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Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes Sarah

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Brand: Eylure / Sub-type: Aesthetics / Product Line: Product Line: Eylure Girls Aloud False Eye Lashes / Type: Lashes / Gender: for Women

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    6 Reviews
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      28.06.2010 19:11
      Very helpful



      Very pretty lashes which are dark, thick and dramatic

      I originally bought these lashes when Boots had run out of my usual eyelure ones. I felt ridiculous walking up to the check out grasping this little box which seemed to state that I was a daft little girls aloud fan.

      Well, I'm over it now because I love these lashes. The "Sarah" lashes look quite stubby, thick and dramatic in the box. I thought they might look a little over the top when I wore them.

      It turns out these lashes look really good. They're not much longer than my own lashes but they add thickness and texture.

      ~~~ How to use ~~~
      I find it's best to trim about half a centimetre from the end of the lashes which will go in the inner corner of the eye, this makes them a better length to stick without interfering with blinking.

      I always apply my foundation, eye shadow, liner and mascara before putting on the lashes. You really could get away with no mascara with these lashes, but I usually apply a thin coat just to blend them together better.

      To apply the lashes, remove them from the packaging and place them down on the tray. Open the small vial of glue (supplied with the lashes) and leave the lid sitting on top. The lid of the glue has a little wand attatched to it. this is really useful in applying the glue.

      Pick up the lashes with the tweezers using your right hand. Ensure that the line of the lashes is facing you as this is where you will be applying the glue. I usually use the wand to put a thin, even layer of glue along the whole length of the lashes. I then apply extra glue to areas which can be prone to unsticking. I add extra glue to the last 3 strands at both ends of the lash. This ensures the the ends do not begin to stick up as your night goes on!

      When the glue is applied, hold the lashes for about a minute until the glue has dried somewhat and become tacky. You can tell because it is no longer bright white, but slightly transluscent.

      Now, close your eye and hold the lashes directly over the lid. Ensure that the outer end of the lash is going to stick down BEFORE it gets to the outer corner of your eye. Usually this means that the end of the lash stays down and doesn't interfere with your blinking or anything.

      When the lashes are aligned, slowly lower them directly on to your own lash line, as close as possible to your own lashes. At this point I get rid of the tweezers and use my fingers to ensure that the lashes stick down smoothly and evenly.

      Ensure that you make both ends stick down on to your own lashes. Remember those three strands with the extra glue? They really help now, use your fingers to pinch them directly on to your own lashes. Your lashes should now be well and truly stuck down!

      Last thing to do is to gently run a clean eyelash comb through your lashes, this helps to blend them together and also helps to give you that wide eyed look you've been after.

      And that's you! Now you can head off and enjoy your night out, safe in the knowledge that your lashes will last right to the end.

      Theyre dramatic enough to look dressed up, but they're not over the top.

      ~~~ Removing the lashes ~~~
      Now, you've probably paid about £4.49 for your Girls Aloud Lashes.So you want to get a few wears out of them. That requires some careful removing.

      Take them off using fingers, tweezers can cause them to have sharp bends in the base.

      Simply grab an end with your thumb and forefinger and gently peel off. It's not sore at all. When theyre off you should try to pull any excess glue from them. This can be done by gently running your finger along the base and pick up any little bobbles of glue which accumulate. As long as most of it is off the lashes will work perfectly next time. They usually provide several wears. These ones in particular are quite robust.

      I try to get about 4 uses out of mine before I buy a new set. Thats pretty good value!

      ~~~ Conclusion~~~
      I've described how I apply the lashes to illustrate how easy it is to put them on and take them off.

      Yes, false lashes can be fiddly at first, but you quickly get used to them. These ones in particular are great for beginners because they are quite sturdy and not as fiddly as some other lashes. They seem to be a very good shape to side on your eye without much moving around and they can be re used several times.

      They look great in real life and in all situations where make up is worn, however, I wouldn't reccomend them without wearing any make up. They would look weird unless you have your make up on.

      They are great for going out though and they look brilliant in photos, just like you have amazingly thick and luxurious eyelashes!

      I would recommend these for anyone who wears make up on their nights out and is looking for that little bit of extra oomph for their eyes. If you already have long lashes, these are great because they add thickness. If you have thick, but short lashes, I would reccomend one of the other styles to give you more length.

      All in all, these are some of my favorite lashes and I buy them over and over again. Highly reccomended.


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        09.05.2010 09:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        make your eyes look beautiful

        Whenever I went out and looked I would put a lot of mascara on so my eyes would look a little brighter. However when I discovered false eyelashes I didn't need to put so much mascara on. I have spent quite a lot of money on false eyelashes recently trying to find the right ones for my eyes. I found it difficult trying to find the correct shape for my eyes and the right length. I found it difficult to find the right eye lashes because some false eyelashes look very false because they are either too thick or too long.

        When I first heard that Girls Aloud had brought out their own brand of flase eyelashes I thought that they would be rubbish. However, because Ihad such trouble trying to find the right eyelashes for my eyes I thought I'd give them a try.

        I bought the 'Sarah' version first because they were the ones that I thought looked the best in the pakaging. The lashes are a little thick at the bottom but thin out up the top and they are jet black and spikey. They start off short and then get a little longer on the end of the eyelashes which does look very good.

        The eyelashes are quite easy to apply and they do have instructions in the box for those who have never worn false eyelashes before. The glue that comes with the eyelashes is great. It is easy to apply to the eyelashes and it lats quite long. From my experience with other flase eyelashes I had to keep re-applying glue to keep them attached to my eyes, however, with this glue I only had to apply it once.

        The eyelashes last quite long and I got 5 wears out of mine before I had to throw them away. This is very good considering the price of the lashes, which is £5! I think mine lasted so long because I only put a tiny amount o mascara on them after I had put them on to blend my natural lashes in with them.

        I have also tried some of the other eyelashes from the 'Girls Aloud' collection and I have to say that I was very disappointed with Cheryl's. I would be very shocked if Cheryl actually wore those as they looked a mess, Sarah's lashes are one of the best in the collection.

        Overall I think that they are great and I would recommend them because they look the most 'natural' out of the rest of the collection.


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          03.05.2010 19:19
          Very helpful



          great pair of eyelashes would defiantly recommend

          I have an obsession with eyelashes and over the last year iv tryed about 100 different pairs and blown a fortune on them, when these eyelashes first came out i was obviously excited to try Cheryls pair (which i was disappointed with by the way), so i ordered Sarah's pair and i LOVE them.
          Each member has designed their own eyelashes and they cost £5 however if you look around you can get them for about £4.40 (every penny counts)

          1. Eyelashes:

          The eyelashes are dark, spikey, long, have a nice shape to them and just as sarah says on the box they elongate the eyes.
          These eyelashes are perfect for a day time/ night time look, mascara helps bring them out more but try not to apply to much or the eyelashes wont be reusable.
          Also i use brown mascara instead of black, the brown actually ends up looking black as i pile quite a lot on, I just find to much black can end up looking way to dark!

          2. Glue

          The eylure glue really disappointed me, its very watery and sometimes i had trouble sticking the eyelashes on, its also a small bottle so you don't get much out of it and it drys up very easily.
          i would recommend MAC glue, little more pricey at £8 but worth the money!

          As of 2010 they changed the design on the box and the eyelashes inside are a little different (longer, darker and thicker) and even though i prefer the old design i would recommend these eyelashes to anyone that wants to draw a little more attention to their eyes.


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          03.01.2010 07:48
          Very helpful



          Spiky eyelashes more suited to those with shorter eyelashes

          This review is for the Eylure Sarah lashes

          For those of you who have read my beauty reviews, you may have guessed that I have a slight obsession with false eyelashes. I wear false lashes regularly both for everyday wear and for evening occasions and as a result have tried a variety of styles and brands. My collection of lashes is near to around 30 pairs, some excellent whereas others very poor. This ranges from professional more expensive lashes from the M.A.C range to cheaper lashes bough online from ELF.

          **My Eyelashes and preferences**

          My family are always very surprised when I tell them that I wear false eyelashes as I do have medium to long dark eyelashes. However I always feel that false eyelashes create added thickness to my eyelashes which is something I struggle with using mascara alone. Overall I feel false eyelashes help create a wide eyed look and frame my eyes better than mascara which often makes my natural lashes look spindly with clumps of mascara in them.

          When choosing false eyelashes I would never opt for the "drag queen look" with lashes that look apparently fake as they are too long or thick. For everyday wear I would always opt for a fluttery, long lash which adds some thickness. For a more special occasion I would still go for long and fluttery but also a thicker false lash creating long dark lashes which still look natural.

          Although fiddly at first once you get the hang of applying false lashes you have a variety of looks and styles at your finger tips!

          ***Eylure brand***

          Eylure are one of the most popular brands of false lashes and in my opinion offer the widest range of lashes in terms of styles available. The brand in my opinion is at the mid point of the market in between the more expensive professional lashes and cheaper alternatives.

          I was very intrigued to see that Eylure had teamed up with Girls Aloud, with each group member designing their own personal false lash set. I'm a fan of the Girls Aloud style so decided to give the "exclusively designed" lashes a go and try out all five styles. This time around was the Sarah lashes

          ***Eylure Girls Aloud Range- Sarah ***

          The Sarah lashes are described to be "a full spiky style to elongate eyes".

          From looking at the lashes in the packaging it was apparent that the lashes were full and the false lash was quite thick although not as thick as the Cheryl lashes are but very black. The lashes are quite spiky looking but I felt that they were less textured as although spiky the lashes were pretty much all one length.

          I was a little apprehensive about wearing the Sarah lashes as I could see that they didn't look as long as the false lashes I would usually wear and probably a similar length to my natural lashes but as they were quite thick and full I hoped that they would emphasise my own lashes by adding thickness.


          The Sarah lashes come in black cardboard packaging with a floral design on the box . The box is a long rectangular box with a cut out window so the spiky full "Sarah" lashes are visible. There is also an image of Sarah on the front of the packaging with Sarah's signature written on the front of the box.

          Each pack contains
          A pair of lashes- marked left and right
          One small tube of eyelash glue (enough for 3 wears of the lashes)
          Application and care instructions

          The lashes are affixed to a white inner tray inside the box. I personally prefer the more expensive brands of lashes like MAC where the lashes come in a plastic case which allows easy storage after you have worn the lashes and these types of case help the lashes retain shape. A disadvantage of the Eylure tray packaging is that you need to ensure you put the lashes back in the case carefully and ensure you do not squash them otherwise this could change the shape of the lash strip.


          A pack of Eylure Girls Aloud "Sarah" lashes costs £4.89 in Boots and Superdrug. These lashes are also available online from ASOS (£5.00) and FeelUnique.com for £4.35. As I have mentioned previously this is mid priced for false lashes. This is reasonable value for money as the quality of the lashes is average to above average. A good price for those that want to try false lashes but don't want to opt for the more expensive brands.

          The lashes from the Girls Aloud range are slightly more expensive than some of the other lashes from the Eylure range which are priced around the £4.00 mark.


          As I have mentioned applying false lashes takes practice. I have included a full description and tips of how to apply at the bottom of the review for those that have never applied false lashes before.

          The Sarah lashes come with a very small tub of Eylure eyelash adhesive. When you first open the packaging it is clearly marked which lash is for which eye; the shortest section of lashes is always placed next to the inner eye if you do get the lashes mixed up.

          The Eylure lash glue has a mini applicator a bit like a cocktail stick which allows you to apply the glue onto the false lash band. After about 10 seconds the glue on the lash goes tacky and this is when you can apply the lash to the eye and hold until it becomes attached to the eyelid. The glue is white but does dry clear. You may need to touch up with eyeliner as this sometimes when dry the glue does have a slight white tint to it.

          I was not impressed with the hold of the Eylure glue for the Sarah lashes. The Sarah lashes are quite thick so are a lot heavier than the Nicola and Kimberley lashes which are held effectively by the Eylure glue. Although the glue fixed the lash strip onto my eyelids it did not feel too secure and I felt that the inner and outer corner of the lash strip was not affixed properly. I always use DUO eyelash glue which gives a more secure hold. When I used this with the Sarah lashes I felt the lash strip was much more secure and did not feel like it was going to unattached from my eyelid if I touched my eye or there was a strong gust of wind, which was not the case with the Eylure glue.

          The Eylure adhesive is suitable for contact lens wearers.

          Removing the Sarah lashes after using the Eylure lash glue is relatively easy and the lash strip is quite durable. You carefully peel the lash from the inner corner of the eye and the lash should be removed. I found that the Sarah lashes were a lot more durable than the Nicola and Kimberley Eylure lashes and lasted for more wears as the lash strip was thicker, in particular around the lash band. As a result the lashes kept their shape at the band but also the curve of the lashes and the lashes did not look flat.


          Once applied the "Sarah" lashes have quite a dramatic look and draw attention to eyes. The lashes are not too "fake" looking but are more dramatic than some of the other eyelashes in the Girls Aloud range, with exception to the "Cheryl" lashes. In my opinion the Sarah lashes are for special occasions and nights out as opposed to everyday wear.

          The Sarah lashes give a very thick dark spiky look to lashes which have a flick upwards and outwards at the outer corners of the eyes.

          I was not overly impressed with the Sarah lashes and out of all of the Girls Aloud lashes these were my least favourite. I found that the Sarah lashes were slightly shorter in length than the other lashes from the Eylure GA range therefore for someone like myself with mid to longer lashes they did not add any length. The Sarah lashes did add thickness to my own lashes as they are very dark and thick. I personally did not like the added thickness as the lashes were so dark and quite spiky. The spikyness and thickness together did not give a textured look to my lashes and I did not achieve a fluttery light lash that was achieved with other Girls Aloud lashes.

          I felt on my eyes the Sarah lashes actually looked like false eyelashes. However my friend who has shorter eyelashes and smaller eyes than me was wearing a pair of these lashes and they suited her eyes. So in my opinion t hese are definitely suited to those with shorter lashes who want to add length and thickness to lashes but may find the "Cheryl" lashes too thick and dramatic.

          The lash band of the Sarah lashes is quite thick due to the false lash strip being thick and containing a lot of lashes. As a result it is visable on the eyelid so if you are opting for a bare eyed look then it will be difficult to achieve with these lashes as it looks as if you are wearing eyeliner on your top eyelid. Obviously this is not a problem if you plan on wearing eyeliner on your top lid or are opting for a smoky eyed look.

          The Sarah lashes are very black and quite shiny therefore there is no real need to add extra mascara to the lash. In fact in my opinion adding mascara makes the lashes look too dark and heavy and risks making the lashes actually looking like false lashes.


          From all of the lashes from the Eylure Girls Aloud range the "Sarah" lashes are my least favourite. The spiky full style does not suit my eyes are the lashes are too short and there is not a textured look to the lashes. Combining this with fullness of the lashes means that on my eyes the Sarah lashes actually looked unnatural as they were too black and full, yet did not add any length to my lashes. It just looks like I was wearing too much black eyeliner on my top eyelid!

          I feel that Sarah lashes were probably much better suited to those with shorter/ mid length lashes looking for fullness. Easy to apply, good value for money but just not for me!

          ***How to apply false lashes***

          Step 1- First of all if you have not applied false lashes before, give yourself an additional 20 minutes to get ready and get used to applying the false lashes. As this is quite a fiddly task you need to take your time. If you are under pressure to get ready for a time, if you do not leave extra time and the lash doesn't go on first time, you are likely to get yourself flustered. This only makes applying the lash more difficult!!

          Step 2- Apply eye make up to you eyes, with the exception of mascara. It is advisable to apply a line of black eyeliner to your upper lid. This is because if you do not apply the false lash close enough to your natural lashes the eyeliner will hide the "gap" in between and it creates a more natural look

          Step 3- Most false lash strips are about 25mm long but do vary. Put this up against your eye and check that this fits your eye. If this is too long trim the lash strip with scissors so it is a suitable size for your eye. Always trim from the inner corners of the lash strip (the length of the lashes on the inner corners will be shorter)

          Step 4- Before you apply the lashes set out the right and the left lash strip. You can tell which lash strip is for which eye as the shortest lashes on the lash strip will be applied to the inner corners of each eye.

          Step 5- Check the instructions of the lash adhesive you are using to see how long it takes to dry. This will vary depending on the adhesive. (No matter what false lashes you are using I would always recommend DUO lash adhesive) Apply a thin amount to the top of the lash strip. Leave so the adhesive goes tacky and sticks to the upper lid easily and immediately. If the glue is too wet the lash will not stick immediately and the lash will slide around on the eyelid.

          Step 6- Once the glue is tacky hold the inner edge of the lash with a pair of tweezers and press the lash strip down as close to your natural lash line as possible. If possible try not to stick to your own natural eyelashes as the false lash strip will not sit right and will feel quite uncomfortable.

          Step 7- Once the false lash strip is applied to the eye use two cotton bud to hold the strip onto the lash line. Hold onto the lash and apply a small amount of pressure for around 30 seconds. This ensures the lash is fully affixed to your upper lid and it should be nice and secure.

          Step 8- Repeat above steps to apply lash strip to your other eye.

          Step 9- Touch up and apply more glue using a cotton bud if necessary to the inner and outer corners of the false lash if they do not feel secure.

          Step 10- Apply mascara to your own lashes and the false lashes if necessary. This should blend your lashes together and give a fluttery natural look. Depending on the look you want to achieve will depend on the amount of mascara you apply to your lashes. Therefore if you want a dramatic look, I would recommend a thicker coat of mascara, for a more natural look, a touch of mascara will suffice.

          ~~~Also posted on ciao 2011~~~


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            29.12.2009 19:57
            Very helpful



            Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes - Sarah

            So now I'm about half way through my false eyelash reviews and thought Id try out the Sarah lashes for work this morning. Unfortunately my boss rang me to tell I don't have to bother going to work today but since I had already glued the lashes on I have decided to leave them on, whether I'm going anywhere or not! I decided to try these particular eyelashes this morning mainly because I want to try out the entire set before New Year so I can find the best pair to wear to a party that night and I'm very glad I tried these ones out because I think I may have found the perfect pair!!

            What Attracted Me To These Lashes?
            Sarah's eyelashes are a 50/50 pair they have lots of volume and length but still look as if they could be achieved naturally with a good mascara. Like the Cheryl one's a friend suggested I try these ages ago because she thought they would really suit me and would be a nice statement to make on a night out when your looking for a bit of extra glamour. So which that glowing reference I went into trying these lashes with very high hopes.

            Eylure & Girls Aloud:
            The Eylure brand has been around for a number of years now and is regarded by many people as the top brand for fake eyelashes. Their lashes always vary in style & colour and some are pretty outrageous. The Girls Aloud eyelashes haven't actually been available for that long, they probably came out earlier this year but from people's reactions and the reputation the girls lashes seem to be very popular. Every girl from the band is said to have designed their lashes themselves (although I don't believe they really did) and they are based on the lashes of that girl. For this review though I will be concentrating on Sarah's contribution.

            I know a lot of people who are put off wearing false lashes because they think they are hard to apply, but all you need is practice. I was hopeless at applying them at first but the beauty of these is you can apply them over and over again whilst you practice and they wont look worn.

            A lot of people like to this part using tweezers but I just use my thumb and forefinger.

            1. These particular falsies are clearly marked up Left & Right so even a silly beggar like me knows which one is which.

            2. If the lash is wider than your eye, trim one side of it lash by lash. I find with these lashes they are actually too small for my eyes but it may be different for you.

            3. Squeeze eyelash glue onto the back of your hand and run the eyelash along it.
            Not the whole of the eyelash just the part that will be stuck to your eye :)

            4. Pick the lashes up with your thumb and forefinger (or tweezers) and bring it as close to your natural lash line as possible.

            5. Press from end to end and hold until the glue dries. I find this usually doesnt take more than 30 seconds.

            6. Apply mascara while pressing your finger behind the fake lashes. This helps to blend your natural lashes and also the false ones so you achieve a more natural look overall.

            7.Fill any gaps between the false lashes and your natural lash line with eyeliner.

            This does sound quite difficult but honestly in this case practice does make perfect so stick with it.

            Whats In This Pack?:
            Obviously two false eyelashes clearly labelled left & right

            1 small bottle of false eyelash glue ** DONT WORRY THIS GLUE IS A BRIGHT WHITE BUT IT DOES DRY CLEAR!!**

            Instructions which come in a wide range of languages.

            So on to the most important part......

            What Do Sarah's Lashes Look Like?
            Sarah's lashes are a lot like Cheryl's design but I think a little less over the top and a tiny bit smaller. They have the same spiked look all the way round but unlike the Cheryl ones they don't really flick out at the end. They are very black, full of volume and I would say mid length, all in all a great look for a night out on the town!

            Sarah Harding describes these eyelashes as "ones I love and wear all the time" & "a full spiky style that elongates my eyes." And I would say I have to agree I like the spiky style of these lashes and I think they do make my eyes look wider and my lashes a lot more full and thick.

            Are They Comfortable?
            I think I made a tiny mistake when I applied these because I found the longer I had them on the more uncomfortable the got but I do think that was a mistake I made and not the actual lashes. I will wear these again and update this review either way but if the rest of the set is anything to go by they will be very comfortable and after you have got used to having them on you will soon forget they are even there.

            Overall Opinion:
            I will definitely be wearing these eyelashes on nights out in the future and I think I have found the perfect pair to wear at New Year. I would say they are certainly more suited to evening wear as I think they could be a little to much to wear in the daytime. If you have tried Cheryl's lashes from this range then I can guarantee you will like Sarah's too because they are very similar. I highly recommend these to nay false eyelash junkie like myself or even to people who are looking to buy their very first pair, these are sure to be a huge hit with anyone that tries them.

            Thanks For Reading

            x-0 Salz 0-x


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              21.10.2009 16:41
              Very helpful



              Makes eyelashes appear darker and curlier

              Eylure for Girls Aloud Lashes - By Sarah

              'I love my lashes and wear them all the time. I chose a full, spiky style that elongates my eyes' - Sarah Harding, Girls Aloud

              £4.89 in boots but Superdrug (also £4.89) are doing a deal at the moment buy one get one half price on all Eylure products. I bought all 5 as they are all so good and limited edition. My favourite ones are Sarah's, but I'll get round to reviewing them all.

              The lashes themselves come in a cute flowery designs with each of the Girls Aloud band members on the front. The lashes sit on some plastic indicating left and right eye and has Sarah printed on the base. The lashes also come with a mini lash adhesive which to be honest is not the best glue. I usually use MAC Duo Lash Adeshive with these lashes as this is the best ever lash glue (check out my review on it). There is also an instruction leaflet on how to apply the lashes. However, if you find it difficult then try watching videos on youtube of how to apply false eyelashes and remember the more practice, the better you get. I used to be useless at applying false lashes but as I wear them all the time now I am pretty good.

              To apply the lashes, I first make sure that they fit my eye perfectly as sometimes I need to trim the inner corners so that they sit better on my eye. However, these lashes have more emphasis on the outer corners so they do not cover the whole lash so did not have to trim these at all. The band where glue is applied is very thin so really not noticable when on. However, I do draw a line with liquid eyeliner on my top lashes to disguise this. You can also apply mascara over the top of the false lashes but I don't bother as they give enough definition.

              The lashes are really dark and full but not ridiculously long so don't look really false which is the effect I was going for. Mr boyfriend just assumed they were my own lashes before I told him they were fake. They are really flattering eyelashes and I bought another pair cause I liked them so much. I think all the Girls Aloud lashes are all really good and everyone is different. There are all really good quality as well so would defineltely recommend them.


              Would recommend these lashes and all the Girls Aloud but think Sarah's ones are the best as most flattering and least false looking. Re-usable as well so can be used again and again even for contact lense wearers like myself


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          • Product Details

            Eylure Girls Aloud lashes have been individually designed, briefed and approved by each group member so that each would have a perfect fashioned and unique style of their own your sure to find a style that best suits you / More and more women are realising the benifits of using false eyelashes on an everyday basis to emphasise their eyes, change their eye shape and thicken sparse lashed Instant results;each pack comes with full instructions and strip lash latex glue these lashes like all Eylure strip lashes are reusable for a number of times Just remover the old glue with warm water and re apply fresh / Box Contains; 1 set of Eylure Lashes 1ml latex glue Full instructions leaflet Product Weight :41g

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