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Eyeko Skinny Pencil Eyeliner

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3 Reviews
  • versatile
  • easy to use
  • expensive
  • smudges easily
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    3 Reviews
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      04.09.2014 12:41
      Very helpful


      • versatile
      • "easy to use"
      • "nice colour"


      • expensive
      • "smudges easily"
      • "doesn't last"

      Disappointing eyeliner

      Eyeko Skinnny Eyeliner is available in 5 colours and is priced at £9.50.

      My thoughts
      The eyeliner looks quite different to other pencils purely because it tapers to a point at the end, it reminds me of cigarette holders to be honest! I think the idea behind this is supposed to be that it's easier to hold onto and use than just a regular pencil, but I hold the pencil much further up than this so it makes no difference to me.

      The colour I have this eyeliner pencil in is called Midnight Blue, which as you would expect is a deep blue colour. I like using this colour when I want to do a smokey eye effect because it's still nice and dark but is more subtle than black.
      The liner is really soft which means it's very easy to apply and it goes on smoothly and evenly and doesn't drag at the skin. The softness of it also makes it a versatile liner which can be easily used to create both fine and thicker lines, and be smudged to create a softer look.

      Unfortunately I've found that the softness of the liner also means that it rubs off easily as well as smudging easily, and it doesn't last well through a night out. After a few hours it starts to look a little worn and less than perfect, and smudged in places.
      It doesn't irritate my skin at all and I do have sensitive skin, and it's very easily removed with any old cleanser or makeup remover, no specialist products required.

      No, I wouldn't recommend this eyeliner, purely because it doesn't last well enough to make it worth the price. It was disappointing.


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      19.07.2013 10:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      great liner

      I got this free in a magazine a couple of weeks ago and have been using yhis every day. I have never had much luck with this type of liner. Here are my thoughts.

      This comes in a small felt tip pen style and is a matte silver with black writing explaining the product and what is does. There is a silver cap too. This initially comes in a black and blue rectangular box. This pen is gorgeous to look at it seems really professional and it has a really expensive feel. This is perfect for a travel makeup bag.

      The Eyeliner
      I adore this. There is a fine felt tip point and this makes it very easy to create a point or even something a little different. I have used this to create little hearts and stars and it goes on perfectly black in just one swipe. Not only that this lasts all day. It does not disappear at the first sign of sweaty face. This also takes less than a minute to set and once it has set the only way to get rid of this is through makeup remover.
      If I make a small mistake dipping a cotton bud in some makeup remover means it is soon gone.
      This eyeliner is probably the best I have ever tried.

      Price and Availability
      This can be bought at a number of shops online including eyekos own website plus beauty bay and retails for around £10. This is more than I would usually pay but I feel for the effect this is more than worth it. I will be buying this again.

      5 stars


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        04.03.2012 14:03
        Very helpful



        A fantastic pencil eyeliner - note: image above is not correct, this is a pencil liner!

        Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Line and Define Pencil - Shade: Powder Pink - picture above is not correct!

        I received this product in the February/valentine's day glossy box (a review on glossy box will be coming soon). I had heard of Eyeko before I received this product and I had bought a couple of their nail polishes and they did not work well at all for me - so I didn't really have high hopes of this but it is just fantastic!

        - Product description from Eyeko uk site

        "Eyeko skinny eyeliner Pencils for precise definition and intense colour. Line and define for long-lasting colour. The wax based, creamy formula allows for smooth application. Even when you sharpen the pencil to the smallest nub the silver handle remains for longer use."

        - About the product

        This product is called a skinny pencil eyeliner for a reason, it is really quite thin, especially the handle which tapers in to a small point at one end. Each eyeliner is 0.8g or 0.029 oz. This eyeliner comes in six shades: black, midnight blue, emerald green, plum, dove grey and the shade that I have which is called 'powder pink'. The eyeliner is a pencil/kohl eyeliner and it is not retractable, therefore it will need to be sharpened. The overall packaging for this product is quite nice as it comes in a bright turquoise box and the pencil is pink and silver.

        - Shade: Powder Pink

        I have been looking for a light pink or skin tone eyeliner pencil for a while but all of them where a little bit expensive such as the MAC chromagraphic skin tone pencil and the Une flesh tone pencils so I was very happy when I received this shade in my glossy box last month. I would not have picked this shade up if it was in store as I wouldn't have thought that it would work so well on the waterline as a skin tone pencil but this shade is just fantastic as a skin tone pencil for me, as it is a light pinky shade with no shimmer or glitter at all.

        - Using the product, results and longevity

        I have been using this pencil almost every day since I received it and I really like using this product and it works so well. Firstly, to use this pencil I just go through my usual face/make up routine and then I apply this pencil directly to my lower waterline (in between the lower lash line and you eye). I don't usually like using wooden kohl pencils on my water line as I usually find them to feel quite harsh and scratchy on my waterline but this pencil is not harsh at all. This eyeliner has such as smooth, creamy texture that it just glides on to my waterline with no pain or scratching at all. This pencil is incredibly easy to use, it takes me a couple of seconds to line each lower waterline with this pencil and it looks really natural on my waterline as my skin is fairly pale and also my skin has pinky/red undertones to it, as this pencil does. I use this pencil on my lower waterline as it neutralizes the redness on my waterline, from lack of sleep etc. and it makes my eyes looks so much more awake. Also this pencil when used on the waterline makes my eyes look fresh, bigger and brighter which is fantastic, especially as I don't sleep very well and I can look quite tired and since using this pencil I feel like my makeup overall looks fresher and brighter (and cleaner for some reason). I just love the look of this pencil on my waterline. The eyeliner is really pigmented so it only needs one swipe on my waterline to get a good colour pay off and it has not shimmer/glitter so it looks really quite natural against my skin tone. This pencil lasts for absolutely ages on my waterline which is something I have not found with other eyeliners, this pencil lasts on my waterline until I take it off which is a massive achievement - as on me a lot of eyeliner wear off on the waterline within a couple of hours but this stays put all day. I have also tried this pencil on my eyelid to see if it makes a good eye shadow base and I find that this pencil is just fantastic at neutralizing the redness on my eyelids! It also feels like it would make a good eye shadow base as it feel a little bit tacky on my eyelids but after about half an hour my eye shadow had creased - so it does not work as an eye shadow base but you could use it to neutralize pigmentation on the eyelids then you could use a primer/eye shadow base over the top. Overall, this eyeliner is very creamy and smooth therefore it is super quick and easy to apply. This eyeliner is a great shade for me as it works with my skin that has pinky/red undertones and it has amazing longevity on the waterline.

        - Overall positives

        The overall positives of this product are as follows: this product is a great shade for me due to my skin tone and this shade is fantastic on my waterline. The eyeliner itself applies so smoothly and it is really creamy which makes application even quicker and easier. The shade is fantastic for using on my waterline and it makes my eyes look bigger, brighter and it makes me look more awake, which is needed for the early lectures at university. This pencil is also really pigmented and once needs once swipe to get a good line of colour. I also like the packaging and the long handle (which I didn't like at first) but as it is stated in the product description, the handle will be useful when the actual eyeliner is almost used up.

        - Overall negatives

        The overall negatives of this product are as follows: the pencil does not work well as an eye shadow base as my eye shadow creased after about half an hour but it is not sold as an eye shadow base - therefore I cannot give it any negative points!

        - Price and availability

        I received this product in my February/valentine's day glossy box and I am so glad that I received this product and also this shade. I have the full size product and it can be bought from: the Eyeko UK site for £9.50 (10 euros or $14) which I think is a really good price, especially when considering that it is a fantastic product, in my opinion. This product can also be bought from asos (free delivery) and ebay.



        *Very easy to use
        *Does not scratch or feel harsh when I use on my waterline - it feels really creamy and smooth on my skin/waterline
        *Very pigmented and I only need to go over my waterline once with this pencil
        *Good price and fairly widely available online
        *Range of shades and this shade in particular is fantastic for pale skin tones, in my opinion
        *The longevity of this product on the waterline is great!


        *None at all in my opinion - although I don't think this product is well known, which it should be as it is fantastic!

        Thank you for reading my review x


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