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Eyelure Girls Aloud Lashes Kimberley

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    14 Reviews
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      21.11.2014 23:33
      Very helpful


      • "easy to wear"


      Fluttering lashes show up great on photos

      I do occasionally wear false eyelashes for a very special occasion and often save a pair for Christmas wearing! I don't know how people save them and reuse them though, for me it's a one time only deal and I am generally glad to peel them off at the end of the night and chuck them in the bin.

      I tend to opt for the eyelure lashes as they are good quality and come in a kit with everything you need. The Kimberly style are light and fluttery and not too overly dramatic which I like.

      I don't like paying too much for disposable eye wear but anything up to a fiver is OK by me. You can find these particular strain of eyelure on the ASOS website for around that price.

      What I like about the lashes is that they really do show up and look good on photos, nice and natural but a bit of a professional finish to your eyes. They also look OK in person, not too distracting for the person you are talking to!

      What I don't like is how you can spend ages making your makeup look grand and then fluff it up with the last minute application of these lashes. I like to run a bit of mascara through my own lashes and these to sort of blend them together and that usually works.

      I don't like how these react to eyeshadow though, I hate it when your eyes look all powdery and the liner doesn't fit with the lashes.

      In conclusion, these are OK for a special occasion but I couldn't wear them all the time, nor could I reuse them.


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      25.08.2012 17:52
      Very helpful



      Great for fuller lashes in seconds .

      I have tried many, many, many different types of false eyelashes since I have very short, stumpy eyelashes myself!

      For a long time these eyelashes were my absolute favourites for a night out since I love Girls Aloud anyway and out of the whole girls aloud range, these ones are by far the best and most flattering natural shape.

      The eyelashes are quite easy to stick on if you have had expereince with sticking on false eyelashes before, if you have not then you might need a few attempts but don't worry because if you do make a mistake, you can really easily peel them off, apply more glue and then have another go.

      These eyelashes are made by the company 'Eyelure' which I always buy my false lashes from because the glue they provide is really easy to use and holds for the whole night once you have your lashes on securely.

      My top tip would be to paste the glue along the top edge of the lashes and then wait about 30 seconds until the glue is sticky rather than runny to stick them on. This means that once you have attached them they are not sliding about all over the place. Make sure you have done all of your makeup before sticking them on.


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      10.01.2012 00:41
      Very helpful



      Great buy, reasonably priced and they look great and can be reused

      I don't really wear fake eyelashes very often, just when I am going out over Christmas, Boxing Night and New Years, when I have a new sparkly dress and am putting a little extra effort in when I am dressing up to go out.

      I bought the Girls Aloud Kimberly version fake eye lashes because my sister recommended them to me, she had bought them for her hen night and they looked amazing on, so I figured I would try these this Christmas for the party nights out.

      I am useless at putting fake eyelashes on, I just don't have a steady hand at all and I find them really figity, they go on basically the same way as most other fake eyelashes go on, though if you have never used fake eyelashes, here is a quick run down of how to apply them:
      1. Take the eyelashes in your hand, or with a pair of twesers, and apply a small amount of eyelash glue (included in package) to the band of the eyelashes.
      2. Carefully place the band as closely to your eyelashes as possible.
      3. If you can see a gap between your real lashes and the fake lashes, use some eyeliner to tidily fill in the gap (only if the gap is small).
      4. Use eyelash curlers on your real eyelashes and the fake ones together to blend them together.
      5. Finish off the look with some mascara.
      I find this process a little tricky and definitely recommend using the tweesers as they give me a little more control over the fake eyelashes than my hands.

      I was really happy with my eyelashes once I had got them applied evenly, the lashes are super long but they don't look tacky or fake, they actually have quite a natural look to them, which I was quite pleased with. These lashes really make your eyes 'pop', they give them a real natural looking boost.
      Also apart from looking great I was really pleased with the fact that these lashes stayed on really well on two different nights out, they didn't fall off and down my face like other fake lashes I have bought and I didn't need to adjust them once the whole time I was wearing them.

      These lashes weren't at all difficult to remove at the end of the night either, you simply use a warm face cloth and wipe over your eyes gently and they come off easily and painlessly. Once they have been removed, they are re-usable so you can use them over again, though I only got two uses out of mine because the glue on them clumped up and looked dirty and unnatural.

      I bought my Girls Aloud lashes in Superdrug for around £5, which wasn't a bad price as they are re-usabale, though I only got two uses out of my lashes before they got all glued up and bad looking, though still at £2.50 a go they are still quite cheap compared to other fake eye lashes on the market.

      Overall I think these lashes are fantastic, I will be buying them again the next time I am going out and getting all dressed up, they are really good quality compared to some other lashes I have tried and they look great once they have been applied. Also they have fantastic staying power and need no adjustment when they have been put on. Overall I would give these lashes 5 out of 5 stars because they look great and are great quality.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek858


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        28.04.2011 16:17
        Very helpful



        Thumbs up!

        .About the lashes
        I love love love long lashes, but I really think when it comes to buying a set you can't just go for the cheapest! I can be such a cheapskate so will usually opt for what has the best offer, however, with my lashes...it has to be girls aloud.

        When they first came out my first thoughts were that it was just another money making ploy with pretty packaging making the young girls buy them so they can look like their favorite member but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and look of the lashes once applied!
        As you can probably guess they come in five different types: Kimberly, Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah and Nicola all with a picture of the celeb on the front. Usually I would find something like that rather tacky and even though Girls aloud are a guilty pleasure of mine I probably wouldn't have bought them, but being on special offer...of course...I gave them a go.

        Here's what the girls say about their lashes:

        Kimberley Walsh: "My lashes give great length and texture. I love the boost they give to my eyes!"
        Cheryl Cole: "I love the dark glossy look of my lashes. They are a must for a night out - cool and ultra glamorous."

        Nadine Coyle: My lashes are full and layered with a really natural feel. I could wear this fun, flirty style everyday!"
        Nicola Roberts: "I designed my lashes to be really full but still demure. I wanted a natural beauty effect with the length and thickness we need."

        Sarah says: " I love my lashes and wear them all the time. I chose a full, spiky style that elongates my eyes."

        The Eylure brand has been involved with the entertainment industry since its creation in the late 1940's. As the key false lash brand in the UK, Eylure 'The Lash Experts' are said to have long been a favourite of Girls Aloud. The group wanted lashes that fit with their each individual personalities and the beauty looks they wished to create. Designed, briefed and approved by each of the ladies Eylure lashes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Fabulous, flirty and flexible they are suitable for all eye shapes and all occasions.

        They have an ultra lightweight feel and once applied I can barely tell they are on. Some cheap lashes I have bought in the past can poke at the corner of your eye or make them feel really heavy but these lashes really have been designed to perfection. They are easy to apply and reusable however if I am way too drunk to carry out the make up removal process then they don't look quite so pretty by the morning so I would advise taking them out! They are also contact lens friendly which is good for me as I am a lens wearer! The pack includes it's own little pot of adhesive and application instructions included.

        Never worn lashes before? Here's how to apply
        1. If needed then trim the width and length of your false eye lashes. But first, try the original length and see if you prefer it that way before cutting. You should do this with the little beauty scissors not standard kitchen scissors!

        2. Prepare the things that you would need: a good pair of tweezers (I like the mister mascara tweezers best), some eyelash glue (which is included in the set) and your lashes, of course. A magnifying mirror can also be useful but not necessary.
        3. Before actually applying the lashes, line the upper part of your lash line with black eyeliner pencil. This is optional but it helps to conceal the lash band area.

        4. Pick up the fake eyelashes with a pair of tweezers. You are likely to have more control if you use tweezers than handle it with your fingers.
        5. Apply a tiny amount of eyelash glue by dipping the end of the fake lashes. Wait for about 30 seconds for the glue to become sticky.

        6. Apply the fake eyelashes very slightly above your real eyelashes, and position them as close to your lashline as possible. Gently press the eyelash area with the tip of your tweezers until it false lashes are set.
        7. When the fake eye lashes are set in place, curl them with a good eyelash curler, together with your natural lashes. Apply some mascara afterwards.
        As easy as it sounds this is not a procedure that should be rushed as it can become VERY frustrating when they go wrong!!!


        I have worn all of the girls lashes now besides Nicolas as I am not keen on the texture of them. Cheryl and Sarahs lashes are both very dark which look great on a smoky eye however Kimberlys are by far my favourite lashes and I now repeat buy every time I am set to go out on a night out (I would not wear them as every day wear as some people do), they are longer than the others and I find with a layer of mascara on top they look just how I want them too.
        Of course if you have read many of my previous reviews you will already have guessed where I buy these from...BOOTS! So I can get my lovely advantage card points totted up! They also often have 3 for 2 offers or something similar! I have been told though that Claires accessories sell them a little cheaper so it may be worth comparing the price first! I would recommend all of the lashes in the set I have tried but Kimberly comes off top every time! If you would like to try them you can buy a set with them all in for £24.99 from Amazon...this is also a great little present!! They now also do a range of 'festival lashes' but I have not tried any of these yet!! (If you don't understand my title Kimberly's first solo hit which has recently aired is called Like you like ;)..)

        Please see the picture of my Kimberly Lashes in action below!
        I hope you enjoy my review and if you have any questions please let me know :-)


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        21.02.2011 14:34
        Very helpful



        Good eyelashes for beginners

        To be perfectally honest, I don't really wear false lashes, I have been naturally blessed with long and thick eyelashes but when I saw the hype about Girls Aloud eyelashes, I decided to give them a go on a night out.

        I bought mine from Boots and I think you get a little change from £5, as I wear glasses and contact lens sometimes, I needed to check that these were contact friendly, which they are. In the packet, you get a small tube of glue which is great as you don't have to buy extras.

        I didn't want the eyelashes to make me look like Jordan, I just wanted my eyes to look a little bit more enhanced and natural. The lining of the eyelashes aren't too thick, which gives you more of a natural look, I didn't want it to be overly obvious as with a too thick a line, the eyelashes stick together.

        So I opened the glue and dabbed a bit on my hand, just to see how quick it dried and found that it was rather sticky, so I could be guranteed my eyelashes would stay in place for the whole night. It's really simple and easy to apply the glue to the eyelashes, which surprised me as I expected it to be messy and a bit of a hassle, which is why I suppose I haven't used them before. I applied the lashes just over the top of my lash line using my fingers and found that they stuck straight away, and you couldn't see any glue.

        I expected them to feel strange or irritate my eyes, but they didn't. I hardly noticed them when I had them on but they definitely made my eyelashes look fuller and thicker, and felt comfortable, I wasn't trying to rip them off half way through the night.

        I've only worn these eyelashes a few times now on nights out but I have found that they are as good as they were on my first wear and I don't have to restick them.

        I really like these eyelashes and look forward to trying the other ones in the the range.


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          11.03.2010 16:05
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          False Lashes

          I am a big big fan of false lashes and wear them almost everytime I go out on a night out.. most weekends! When I heard the hype about these lashes I had to try them to see for myself.

          I got mine from Boots for just under £5.00 and claim to be contact lens friendly, which is great for me being a contact lens wearer. These eyelashes comes with a little small tube of glue, which is handy as you dont need to buy any extras in order to use this product.

          When taking the lashes off its display piece, which was stuck with a tiny bit of glue, I noticed that the lining of the eyelashes werent too thick which meant that they were going to give a more natural look when on my eyes. You can get some eyelashes that have a thick lining to ensure the lashes stay together, but can also give you a thick unwanted ´falsh eyelash` line above your eyes and the glue therefore is very visible. However with this thin liner, this was a good start. A thin liner of eyelashes can however also mean that the lashes can also fall apart easily or not as good at keeping its shape when re-used.

          When opening the glue, I found it to be a quality one, as my hands were rather sticky after touching the glue. Strong glue, a good sign. I found applying the glue to the eyelashes rather simple and actually hassle free. Done with no problems at all. As I always wear eyelashes, I have my own technique of applying lashes and now know where to position the lashes to get them to look right.

          I found that applying the sticky lashes to my eyes, so easy. They stuck straight away and with a few minor tweeks, my falsh eyelashes were now situated where they should have been with no glue obviously in view. Just what I wanted. The lashes were on and they didnt irritate my eyes once on. With some lashes, you can sometimes find that the ends stab or stratch your eye lids everytime you cloase them, but with these, they felt truly comfortable.

          I have wore these lashes several times on nights out and have found them to stay on my eyes for the whole night. There is nothing worse than being out and having to glue your lashes back on.

          I found that these lashes gave my eyelashes an enhanced look without looking too false. I truly loved wearing these and shall be getting another pair soon.

          A good pair of eyelashes even for beginners.


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            02.03.2010 20:59
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            good product

            These were the first false eyelashes I have ever used and I was very impressed with them.

            You can pick them up from most cosmetic stores (boots,superdrug, I have even seen them in Claires Acc) they are just under £5.
            As with most false eyelashes they come with a tube of eyelash glue.

            The shape is very girly,flicking up at the outer eye. This makes it very easy to identify which eyelash is for which eye!
            I found them easy to apply without tweezers and once applied I have never had any incident with them coming off/loose.
            They are perfect for a night out but maybe a little to much for everyday.
            Whilst the Kimberley ones are great the Cheryl Cole ones are very heavy on your eyelids and I would not recomend these.
            I have also been able to get to applications out of one pair of eyelashes!!
            Easy to apply,cheap and durable!


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              26.02.2010 20:46
              Very helpful



              Great - even for those whove never used them before.

              I love false eyelashes - on other people. Me? Whenever I try to apply them I end up looking horrific with bloodshot eyes and glue stuck everywhere that it shouldn't be. I'd gotten to the point where I didn't even bother anymore, but when I saw that Girls Aloud had brought a range out - I just had to try them.

              So I shelled out the £4 for them and out came the lashes and the little pot of glue. I prepared myself for disaster, and to be honest - the first time I tried to apply them it didn't work at all, but then the second time I
              tried they smoothed nicely across my lids and settled in place. The glue is
              brilliant - it is only small and quite tricky to grab, but it sets really
              nicely and dries really clear.

              Kimberleys eyelashes make a really nice addition to your own lashes without looking too over the top. They are quite long but really nicely curled with a nice flick at the end. You don't have to use the eelash curler on them and I got tons of compliments on them. Ive also tried Cheryls and Sarahs since (and found them just as easy to use) but with Cheryls I felt like my eyelashes were being weighed down, and Sarahs seemes a bit too short and spiky, so ive stuck to Kimbereys since.

              I manage to get a couple of uses out of them by being really careful when I peel them off and making sure that they go back in the box to stop them from being damaged.

              I wear contact lenses too, and they never once aggravated them.

              The ingredients for them are: -
              Rubber Latex
              Butyl Acrylate/ Ethylhexyl Methacrylate Copolymer
              Cellulose Gum
              Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer
              Ammonium Hydroxide

              So watch out for allergies. But if your ok to use them - go for it!!!


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              08.02.2010 08:13



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              04.01.2010 21:19
              Very helpful



              Eyelure Girls Aloud Lashes - Kimberley

              Im trying to ease myself back into the swing of things with my beauty reviews so I thought this would be a fantastic place to start as I have nearly finished reviewing all of the eyelashes from this Girls Aloud range. If you are a regular reader of my reviews you will know by now what a massive fan I am of false eyelashes and it was of no surprise to me when i woke up on Christmas morning to the full Eylure & Girls Aloud eyelash set so I set about trying them all as quick as I possibly could, however sad that may sound!! =]

              What Attracted Me To These Lashes?:
              I already had a good idea of what Kimberly's lashes looked like when they were applied onto eyes before I actually tried them for myself. I saw a friend wearing them on a night out and they looked really good. They look totally different on than they do in the packet in my opinion they looked a lot longer than I expected and really did give her eye's a lot more definition. So they looked perfect for a night out and she also mentioned that they were really comfortable so it was hard to see where they were going wrong! I had to give them a shot after that didnt I?!

              Eylure & Girls Aloud:
              The Eylure brand has been around for a number of years now and is regarded by many people as the top brand for fake eyelashes. Their lashes always vary in style & colour and some are pretty outrageous. The Girls Aloud eyelashes haven't actually been available for that long, they probably came out earlier this year but from people's reactions and the reputation the girls lashes seem to be very popular. Every girl from the band is said to have designed their lashes themselves (although I don't believe they really did) and they are based on the lashes of that girl. For this review though I will be concentrating on Kimberly's contribution.

              I know a lot of people who are put off wearing false lashes because they think they are hard to apply, but all you need is practice. I was hopeless at applying them at first but the beauty of these is you can apply them over and over again whilst you practice and they wont look worn.

              A lot of people like to this part using tweezers but I just use my thumb and forefinger.

              1. These particular falsies are clearly marked up Left & Right so even a silly beggar like me knows which one is which.

              2. If the lash is wider than your eye, trim one side of it lash by lash. I find with these lashes they are actually too small for my eyes but it may be different for you.

              3. Squeeze eyelash glue onto the back of your hand and run the eyelash along it.
              Not the whole of the eyelash just the part that will be stuck to your eye :)

              4. Pick the lashes up with your thumb and forefinger (or tweezers) and bring it as close to your natural lash line as possible.

              5. Press from end to end and hold until the glue dries. I find this usually doesnt take more than 30 seconds.

              6. Apply mascara while pressing your finger behind the fake lashes. This helps to blend your natural lashes and also the false ones so you achieve a more natural look overall.

              7.Fill any gaps between the false lashes and your natural lash line with eyeliner.

              This does sound quite difficult but honestly in this case practice does make perfect so stick with it.

              Whats In This Pack?:
              Obviously two false eyelashes clearly labelled left & right

              1 small bottle of false eyelash glue ** DONT WORRY THIS GLUE IS A BRIGHT WHITE BUT IT DOES DRY CLEAR!!**

              Instructions which come in a wide range of languages.

              So on to the most important part......

              What Do Kimberly's Lashes Look Like?
              As I mentioned I think these lashes look totally different when your are wearing them to what they look like in the packet. In the packet they look quite demure and girly while still looking quite long. However when you apply them they look a LOT longer which surprised me and they are a lot fuller and thicker than I thought they would. I assumed that these would be perfect for day wear but after trying them on they are definitely more suited to night out because they are an instant "eye-catching" look for your eyes.

              Kimberly describes these lashes as "full of great length & texture" & "they give a great boost to my eyes". I have to say I agree with her on that one and even though I didnt think much of these when I saw them in the packet I have been converted!

              Are They Comfortable?
              I thought they were very comfortable but maybe thats because I wear false lashes all the time because I have heard from a few people that these are the least comfortable out of the GA set. But as I said these are very comfortable for me and I forget Im wearing them when I go out!

              Overall Opinion:
              I will definitely be wearing these again and I highly recommend everyone else reading this (I assume just the women though =]) goes out and buys themselves a pair as well. They do look perfect for a night out because they add a bit more definition to your eyes, something which mascara alone doesnt do for me but they are certainly more suited to evening wear rather than day.


              Thanks For Reading

              x-0 Salz 0-x


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                15.12.2009 09:05
                Very helpful



                False eyelashes from Eylure for the Kimberley Walsh look

                This review is for the Eylure Kimberley false eyelashes.

                For those of you who have read my beauty reviews, you may have guessed that I have a slight obsession with false eyelashes. I wear false lashes regularly both for everyday wear and for evening occasions and as a result have tried a variety of styles and brands. My collection of lashes is near to around 30 pairs, some excellent whereas others very poor. This ranges from professional more expensive lashes from the M.A.C range to cheaper lashes bough online from ELF.

                **My Eyelashes and preferences**
                My family are always very surprised when I tell them that I wear false eyelashes as I do have medium to long dark eyelashes. However I always feel that false eyelashes create added thickness to my eyelashes which is something I struggle with using mascara alone. Overall I feel false eyelashes help create a wide eyed look and frame my eyes better than mascara which often makes my natural lashes look spindly with clumps of mascara in them.

                When choosing false eyelashes I would never opt for the "drag queen look" with lashes that look apparently fake as they are too long or thick. For everyday wear I would always opt for a fluttery, long lash which adds some thickness. For a more special occasion I would still go for long and fluttery but also a thicker false lash creating long dark lashes which still look natural.

                Although fiddly at first once you get the hang of applying false lashes you have a variety of looks and styles at your finger tips!

                ***Eylure brand***

                Eylure are one of the most popular brands of false lashes and in my opinion offer the widest range of lashes in terms of styles available. The brand in my opinion is at the mid point of the market in between the more expensive professional lashes and cheaper alternatives.

                I was very intrigued to see that Eylure had teamed up with Girls Aloud, with each group member designing their own personal false lash set. I'm a fan of the Girls Aloud style so decided to give the "exclusively designed" lashes a go and try out all five styles. As I have mentioned this review is for the Kimberley lashes.

                ***Eylure Girls Aloud Range- Kimberley ***

                The Eylure lashes designed by Kimberley are described to give length and texture for a boost to the eyes. You can see from just looking at the lashes in the packaging that they are very dark and are longer than the other lashes in the Girls Aloud range. The Kimberley lashes do have a natural fullness as the lashes are layered so do not look heavy and fake but the texture and different lash lengths stop the lashes looking too long and spindly.

                From all of the lashes in the Girls Aloud range the Kimberley lashes were those that I was immediately drawn to as they add length and fullness to eyelashes in a very natural way, however are still fluttery and full enough to wear for special occasions and nights out as the lashes at the outer corners have a fluttery curve upwards.


                The "Kimberley" eyelashes from the Eylure range come in rectangular shaped cardboard packaging with a clear cut out window so you can see the long fluttery lashes inside of the packaging. The box is black with a gold flower design on the box which is very pretty and girly. There is an image on Kimberley on the front of the packaging with Kimberley's signature also on the front of the box.

                Each pack contains
                A pair of lashes- marked left and right
                One small tube of eyelash glue (enough for 3 wears of the lashes)
                Application and care instructions

                The lashes are affixed to a white inner tray inside the box. I personally prefer the more expensive brands of lashes like MAC where the lashes come in a plastic case which allows easy storage after you have worn the lashes and these types of case help the lashes retain shape. A disadvantage of the Eylure tray packaging is that you need to ensure you put the lashes back in the case carefully and ensure you do not squash them otherwise this could change the shape of the lash strip.


                A pack of Eylure Girls Aloud "Kimberley" lashes costs £4.89 in Boots and Superdrug. These lashes are also available online from ASOS (£5.00) and FeelUnique.com for £4.35. As I have mentioned previously this is mid priced for false lashes. This is reasonable value for money as the quality of the lashes is average to above average. A good price for those that want to try flase lashes but don't want to opt for the more expensive brands.

                The lashes from the Girls Aloud range are slightly more expensive than some of the other lashes from the Eylure range which are priced around the £4.00 mark.


                As I have mentioned applying false lashes takes practice. I have included a full description and tips of how to apply at the bottom of the review for those that have never applied false lashes before.

                The Kimberley lashes come with a very small tub of Eylure eyelash adhesive. When you first open the packaging it is clearly marked which lash is for which eye; the shortest section of lashes is always placed next to the inner eye if you do get the lashes mixed up.

                The Eylure lash glue has a mini applicator a bit like a cocktail stick which allows you to apply the glue onto the false lash band. After about 10 seconds the glue on the lash goes tacky and this is when you can apply the lash to the eye and hold until it becomes attached to the eyelid. The glue is white but does dry clear. You may need to touch up with eyeliner as this sometimes when dry the glue does have a slight white tint to it.

                The Eylure attaches the lashes fine and lashes feel reasonably secure. The Kimberley lashes are light therefore do not need a massive amount of glue to attach them. However I personally would use a different lash glue (DUO adhesive) as I find that it keeps lashes in a better condition and dries clearer than the Eylure adhesive.

                The Eylure adhesive is suitable for contact lens wearers.

                Removing the Kimberley lashes after using the Eylure lash glue is relatively easy however you do have to be very careful as the lash is very flimsy, more so than some of the other lashes from the Girls Aloud range. You carefully peel the lash from the inner corner of the eye and the lash should be removed. I find that the Kimberley lashes only last around two wears. After the second wear the shape of the lash is out of shape at the lash band. The lashes also lose the sexy curve towards the outer eye and look flat rather than curl upwards like they did originally.


                Once applied the "Kimberley" lashes give a very pretty fluttery look to eyelashes. Eyelashes look longer but also thicker and fuller because of the texture of the lashes and the layers of different lengths of lashes. The outer corners of the lashes have a lovely curve upwards giving a fluttery flirty look.

                This is a very natural look much more so than the look the "Cheryl" lashes give but slightly more boost to eyes and added length and volume than the "Nicola", "Sarah" and "Nadine" lashes give. The overall look created by the Kimberley lashes is natural enough for daytime, everyday wear but also creates enough impact to wear for more special occasions.

                The lash band of the Kimberley lashes is visible when applied but is very thin so if applied close to the natural lash line you can hardly see it unless you look closely and even so it just looks like a thin layer of eyeliner on your top lid. I always wear eyeliner on my top lid when wearing false lashes so this is not a problem for me and if you are wearing these lashes with smoky eyes you won't be able to notice the lash band. However if you are wanting lashes which have no visible lash band and want a completely bared eyed look you are probably better choosing different lashes.

                The lashes are very black therefore can be worn alone without adding additional mascara. Personally I feel this gives a great daytime look, but if I was wearing for a more special occasion or for a night out I would add a touch of mascara to the lashes once affixed. By adding mascara adds slightly more definition and slightly more thickness to the lashes which frames the eyes in a more bold way but still looks natural without making it apparent that you are wearing false lashes.

                If you have quite short natural eyelashes, the "Kimberley" lashes may be slightly too long and dramatic and are less likely to blend in well with your own eyelashes. It is probably more suitable to choose another set of lashes from the Girls Aloud range. Although long, the "Kimberley" lashes do blend in well for those with average to longer length eyelashes.


                From all of the Eylure lashes from the Girls Aloud range, the Kimberley lashes are definitely my favourite. These give eyes a wide eyed long lash look which looks completely natural and frames eyes perfectly. The lashes are extremely easy to apply and once affixed they add length to eyelashes but also fullness to the eyelashes therefore the long eyelashes do not look spindly and fake. These create a great natural day time look as they are not too heavy and have quite a thin lash band but also a great going out look because of the added length and fullness and can be made to look fuller by adding a touch of mascara to the false lash once applied.

                The only real downside to these lashes for me are that they are quite flimsy. Although cheaper than the similar styled M.A.C lashes I usually purchase, these Eylure lashes only last around two wears whereas the more expensive lashes last for around 8-10 wears so are actually better value for money. The Eylure lashes seem to lose the shape after a few wears around the lash band and the natural fluttery flicker towards the edge of the lash drops out and does not curve upwards so much.

                Overall a great versatile lash for a natural look; day or night suited to those with medium to longer natural eyelashes at a reasonable price. Very easy to apply even for those less experienced false lash wearers. The winner from the Girls Aloud range.

                ***How to apply false lashes***

                Step 1- First of all if you have not applied false lashes before, give yourself an additional 20 minutes to get ready and get used to applying the false lashes. As this is quite a fiddly task you need to take your time. If you are under pressure to get ready for a time, if you do not leave extra time and the lash doesn't go on first time, you are likely to get yourself flustered. This only makes applying the lash more difficult!!

                Step 2- Apply eye make up to you eyes, with the exception of mascara. It is advisable to apply a line of black eyeliner to your upper lid. This is because if you do not apply the false lash close enough to your natural lashes the eyeliner will hide the "gap" in between and it creates a more natural look

                Step 3- Most false lash strips are about 25mm long but do vary. Put this up against your eye and check that this fits your eye. If this is too long trim the lash strip with scissors so it is a suitable size for your eye. Always trim from the inner corners of the lash strip (the length of the lashes on the inner corners will be shorter)

                Step 4- Before you apply the lashes set out the right and the left lash strip. You can tell which lash strip is for which eye as the shortest lashes on the lash strip will be applied to the inner corners of each eye.

                Step 5- Check the instructions of the lash adhesive you are using to see how long it takes to dry. This will vary depending on the adhesive. (No matter what false lashes you are using I would always recommend DUO lash adhesive) Apply a thin amount to the top of the lash strip. Leave so the adhesive goes tacky and sticks to the upper lid easily and immediately. If the glue is too wet the lash will not stick immediately and the lash will slide around on the eyelid.

                Step 6- Once the glue is tacky hold the inner edge of the lash with a pair of tweezers and press the lash strip down as close to your natural lash line as possible. If possible try not to stick to your own natural eyelashes as the false lash strip will not sit right and will feel quite uncomfortable.

                Step 7- Once the false lash strip is applied to the eye use two cotton bud to hold the strip onto the lash line. Hold onto the lash and apply a small amount of pressure for around 30 seconds. This ensures the lash is fully affixed to your upper lid and it should be nice and secure.

                Step 8- Repeat above steps to apply lash strip to your other eye.

                Step 9- Touch up and apply more glue using a cotton bud if necessary to the inner and outer corners of the false lash if they do not feel secure.

                Step 10- Apply mascara to your own lashes and the false lashes if necessary. This should blend your lashes together and give a fluttery natural look. Depending on the look you want to achieve will depend on the amount of mascara you apply to your lashes. Therefore if you want a dramatic look, I would recommend a thicker coat of mascara, for a more natural look, a touch of mascara will suffice.

                ~~~Also posted on ciao 2011~~~


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                  29.11.2009 00:12
                  Very helpful



                  Pretty, feminine looking lashes from Eyelure and Girls Aloud with beautiful style at decent price!

                  For a big night out or just a quick hit of instant glam, false eyelashes have become a staple in our make-up and beauty bags. Now that Girls Aloud have teamed up with Eyelure, the creators of some of the longest-running beauty products in the business, we can all have a slice of their iconic look!

                  Eyelure have been around for over 60 years and have created beautiful wigs and specialised in false eyelashes for Hollywood movie stars and some of our own TV favourites (Strictly Come Dancing and Eastenders to name but a few!). Eyelure lashes have been worn by classic greats such as Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor to modern stars such as Nicole Kidman, Kylie and Victoria Beckham, so you know you are in safe hands with quality products here.

                  Eyelure have teamed up with Girls Aloud, with each group member designing their own perfect lash set. With different designs (Cheryl's being thick and spiky, Sarah's being dramatically full but shorter, Nicola's are more natural and lengthy in look and Nadine's being for every day use), there is definitely something for everyone and any occasion within the range.

                  I chose the 'Kimberley' lashes, which are longer and lighter, with a pretty upward curve and denser lashes toward the outer edge of the eye, giving a dramatic look. The lashes come in 'sets' (one for each eye) rather than the more fiddly individual lashes. All the Girls Aloud lashes are available in Superdrug, Boots and ASOS and retail for around £4.89 which is the norm of everyday false eyelashes and cheaper than premium (e.g. MAC) or professional lashes of similar design.

                  Packaging and contents:

                  The Kimberley lashes are sold in a small, black box with a pretty golden, winding floral design. The lashes are cleared displayed, with one for the left and one for the right eye. This gives you a good chance to compare all of the lashes in the range to find the pair which you prefer. For people who are new to buying 'falsies', these can usually be found near the make-up section or with nail/eye care products.

                  The pack contains:
                  - 2 lash sets (marked on the tray as being for left (L) and right (R)
                  - One small tube of eyelash adhesive glue
                  - Comprehensive application and care instructions (in a variety of languages)

                  For those who have not worn false eyelashes before (or who have had a few messy false starts - we've all been there!), I have added some instructions which I have developed and found useful over the years to help give comfortable but stunning looking lashes with the minimum of fuss.

                  The results:

                  The lashes are very lightweight and delicate in feel but this does help with the application, as the lashes do not feel bulky or irritating on the eye or upon your own lashes. In addition, the makers claim that the falsies are contact lens friendly which is fantastic for a night out when you may want to leave the glasses at home for convenience (and to show off your wide-eyed, stunning Girls Aloud look!).

                  The Kimberley lashes looked fantastic and were relatively easy to apply. The applicator provided (like a tiny, miniature PVC glue spatula from school days!) was more than adequate to apply the white glue and became 'tacky' after around 10 seconds. The lashes are light and were easy to push gently into place with my fingers, sitting neatly above my own mascared-lash line with a natural look, the whole process taking around 10minutes to fully 'set' the lashes. I found that the white glue does show through a little (where excess glue had been applied) and does not fully dry clear, however a quick application of liquid liner soon covered this up with no hassle, which is to be expected with 'white' eyelash glues. I also found that I did not have to trim the lashes at all (though this depends on your individual eye length) which was great, resulting in a very bespoke fit.

                  The lashes lasted all night, giving fantastic impact and at no point felt detached or fragile, so I did not worry at all about having to reapply (or remove!) my falsies whilst out. The Kimberley lashes are amongst some of the more natural looking lashes in the range, but do give a fantastic wide-eyed, glam look in photos, without looking ridiculous or drag-queen -like!

                  False lashes can, usually, be used numerous times with good care and careful application/removal. I found that the falsies were easily removed with a gentle smear of eye make-up remover on a cotton bud swept over the lash line, allowing the falsies to be delicately peeled away, the lashes retaining their original shape ready for re-use. The glue was also easy to peel off and remove which was great.


                  Overall, I have been extremely impressed with these false eyelashes. I was initially a little sceptical about the potentially tacky Girls Aloud association, however Eyelure have come through with the goods once again. The lashes themselves are of good quality and are easy to apply and maintain (once you get the hang of it!). The Kimberley lashes are beautiful - very feminine, with a flattering curl and long length - but the whole GA range offers something for everyone. At a reasonable price for a full set of easy to wear, re-useable lashes, I would definitely give these a go.


                  Simple instructions for applying and wearing gorgeous false eyelashes:

                  1. Firstly, decide which type of false lashes you want to go for - individual or half strip/full set eyelashes (which look like a complete 'set' of lashes). Individual lashes can be trickier to apply (tweezers are needed to insert each single lash or lash 'group' into gaps in your natural lash line where you want to bulk out your own lashes) but often look more natural. Novice falsie users and most girls prefer the full set lashes as these are easier to apply and offer a more dramatic, glam look for special occasions.

                  2. Before applying your lashes (whether individual or full sets), it's worth grabbing the following: tweezers, cotton bud, eyeliner and a moveable mirror (e.g. which you can place on your lap if needed to look down into). In addition, some people like using eyelash applicators (like eyelash curlers) which hold the falsies to enable easier application but fingers work just as well.

                  It's also worth checking if you need eyelash glue (your falsies probably will come with glue and an applicator but do check). Eyelash glue also comes in a variety of colours so, to avoid annoying white glue showing through, darker colours can be used however this is by no means essential.

                  3. When applying false eyelashes for the first time, you might find the process slightly fiddly. Leave a good 30mins or longer in your schedule before you go out to apply your lashes - the more used to it you get, the quicker and more efficient you will become. Don't panic if it seems you're taking an age with no success!

                  4. Before applying full-set or strip lashes (with one 'set' for each eye), measure the length of the false lash against your own eyelid. If the falsie is too long, it will look too obvious (think drag-queen-esque!) and will actually work against giving that gorgeous doe-eyed look we aspire to. Carefully trim the strip with nail scissors from the inner corner of the falsie, lash by lash, until you get the perfect fit. Remember to take your time - you can always take more off, but once it's been snipped, you can't add more!

                  5. Use either a cuticle stick/cocktail stick or the glue applicator to gently run a line of glue along the edge of the lash. I've found that dabbing a tiny bit more glue on both the inner and outer corners of the falsie help, as this is where the false lashes are the hardest to 'take' to the lash line. Wait about 10 seconds for the glue to become 'tacky'. Don't load on too much and try not to get glue onto the actual lashes, as this can be a bit difficult and messy to remove.

                  6. For individual lashes, use tweezers to dip the individual lashes into the glue, leaving about 2-5 seconds for the glue to become tacky.

                  7. For individual lashes, place the falsies (holding them with tweezers) into the gaps in your own lash line. Use the shorter lashes to fill in gaps around the inner eye, medium-length lashes for the middle to outer edge and the longest length lashes for the utmost outer edge, to give a dramatic sweeping look.

                  8. For full-set lashes, once the glue is taking, use your fingers, tweezers or eyelash applicator (whichever you prefer) to gently hold onto the falsies by the lash side, gently placing the gluey edge onto your natural lash line at the lash root. I personally find that my fingers are the best tools of the trade for this. Place the falsies on top of your own lashes, placing the strip slightly inside where your own lashes start and pressing down from the centre and then either side of the falsies. It may be easier to place the mirror on your lap or 'below' your face so you look down as you do this, rather than straight on. Hold each corner until dry. Take your time, as this is the fiddliest part of the job!

                  9. Use a dampened cotton bud to gently push the falsies into place - this helps give a neat, secure fit into your own lash roots (and you're not at risk of poking yourself with tweezers!).

                  10. This is debate about when to add mascara to your lashes. If you are happy to not re-use the falsies again, apply a light coating of mascara to your own lashes after applying the falsies (once fully secured and dry). Otherwise, apply a coat of mascara to your own lashes before applying the falsies, as mascara can limit the longevity of falsies. For contact lens wearers, it's also worth remembering to insert your lenses in before you apply your falsies and also to look out for 'contact lens friendly' lashes which do not irritate the eye.

                  11. In applying your falsies, you may find that the lash glue (if white lash glue is used) can show through at the lash base, which looks unprofessional and less than glamorous. To quickly fix this, apply a line of liquid/gel eyeliner to the lash line to cover up.

                  12. False lashes must be removed before your sleep (like any other make-up). Please do not risk making your eyelashes brittle or having irritating lost falsies or eye irritations by not taking them off when you should. To remove the lashes, gently pull from the outer edge (furthest from your nose), peeling off the lash carefully. To care for re-useable falsies, gently 'roll' and peel away the remnants of any dried glue on the false lash edges so they are pristine clean for their next use.

                  13. If you need any further help on applying false eyelashes, there are a multitude of good videos on the web which give step-by-step tutorials. My advice would be to take your time, don't get frustrated if you just can't seem to get the hang of it and try applying, wearing and removing your false lashes a few days before your special occasion, just so you feel ultra-confident come your fantastic entrance with your gorgeous sexy siren eyelash look.

                  Enjoy your lashes!


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                    20.11.2009 13:33
                    Very helpful



                    Natural full looking lashes

                    Eylure for Girls Aloud Lashes - by Kimberley

                    "My lashes give great length and texture. I love the boost they give to my eyes!" Kimberley Walsh, Girls Aloud

                    £4.89 in Superdrug/Boots and some other stores (also online as ASOS)

                    These lashes are the limited edition lashes made by Eylure and designed by Girls Aloud. They come in a cute little flowery box and include a small glue adhesive. The glue supplied is alright, not the best, I usually don't use this glue as I have another separate glue. However, if it was just for one night the glue would still be fine.

                    The eyelashes themselves are very natural looking but give your eyes a more fuller and longer eyelash look. I sometimes wears these lashes throughout the day and they don't look too dramatic or fake. They are really easy to apply and the band that the glue is applied to is very thin so not noticable at all when they are applied.

                    Overall I would recommend these lashes for a natural and everyday look.


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                    10.11.2009 14:39
                    Very helpful



                    Fun cheap way to get sexy eyes!

                    This review is for the Kimberley girls aloud eyelashes

                    I love my lashes to look really long and thick but have never considered using false eyelashes before because:

                    1. Didn't want to look ridiculous or too drag queen
                    2. Knew it was fiddly and thought I was bound to make a mess of it!

                    I changed my mind when some work colleagues were getting ready for a girlie night out in the loos at work, and they had the Kimberley and Nicola versions of these and looked great!

                    For those who don't know, Girls Aloud have recently put each of their names to false eyelashes made by Eyelure who have been making them for donkeys years (my Mum used them in the 1960's). Each Girl has a different design for instance Cheryl's and Sarah's are quite spikey, whereas Nicola's are more natural although quite long.
                    After seeing the girls at work, I popped along to Superdrug and thought I would give them a go. I expected them to cost more than regular falsies however they came in at around £4.85 which was pretty much the same as the non girls aloud ones.

                    I selected Kimberley's because they flick out towards the corners of the eyelid giving a more feline look.

                    Now for the science bit:

                    The packet contains 2 eyelashes marked left and right, a small tube of eyelash glue and the instructions leaflet.

                    You are supposed to apply a coat or two of mascara to your own lashes first, then using the glue provided (it comes with a little application stick) apply a line of glue on your eyelid as close to your lashline as possible.
                    The glue was white which was alarming because true to form I made a mess...but luckily it dries clear with no trace - saved!!

                    After allowing 20 seconds to ensure the glue is sticky enough, you have to look down into a mirror and apply the eyelash as close to your lashline as you can get it. Some people use tweezers but I couldn't get on with them so I used my fingers, ensuring that the corners were lined up and pressing down for about 30 seconds to make sure they were fixed.

                    I cant say it wasn't tricky - I had to peel each lash off and the glue residue at least once before I got it right by just trying again. If it's your first time doing it, I would recommend you leave enough time when you're getting ready because they are fiddly little sods! After much swearing I finally got it as close to good as I was going to get.

                    So was it worth it?

                    At first I wasn't too sure - I had to put a bit of dark eyeshadow on to disguise any gaps between the falsies and my own lashes - I'm not really used to wearing eyeshadow and was a bit startled by the effect and how different I looked. But after a few minutes I got used to it and have to say I LOVED it!! They don't actually look that different in the way that people wouldn't pass you in the street and do a double take or anything! But they do give you a real oomph and make your eyes look stand out giving great impact. All my mates loved them and want to try them out for themselves now so I think it's a permanent addition to my going out make up.

                    At first you can feel them on your eyes which is not an unpleasant sensation, more that you are aware of their presence. However after a few minutes I genuinely could no longer feel them.

                    I also only expected to use them once but I was really careful in removing them and have had three wears out of them now. I did actually apply another coat of mascara to them (you don't need it but I wanted to experiment). This has probably shortened their shelf life though.

                    The glue was really easy to remove as well, reminds me a bit of copydex! Just pulls off in a line and is actually quite satisfying :)

                    All in all, I would never have the patience to wear these every day, but for a big night out it's an inexpensive and fun way to experiment with your look. If you have ever just wondered I would say go for it - after all you haven't much to lose if they don't look good just rip 'em off!


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