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Fearne Cotton Fearne's Favourites Hat Box

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Brand: Fearne Cotton / Type: Make Up Collection

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    2 Reviews
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      27.02.2013 21:52
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      It wasn't worth £35

      **Congratulations Fearne on the birth of your baby boy Rex Rayne Wood 21.2.13 **

      I was given the Fearne's Favourite Hat Box in November as a 'Congratulations' gift for becoming a mum for the second time. Everyone buys for the baby but it's nice to think of the Mum too! Whilst my set is different to the one pictured I think there is a new set released each Christmas in Boots. My sister had tipped off my Mum that she had seen me admiring the set for Xmas 2012 which was housed in a black and white stripey hat box, my bedroom is black and white so I thought it'd be a nice storage solution afterwards.

      What's in it?
      The box is surprisingly stuffed with goodies. Aside from the high quality stripey round hat box, inside is a silky round wash bag with matching black and white colours and floral detail as well. The products are:
      - black mascara 8ml
      - Eye shadow compact with 6 shades
      - Body wash 200ml
      - Body lotion 200ml
      - Body Polish 200ml
      - Body spritzer 75ml
      - hand lotion 75ml

      My thoughts
      I had never tried any of Fearne's toiletries before but heard good things so was looking forward to trying them. Here are my thoughts on each:

      I thought this was a bit dry when I first opened it but it applied OK. The brush takes a clump on the end when you pull it from the tube which can get a bit messy if you don't put it back in the tube. An average mascara but it's OK.

      Eye shadows
      The shades are not really for me, OK there's one I can use which is neutral but the rest are all colours I wouldn't use with green, gold and teracotta colours. The staying power is good on the eye shadows, it's just a shame about the colours. The compact is pretty though with a lace fern effect and coloured roses, it's sort of old fashioned with a modern twist.

      Body wash
      The body wash has the same fragrance as the other body products which is light and floral but very nice and I enjoyed using it, it made me feel nice and clean and whilst it didn't feel like anything special, it was a nice change from using normal shower gels and ones that I am used to using.

      Body lotion
      A lightweight body lotion, again nothing special, in fact I am still using this one as I have a few on the go but it's good enough for legs and a little bit goes a long way.

      Body Polish 200ml
      This came in a pot with a screw top lid. I love using body polishes anyway as I like how they renew your skin and make it soft, I use this around once a week in the shower and it leaves me feeling like a new woman!

      Body spritzer
      As I'm not one for body sprays, I've been using this as a room spray and it is light and floral without being over powering. I like it well enough but am not blown away by this product.

      Hand lotion
      This is nice and thick and has a pleasant aroma to it. It rubs in easily and instantly makes my hands feel soft and supple.

      The full price for the set was £35 but it was also in the 3 for 2 promotion and also on 'offer of the week' at some point so could be picked up cheaper.

      Final word
      I love the packaging most of all I think with this set, which sounds a bit crazy. I wasn't blown away by the contents, although they were nice enough, I think my favourite item was the hand lotion which doesn't say a lot for the other things in there. The make up was a bit of a disappointment mainly due to the colours but also the mascara could have been a lot better in my opinon. Would I buy again from the Fearne range? Probably not, on the whole I think I prefer Soap and Glory although I am grateful for the gift and have enjoyed using them as something new and a bit different for me. I love the hat box though and it is a useful size without being cumbersome, I am just thinking of things I can keep in there (I love boxes and storage, it's so sad!).


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        13.08.2011 00:09
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        A Cool Gift For Any Make-up Loving Girl :D

        I received this Fearne Cotton make-up giftset for my birthday a few months ago. Not that i am ungrateful for any gifts people give me, but i was a little disapointed as in my experience celebrity make-up ranges are awful and normally end up going mouldy on the shelf or in the bin!However, i decided to give this one a go as i do really love Fearne Cotton and many of the products in this set looked quite cool. And i'm glad to say i was pleasently surprised by many of them :)

        ~Useful Info~

        STOCKISTS: Boots, Boots.com
        PRICE: Unfortunatley as this was a present i dont know the price.
        PRODUCTS: cosmetic bag, 4 mini lip glosses, 2 eye shimmers, lipstick, Mascara, Eyeliner, 2 eye pencils, Eyeshadow Compact and a cosmetic puff.

        ~Cosmetic Bag~

        The bag is heart shaped with a zip going around one half of the heart, the bottom has a girly yet edgy pattern with flowers and skulls and the inside of the bag is leopard print. The top of the bag is clear plastic which makes it really handy to be able to see all of your makeup inside the bag and saves you from rummaging around. I personally love this bag and keep all of my makeup inside. 5/5

        ~Lip Glosses~

        There are 4 mini lip glosses in a light pink, bright pink, clear gloss and a slightly brown shade. The glosses are in small little pens (perfect for in your bag) and simply twist the end and apply with the brush. The colours look really good and you definitley get a good selection. However, the gloss is very sticky which can be annoying. I use these glosses occasionally but not as much as some other products in the set. 2/5

        ~Eye Shimmers~

        There are 2 eye shimmer pots, one is a sparkly silver colour and the other is bronze. The shimmer needs to be applied with a brush and as i have found with all eye shimmers they can be a bit messy to apply however, one they are on the eyelid i think they look great. the colour is alot more subtle than they look in the pot but i personally prefer this look and they stay put for a long time. 4/5


        The lipstick is a very pale nude colour (which i was very happy about as i have been looking for one for ages) and goes on the lips very well and comes up a great colour. The only negative is it does fade quickly unless you put the clear lipgloss on over the top (which i do whenever i wear this lipstick). 3/5


        The mascara is probably one of the best products in the set. It is only a small wand and is black in colour but i personally think its great! It separates my lashes and makes them look really dark and long. I wish this was sold separatley!! 5/5


        The eyeliner is black and double ended, with the pencil on one end and a small sponge applicator on the other so you can smudge the eyeliner and create Fearnes signature flicked out 'cat eyes' for yourself. Although this is a nice idea i think the applicator is rubbish and never use it. The eyeliner on the other hand works really well and i use it often. 4/5

        ~Eye pencils~

        There are 2 eye pencils: Envious green and Violet vamp. The violet colour personally just isn't for me. The green however is my summer must have in terms of makeup!! It is a really stricking green shade with a slight shimmer to it , and the chunkyness of the pencil means you can use it on the lower part of the eye as an eyliner or over the lids as an eyeshadow. I have worn this LOADS and have nearly run out so i hope they sell it individually!! 5/5

        ~Eye Shadow Compact~

        The compact is black witha gold pattern on the top. Inside there is a mirror on the 1 side and on the other there are 5 eyeshadows in brown/bronze colours and 1 turquoise/green colour. The eyeshadows are great colours, long lasting and blend well together and the compact is perfect for in your bag. 5/5

        ~Cosmetic Puff~

        I have never used a cosmetic puff to apply my powder before as i just couldnt see how they would work and when i saw this leopard print fluffy one i presumed it was more for decoration than practical use. But it turn out its for both. It is really soft, applies powder really well and obviously looks good on the dressing table!! 5/5

        All of these products come in a large floral hat box with a leopard print/skull pattern around the top which is really handy for storage (i keep hair accessories in mine). So overall i would definitley recommend this as a gift for anyone under the age of 25 as its really cool and edgy looking and the products really do work.


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