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Garnier 2 in 1 Waterproof Make Up Dissolver

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3 Reviews

Brand: Granier / Type: Make-Up Remover / What it does: Cleanses / waterproof: yes

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    3 Reviews
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      12.09.2009 11:00
      Very helpful




      I saw this Makeup Dissolver by chance while out shopping and picked some up to try. I have trouble removing eye makeup as I wear contact lenses, and can't rub my eyes; therefore I often wake up with mascara all over my pillow! I also have sensitive skin, and there are many products I can't use because of that.

      The product can be difficult to spot on the shelves as it comes in the same style of packaging as other Garnier products such as cleanser and toner. However, it can be distinguished by it's two-tone liquid inside the bottle: the bottom is clear and the top is blue. There is a mixture of makeup-removing oils and cleansing water to remove every trace of makeup without drying skin. The product has been enriched with Vitamin B5 which is good for the skin.

      When I tried this, I was really impressed. You have to shake the bottle well to mix up the two liquids, then put some onto a cotton wool pad and hold it over your eye for a few seconds. I found my makeup came off really easily, even the mascara which is often difficult to remove. It even worked when I'd been out and had the 'smoky eye' look where your eyes are covered in dark eyeshadow and mascara!

      I also found that the remover did not irritate my skin in any way, although I only use it occasionally to remove heavy makeup, and I don't know if my skin would become irritated if I used it every day. I did find that there seemed to be some residue around my eyes after using it. This didn't bother me as eye makeup remover is only the first step in my skincare routine, and a quick wipe with my usual cleanser removes any residue. However, if you're using this product on your whole face you might find the residue and oily feel unpleasant.

      The bottle is quite pricey at around £5, but as I use it only on my eyes (you can use it on your whole face as a cleanser), and stick to my usual Simple cleanser for my face, it lasts a long time. It's a very effective eye makeup remover that I've bought over and over again.


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      12.11.2008 00:07
      Very helpful



      Will repurchase again, but use with a different remover for the face makeup.

      It was during my search for a quick, easy and effective way to remove heavy eye makeup that I came across Garnier's "2 in 1 Waterproof Makeup Dissolver." I needed something that removed vast amounts of eyeliner and waterproof mascara without the need to rub the eye area too much. This product promised to 'dissolve' and thoroughly remove all traces of both eye and face makeup and as it was part of a 'Buy 2 get one 1 free' promotion I decided to try it.

      It is designed for sensitive skins and uses a mixture of makeup removing oils and cleansing water. To use you must first shake the bottle vigourosly to combine both fluids, then apply a small amount to a cotton wool pad. After pressing down gently onto my eye area for a few seconds, it effortlessly wiped away the majority of my makeup, leaving only a small amount of mascara in the base of my lashes that I then used another pad to remove completely. Unlike many other oil-based removers I have tried, Garniers did not cause any stinging or leave my vision blurry.
      However successful I found this for removing eye makeup, I did not like the residue it left on my skin after removing the rest of my face, though this is removed easily enough with a face wash or toner.

      It is enriched with Vitamin B5 which leaves my skin feeling silky soft which is a great bonus since most hardcore makeup removers have left my skin feeling a little stripped. I use "Simples Soothing Toner" and "Replenishing Rich Moisturiser" after use and can guarantee my skin is 100% clean and that I will not wake up with mascara debris around my lashes, which can happen with other products.

      However, as I do not use this very frequently (only times where I have worn lots of / very dark eye makeup) I cannot guarantee how well skin may react if it was used on a daily basis. Also, I believe it is around £5.49 when bought seperately and as quite a lot is used each time a bottle wont last too long. For these reasons and the oily residue it left on my skin I have only given it 4 Stars - Though don't be put off as a fantastic job on the eyes :-)


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        25.07.2008 19:38
        Very helpful



        Finally, an effective eye make-up remover!

        - Who is it suitable for? -

        ~ For people with sensitive skin.
        ~ If your skin feels delicate after removing make-up.

        - What is it and what does it contain? -

        ~ A 2 in 1 waterproof make-up dissolver.
        ~ Combines a make-up removal oil with a fresh cleansing water.
        ~ Contains plant extract and softening Vitamin B5
        ~ Dissolves waterproof make-up without leaving a residue.
        ~ Leaves skin soft and supple.
        ~ Dermatologically tested
        ~ Alcohol-free
        ~ Non-perfumed

        - How to use it -

        It is really important to shake the bottle in order to mix the two liquids: the oil and the cleansing water.

        Soak cotton wool or tissue with the mixed liquid and wipe gently over the area that needs to be cleansed.
        - Packaging -

        This comes in a transparent plastic 200ml bottle. The liquid is dispensed through a hole under a flip top black lid.

        - Appearance -

        The blue oil and the fresh cleansing water are clearly visible when the contents have not been shaken. The blue oil sits at the top half of the bottle. When shaken, the contents combine but very quickly return to the original form, the oil at the top etc so it's important that once shaken the mixed liquid is dispensed on to the cotton wool or tissue paper that you intend to use on your face and eyes.

        - Price -

        This was reduced in my local Boots from £4.99 to £3.79 hence the fact that I thought I'd give it a try!

        - Smell and Texture -

        Despite the fact that this is marked as being non-perfumed, the product does have a light smell to it.
        When applied the make-up dissolver gives a very slight oil based sheen to the area on which it is used but it isn't greasy.

        - My experience -

        I rarely wear any form of make-up unless I am going out for the evening and when I do, I tend to use black liquid eye-liner on my upper eyelid which over the years has proved to be difficult to remove with some of the other removers I have used.
        As long as the bottle is shaken quite vigorously in order to mix the oil and the water then this is extremely effective in removing even the harder to remove black liquid eyeliner.

        I was slightly dubious as to whether this would be quite so effective as it is given that it is under the heading of 'sensitive' which I have found to be less than effective on my make-up. It is great on foundation, eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner. Not a hint of panda eyes the next morning!

        I do however find it necessary to rinse and rub my face with water after using this so as to remove the slightly oily nature of the product although this is a personal preference.

        - Garnier Clean Sensitive Range -

        This range has been developed for sensitive skin, don't contain alcohol but do contain active natural ingredients.

        ~ Anti-tightness cleansing milk
        ~ Soothing sensation toner
        ~ Moisture infusion cleansing water
        ~ Velvety-smooth anti-tightness wipes

        All in all, this is a very effective product which actually does what it promises to do!


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      • Product Details

        A bi-phase, 2-in-1 formula combining make-up removing oils with a cleansing water dissolve even waterproof make-up and leave skin feeling fresh /

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