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Eylure Lash Application Kit

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Brand: Eylure / Type: Lash Application Starter Kit

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    1 Review
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      23.09.2012 16:27
      Very helpful



      Lash Applicator Kit.

      False Eyelashes
      = = = = = = =
      I love the look of having fuller, longer lashes and I envy girls who can apply false eye lashes to their own eyes as this is something that I have never been able to do myself. I have tried many times to apply eye lashes but I don't find this a very easy task. There are so many different false lashes available to buy and they all have information on how to apply the lashes, how-ever I just can't get the hang of how to do it. I was in my local boots store checking whether they did any pre-glued lashes as I thought this may be easier than doing it myself, how-ever I couldn't find any. I did how-ever find an Eylure naturalites lash application starter kit which was suitable for people whom have never applied false lashes to their eyes before. I thought this was perfect so I took a pack from the shelf and popped it in my basket along with my other products. I thought I would finally get the chance to wear false lashes and learn how to apply them as well.

      The Kit
      = = = =
      This product is new from Eylure and provides the perfect starting point for beginners. The pack includes everything you need for successful lash application, including a free practise lash. The kit offers a selection of tools to help with precise application for the lashes. The kit contains a silicone tipped lash applicator, orange sticks for tweaking lash position and adding separation and adhesive for multiple applications. With the kit you also get corner lashes and a set of strip lashes. There is a leaflet inside the packaging which tells you how to use the different pieces of kit and you also get 2 small tubes of glue with the kit as well. I had no idea what this kit was going to be like or how easy it was going to be to use, how-ever I was willing to give it a try as I thought I had a pretty good chance with this starter kit.

      The lashes - The lashes in the kit have been designed to ensure you are an expert lash applier in a very short time. The corner lashes have been added as an extra practise lash so you can apply them again and again to ensure you are comfortable with application before you wear the full strip lashes included. The corner lashes look very long; how-ever these are quite thin and subtle looking. The strip lashes are dark black and have great length and volume to them which is what I look for in false lashes. They are no 101 in the Eylure lash range.

      Orange Sticks - There are 5 wooden sticks in the pack which are used to help reposition the lashes and to ensure they are in the correct place. You can also use this to separate the lashes once they have been applied. One end of the stick is flat, whilst the other has a point to end.

      Applicator - The lash applicator is black in colour and has Eylure printed on it. It reminds me a little of a peg as you squeeze the end to open the end of the applicator itself. On the end of the applicator are pink silicone tips for picking up the lashes and to ensure they don't bend whilst in the applicator.

      Eyelash Holder - There is a black piece of kit which is made from a soft rubber like material. This has 2 indented lines on it in which you can place the lashes on before applying them to your eye. This makes it easier when using the applicator to grip the lashes as you can pick them up pretty much straight away.
      Glue - There are 2 small tubes of glue in the pack which is used for sticking the eyelashes to your eyelids. This needs to be used carefully and you must follow all instructions when using it.

      Instruction Leaflet - This gives you a step by step guide on how to apply the lashes. The instruction booklet comes in a range of different languages and is very easy to follow as it numbers the steps in which to apply the lashes. It also gives you information on how to remove and care for your lashes after use. On the piece of card which was included in the kit there are pictured diagrams on how to apply the lashes which is very helpful to use as well as the written instructions.

      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased this product from my local boots store for £9.95 which I don't think is too bad for the kit as you do get a set of lashes with the kit than can be used over and over again.

      = = = = =
      The kit comes in clear plastic packaging which feels quite thick; how-ever it's perfect for storing all the products in as it can be re-used. You can see the different eye lashes and tools you get in the kit to ensure you apply the lashes correctly. The packaging is very plain and simple; how-ever the product stands out as it looked quite large hanging on the pegs along with the Eylure false lashes.

      Applying the lashes
      = = = = = = = = =
      They actually suggest applying most of your make up before applying the lashes as this will help to prevent the lashes falling off of your eyelids and ruining the look. The lashes can be re-used if care is taken.

      1. Remove the lash from the packaging and hold it up to your eye to see whether it's the right length for you eye shape. If the lash is too long simply cut a small amount off the outer edge until the false lash is the same length as your natural lash line. (Snip a couple of lashes off at a time to ensure it's correct for your eye). I did have to snip a few lashes off as these were too long for me.

      2. Apply a small amount of glue along the band and then leave to dry for about 20-30 seconds or until it's tacky. This is important as if the glue is not tacky it will not stick properly. Please ensure that you keep the lash fix applicator (glue) away from the eye. I didn't have a clue if the glue was meant to change colour when it was tacky, so after at least 30 seconds I decided I would try to apply the lashes. The lid to the glue holds a small flat took to apply the glue to the lashes with. This is really easy to use to enable you to attach a little and not too much of the glue to the lashes.

      3. Using the applicator, grasp the lashes in the soft silicone tip and hold the lash up to your eye, securing the middle of the lash then the corners. It's best to apply the lashes when looking down into a mirror. You can see the lash line better and try to get as close to the lash line as possible. The applicator is light to hold and holds the lashes well to enable you try and secure the lashes. I managed to get the lashes on fine without any problems.

      4. Using the flat end of one of the orange sticks in the kit, gently reposition the ends of the lash if required until they feel and look correct. I did use an orange stick to do this as the ends didn't look right.

      5. Once the glue is dry, check the lashes are level (if not use the orange stick to gently push up the lashes until they look good, if required use the pointier end of the orange stick to separate the lashes.

      I had a go at applying the lashes a few times, as the first time the end weren't stuck down so I think I needed to wait a bit longer for the glue to become tacky. The 2nd time I applied these I left the glue for about 1 minute before applying them. The lashes seemed to stick a lot better; how-ever one of the ends of the lashes still wasn't stuck on quite right. I decided I would try a 3rd attempt a bit later.

      The Final Attempt
      = = = = = = = = = = =
      I carefully read through all of the instructions to the leaflet a few times to ensure I was doing everything correctly. I think the main problem was allowing the glue to become tacky. I seemed to wait the suggested time and the lashes didn't stick and when I waited a bit longer the lashes stuck in the middle but were slightly loose on one end. I got ready to follow all the steps in the instructions again for the 3rd time. I decided I would wait for approximately 40-50 seconds before applying the lashes. I used to applicator to apply the lashes as mentioned in the instructions. I secured the middle of the lashes and then the ends using a little pressure from my finger. The lashes seemed to look much better this time and they were much closer to my lash line than they were before. I also didn't have any problems with the ends of the lashes either which was good. With a few attempts and a little patience I had finally learnt how to apply the lashes properly.

      Removing/Caring for the Lashes
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      Hold the lash at the outside edge and gently peel off, it shouldn't hurt. The lashes were really easy to remove with a gentle pull and it didn't pull at my eyelids either. I was a little worried that this was going to hurt at first but it didn't at all. You must ensure you remove lashes before going to sleep.
      To care for your lashes remove any excess glue with tweezers or your fingers. Always replace the lashes back on the try ready to use again. You can simply use more of the lash fix glue to re-apply the lashes. If you follow this routine after using your lashes they can be used again and again without the need of having to purchase new ones.
      If you add mascara to the lashes, I have heard that you can wash them in a mild soapy solution and you can re-use them again, how-ever I haven't actually done this myself so I can't comment on whether this works or not.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      The kit is brilliant to help you learn to apply lashes if you have never tried applying them before. Although I didn't get the hang of applying the lashes until the 3rd time the kit was very helpful in explaining everything to me in order to get the best results. I don't think the kit is very badly priced and in fact I think it's actually very good value for money. I haven't used the corner lashes in the kit; how-ever I have used the other full length lashes a few times. The applicator came very handy when practising to apply the lashes. I would highly recommend this kit to others if you have never attempted to apply false eye lashes before and this gives you a step by step guide on how to apply the lashes. You do need to have patience when applying the lashes and also a steady hand is also helpful to enable you to try and get as close to the lash line as possible. I'm still not 100% confident when applying the lashes; how-ever I know this will improve in time the more I apply the lashes. This is a fantastic kit and I am really glad I purchased it.

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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