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Front Cover Before The Party Kit

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Brand: Front Cover

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2010 17:10
      Very helpful



      Great For Before & After The Party.

      My mom really does know exactly what to buy me for birthdays and christmases because make-up is always a safe bet with me. Usually she buys up half of Boots on a christmas shopping trip and last year was no different and amongst the many sets I got this was one of them. I had receieved one Front Cover set in the past but it was so long ago I honestly couldnt remember whether or not it was any good. So when it came to using this one it was all new to me but I was looking forward to trying it anyway.

      The packaging for this set is actually really nice and one I will continue to use after all the products contained in it run out. It looks exactly like the image attached to this review and the bag itself is a metallic greay colour and the bottom half is covered in silver sequins. A lot of people will automatically assume that all the sequins will just fall off after a few weeks but Ive had mine since christmas and none have fallen off yet so it must be pretty decent quality-wise. I really do like the packaging and as I said one I have used all of the products I will be using it to contains my other make-up items. If it was down to the packaging alone I would say rush out anf buy it because it is a simple yet classy design that will last for ages. It is very high quality and lets hope the make-up inside is as well!

      To be really honest Ive never heard anything about this range before negative or positive so I really didnt have any idea whether it would be any good or what I was letting myself in for. I have done a little research since and from what I gather this is a range that is exclusive to Boots and this particular set is designed to make you look glamourous yet practical. This set is metallic themed, which is meant to be very "in" at the moment and it will definately get you ready for partying! Sounds great, just my cuppa tea anyway.

      I automatically assumed when I got this that it wouldnt be to good. I based that assumption purely on the fact that I had never heard of this range before. If it was good I would have heard about it right? Well obviously I was wrong, well in this case anyway because this set has become a bit of a must have for me while getting ready for a night out.

      So what is even in this set? Where do I even begin?!

      2x Shimmer Eye Powders
      [The Little Pots In The Image Above]
      These little pots are a lot like the Barry M Dazzle Dust's as they are powder eye shadows and not pressed powders. They come in a silver & gold colour and they are both bloody fantastic. Loose powders often annoy me because I find they are harder to apply and generally a bit messy but I didnt have a problem with these ones. They are very easy to apply with your fingers or a little brush and the glitter seems to stay on your eyes rather than flake all over your face.

      The colour you are left with is a sort of subtle shimmer rather than a bold block of colour but I think that makes these eye shadows not only perfect for a night out when you want a bit of shimmer but great for daywear as well because they arent to over the top.

      Another thing about these is if you do want the colour to be a bit bolder you can layer them together or with the eye pencils. Ive tried it both ways and to be honest I think it looks good however you do it.

      2x Glitter Eye Gels
      [The Silver & Gold Tubes In The Image Above]
      These are basically just glittery liquid eye liners with a fancier title in my opinion because I cannot see how else they could be used. These are an okay product but not the best from the set in my opinion. If you just want a tiny bit of glitter/shimmer then these are fine because you dont need a lot to be subtle. But for a night out I found I had to put on at least 3 "layers" of this to get a more bold, full line. So again I guess these are great for both day & nightwear because they are quite versatile.

      Once applied I doubt you will have to again for the rest of the night because they dont fade away and the glitter doesnt smudge at all so I guess they are pretty good. Having said that though dont worry! You dont have to scrub for hours to remove it either.

      I guess you could layer this with the other products. Although I havent tried that yet so Im not sure how effective it would be, nice for a subtle shimmer though.

      2x Lipglosses
      [The White & Brown Tubes In The Image Above]
      Before I even start talking about the product I will say that the ligloss isnt actually white. It doesnt even look it when you see the actual product. It is in fact a sort of clear glitter gloss so dont worry about having odd looking white lips! And also I dont think the brown colour is as dark as it looks on the picture so I guess that is quite misleading.

      Anyway again I really liked both of these. I was a little apprehensive about using the brown gloss because I tend to stay away from darker lip colours as I think they make my skin look washed out. But when you actually apply it rather than being a block colour it gives your lips more of a tint and a glossy apperance. Which if anything is better than a big, bold colour in this case. Im not going to go on for ages about the other gloss because we all know what a clear gloss is going to look like. There are little flecks of glitter in this gloss but it is still very subtle and just leaves you with full looking glossy lips.

      And the glitter stays firmly on your lips and doesnt smudge all over your face! These dont really add anything special to the "metallic" look but they are very nice all the same. And they can be used for everyday wear not just on nights out.

      2x Chunky Metallic Eye Pencils
      [Obviously The Pencils In The Image Above!]
      The best thing about this set in my opinion. These are so bloody easy to use and they take about 5 seconds to apply. You get a silver & gold colour in this set but I want one in every colour! Just a few scribbles (I couldnt think of a better way to describe it!) gives you a full, bold shimmering colour all over your eyelid and it is just like drawing on the colour. I certainly prefer the gold colour in this case but I guess that is just my personal opinion.

      Ive used these a lot since I got them and I havent had to sharpen them once so they are very long lasting. They last forever once you have applied them as well, a good 7-8 hours and the colour is still as bright and bold as when you first did it. I could gush about these all day but they honestly are brilliant and if you can buy them seperatley I highly recommend you do. They are so much easier than powder eye shadows!

      And again they are so versatile because you can use them alone, both pencils together or create layers with these pencils and the powder to create a proper metallic look. I do think everyone should own one of these! One or more anyway LOL.

      1 Pair Of False Lashes & Glue
      This is another product from this set that I had a tiny issue with. The eyelashes are really nice, very full and thick but they have spiky tips (sort of like a longer version of Cheryl Cole lashes) and appearance wise they are really great. The only thing I found is that they were to long to fit my eyes and usually I have the opposite issue (they are to small) but that is nothing that a little snipping here and there didnt solve.

      Once they are on I couldnt be happier. They dont in any way look natural but I didnt think they would but they add serious thickness and volume to your lashes that you would never get with mascara. Definately more suited to a night out though, they dont look natural enough for day wear. And again you dont have to wear them with the eye products from this set they can be worn with any colours of any brand of make-up. Pretty much everything in this set is very versatile!!

      Overall I highly recommend this. Even the products that I didnt think were great will be right up someone elses street so I do recommend the set as a whole. My eyes dont looks exactly like the one that comes with the packaging but they look pretty good all the same, in my opinion anyway. I will definately be trying out more Front Cover products in the future because if they are anything like this then I will be amazed yet again. All of the products are so versatile and can be used in conjunction with others on this set or other make up that you use on a daily basis so what more could you ask for really?!

      Highly recommended from me.

      http://www.frontcovercosmetics.com/before-the-party.asp <<== Make Up Tips For This Set :)

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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