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Eylure Naturalites Double Lash

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Brand: Eylure / Type: False Eyelashes

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    10 Reviews
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      26.04.2013 23:11
      Very helpful



      im not sure if i would recommend it

      I bought these eyelashes as i have a slight obsession with false eyelashes and love to wear thick lashes for a night out. I primarily picked a pair from the eylure brand as i love their individual lashes set. I went for these as they were the middle thickness between the more natural looking ones and the thickest three layer lashes.

      The eyelashes are sold on a tray which they are lightly glued to so they do not move around when stocked in store, and are then placed in a pink and white box with the brand name and product details on the front and back. Inside the box you can find safety advice and glue.

      I took them out of the box and trimmed them down from the inner corner to fit my eyelid perfectly. I then covered the rim of the lashes with a thin layer of glue and allowed it to go tacky before applying it to my eye. The glue does work very well, once they were set in place i found they lasted all night, with no need to readjust the corners, preventing them from peeling away. They can be quite fiddly to apply so can take some practice and a steady hand.

      I was personally not too keen on the lashes themselves though, when i had applied them i felt my eyes felt very heavy and felt like it was an effort to keep my eyes open. I also found due to how thick they are they made my eyes look quite small and that is the complete opposite of what i wanted. So i think in future i will stick to my individual eyelashes as they give a better natural look and can be built upon for more volume.

      Overall i am not sure if i would recommend these eyelashes, i would definitely recommend the brand as i think they are fantastic, but i am not sure about this particular design as for me i found they were too big, but i think that comes down to personal taste.


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      24.01.2013 14:33
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Defo worth the money

      Eylure Naturalite lashes- ultra full lashes for an intense effect.
      *ultra light weight*
      *contact lens friendly*
      *contains latex*
      *made in Indonesia*
      *lasts 6 months*

      ** information taken from packaging**Other Products from the eylure range include Individual lashes, Pre-glued lashes, dress tape and Eyelashand eyebrow dye.
      These lashes are avaliable in different colours and lengths, and they also do a special range which are funky colours and glitter.

      They are avaliable from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and other places like this. They tend to be a pricer lash at around £5-7 a set.

      Now as a proffesional dancer I have been using fake lashes for years and years, I just find a pair i like and buy them for no particular reason. I think thats how I first came across these lashes. The packaging is fairly basic in a white black and pink box with a window so you can see the lashes. The pack comes with the lashes and a small tube of glue, and also instructions. To put them on the instrustions say to use tweezers, but I personally dont. I use a cotton bud. So you take the lashes off the stand they are on, and keep that dont throw it. Then for first time use cut the lashes to size, nothing worse than lashs that are too big- it gives you the droopy look. Then add a thin layer of glue and add an extra dab to the ends. leave for 5-10 secs untill the glue goes tacky. Now the instructions say put the end on first closest to your nose, but again I dont do this, I stick them on in the middle of the eye and then use the cotton bud to push the 2 ends down. You can open the eye straight away,add a bit of mascara to blend and finished.
      To take off I just peel away from the skin- you can use make-up remover if the lashes are stuck in your hair, but be warned this makes the lashes last a shorter time. Then i put them back on the stand and in the box untill next time. I also keep the glue on them to help keep the shape, Then next time you want them peel the glue away first, then apply.
      I have cried in these a couple of times as well and the water doesnt clump or destroy the lashes - just thought id point that out.

      Since using these lashes I have never used any different ones. Nothing compares to these lashes, they are strong and durable, look great and have a variety of different shapes and thicknesses to achieve different looks. The glue is also kind to skin and I find it never sticks my hair together. They are a bit more expensive than normal lashes however, I can use the same pair everyday for around 3 months- 90days thats great value for money as with them on I hardly use mascara. I wear them for at least 8-9 hours at a time and they dont agrevate my eyes or skin.
      I do appreciate that some people will find them hard to apply and some people will also find it hard to wear them for a number of hours, but my advise is its just something you get used to and like with anything you have to practice!

      The only bad thing is that the lashes come with a tiny bottle of glue, which wont last musch longer than a week, so you have to buy more. The extra bottles are sold at £2.50 and they are much bigger and last me about 6 months, so I would advise to get them too!!
      Overall I cant live with out them and always tell my students to get them for shows.

      Thanks for reading and rating :0


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        23.12.2012 09:13



        Easy to apply and cost effective

        After using the pre- glued lashes I wanted a more dramatic effect so decided to take the leap of faith to these. I was sceptical becaise I had used cheaper lashes and could never get the hang of them and the corner would always ping up. I setyself plenty of time expecting it to be fiddly and time consuming. So my make up was done my eye make-up especially perfect and now was the time to ruin it by applying false lashes. But to my surprise they went on first time and no lifting at the corners. And best of all I didn't ruin my make-up. With other brands you have to wait a wee while for the glue to become tacky but with these I just slapped them straight on and they stuck perfectly. The result was perfectly sultry lashes that lasted all night and were easily peeled off. They are re-usable and because the glue is quite stringy it's easily pulled off for the next use so there's no build up of glue. Price wise Cheaper brands can look more appealing but for me they're a waste of money and end up going in the bin half the time and the fact they can easily be re-used is great. I also find with most eylure lashes they fit my eye perfectly so don't need to be cut tp size.


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        26.11.2012 21:50
        Very helpful



        Love my lashes.

        Problem solved girls! Every night out I spend a good half hour putting lash after lash line to get the full thick effect that I desire for a night on the town. This product has two sets of lashes already glued together, all you have to do is stick the coupled lines as you usually would with the one strip!

        These particular ones are designed to add length and thickness and although they are labelled 'naturalities', I would not quite say that they look natural due to the sheer size of them!
        These cost between £5.99-£6.99 depending on what retailer you buy them from which are a bit more expensive than others in the Eyelure range.

        Well, they do what they are designed to do and that is to be easier to put on than 2-3 single pairs of fake eyelashes.
        Compared to the other eyelashes in the Eyelure range these are easier to put on as they are firmer, the two sets gives the strip a more rigid feeling and therefore it is easier to apply.
        They are very light and once the glue has dried you can't feel that you are wearing fake eyelashes which is always a positive.

        Comes in a small cardboard box, with the lashes stuck to a little plastic shaper. It comes with full instructions and included glue, the glue is the best I have used! Keeps the lashes on all night, and the glue is in a small compact tube so you can take it with you and it fits into the smallest of clutch bags.

        As with all the Eyelure range, the glue is a bit smelly. But once the lid is closed and the glue is dried onto your eye the smell disappears.
        Fiddly, though they are more easy to handle than others in the range. It's got the usual hard to handle fake eyelash quality!

        I swear by Eyelure. A fantastic idea, brilliant product.


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        30.09.2012 22:47
        Very helpful



        a great pair of false lashes

        I love fake lashes and if I dress up to go anywhere nice, I always feel like I am missing something if I do not wear my fake lashes. I was bought these fake lashes for my birthday this year. At the start I was quite sceptical about them, as I thought they would be too thick, but they are lovely on and I am really glad I was given them.

        These lashes are really easy to apply, they are applied like any other lashes. Take the glue that comes with them and paint the tip of the lashes, then apply them to your eye lids, strategically placing them so then you cannot see any space between your actual lashes and the fake ones.
        Then apply some mascara to your lashes to blend the both pairs together and give them a bit of an extra curl.
        The glue that comes with these lashes is latex based, so it is not suitable for people with latex intolerances.

        I found that these lashes look great on, they have lots of volume and make my eyes look really lovely.
        These lashes also have a lot of length to them and make them look really lovely and long.
        I found that when I first put these lashes on, they were a little uncomfortable, however I do get used to them quite quickly and then I do not really feel as though they are there.
        These lashes are really over the top however, I do not think that they would be suitable for everyday wear, they are more for use when you are dressing up to go out somewhere at the weekend.

        I found that when I got home, these lashes were quite easy to remove. I simply used a little bit of warm water and soap and they came off quite easily, also the lashes not damaged when I removed them so I found that I could use them again and again.

        Price and Availability
        I was bought these eyelashes as a present for my birthday, I personally have never came across them in the shops but they are on Amazon for around £7. I think that this is a good price for these lashes as they are very good quality and reusable, so if you take good care of them they will last you lots of times.

        *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        27.08.2012 01:25
        Very helpful



        Not for doing the weekly shop in

        I absolutely adore wearing false lashes and worryingly am starting to feel naked on a night out without them. I used to say I felt naked without my lip gloss, then my mascara, then ear-rings, then bronzer / fake tan now its all those things and false eye-lashes. No wonder I am skint!

        Anyway I have tried quite a few false lashes now, I started wearing false lashes a while ago when I went to a 60s fancy dress party and I just fell in love with them. I was so surprised how easy falsies are to apply and wear and how much more feminine you look on photographs and so my little obsession grew from there. I tried the eye-lure individual lashes first as I just wanted to apply them to the ends of my lashes. The individuals come in 3 rows of short, medium and long and I found myself always just using the long so I bit the bullet and moved on to purchasing full length false lashes. I have tried many brands but eye lure are avaialble everywhere and so tend to be the brand I go with.

        After some experimenting with various different lashes, I saw these and felt kinda brave and far too excited at the sheer boldness of them not to buy. I got home though and wondered if I had made a massive mistake, In the box they looked more than a moustache than lashes but I had bought them and so was going to wear them.

        For the next few months, they lived in my make-up basket and at times, even went forgotton about until...
        me and my mates decided we deserved a girls night out, somewhere fun and silly so we went to a comedy club and then onto The Birdcage in Manchester which is a cabaret and drag-queen nightclub. We all dressed a little more daring than normal (Theme = Cavewomen) so out they came!

        They went on like any other eye lure lashes although what I found difficult was determining where my natural lash line was in order to align them both as near as possible as these are so thick and as soon as they go on, they tend to stick pretty rapid. They felt heavier than my normal falsies but nowhere near as heavy as you might think. They didnt feel heavy as the night went on but one of them did start to come away and I could feel it flapping down over my lid. Luckily, I always take out spare glue to top up but this is quite embarressing in a toilet full of strangers.

        I wouldnt say that these lashes look natural at all but they do not look as comedic as they do in the box. When I showed my mate them in the box, her words were (between fits of laughter) 'You'll never get away with that!' Anyway, I think I did and they look amazing on pictures, really really pretty.

        They came off easy and didnt leave any gummy marks off the glue. They were also kind to my eyes and caused no pain or damage to my own lashes.

        I have worn these since and have even bought another pack which is yet to be opened but what I have done, is to cut just over a third off and used at the end of my own lashes with a few of the medium individual lashes used in the middle of mine sparingly to add fullness and I much prefer this look.

        Available from Boots, Superdrug and Morrisons often on offer. Price tends to be around £7 for Eye lure lashes


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        25.07.2012 15:41
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good pair of lashes for fancy dress of special events.

        I have used false eyelashes occasionally for the last few years. I have used other brands but pretty much always return to eylure eyelashes because I've always found them totally reliable and of good quality.

        These double lashes come in a small cardboard box. The most is mostly white, black and pink and has a clear plastic panel at the front through which you can see the eyelashes. You open the side of the box and can pull out a flimsy, white plastic tray. On the tray are the eyelashes, loosely stuck to curved piece of plastic. Behind the tray you will find the eyelash glue and the instructions on how to apply. The eyelashes are denoted with a L and R to show which eye they are meant to go on. With the double lash set it is pretty obvious because they are such big lashes, but with a smaller set they tend to be a similar length all along and it is less clear so this proves useful.

        I tend to measure the eyelash against my eyelash line and in order to get an idea of whether it is the right size or not. They tend to be a little long for my eyes so I usually cut them down a little with a pair of nail scissors. With these eyelashes I cut the outer edge because otherwise they tend to be too long towards the inner corner of my eye. Once you have done that and checked they fit you are ready to apply the glue!

        The first time I did this I was really worried about getting glue in my eye, thankfully I have never actually done this. The glue comes in a very small glass bottle which has a plastic lid with an application stick attached. You hold the eyelash by the lashes and coat the lashline of the faux lash in glue. You are meant to wait until it becomes tacky before you apply but I actually prefer to apply them wet as I find this easier. I tend to use my fingers to put the lash on, I go from the outer end of my eye and push the glue into contact with my lashline. You are meant to glue it to your eyelid and not your lashes but I actually find it easier to attach to my lashes. I have read other reviews and blogs where people say similar things, so I guess just give it a couple of tries and see which method suits you.

        Removing the lashes is easy too, you literally just peel them off at the end of the night. Obviously if you have attached them to your lashes then be a little careful so as not to pull off any lashes. I tend to find that some mascara and the remnants of the glue remains on the lashline of the lashes. I usually peel this off as best I can and this way they can easily be used again in the future. I have used their eyelashes up to 10 times before they become a little scraggy and need throwing away. This is pretty good considering they usually cost between £5 and £7 and last me for a years worth of use.

        These lashes in particular are double lashes, meaning extra length and double the volume of lashes on each pair. I find they are quite heavy looking and tend to only wear these ones for fancy dress or for really special occasions where it is dark maybe and they won't be seen as clearly. For everyday use or for day events they are way too heavy in my opinion and look a little ridiculous. They definitely aren't natural looking and whenever I have worn them it has been fairly obvious they are fake lashes, but for some occasions this is okay.

        Overall, I really like these lashes for fancy dress of a big night out.


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          07.05.2012 09:41
          Very helpful



          A good pair of reusable lashes

          For my birthday my sister, cousins and I decided to have a night out at the Sugarhut in Brentwood, Essex. As we were doing a 500 mile round trip we decided to go all out glam with our dresses and accessories and we all decided to get some false eyelashes as well. The lashes I chose were eylure naturalites double lashes.

          The first time I tried false eyelashes was actually in January in this year when I opted for a quite natural looking lash for my cousin's 21st party. I really liked the look and so this time decided to be a bit braver and choose a fuller looking double lash. As my last set of false lashes were made by eylure it made sense for me to look to that brand again. The double eyelashes come packed in a white cardboard box which features the brand name in a black writing. The packaging is simple but effective as it features a clear plastic window through which you can see the eyelashes which of course is essential so you can make sure you are buying lashes that are suitable for you.

          Inside the box you have a small tub of adhesive as well as an instructions sheet. Now I am totally rubbish and cant apply my own lashes so my sister does it for me but she finds it very easy to apply her own so perhaps it comes down to practice as she wears them most days!

          The double lashes are layered and so they do look much fuller and darker than the previous lashes I had worn but I wanted a more stand out for this night out and so I do think they were perfect for that. We did find that we needed to trim them a little to fit my natural eye line but once this was done we were able to apply them. It is weird how it feels at first when false lashes are applied to your natural lash line and it always makes me feel a bit drunk but this does settle down after half an hour at the most and then they aren't noticeable at all. With these ones I did not feel the need to apply mascara as I felt they are stand out enough on their own but of course this is down to personal choice and you could apply mascara if you wanted.

          I bought these eyelashes from littlewoods for £8 and I can advise that they are cheaper in boots and such like. Whilst the price does seem high the lashes are reusable and there is plenty of adhesive in the little pot for subsequent applications so I am very happy with my purchase. I simply store them in the box they came in on my dresser for when I need them next. I would say that if you are looking for a full and stand out false lash then the eylure naturalite double lashes are a very good offering.

          Thank you for reading my review!


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            21.12.2011 17:58
            Very helpful



            Affordable, good quality lashes

            I absolutely love false lashes and I admit i've got a bit of an unhealthy addiction to them! I've got a huge box full of lots of different brands of false eyelashes but my favourite brand is most definetly eylure, they're not the cheapest brand but their lashes are always really good quality and look lovely. Eylure have quite an extensive range of lashes but my favourite is the 'naturalites', which are marketed as being an easy way to give your lashes plenty of volume while still looking reasonably natural and being lightweight. I love this range as there's such a variety of lashes to choose from, and I usually opt for style 070 which is lots of thin, long lashes which I wear during the day when shopping or going out and about - they are gorgeous and look so natural. On nights out however I like to get glammed up and i'm a big fan of overdoing things - sexy outfits, massive hair, huge, glossy lips and gorgeous, big lashes, and so last month when I was invited to a friends 21st I decided to wear some of the biggest lashes in my collection - the naturalite double eyelashes (style 205).

            I bought these lashes from Boots for £7.10 while they had an offer on, which was buy one, get one half price. Eylure lashes can be purchased from pretty much anywhere though - Superdrug, Amazon and even supermarkets, and the great thing about this brand is that although they're quite expensive their lashes are often on offer such as 3 for 2, or occasionally buy one get one free. The prices for this particular set of lashes ranges from £5ish to £7.50 depending on where you buy them from. I think this is definetly much more expensive than a majority of other brands but I still think that it is good value due to the quality and because they look so nice! The Eylure Naturalites Double False Eyelashes have a layered style for a full and textured effect, according to the product description on the Boots website. They are very thick and are around average length for a pair of false lashes with the length of each lash varying very slightly. They are much, much bigger and bolder than any of my other false lashes and if i'm honest I felt slightly nervous the first ever time that I used them as I was pretty scared they'd look ridiculous, which I promise they don't! I'm not going to lie - they don't look completely natural, but they are very subtle considering how much bigger they are than my usual false lashes, they don't look tacky and aren't the kind of lashes that are so ridiculously over the top that people stop and look.

            I own these lashes in black and as far as i'm aware this is the only colour available which may be a disadvantage for fairer haired people who would prefer them in brown, however as I have dark hair they don't look too dark or over the top on me, they are around the same colour as my natural lashes but obviously with a slightly more glossy appearence and they blend in with my natural lashes perfectly. I always apply mascara and eyeliner to ensure that they look as 'blended in' as possible and always apply eyeliner to my upper lashline in order to avoid the lash band strip showing, which is very inportant which these as the lash band is noticeably thicker than my other lashes, however once a bit of eyeshadow and eyeliner is applied to the eyelid it's completely unnoticeable.

            These lashes are comfortable to wear and feel secure - they're not the flimsy kind of lashes and both feel and look good quality. They're lightweight, but do have a slight noticeable weight on my eyes, however I don't feel blinded by the sheer size or weight of them on my lashline - obviously when i'm wearing them I can tell they're on but they're not the kind of lashes where i'm constantly feeling like I need to adjust them! As with anything glued to your face, at first it can feel like you want to brush them away/off your lids, but you will soon get used to them. Applying these lashes is simple, like all lashes it's quite a fiddly procedure putting them on but it doesn't take long and because each strip of lashes is labelled left and right the application procedure doesn't take too long as it's easier to adjust them to the shape of my eye and I don't need to faff around trying to apply them to the wrong eye! You get a tiny tube of eylure lash adhesive with the lashes too which I think is good and the eylure adhesive is great quality (although opening the tiny, fiddly tube is always a bit of an effort).

            The most inportant thing to do when putting these lashes on is to stay patient and calm, if you feel that they don't look right or are too long for your eye shape, then gently pull them off straight away (the glue dries fast) and trim them, then start over. Make sure that the lashes are as close to the root of your natural lashes as possible. Once your lashes are applied remember to make sure that they look nice open and closed, then apply your mascara and eyeliner making sure the lash band is completely merged into your natural lashline. I usually use a flat liner brush and then apply black gel liner, and it looks brill! On a side note, remember to use primer to apply your eyeshadow to avoid any fallout onto your lashes.

            I've worn these lashes a few times now and have stocked up on a few more pairs as I love them so much. They make my lashes look full and thick without been too dramatic or over the top, they don't look completely natural but I don't think they look obviously fake either because they're more thick than long. The lashes overall are good quality and look lovely, so i'd definetly reccomend them!


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              14.10.2011 08:05
              Very helpful



              A double impact false lash from Eylure

              A lot of people that have read a number of my reviews may have gathered I have a slight obsession with false lashes. My collection of lashes is huge ranging from very light lashes to thicker and fuller lashes. For special occasions because I have longer eyelashes I like false eye lashes which give added length and also added thickness. Surprisingly even though there are huge amounts false lashes when you browse beauty stores I find I struggle to find the "right" lashes for me. I was watching an early morning beauty TV programme on one of the many nameless Sky channels which was about applying false lashes. The make-up artist presenting the show actually gave away that most adverts/ celebrity eye make-up is created by applying two pairs of false lashes to give a more fluttery but longer and thicker look and outlined that a number of false lashes are actually available to buy as a "double strip" which includes the Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes.

              ***Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes***
              The Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes are two strips of false lashes attached together by one lash strip. This is different to traditional false lashes which a usually a single row of lashes attached to a lash strip. The Double False lashes have been designed by Eylure to give a fuller yet more textured look and emulate the effect of wearing two pairs of false lashes at once.

              The Naturalites range by Eylure is a "natural" range of lashes by Eylure which are intended to give a very natural look and like you are not wearing false lashes. Despite being a double lash which give a fuller look the Naturalites Double intend to still look natural.

              Eylure state the lashes are suitable for all eye shapes and are contact lens friendly, ultra lightweight and reusable.

              Within the Eylure Naturalites Double Lash range there are six pairs of lashes. These are

              202- These are probably the lightest and most fluttery lashes from the double range. These add length and thickness without being overly long or full. The look is very textured and fluttery as the individual lashes all look a different length.

              204-These lashes have quite a dark full look to them and would create a very strong look. The lashes start off shorter and get longer as the lashes work away from the corner of the eye. There is a very uniform and angular look to the lashes.

              205-These lashes add thickness and length. There is a strip of longer lashes with a strip of shorter but darker fuller lashes beneath the longer lashes.

              206-These lashes claim to have a "rock chick" look to them. The lashes flick outwards in sections rather than each eyelash looking individually separated. The lashes are generally shorter with the flicked sections have a long look to them.

              207-These lashes claim to give a "vintage look". The lashes look very similar to the 204 style however the angular look is stronger and the lashes are longer and fuller.

              208-These are the thickest and fullest lashes from the double range and are very intense and black. The lashes add length and fullness but because the lashes are so thick they have a very full look to them so it is more difficult to see a separated individual lash look. The lashes are at the longest in the centre of the eye with longer lashes towards the edges too.

              My review will be based on the 202 and 205 lashes as these are the ones that I own.

              The Eylure Double lashes come in the standard Eylure packaging. This is a rectangular white cardboard box with a clear window so you can see the lashes and a pink strip on the packaging. This is similar to the other Eylure Naturalites Lashes the only difference is Double is written on the packaging in black font.

              Each pack contains
              A pair of lashes- marked left and right
              One small tube of eyelash glue (enough for 3 wears of the lashes)
              Application and care instructions

              The lashes are affixed to a white inner tray inside the box. I personally prefer the more expensive brands of lashes like MAC where the lashes come in a plastic case which allows easy storage after you have worn the lashes and these types of case help the lashes retain shape. A disadvantage of the Eylure tray packaging is that you need to ensure you put the lashes back in the case carefully and ensure you do not squash them otherwise this could change the shape of the lash strip.

              ***Price and Availability***
              The Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes are available from Boots, Debenhams, BANK fashion and online from www.aurivita.com .

              Boots stock the full range of these lashes. These lashes are £7.10 per pair which is more expensive than most other false lashes including the others from the Eylure range which are priced at £5.00 however these are like wearing two pairs of lashes. Therefore a pair of these lashes is more cost effective than buying two pairs a similar quality pair of lashes to create the same effect. I also feel because the lash strip is a lot thicker than with single strip lashes the Naturalites Double are more durable and you get more wear out of them before you need to throw them away.

              Applying false lashes takes practice. I have included a full description and tips of how to apply at the bottom of the review for those that have never applied false lashes before.

              The Double lashes come with a very small tub of Eylure eyelash adhesive. When you first open the packaging it is clearly marked which lash is for which eye; the shortest section of lashes is always placed next to the inner eye if you do get the lashes mixed up.

              The Eylure lash glue has a mini applicator a bit like a cocktail stick which allows you to apply the glue onto the false lash band. After about 10 seconds the glue on the lash goes tacky and this is when you can apply the lash to the eye and hold until it becomes attached to the eyelid. The glue is white but does dry clear. You may need to touch up with eyeliner as this sometimes when dry the glue does have a slight white tint to it.

              The double lashes are outlined to be "lightweight" but they are a lot heavier than the standard single lashes. I do not rate the Eylure lash glue and always use a different lash glue (Duo adhesive) however to use the Eylure lash glue with these double lashes is quite problematic and I find that glue just doesn't hold these lashes in place because the lash strip is so thick.

              As I have mentioned the lash strip on these lashes is a lot thicker than with single lashes. This makes it easier to hold the lash and it means it retains its shape whereas single lash strips often flop around in your hand. But it also means you need to apply the double lash strip more carefully in order for it to look more natural when applied to your eye. The strip is thicker therefore more noticeable so I would ensure eyeliner is applied to your lash line first so if you do apply badly there are not gaps of bare flesh between your own lash line and the black lash strip. Secondly you then need to apply as close to your lash line as possible in order to hide some of the thickness to your lash strip. I would say I'm very experienced applying false lashes but the Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes probably take me double the time to apply than standard lashes.

              The lashes are suitable for contact lens wearers and I have only ever wore these lashes with them and I feel this claim is true and I have suffered no irritation.

              Removing the lashes after use is very easy and because of the thicker lash strip the double lashes are more durable and are less likely to lose their shape and rip. You simply peel the lash from the inner corner of the eye and the lash should be removed. I have worn each pair of my double lashes 5 times now and they still look as new. I only feel because you do not need to apply additional mascara to these lashes this helps to keep them new and ensure you get more uses out of them.

              ***Wearing them***
              Once applied both the 205 and 202 Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes give a very full fluttery look to lashes. Both versions have a real upwards curve to the lashes. I feel the 202 lashes are the most natural from the two pairs and they do not look as dark and black and the individual lashes look more separated and light compared to the 205 style. The 202 lashes although a similar length on the lash strip look different lengths when applied to your eyes and have a very light fluttery look to them which give a wide eyed look. When wearing the 202 lashes I have had a lot of compliments about how long my lashes are and feel I can pass these off as my "natural lashes".

              The 205 lashes still have a lightly natural look to them but because of the darker fuller look I do think they look less natural and although it may not be immediately apparent you are wearing false lashes it would look like you are wearing heavy eye make-up as they create more definition and frame your eyes more. The 205 lashes add a lot more length to your lashes as there are clusters of very small lashes on the lash strip which are very long. The rows of lashes on the bottom on the double strip are slightly shorter but very full which give a thick dark look to your eyes. The look is still separated and textured but because of the overall blackness created by the amount of lashes on the strip I feel these lashes look less separated than the 202 lashes.

              I feel with the Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes the main disadvantage is the thickness of the lash band. In order to securely hold two strips of lashes this is quite thick. When applied to your eyelid this is a lot more visible than if you were wearing traditional single strip lashes. Because of this you need to ensure you apply close to your own natural lash line in order for this strip to be more subtle. Secondly I feel because of the thicker lash strip I tend to wear more eye make-up when I'm wearing these lashes (eyeliner and eyeshadow) to ensure the lash strip blends in. This is partially why I feel the look is a little too dramatic for everyday wear and limited to special occasions and nights out as my eye make-up is quite heavy.

              I do like the look created by these lashes and feel they create a full dark look without the need for additional mascara which makes these lashes last for more wears. The lashes are comfortable to wear and I do feel that they are reasonably "lightweight" but certainly not a light on your eyes as a single strip set of false lashes and you notice these lashes are attached to your eye slightly more.

              Eylure state the Naturalites Double lashes are suitable for "all eye shapes" and I would definitely disagree with this. I consider my eyes to be larger and quite wide and feel there are only two pairs of lashes from this collection which are suitable for my eyes. My two closest friends who both wear false lashes have tried these lashes and one has shorter lashes and small eyes and the other has average length lashes and medium sized eyes. My friend with the smaller eyes and features immediately discounted these as being "too much" and even the more natural 202 style looked too much on her eyes with her small features. My other friend liked the 202 lashes but felt the 205 lashes were too much for her eyes and felt the lashes were too full and actually made her eyes look smaller.

              Personally I feel that for those that want very subtle looking false lashes the Eylure Naturalites Double lashes may be a little too full and thick. Of the six different variations of the double lash strips personally I feel that I would only ever wear two of these pairs of lashes. The 202 and 205 styles are lashes I have in my collection and feel are suitable for nights out and special events only and still have a "natural" look about them. For daytime and casual wear I think they overall look is a little too dramatic and you need to wear too much eye make up for the lash strip of these lashes to blend in naturally.

              I really like the look of the 202 and 205 styles as these give a long full textured look and the double strip gives a fanned lash look very easily. For those with larger eyes and longer lashes these are a great pair of false lashes which you can use over and over again. You do need to be quite experienced to apply these lashes because of the thicker lash strip and ensure you put this as close to your own lash line as possible. Once applied properly I feel the look is more like that of semi-permanent lash extensions rather than strip lashes because lashes do not look one uniform length.

              Removal is very easy and the double lash strip is more durable than traditional single strip lashes meaning you can wear these over and over again. Meaning the slightly higher price tag of £7.10 is quite economical.

              Just by looking at the other styles in the Eylure Naturalites Double Lash collection I feel they are far too thick and false looking and there is nothing natural about them. Even for someone with larger eyes and long lashes I feel these four styles would actually be too much for my eyes and although they would give thick long black lashes I feel they would be very drag queen-esque which I feel is not a look I want to sport. Plus I also feel these other lashes would be too heavy for my eyes and actually make my eyes look smaller.

              A strong look that is not for "natural" for everyone!

              ***Applying false lashes ***
              Step 1- First of all if you have not applied false lashes before, give yourself an additional 20 minutes to get ready and get used to applying the false lashes. As this is quite a fiddly task you need to take your time. If you are under pressure to get ready for a time, if you do not leave extra time and the lash doesn't go on first time, you are likely to get yourself flustered. This only makes applying the lash more difficult!!

              Step 2- Apply eye make up to you eyes, with the exception of mascara. It is advisable to apply a line of black eyeliner to your upper lid. This is because if you do not apply the false lash close enough to your natural lashes the eyeliner will hide the "gap" in between and it creates a more natural look

              Step 3- Most false lash strips are about 25mm long but do vary. Put this up against your eye and check that this fits your eye. If this is too long trim the lash strip with scissors so it is a suitable size for your eye. Always trim from the inner corners of the lash strip (the length of the lashes on the inner corners will be shorter)

              Step 4- Before you apply the lashes set out the right and the left lash strip. You can tell which lash strip is for which eye as the shortest lashes on the lash strip will be applied to the inner corners of each eye.

              Step 5- Check the instructions of the lash adhesive you are using to see how long it takes to dry. This will vary depending on the adhesive. (No matter what false lashes you are using I would always recommend DUO lash adhesive) Apply a thin amount to the top of the lash strip. Leave so the adhesive goes tacky and sticks to the upper lid easily and immediately. If the glue is too wet the lash will not stick immediately and the lash will slide around on the eyelid.

              Step 6- Once the glue is tacky hold the inner edge of the lash with a pair of tweezers and press the lash strip down as close to your natural lash line as possible. If possible try not to stick to your own natural eyelashes as the false lash strip will not sit right and will feel quite uncomfortable.

              Step 7- Once the false lash strip is applied to the eye use two cotton bud to hold the strip onto the lash line. Hold onto the lash and apply a small amount of pressure for around 30 seconds. This ensures the lash is fully affixed to your upper lid and it should be nice and secure.

              Step 8- Repeat above steps to apply lash strip to your other eye.

              Step 9- Touch up and apply more glue using a cotton bud if necessary to the inner and outer corners of the false lash if they do not feel secure.


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