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Front Cover Lashes of Lashes False Eyelashes

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Brand: Front Cover / Type: False Eyelashes / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2012 16:20
      Very helpful



      lovely present idea

      I have to admit to being in love with false eyelashes. I love how they can make your eyes appear bigger and more defined. I have quite naturally short eyelashes and small eyes, falsies make them look bigger and give an effect you could never get with mascara.

      I never normally wear them during the day, more for nights out only but with this pack I found that they weren't too dramatic for the day time. I do buy eyelashes from eBay as you can get big packs for little money, but I got this Front Cover pack for my birthday earlier last year and I love them! I find them to be so much better than the cheapys I'm used to.

      In this gift set, you get everything you will need to apply and glamour up your lashes. I quite liked that the two pairs of eyelashes included can be worn subtle or bold. I prefer to keep one pair for day and one for night. Both eyelashes are black so they look mascara covered and not natural like others you could get.

      The subtle lashes are similar length across the strip and can be cut down (from the outer edge) to fit your eye. The lashes are apart and not too thick so they look natural, they are also not too long which is obviously to give more of a natural look. I like how they glammed my eyes up without making me look caked in make-up. These are my day time work lashes when I can't be bothered to apply make-up.

      The other eyelashes are all facing more towards the outer edge and get longer the further across they get. They are thick and very black so they stand out. I find these to elonguate your eye. I think this pair is more suited towards night time clubbing or a meal with friends. I wouldn't recommend them for day use unless you like bolder eyes in the day time. You hardly need to apply any eyeliner because the edge that touches your lid is black and gives the appearance of eyeliner. I couldn't really feel them on my eyes which I liked because sometimes I find other pairs itch but this could be because of the glue I use rather than the eyelashes.

      The lashes come in a cosmetic bag which is covered in pictures of eyes glammed up. It has a zip along the top and the eyelashes inside are in individual boxes like you would get when on the shelf alone. The box with the lashes in has a box at the bottom and the front of the box is longer so it can be put on the hanger and hold information. The box is purple and has a clear window to see your lashes. The lashes are stuck to sticky paper in each corner so they remain in place and look presentable but aren't too hard to peel off when you want to use them. I like that the ingredients and how to use the lashes is on the back because if you need any information then its all there ready for you. I have to admit, I have only really scanned over this information due to being a qualified beautician so I am pretty aware of it all (A year I thought I wasted at college but apparently it helped somewhere along the lines). I keep the packaging to put the eyelashes back into when I am not wearing them, or they will just be squished somewhere.

      The glue is average and comes in the tiny tube you get with individual eyelash boxes. You get two tubes (which I thought was silly, they should have provided a big tube considering its a gift set) .The glue tacks up quite quickly and dries clear on your eyelid so you don't need to worry about it being visible and it definitely won't slip all around your lid. When it comes to staying power I found that they didn't budge the whole time I had them on! The inner corner of one eye did start to come up but I got poked in the eye and that could of been the reason - thank you to my slightly merry friend for that! The glue can be easily loosened by applying a wet flannel for a couple of seconds or the same process with a make-up wipe. This won't ruin the lashes at all it just helps to loosen the glue. Whatever you do - don't pull the eyelashes off because I can garuntee it will pull half your own eyelashes out and hurt in the process, is it worth it?

      I would advise you to use tweezers to apply the lashes and leave the glue to become tacky for about 10-20 seconds before trying to glue them on. Using your fingers and immediately putting the eyelashes on is a big mistake as it means they won't stick properly and can't be properly held in the right place. If it doesn't go right don't panic because they aren't the easiest things to apply and take time to work out how to do it properly.

      Avoid putting mascara onto the false eyelashes because it makes them look tacky and they won't look nice the next time you apply them. Apply mascara and curl your own eyelashes before glueing the lashes on to give the nicest look - especially if you have naturally light lashes.

      When it comes to pricing I am not sure, I did see them in Boots this year and they were around £7 for the set, but the set is different now and includes a tube of mascara too which I didn't get with mine unfortunately.


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      04.08.2011 20:06
      Very helpful



      They Get My Seal Of Approval :D

      Eyelashes I think can transform your whole look. Whether you want them a bit more filled in but still natural for the daytime to bold and much longer than your natural lashes for the nightime there are so many pairs out there to choose from. Now I buy a LOT of falsies and I wear them all the time so Ive come to consider myself as a bit of an expert - I can definitely tell what makes a good pair of false lashes I think because I try many different pairs from many different brands all the time. Now these 'Front Cover False Eyelashes' I got as part of a gift set last christmas but I only got around to trying them for the first time a few months back - I have to say I totally forgot I had them! But now Ive been using them pretty much everyday - I really do love them.

      Useful Information:
      Price - Sadly these lashes arent available singularly BUT a set that includes these lashes is available in Boots for around £20 (dont worry the other products in the set are brilliant as well).
      Stockists: Boots stores stock the set that includes these lashes.

      *This lash set contains 2 pairs - one more natural pair for the daytime and a more bold and black pair the night you also get a handy tube of glue in the box. So these lashes can be used any time of the day or night and for any occasion.*

      The packaging for these lashes in pretty standard I reckon but it is very effective and cute nontheless. Both sets come in a silvery purple carboard box and the sets are on seperate pieces of plastic and are both clearly marked left and right (that will be good for beginners using these I think). The box itself is transparent at the front so you can clearly see the lashes through it and the back has literally everything you would need to know about the products - ingredients and shelf life of the glue, application tips, tips on looks you can create with the falsies and there is also an address and a website printed on there should you have any other questions about the lashes. The packaging isnt amazing but it protects them while your not wearing them and its small enough to carry around if your applying or taking these off whilst your out so its good enough for me.

      Now application of false lashes is something that puts most people off I think. But like anything it just takes practice (I was awful when I tried these for the first time) but follow these (hopefully) handy tips and you should be fine -

      A lot of people like to this part using tweezers but I just use my thumb and forefinger.

      1. These particular falsies are clearly marked up Left & Right so even a silly beggar like me knows which one is which.

      2. If the lash is wider than your eye, trim one side of it lash by lash. These lashes are actually too big for my eyes so I did have to trim them slightly but trimming them was VERY easy so that isnt a major issue for me.

      3. Squeeze eyelash glue onto the back of your hand and run the eyelash along it.
      Not the whole of the eyelash just the part that will be stuck to your eye :)

      4. Pick the lashes up with your thumb and forefinger (or tweezers) and bring it as close to your natural lash line as possible. Its best to wait for the glue to go slightly tacky before you press it against your eye - I find they stick better that way and dont move around!

      5. Press from end to end and hold until the glue dries. I find this usually doesnt take more than 30 seconds.

      6. Apply mascara while pressing your finger behind the fake lashes. This helps to blend your natural lashes and also the false ones so you achieve a more natural look overall.

      7.Fill any gaps between the false lashes and your natural lash line with eyeliner.

      But the most important part for me is what the lashes look like. As I mentioned the first pair are very natural in appearance. They are shorter than most lashes Ive used in the past but they still look very demure yet girly and they still give extra length and volume to my natural lashes. What I like about these ones is they are perfect for wearing in the day because they dont look too over the top but they still make my eyes look more awake and more framed than just wearing mascara - as I mentioned I did need to trim these down slightly but I found they blended in very well with minimal mascara and eyeliner and they stayed put all day long - and they are VERY comfortable, I didnt feel like I was wearing anything extra on my eyes at all.

      But I have to say I was more looking forward to trying the 2nd more striking and bold pair. False lashes on a night out are a must have and the bigger the better in my opinion and that is one good way to describe these ones. These lashes are very bold and black and much longer than I would normally go for (which means they are HUGE!!) they start of very small in the corner of your eye and then have a really nice fan effect and get bigger towards the end - they are certainly brilliant for a really dramatic and dark look which is my signature for a night out. Dont worry though - just because they are long they wont make you look like a bad drag act - I hope not anyway, although they are only suitable for night wear. Again even though these are large they dont weigh down my eyes at all or become uncomfortable they give the dramatic effect without annoying your eyes. Both sets are winners in my opinion and create very different looks.

      Overall Opinion -

      I simply love these lashes - both of them! Both are easy to apply [when you get the hang of it!], are comfortable to wear, create very different looks for different occasions/times & they last for a really long time. My only issue is that you cant buy this set without buying the full £20 gift set which a lot of people wont want to do so Im knocking a star off for that because it will be an annoyance if people dont want to buy the whole set. Other than that though if you can find these BUY THEM! They really are brilliant.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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