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FCUK Pure Lip Gloss

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Brand: Fcuk / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      09.07.2010 22:42
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      FCUK Plumping Gloss.

      I got an FCUK set for Christmas a few years back that had various shower gels and ltions as you would expect but it also had this "FCUK Pure Lip Gloss" contained in it. Now before using this I had never used an FCUK lipgloss before so I had no idea what to expect - imagine my surprise when it started tingling on my lips! I have used plumping lipglosses in the past - Sexy Mother Pucker being the one I regularly buy and use but Ive never used mnay of them so I always end up comparing them to my usual and somehow nothing has ever quite matched up to its high standards. This one definately didnt.

      I think I must have a lipgloss with a slighter older design as mine looks nothing like the one on the picture. Mine is actually baby pink with vibrant pink lettering so it is very different. I actually prefer my design over the newer one but never mind! The top simply screws off to reveal and sort of ball shaped applicator which you rub along your lips while squeezing some of the gloss out the tube. The gloss is SUPER runny and does come out really quickly so be careful less is definately more as the more you wear the more it tingles!

      The actual gloss itself is pretty runny and is totally clear in colour - I dont think it is available in any other shade. The idea is that you apply this sparingly to your lips and wait for the peppermint oil and menthol contained in it to work its magic and plump up your lips. Now as at first I didnt realise this was a tingling gloss I put shed loads on and I ended up with a really wet looking trout pout. And believe me when you put too much on it starts to sting your lips rather than tingle so much so that your eyes will be watering!

      If you just apply a small amount though this does work really well and definately plumps up your lips and makes them look super glossy - basically its the perfect pout and its great for people who have quite thin lips. Even though I personally dont I think this does improve the look of my pout but it also helps moisturise them at the same time. Overall its pretty good but of course it has downsides.

      As it is quite runny it can make your lips look a bit too wet and it doesnt last as long on your lips as most other glosses. And for that reason I have to knock off two stars as a small tube if you use it everday wont last you very long at all as your constantly having to re-apply.

      I recommend but there is better lip plumping glosses out there - this isnt the best on the market.

      Thanks For Reading

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        19.06.2009 17:33
        Very helpful



        Not for me!

        Lip gloss.... Another thing to add to my room 101! I hate it! I don't particularly like anything on my lips anyway (unless he's incredibly handsome lol) but gloss.... I find it to be completely foul! I see little teeny bopper girls slapping the stuff on coat on coat and wonder why! It goes everywhere, is usually incredibly sticky and very transferable but not only that it vanishes so so quick and if your not touching anything with your lips it means your actually eating it! Yuk I never thought of that till I typed it lol.

        I tend not to buy them for all of the above reasons but if my friends want to annoy me they'll buy me some! No idea what possessed my mate to buy this for the amount it cost, she knows I hate lip-gloss but I'm sure it was an on purpose error of judgement on her part because as I said thanks hun just what I always wanted I'm sure there was a knowing glint in her eye and a hint of a smirk.

        When I got it home though, course I was going to try it. I love FCUK products so why not I thought and as it came in a little box I thought if I use a little dab and don't like it I'll pass it on to someone unlucky I know lol.

        The Packaging....

        Well as I just touched upon the tube of gloss does come in a little see through long plastic oblong box type thing with a mint green plant pattern all over it and on that I'm told what it is and that it is FCUK 'Pure' and contains natural peppermint oil and menthol. On the back of the box I'm told a little bit about the product, given a warning, contact details for Boots and FCUK are given (they make this product together and it's exclusive to Boots), and size is stated. The tube the lip-gloss comes in is in keeping style wise with the box and contains all the same information on it.

        Using It....

        Well simple to use this is. You simply squeeze the tube and out a bit comes of the clear gel that smells very minty fresh onto an integrated plastic 'slope'. You simply smear it over existed lip colour (blotted of course) or use alone for a simple glossy look. You can re-apply this as often as desired of course and once you have a layer on expect it to tingle like crazy, make your eyes water but make lips look 'pumped'. Yes the minty stuff does make blood somehow rush to the surface and there is no doubt in my mind it make a significant difference to a pout!

        However it don't taste all that nice and tastes cosmetic rather than minty and it does feel really really greasy although smooth on the lips and it makes my lips feel bigger without seeing them and quite heavy.

        I don't mind using this on it's own because as it's clear at least if it smudges (which it does and alot) it isn't a visible mess and it's easy to wipe mistakes off. However mixed with colour it goes everywhere and really looks messy pulling colour everywhere it shouldn't go and making the colour sit in the creases of your lips.


        Ok on it's own it does make lips look plumper and fuller and it does look like a high quality lip-gloss once on but it comes off too quickly for my liking and the cold tingling sensation edges toward uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. That cold feeling created is actually painful if you go outside and are faced with a gust of cold air!

        I wouldn't pay £4.45 a tube for this sticky, easily transferred and not very nice tasting gloss but I can't argue that lips appear nicer than they feel!

        Only available in Boots.


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      • Product Details

        An ultra glossy and moisturising lip gloss, enriched with peppermint oil and menthol to cool and tingle /

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