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Fingrs Dazzle Toez

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Brand: Fingrs / Type: Nail Care

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2009 11:45
      Very helpful



      Natural looking nails for your toes.

      Fing'rs is a brand I have never heard of before, but I have never bought false nails before so some of you may have heard of this brand. From looking at their website they look like an American brand. They sell a large range of false nails with different shapes and designs on them and some of their nails also come with nail transfers as well to decorate your false nails with. They also sell glue in case you run out and they also sell a special nail file as well.

      ***DAZZLE TOEZ***
      I am 23yrs old and I have never, ever worn false nails before. I have naturally long nails on my hands anyway, but I had a friend's birthday coming up and bought some new peep toe shoes to go with a dress. I hate my nails and they are a bit discoloured so I thought I would buy some fake one's to see how they look.

      These false Toenails's come in a set of 24, which means you get 12 sizes for a perfect fit. In this pack you also get some really small nails which are great for teeny tiny toes as well. To apply these it's quite simple. Just simples buff, clean and dry nails before applying artificial nails and select a nail that matches your natural nail size. You can file the nail down for a perfect fit. Simply apply some of the supplied glue onto your natural nail and press the false nails onto your nail and hold in place for 5-10 seconds until dry. You can also supply a topcoat as well if desired.

      Te removes these nails soak them into their special nail remover until the nails dissolve or if you can't find any of this soak in acetone. Don't break or peel of nails as this can ruin your natural nails.

      I don't normally buy false nails especially not ones for my toes, so I just picked these up from Boots and they cost me £4.88 which I thought was reasonable seeing as you get 24 nails. I'm not sure if Superdrug sell this brand or not.

      These nails were very simple and easy to apply and I did it with no mess at all. The glue comes in a small tube so is easy to apply to the natural nail and then just simply press the artificial nail on top and hold there for 5-10 seconds to secure into place.

      I thought they looked quite good and didn't look very fake, my friend also thought they looked good as well, how-ever my friend's boyfriend did comment on them, that he thought they looked a bit fake, how-ever I don't think too many people were paying too much attention to my feet which is a good job seeing as I lost some nails through-out the night.

      When I was in the bar I realised the 2 nails on my 2nd toes had come off and then, when I took my shoes off at the end of the night then realised all the false nails had come off apart from the one's on my big toes and on my last toes.

      I purchased a special bottle of artificial nail remover form boots and oured some of the solution into a metal bowl and soaked my toe nails in the bowl for a good 10-15mins. Seeing as I only had 3 nails left on my toes because the others had come off I thought removal of these was going to be fairly simple. After soaking my nails in the remover for about 10mins, most of the nail had dissolved and could easily be peeled off withouth causing any damage to the nail, how-ever I was still left with quite a bit of artificial nail near to my cuticles which I could not remove, no matter how hard I tried.

      I was very disappointed that these didn't last all night, as I thought they would of, Maybe I didn't put enough glue on my natural nails for them to stick but it's strange how they all came off on each foot apart from the big toe and the small toe. The following day after clubbing I did actually notice that my big toes felt a bit sore and the nails felt a bit painful. I'm not sure if that is due to new shoes I was wearing last night or if it is due to the nails. How-ever none of my other toes hurt apart from the big toes on each foot. I don't think I would buy these nails again and I wouldn't recommend them either. Next time I may go for a more expensive brand and hopefully my nails will stay on all night!

      (Review also on ciao)


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