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Eylure Brow Beauty Kit

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Brand: Eylure / Type: Brows

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    2 Reviews
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      07.07.2009 23:28



      health hazard !

      Firstly please do not waste your money on this product it is absolutely terrible!
      I bought this product because the product I normally use ( colour sport eyelash/brow kit) ran out in the shops so I decided to give this one ago !
      I bought the product from Tesco for around £7 it seemed like the normal eyelash/brow kit where you mix the cream and the applicator together and put it on your brows for around 2 minuets .
      I did this and when the time came to take the product off it had scabbed to my eyebrows !!!
      They looked like big black scabbed and when I tried to pull them off they pulled my skin and eyebrow hair off to I was mortified !!!
      It took weeks for my eyebrows to get back to normal I don't know why the product did this I did everything correctly !
      I wouldn't recommend this product and think it should be taken off the market its not safe to use imagine if it scabbed up your eyes when tinted your eyelashes !!
      I would not recommend this product to anybody complete waste of money and health hazard !
      Im sticking to colorsport in future !


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      27.05.2009 20:56
      Very helpful



      Very useful 'beginner's kit' for eyebrows.

      A few years ago I decided my biggest beauty problem was my near invisible and uneven eyebrows. I'd established some degree of skill at plucking them into something like a shape, but a flick through a make up book revealed that there existed something known as eyebrow stencils which enabled 'perfect results'.

      I spent £12-15 on this complete Eylure kit (stencils-3 pairs each of 4 styles, tweezers, brown/blond pencil, Brow Arch Enhancer Pencil and Defining Brow Gel), rather than simply buying the stencils on their own, mainly in the hope that the pencil provided would be better than other cheap eyebrow pencils I'd tried, which had all made me look like a scary dinner lady from the primary school I'd attended. I had no expectations from anything else as I already had some tweezers I thought were OK and I had no idea what the other items were.

      The stencils consist of 4 different styles called 'Kate', 'Jennifer', 'Nicole' and 'Catherine', and are transparent stickers with brown eyebrow shapes on them. The idea is, the shape best suited to your existing eyebrow/face shape is stuck to your eyebrow and the hairs below the shape are then plucked. When the shape has been removed, the clear sticker surrounding the shape is applied around the plucked eyebrow and becomes a stencil for the eyebrow pencil, so the exact shape is acquired.

      I only got as far as sticking the different shapes on--removing some hair on removal, but nothing noticeable, its nothing at all like an elastoplast. I suppose from the offset I was put off by the celebrities the eyebrow names implied! Suddenly the idea of all women's eyebrows being able to conform well with one of these 4 shapes seemed unlikely and weird to me, although they looked fairly standard if perhaps somewhat thin for what I wanted.

      The brown colour of the sticker seemed useful to show how it would supposedly look when done. But because of the brown, I couldn't see my eyebrow underneath and how exactly it would correspond to what I'd pluck, and remembering disastrous results I'd had when using stencils like this in craft projects I felt blinded and couldn't dare to go through with it. So I'm afraid I can't really say how well they work. They are sort of useful to stick on to see what I could potentially pluck to make an arch--when they're NOT still stuck to me.

      I've simply continued to shape my eyebrows without use of stencils. At first I was disappointed at my judgment for having made this purchase and not even being able to complete step 1 of Eylure's perfect eyebrow process.
      However, I soon decided it was well worth buying as everything else in this kit I've found to be essential help in having eyebrows I'm happy with.

      The tweezers are made of very smooth metal and are angled at the end, which makes them comfortable and elegant to use. They are my favourite tweezers, all the others I've used feel rough and pointy by comparison.

      I soon learned that eyebrow pencil is applied in little strokes, rather than being drawn on, and therefore had a happy relationship with the one provided with this kit, until I was left with only the blond half of the pencil and wished Eylure had made kits in two different colours rather than leaving me with something that was of little use to me.
      However it is quite useful to provide both colours in a 'beginner's kit' type of thing in case the buyer is unsure which is their most appropriate colour. It did mean I learned that 'blond' eyebrows definitely do not suit me.
      Since it ran out I've been using the rimmel professional pencil which i think I may prefer.

      What I absolutely love about this kit is the Brow Arch Enhancer and the Brow Defining Gel.

      The Brow Arch Enhancer is a very soft, fat pencil, sort of like a cover up stick. I put it underneath my eyebrow after using the brown pencil, blend it, and it defines the line. It also covers any redness from plucking fairly well, as well as blending away any imperfections in the brown pencil strokes.
      It requires a large sharpener (not supplied) and can be a bit tricky and messy to sharpen, but a point on this pencil is not really necessary and I don't sharpen it often, so it's not a problem.

      The brow defining gel kind of resembles a clear mascara in packaging and brush, but the substance is more gel-like although it does dry. It succeeds in brushing and fixing eyebrows into shape/more-or-less in an upwards direction (delete as desired) for the day without any more attention being required, unless it rains or you eat a lot of chilli. I find it also helps to blend out any heavy patches in the brown pencil, making the eyebrows look darker rather than the skin underneath.

      I've got an awful lot of mileage out of the Arch Enhancer, Defining Gel and tweezers, and with the added bonus of a stub of pencil and a complete introduction to everything (I think) I might need for my eyebrows, I've found this kit to be worth the money. The stencils were, after all, only stickers, and no huge waste.

      The only trouble is after, uh, a good couple of years at least, the Arch Enhancer and Defining Gel are on their last legs, and don't appear to be available on their own, nor anything similar that I have seen. Could there be things that do a similar job, or do I have to buy the whole kit again? I don't need a new pair of tweezers or any more eyebrow stickers to lie around in the cupboard...


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  • Product Details

    The kit includes stencils and tweezers to achieve the your preferred shape for the brows, a defining brow pencil for both blondes and brunettes, an ultra hold brow gel to give a sleek finish and an arch enhancer to highlight /

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