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Front Cover Style Queen

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Brand: Front Cover / Type: Make-Up Set

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2012 14:05
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      Some fantastic products in this set but some of the other products are awful :(

      FrontCover Style Queen Make-up Set

      I bought this set a couple of weeks before christmas as it was on one of the Boots star buy of the week offers so it was only £17.50 I believe - instead of being priced at £35, so I bought it and I am glad that I did. I have only had one make up set from this brand before called 'Eyespy' and it worked really well so I thought this one would be made to the same high standard - half of it is, the other half is just awful!

      - Packaging

      The box in which all of the products are located is made about of cardboard, therefore in my opinion it makes the set look a bit cheaper than it is. It is a bit difficult to remove some of the removable products out of the cardboard trays and the box in which every single product is situated in is really quite big - so it is not the easiest set to store and it would not be practical to take it while traveling. The packaging overall, apart from the cheap/hard to move cardboard and the large size of the box, is really quite nice. Inside the box there is a step by step make up guide, which I have not used once since I bought this set and I don't think I ever will use it. There is a fairly large mirror in the fold out lid too but in comparison to the size of the lid of the box the mirror looks fairly small. There are two layers to this set, the first contains the numerous eyeshadows, lip products, cheek products and a mascara. The second layer is underneath in a pull out draw and it contains all of the brushes and tools - the second draw/tray can be a bit difficult to open sometimes.

      - What do you get in the set?

      In this set you get a lot of make up products, as well as some brushes, make up tools and the mirror in the lid of the box. In this set there are: seven dome baked eyeshadows, six satin pressed eyeshadows, six lip glosses/colours, two trios of cheek products, two iridescent eyeshadow pigments, a black mascara and Shadowline (a product to make the eyeshadows into eyeliners). The brushes/tools in this set include: four eyeshadow brushes, one lip brush, one powder/face brush, a sharpener (I don't know why this is included as none of the products in this set need to be sharpened) and finally the last product in this massive set is an eyelash curler.

      - The seven dome baked eyeshadows

      The shades of the seven baked eyeshadows in this set are as follows: Vanilla Ice which is a frosty white/silver shade, Peanut which is a golden peachy shade, Cumin which is a rosy pink shade. Sandstone which is a golden bronze shade, Brunette which is a dark slightly plumy brown, Grey Grey which is a dark gun metal shade and finally Amber Green which is a olive green shade. All of the shades are really pretty in my opinion although my least favorite shades are Vanilla Ice and Cumin. All of the baked eyeshadows in this set are very shimmery, which I don't really like as I do prefer matte eyeshadows, but they do look very nice and metallic on the eyes. I find that all of these eyeshadow shades do not apply well at all with a brush. I find that the best way to apply all of these baked eyeshadows is with my finger tip as I can get more eyeshadow on my finger than I can get on to a brush. The eyeshadows have a fairly dry texture, they are not very easy to apply and they do not apply fantastically well in my opinion. These baked eyeshadows are very different in terms of the quality and how well they apply to the baked eyeshadow that are in the first FrontCover set I bought in 2010 (the set called Eyespy). The baked eyeshadows in that first set were so much more creamy and easier to apply whereas these baked eyeshadow are dry and not very pigmented. Once applied the baked eyeshadows look really nice and shimmery on the eyes. My favorite baked eyeshadow looks include: Peanut all over the lid, which makes a great slightly shimmery neutral eye. Or I like to apply Peanut all over the lid then blend Brunette (or you could just Grey Grey instead if you wanted the look to have a bit of a cooler undertone) just through the outer corner, which looks so nice and everyday appropriate in my opinion. The shade Amber Green is also really nice and I think it looks really nice when applied all over the lid - I also think it looks nice with my hazel eyes. Another baked eyeshadow combination that I like is applying Sandstone all over the lid then applying Brunette to the outer corner, this creates a gorgeous metallic, bronze look. I find that once these baked eyeshadows are on the skin they are fairly easy to blend with your finger tip - although getting the baked shadows on my eyes in the first place is a bit difficult and I end up with my finger tips covered in eyeshadow. Once the baked eyeshadows are on my eyes, they look great in my opinion, especially the Peanut and Brunette shades but I find that these eyeshadows when they are applied without any eyeshadow primer crease/smudge/move after about two hours, which is not great and with a primer they start to crease after a maximum of four hours. Overall, I like these baked shadow but it seems like the quality of the baked eyeshadows has declined from the high standard of previous sets (the Eyespy set, 2010). These shadows are fairly easy to remove with make up wipes, although I find that my boots botanics toner works really well at removing these baked shadows. Overall, I would rate these shadows at 3/5, which is me being a bit generous because I like the shades.

      - The six satin pressed eyeshadows

      The shades of the six satin pressed eyeshadows are as follows: Brown Peach (which is an awful shade name in my opinion) is a peachy shade and it looks like the peanut shade but it is more powdery and less shimmery. The second shade is Gardie Green which is a dark mint green and Jenny Wren is a really gorgeous mink/taupe shade - my favorite of the six shades. The fourth shade is Brown Cork and it is a rich shimmery brown shade, Burnt Cork is a shimmery black shade and the last satin pressed shade is Boston Black which is a matte black - the only matte shade in the set. These satin pressed eyeshadow have a gorgeous texture, they are so creamy and powdery. They feel so creamy, smooth and soft on the skin and they are easy to apply with a brush or fingers. I prefer to apply these shades with my finger tips, just because it is easier and I can get more eyeshadow on my finger tip than I can get on a brush. These shades in my opinion are just gorgeous although four of them are just creamier/powdery versions of the baked shadows - the similar shades are Brown Peach and Peanut, Gardie Green and Amber Green, Brown Cork and Brunette, then Burnt Cork and Grey Grey. These eyeshadows, unlike the baked ones, are a dream to apply as they are smooth, creamy feeling and they are really pigmented - quite a bit more pigmented than the baked eyeshadows. I really prefer these to the baked eyeshadows as they are easier, quicker and nicer to apply but also because they are not a shimmery as the baked shadows. My favorite shades in the satin pressed range include: Jenny Wren as it is a fantastic shade and this shade is almost the same as my favorite shadow shade from Bobbi Brown called 'Cement' but this one has a small amount of shimmer in it. I love to apply the Jenny Wren shade all over my lid, I also find that Brown Cork and Brown Peach are also fantastic all over the lid shades too. These eyeshadows are amazing in my opinion, they are so much better than the baked shadows, but there is one draw back - they only last for about 4, maybe 5 hours with a primer. They are easy to remove with make up wipes or a toner. Overall, I would rate these shadows at 4/5 - the one point has been taken off because of their fairly poor longevity.

      - The six lip glosses

      There are six lip glosses/colours in this set which include: Langoustine (which really isn't a good name for a lip gloss, especially when considering the slightly grey undertone of this shade) is a clear/silver gloss. Icy Pink is the second lip gloss shade and it is a slightly peachy shade which looks like a neon pink in the box but it is a slightly peachy/clear gloss on the lips. The third shade is Singed Pink which is a rosy pink shade and Peru is a dark rose shade and it is my favorite out of the six in this set. Red Moon is a bright red in the box but on my naturally quite pigmented lips this shade comes off as a pink. The last lip gloss shade is Brickwall which is gorgeous in the box and it comes off on my lips as a dark barbie doll pink with red undertones. I find that first three shades (Langoustine, Icy Pink and Singed Pink) are not very pigmented at all and they are just like tinted lip glosses. These three shades do not show up as actual colours on my lips, they are just like clear lip glosses with a little hint of colour, which I don't mind really as these are the only clear glosses I have. The last three shades (Peru, Red Moon and Brickwall) are really quite pigmented, they are so much more pigmented than I thought they were going to be. I am very impressed with the last three lip glosses as the shades are just gorgeous in my opinion and they don't have loads of shimmer in them. All of the six lip glosses in this set are so easy to apply, I can either apply these lip glosses with a lip brush or with my finger tip again and I find that they apply well either way. These lip glosses feel so nice on my lips as they do not feel heavy, sticky or greasy. They do feel really comfortable and a bit moisturising on my lips which is great and not what I was expecting. I find that these lip glosses, like all lip glosses, do not last very long on my lips. These glosses last for a couple of hours on my lips by which time they have worn off or have been transfered on food/glasses/mugs etc. Overall I am very impressed with these lip glosses and I would rate them at 4/5 - one point lost for the fairly poor longevity.

      - The two trio cheek domes

      There are two cheek domes in this set and neither of them have shade names. The two cheek domes have three strips of shades in each, so you get six different shades in total for the cheeks. The cheek dome on the far left is composed of really warm, bronzy, golden tones and the cheek dome on the far right is composed of really cool toned shades with are very shimmery and frosty. I do not wear either of these on my cheeks as the warm toned cheek dome is far to warm for my pale skin tone and the second cooler toned cheek dome is far to shimmery for me to wear personally on my cheeks. Although as I don't like to wear these on my cheeks I do like to wear these six shades as eyeshadows. The first warm toned cheek dome contains a pink shade which is very similar to the baked eyeshadow in the shade Cumin. The second shade is a red toned bronze shade and the last shade is a gold colour which is just the exact same shade as the Sandstone baked eyeshadow. This first cheek dome is quite disappointing as the shades are similar to some of the shades in the baked eyeshadows and this cheek dome is very dry - by this I mean that it is really quite difficult to get any of the product on to my finger and these shades are not very pigmented. The second cheek dome is composed of a light baby pink which does not show up well on my skin - this shade only shows up as a shimmery silver on me and it is not very pigmented at all. The second shade is a gorgeous shimmery silver which is very pigmented, I only need to swipe my finger across this shade once and I will get a lot of shadow and colour. The last shade in this cooler toned cheek dome is a yellow with golden under tones and this shade is like the silver shade as it too is very very pigmented which was a bit surprising as the first cheek dome was very dry and not very pigmented. Overall, I do like the shades as they look pretty in the box but personally I do not like these cheek domes on my cheeks as the first one is too warm toned and the second one is not really wearable on the cheeks in my opinion as it contains a light pink/silver, a very bright and shimmery silver and a yellow! These shades work well as eyeshadows, although the first cheek dome is difficult to apply as it is really dry and not very pigmented but the second cheek dome is very pigmented on the whole. I would rate the first cheek dome at 1/5 and the second cheek dome as 4/5 because it is really pigmented and easy to apply on the whole.

      - The two eyeshadow pigments

      There are two eyeshadow pigments in this set and they are in clear screw top pots which are handy if you want to take them out of this set. These pots are quite difficult to remove from the cardboard to use and when you do remove them you need to be really careful as the pigment can go everywhere and they are really quite messy. The first eyeshadow pigment is in the shade Saddle Brown and it is a plumy brown with golden shimmer. The second eyeshadow pigment is called Coal Hoal and it is a deep black shade with silver and blue shimmer in it. The Saddle Brown shade is the one that I use, I don't use the Coal Hoal shade as I don't like black eyeshadow on me and it is really messy to use. The Saddle Brown shade is really nice and it looks really quite shimmery in the pot but when it is blended on my lid with my finger it is not very shimmery, which I like. A tip with these pigments is to use the small amount of pigment on the lid first as it is easier to apply and it is less messy than if you put your finger or a brush into the actual pot filled with pigment. Overall, I like the Saddle Brown pigment as it is really wearable because it is not very shimmer at all on the eyes but I don't like the Coal Hoal shade, just because I only wear black eyeshadows as eyeliners - not as all over lid colours. These shades do tend to crease easily but there is a new strong primer from Too Faced Cosmetics which I have yet to try called Glitter Glue I believe and it is a specific primer for use with glitter and loose eyeshadows. I would rate the Saddle Brown pigment at 4/5 and the Coal Hoal pigment at 1/5.

      - The black mascara/sealer

      The black mascara in this set also comes with a mascara sealer. The mascara and the sealer are in the same tube packaging so it is quite convenient and good for traveling. The black mascara has a small curved wand which is great if you have small eyes as the wand is small. The mascara is very black and it is fairly easy to apply because of the curved brush. The mascara applies well, it does not make my lashes look clumpy but this mascara does not make my lashes look volumized which is the look I want. This mascara makes my lashes look well defined, longer and natural. The sealer then goes over the mascara, I apply this once the mascara has dried (which does not take very long at all) and the sealer is a clear gel and it has a mascara wand applicator. Both the mascara and the sealer are quick and easy to apply but the mascara itself is not waterproof and the sealer in my opinion does not do anything. The sealer definitely does not make the mascara waterproof as this mascara is very easy to remove to just water! Overall I like the mascara but it is not waterproof and I don't think the sealer does anything to the mascara or my lashes. I would rate the mascara at a 3/5 and the sealer at 1/5.

      - Shadowline

      Shadowline is a liquid which you can mix with the eyeshadows in this set to make a liquid eyeliner. This product came with the Eyespy Frontcover set that I received a while go and I didn't like it then - and I don't like it now. I don't like that I have to make an eyeliner, I would rather just have one made already but this idea is fairly unique. I have tried this a few times and the way to use this as described on the frontcover site does not work for me. They say that you have to dip the applicator of the shadowline into the eyeshadow you want but I find this to be a stupid idea as then the shadowline applicator brush is stained with the eyeshadow colour and could affect the colour of other eyeliners you want to make. The process of making an eyeliner is messy and it does not work in my opinion. First you have to mix the eyeshadow you want with some of the shadowline liquid then you have to get the right consistency which is a bit difficult as if you add to much shadowline the eyeliner will be very runny. Once the eyeliner is made it is not very pigmented at all on my skin - and I used the Boston black shade which is a matte black and it is quite pigmented as an eyeshadow. Overall, I am very disappointed (again) by this product as it is not waterproof, it is messy to make, the resulting eyeliner is not pigmented, it is a bit difficult to get the right consistency and by the time I have made a small amount of one eyeliner I hardly have any shadowline liquid left! I would rate the shadowline product 0/5 as it is awful in my opinion. Although the brush applicator is good so I could use it with my ELF liquid eyeliner.

      - The Frontcover brushes and tools

      The brushes in this set are one of the main reasons why I wanted this set as the shape of the brushes look great. There are four eyeshadow brushes in this set which include a flat eyeshadow brush - it is actually called a rounded shaper brush but in my opinion it is just a flat eyeshadow brush. This brush is really great for applying any eyeshadow (from this set and others) and this brush is fairly soft but it is firm too so it packs on any eyeshadow to the lid really well. The second eyeshadow brush is called the point brush but I would just call it a pencil brush and this brush is just fantastic for applying and blending eyeshadow and eyeliner along the upper and lower lash line. This point brush is also fantastic for applying eyeshadow just to the crease area or the inner corner as it is quite small. There is a 'fluff and buff' brush which is just a fluffy blender brush but I love this brush for applying and blending eyeshadow all over my lid - it is a fantastic brush and I use it almost everyday. The three brushes that I have just mentioned all have white bristles but the last eyeshadow brush in this set has brown bristles and it is called the Mini blender brush. The Mini blender brush is an amazing brush as it is fantastic for applying and blending eyeshadow along the upper and lower lash lines and it is a really small brush so it can apply eyeshadow very precisely. But the main purpose for this brush for me is to apply eyeshadow to my brows to fill them in and as this brush is really small it makes filling in my brows very quick, easy and precise - I love this brush, it is one of my favorites in this set, along with the fluffy brush and the point/pencil brush. There is also a lip brush in this set which is retractable, so the bristles are not exposed which means that they do not get anything stuck to them and they are protected. The lip brush is great for applying the lip glosses and also lip sticks but I do just prefer to apply most lip products with my finger tips. The last brush in this set is the powder/face brush and this brush (as with all of the others) is amazing. This face brush is incredibly soft - it is even softer and smoother than my MAC 129 brush! This brush is fantastic for applying powder to my skin and it is so smooth, soft and gentle on my skin. Overall, I would rate the brushes in this set at 5/5 as they are amazing, although the rounded shader/flat brush is not as soft or smooth as the others. There are also two tools with this set, a sharpener which is great as it has a larger hole in it and a small hole too. The second tool in this set is a plastic eyelash curler which is very disappointing as it does not curl my lashes well and my lashes only stay slightly curled for around ten minutes! Overall, I am not too impressed with this tools that come with this set, in particular the eyelash curler, so on the whole I would rate the tools at 2/5 (although the sharpener is good, but there is nothing to sharpen in the set).

      - Overall opinion of the set and the products it contains

      Overall, I don't really like the packaging as the box is really big and it is difficult to get the products out of the cardboard slots. Although I do intend to use this box for other things after I have used up the products. I am disappointed with the baked eyeshadows as they are dry, they are not very easy to apply, you can not apply them with a brush as they are so dry but the shades are gorgeous and once on the skin they blend well. The satin pressed eyeshadows are one of my favorite products in this set (along with the last three lip glosses and the brushes) as they are all so pigmented, smooth, creamy, very easy to apply and blend with a brush or finger. The lip glosses are great too although the first three are not pigmented at all really but all of the glosses are smooth, fairly moisturising on the lips and they are not very sticky. The black mascara is good although it is not waterproof but I am very disappointed with the sealer as I don't think it does anything. The pigments are ok, especially the Saddle Brown shade but they are messy to apply. The shadowline is just awful in my opinion, it does not work and it is messy. The best thing about this set (along with the satin pressed eyeshadows and last three lip glosses) is the brushes. All of the brushes are amazingly fantastic in my opinion, they work so well, they are smooth and they are very easy to use. My favorite brushes include: the mini blender brush, the fluffy brush and the face/powder brush but all of them are flawless. The sharpener is good but the eyelash curler is awful and my lashes only stay curled for about ten minutes! I would rate this set overall at 3/5 - it would be higher but the mascara sealer, some of the baked eyeshadows, shadowline and the black pigment have let this set down which is a shame as the rest of the products are just amazing in my opinion.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this set from boots, as it is an exclusive christmas gift set I believe and I bought it in the star gift offer that boots did every week running up to christmas this year. This set should have been £35 and I really wouldn't have bought it at that price but I got it for £17.50 which is half price. This is not available to buy now from boots, but you may be able to find this set on ebay. I think that at half price it is worth the money, even just for the brushes as they are amazing. Overall I like this set but the set contains some products that I hate and some products that I just love - I love about half the products and hate the other half!



      *All of the satin presses eyeshadows as they are amazing
      *The lip glosses are great - except the first two: Langoustine and Icy pink
      *A couple of the baked eyeshadows are great and the shades are gorgeous but on the whole the baked shadows are really not very good at all as they are dry, difficult to apply and not very pigmented
      *The brushes are amazing - they are smooth, easy to use and they work so well
      *The box could be used for storing other things in after I have used up the products in it
      *The mascara is really good but it is not waterproof
      *Saddle brown pigment is really good and a great shade but it is a bit messy


      *Some of the baked eyeshadows are really awful to apply as they are very dry and you can not apply them with a brush at all
      *The first three lip glosses are not very pigmented at all
      *It is difficult to get some of the products out of the cardboard packaging
      *Eyelash curler are awful and my lashes only stay curler for like ten minutes or so!
      *The pigments are messy and the Coal Hoal pigment is not for me at all
      *The mascara sealer does not do anything to the mascara or my lashes
      *Shadowline does not work, it is messy and it is just horrible to work with in my opinion
      *The longevity of the eyeshadows is only about 4/5 hours at the most

      In summary, I am not sure whether I would recommend this set completely as I do adore all of the brushes, all of the satin pressed eyeshadows, the lip glosses, the Saddle Brown pigment is great, the sharpener is good and trays in which the products are situated can be removed so you could use the box for other things but there are some awful products such as the shadowline liquid, the first cheek dome, some of the baked eyeshadows, the eyelash curlers and the mascara sealer.

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992 with pictures


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