful



      A quality product which is good for your skin, good for the environment and looks fantastic on!

      Bad skin days can be incredibly annoying; I know this well, having suffered from spots right up to this grand old age of twenty five. When your skin is looking bad, you can feel less confident, less outgoing and definitely less attractive. However, slapping on the makeup (which is a natural reaction to skin blemishes) can actually have adverse effects; blocking pores, irritating skin and loading the skin with chemicals that can cause ageing and/or provoke skin reactions. It was reassuring, therefore, to find a makeup product that not only covers blemishes, but which helps to care for skin at the same time, using skin-loving minerals that are so gentle you can actually sleep in them.

      Everyday Minerals is a brand that I only became familiar with recently. After discovering that my skin did not get on at all with the primary ingredient (Bismuth Oxychloride) of what is probably the most famous brand of mineral makeup (Bare Escentuals), I began looking for a mineral foundation that had all the usual benefits of mineral makeup - kind ingredients, great coverage and no chemicals - with none of the skin irritating potential. I discovered three great brands; one of which is Everday Minerals.


      Everyday Minerals are a family owned mineral makeup business located in America. Luckily, they operate through a website that is available to all countries and which ships to most countries located outside America, including the UK.

      Everyday Mineral's main focuses are delivering affordable makeup, and delivering healthy makeup. They are indeed one of the purest makeup brands around, and produce products that contain only a minimum number of essential, natural and organic ingredients. They believe in delivering great beauty products that do not cost a fortune, while also looking after the environment by ensuring that all products are vegan and eco-friendly.

      However, where Everyday Minerals really differ from other makeup brands (except for the unusually low prices for an all-natural, organic brand) is that they really cater for everybody and provide an extremely wide range of quality products.

      Although, in the world of natural skincare and cosmetics, there exists a niche audience of environmentally friendly, health conscious women who would probably buy many natural products over their chemical alternatives regardless of their quality, Everyday Minerals do not just rely on this and do not just cater exclusively for these women. Instead, Everyday Minerals are competing with the best mainstream brands on the high street by producing makeup that rivals in quality - not just in ethics - everything on offer out there.

      Consequently, Everyday Minerals - who offer over 35 shades of foundation, something that very few other brands offer - has moved away from being a niche makeup brand and now attracts not only women who are concerned about their health, skin and environment, but women who are just after affordable, great quality makeup that offers outstanding results.


      * Acne sufferers.

      * Vegans and animal lovers (Everyday minerals have a strong no animal testing policy).

      * Those with sensitive skin.

      * Health conscious individuals.

      * Anyone worried about ageing (this foundation is free of chemicals, which can cause ageing).

      * Eco-friendly women (Everyday Minerals produce sustainable, eco-friendly products which create less pollution and use less energy in their production. The products, like most natural cosmetics, also do not release potentially toxic chemicals into the water system when they are washed off, unlike most makeup).

      * Anyone who has trouble finding their perfect shade of foundation (with over 30 shades available from this brand, there is one to suit most shades of skin).

      * Anyone after great quality, effective, affordable makeup.


      * Mica - this is a natural mineral which gives the makeup a light-reflective quality.
      * Lauroyl Lysine - According to Everyday Minerals, this is "An all-natural amino acid derived from coconut fatty acid, contributing to the products silk like creamy texture and spreadability qualities."
      * Titanium Dioxide - this is a natural inert mineral which "is used as a color adjuster", and which also helps absorb excess oil.
      * Iron Oxides - this mineral gives colour to the makeup.
      * Ultramarines - this mineral also adds colour.


      Everyday Minerals have an innovative service where you can buy an almost tailor made foundation! They not only offer many shades of foundation for different skin tones, but you also get to choose the formula for your foundation.

      To choose your shade of foundation, firstly, you must choose from one of six skin tone categories: warm, golden, beige, cool, buff or olive. I chose "cool", which is one of the more common skin tones in Britain. The website gives a description of a cool skin tone as follows:

      "Cool is for those with pinkish or soft red undertones. Hair color can range from black to dark red to platinum blonde. Eye color is usually light as in blue or green. If you are African American, then your eye color will be very dark brown, almost black. Cools usually burn first and may take along time to achieve a tan. Quite a few won't tan at all. If you look at the veins on the underside of your arm, they will appear bluish. Cool skin tones look better in silver jewelry, white instead of ivory and bolder colors close to their face."

      Within each of these categories there are a few shades of foundation, so you can choose which colour is best suited to you within your skin category. Within cool, for example, there is fair (for fair skin with pink undertones), multi-tasking neutral (a neutral colour for light to medium skin tones), fair medium (for fair to light complexions with pink undertones) and medium (for light to medium skin with pink undertones).

      Once you have chosen your foundation, you now choose your formula. The four formulas to choose from are: Matte, Semi-Matte, Intensive or Original Glo. Matte gives a smooth matte finish for oily skin; Semi-Matte mattifies skin but with more of a sheer, dewy finish; Intensive gives heavier, full coverage and a near matte finish; and Original Glo gives a dewy, shimmery finish.

      If you are having trouble deciding which skin colour you have or which formula would be best for your skin type, you can, however, choose a selection of samples to try out. The samples are $2.50 to buy individually, or Everyday Minerals have helpfully put together a few selections for you to choose from, which are also great value.

      If you really have no idea what to choose, click on "Try Me Free" at the top of the page and you can choose a "Try Me" kit of four foundations (each weighing 1 gram) which are put together based on basic skin shade (fair, light, medium, olive, tan or ivory). Each foundation comes in a different one of the four formulas, so you can test all formulas and four different colour foundations for your skin shade at the same time, all for $5 (roughly £3.25 right now), or free with any order.


      I found that this foundation went on incredibly easy. I expect that it goes on best with one of Everyday Minerals' own brushes, but I have not been able to afford one of these yet so I generally use the little kabuki brush that came free with an old Maybelline mineral foundation (although I have been known to apply it with my blusher brush, which works fine) and even with this the makeup goes on great. It is easy to do; just tip some powder into the lid (or into a bigger container if you are using a sample), swirl your brush lightly in it, tap the brush against the side to lose any excess product, and apply to the face in light strokes, blending in.

      I have used all four formulas and all of them gave a good coverage (even Original Glo) while looking very natural and sheer, which some liquid foundations don't manage, and without looking powdery or caked on, which some powder makeup can do. The powder consistency disappears as soon as it is put on the skin and, given that you choose the right shade, it can be hard to tell if you are wearing makeup as it does look very natural and smooth.

      I would say, however, that if you are using the Intensive formula it is best to go easy as it can look a little bit more caked on and obvious than the other formulas if it is applied to heavily. The Intensive formula also seems to change the colour, so a heavy application could lead to you looking either too dark or too washed out.

      For instance, I got the "fair" sample pack, and from that I thought that the "fairly light" shade (which came in Original Glo) was my favourite shade, while the Intensive formula (which was in the "fair" shade) would be the best formula for me. Hence, I ordered a big version of the "fairly light" foundation in Intensive. However, when I applied it the shade did not look the same colour in Intensive as it had in Original Glo as, with the foundation being heavier, it now looked a bit too dark for my skin, if applied too heavily.

      Therefore, I would advise that you apply the Intensive formula more lightly than the other formulas or, if you need a fairly good coverage, but not a particuarly heavy one, go for the Matte formula. Overall, however, all formulas gave a good, natural coverage, with Original Glo giving a really nice shimmery effect to the skin too.


      I found that this makeup endured a full day's routine, a night out and/or sunny weather very well. I have used it on many instances, for different activities, and have never got the smudged off or oily effect at the end of the day or night that I have experienced with other makeup. I have also felt little need to do another application half way through the day.

      The only formula that I did need to re-do throughout the day was Orginal Glo as, being made for normal to dry skin types, it is not actually meant for my type of skin (which is normal to oily). It did give good coverage and I liked the effect it gave on application, so I might wear it for a meal out or something of an evening, when it is only being worn for a few hours, but on oily skin it does not endure well for a full day's wear. However, this is to be expected and I think it would be a great formula for dry skin.


      When I bought my foundation I was keen to try a few other products as well to complement it. I bought several face products and found a few firm favourites which really complement the foundation well. First of all, if you feel that you need a bit of extra coverage as well as your foundation, I highly recommend the Natural Reflections powder (which comes in four different shades. I chose "fair"); a light powder which helps to set foundation (to help it endure the day) and mattify skin.

      My favourite product to apply after foundation, however, is Everyday Minerals' Soft Bronzer. This is one of the most natural, healthy looking, shimmery bronzers I have ever used. It is great to use on pale skin, after your foundation, to give it a nice, dewy glow.


      Everyday Minerals offer great customer service. They really seem to care about offering their customers the best prices, and the post and packaging is very cheap considering it is coming from America (mine was only $6.89 - around £4.50 at the moment - for a full size foundation, powder and bronzer and two sample blushers). You do have to wait longer to receive your products, but it is not an excessively long wait. I received my last order in under two weeks. When one of my orders got lost in the post (during the whole volcanic ash thing) they also gave me a quick refund.

      The company also offer their customers the opportunity to try out all products in a cheap sample size before they buy, which is a great help. The samples are said to last for three to five uses, but mine actually lasted much longer than this. The "try me" kits are also a great idea and great value, and you can buy a kit to test out blushers and powders as well as foundation. They also let you add one of these kits to an order at any time - for free!


      Everyday Minerals Foundation (or Base, as they call it) is available at www.everydayminerals.com. It costs $2.50 for a sample sized jar (1g) or $12 for the full size (5.5g). At the moment (with current conversion rates) this is roughly £7.80, which is a great deal as I have been using my foundation for over two months now and it is still going strong!


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        03.09.2009 20:18
        1 Comment



        great foundation

        This has to be one of the best mineral foundations out there. The brand is formulated by a woman that used to work for Bare Minerals and saw that people were reacting to the Bismuth in the BM foundation so she decided to make her own that everyone could use. The foundation comes in 3 different finishes: Original Glo, Semi Matte and Intensive. You can get a free sample package delivered worldwide for the cost of postage only. The foundation layers nicely and you can build up the coverage. They offer value sets that you can stock up on your shade (or shades) for relatively cheap. The foundation comes in screw top jars with closeable sifters so it's great for traveling with. The jars last years (and I mean years!) I have a couple from at least 3 years ago that still have powder in them! I have combination skin and personally find that the intensive foundation is a little too chalky for me, the semi matte is the best, you get matte where you want it and a subtle glow everywhere else!


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          22.07.2009 20:57



          What a product. I will definately be using this again and won't be going back to liquid foundation.

          Everyday minerals is an American company who sell mineral foundations, blushes and concealers, along with other items. They ship to the UK for only £2-3 depending on the exchange rate.

          I have the mineral foundation in three shades after getting them on a free trial bases, so I only paid the postage. I have wanted to try some mineral foundation powders but was put off by one product where the minerals are stored in a compartment in the brush and come out through the bristles. I found this didn't give any coverage at all and was useless, so when the free trial came up I jumped at the chance to give it a go.

          The trial products came through within 7-10 days which I thought was good as I was worried about customs delays. I used the beige neutral one immediately. I was instantly pleasantly suprised by the coverage, I looked flawless and airbrushed but without looking caked in heavy foundation. The blendability is also really good and a little goes a long way.

          The only problem I found with the product was that if it gets on to fabrics you cant just dust it off, it needs to be washed out, but this would be the same for all foundations I suppose.

          I also found that although the website is very descriptive regarding the shades of the powder I ended up with two foundations that are too dark for my skin. I think that maybe it's difficult to guestimate what colour you need. I would suggest a trial before purchasing a large pot.


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          15.07.2009 11:51
          Very helpful



          A good quality mineral foundation at a not too expensive price!

          I have recently wrote a review on the Everyday Minerals Conceal product, which in my opinion is brilliant, and I now want to review the foundation range they do.
          As previously mentioned, you can get some free samples from Everyday Minerals and in this sample make-up kit, you can choose 3 different types of foundations to sample. I highly recommend doing this as you can find a good foundation type and shade that suits you before buying the full priced version.
          Mineral make-up is one of those things in the world of cosmetics that started off small and is now everywhere, with lots of different companies offering some form of mineral make-up and lots of companies who ONLY produce and sell mineral make-up.

          Everyday Minerals are found at www.everydayminerals.com and are based in the US, and don't have a UK website. You can however order from the site and have your order delivered to the UK.
          Everyday Minerals state they have a 'pledge' to you, the consumer, and the planet. The pledge reads as this:
          "Everyday Minerals seeks to include the highest quality, all-natural and organic products sourced from sustainable environments across the globe, and to eliminate toxins and engineered material in our products."
          Looking on their website they do all kinds of make-up from foundations to blusher, and make-up for eyes and lip balm for, well, lips. They even do a range of pressed make-up for people who just don't like powder. They make their own range of make-up brushes too, which are ideal for use with mineral make-up.

          On the home page of the website you will notice in bold a box saying 'Free Samples Get 'Em Now' and this is what drew me into trying something from the Everyday Minerals range. Here you can order a Free Sample Makeup Kit. In your kit you can choose 3 sample sized foundations in any colour and formula, a sample sized blush and a concealer. I happily choose each of my samples, which was very easy to do, and simply paid the postage which wasn't too expensive at all. It arrived in the UK quite quickly.

          On the website the foundations comes under the sub menu of 'Base.' Clicking on this will bring you to the page with mini pictures of the foundations, and there's a really good range to choose from! To help you they have divided the shades into categories, Warm, Golden, Cool Beige, Buff and Olive, and under these are lots of foundations suitable for your skin tone. You may be stuck for choice, there are 40 different shades to choose from, but luckily you can choose 3 if you are going down the free sample route! Once you have choosen a shade you are then presented with more choice, you can now select a foundation formula. Here you have 4 choices, Semi-Matte, Matte, Intensive or Original Glo. As I have oily skin I immediately went for the Matte versions for my foundations, however I would quite like to try the Intensive formula in the future, as the Intensive Concealer has been great.

          When the foundations arrived they were all in the same small 1g tub. They do come with tiny sifters but the tubs are so tiny it's pointless trying to apply usng these tubs, so I emptied one of them into an empty pot, this enabled me to apply the foundation better. To apply the foundation I used my BareMinerals Kabuki brush, however Everyday Minerals also produce a Kabuki which is only priced at $10 so you may wish to purchase this one. I would say Kabuki brush is essential for applying mineral foundation as it allows you to swirl the foundation into the brush hairs and buff the foundation onto your face.
          Using this foundation I was nicely surprised. It was easy to use the kabuki brush with it and straight away I noticed a very good matte coverage as I slowly worked the powder around my face. It was very easy to apply and the foundation didn't fall off my face. It blended in with my skin tone perfectly and really covered up pores and problem areas!

          I'm pleased to notice I only need a small amount of the foundation at a time as a little does go a long way. I've noticed during the day my face stays nice and matte for quite a while, however I still have to apply some pressed powder to my face as a top up later on, but this is because I have very oily skin and it can't be helped. I do love the fact that mineral powder does not clog up your pores as a liquid foundation might, and mineral foundation is much kinder to your skin as it's so light and made from minerals rather than chemicals!
          I am certainly considering purchasing the full size tub when my sample one runs out, I like the fact there are a lot of different shades and formula's to choose from, with BareMinerals you don't have this choice of a formula and there isn't a very large range of shades to choose from.

          The foundations from Everyday Minerals are great. There's a huge range of shades and formula's so you will certainly find something for your skin type, and the foundation's aren't too expensive yet provide brilliant coverage. If you are interested in giving mineral make-up a try I would certainly recommend giving their free sample make up kit a try, you do only get small pots however with mineral make-up a little goes a long way and so these are perfect for finding the right shade for you.

          More information on this range and their products can be found at: www.everydayminerals.com


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            06.05.2009 21:55
            Very helpful



            go buy!!!!

            ****Everyday Minerals Foundation ****

            For quite a few months i have heard that mineral foundation is the best you can get so when i saw it on offer on everydayminerals.com i decided to give it a try.

            **About the brand**
            Everyday minerals is " a real-life company -- breathing and growing through the seasons with all of you, intent on having fun and enjoying the simple beauty of life, friends, and family."They sell cosmetics at affordable prices and since they want you to try it they offer a free sample package where all you pay is postage and packaging (they don't even limit how many samples you try)They are very environmentally conscious -all their products arrive in recycled paper etc

            **Different kinds of foundation**
            I can always remember the first time i got asked what kind of foundation i was after from a make up artist......i must have given them such a confused look. At that point foundation was foundation okay so some were liquid and some were powder but that's it right?.Nope apparently not. Everyday Minerals only offer powder foundation but they offer several kinds...

            Original glo-healthy dewy glow. This is the only one in the range i haven't tried so cannot comment on it.
            Semi-Matte -a soft luminous touch
            Matte -radiant without shine -these are both really good so i would recommend either.
            Intensive -extra coverage . Either be really careful you get the exact right skin shade for this or apply really lightly. When it says it covers your face they really mean just that!!!
            The coverage in all of these are really good i would say get the matte if you have more oily skin. These all give you flawless skin and they last all day long.

            The above actually comes after you have picked out the right shade.They have a really wide selection of shades to pick from and if you need help go to the faq link on the foundation page and it will help you pick one based on skin colour,eye colour,hair colour..
            There are six different headings to choose from based on your skin type and these then have different shades to help you find the perfect one for you.
            Warm-soft butter peach,warm-medium beige,warm-buttered tan,warm-medium beige summer,warm-sandy medium and warm tan.
            Golden--golden fair,golden fawn,golden light,golden-winged butter,golden-medium tan,golden medium deep
            cool-fair ,fair-medium,medium,multi tasking neutral,medium summer,pink tan,peach and deep tan
            beige-sandy fair, sunkissed fair,fairly light, light medium,medium beige neutral and light tan.
            Buff-fair neutral,ivory,fairly light neutral,linen,light neutral,beige neutral,perfect and fairly summer.
            Olive-fair,light,golden medium,olive medium,sweet almond,light almond,light martian,neutral and sandy olive.

            As you can tell from that list there is so many to choose from so check the guide for help.
            The products themselves come in round tubs with the name of the company on them.These feel quite light on with the exception of the intense one which feels heavy.

            **Price and where to get**
            These are available from everydayminerals.com . The sample kit cost around £3.80 after the exchange rate and you get 3 foundations,1 concealer and 1 blush. Each foundation tub lasts about 1 week which still makes it really cheap as the 3 jars last over 3 weeks...Individual sample pots cost $2.50 or you can get the big pots for $12.00-on the site they recommend getting the sample size as it lasts for ages(bigger sample size than the free sample size).You can also get bigger kits where you pick 6 items for $34 (postage $9)or 12 for $50.00.

            I would recommend this product to everyone,well almost. They don't have foundation for people with really dark skin just from pale to dark olive. The prices are fantastic and i think it suits most peoples budgets. The only thing i would say about getting the sample sizes is that the pots are a wee bit smaller so i would recommend using travel sized brushes with these. My samples have always arrived within a week despite it coming from America.


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