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George Eye Shadow Primer

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2 Reviews
  • There are no advantages
  • It makes my eye lids itchy
  • It does not work
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    2 Reviews
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      17.11.2014 21:57
      Very helpful


      • "There are no advantages "


      • "It makes my eye lids itchy"
      • "It does not work"

      Asda eyeshadow primer

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is eye shadow primer that is from Asda. It is to apply before your eye make up so that it stays on your skin for longer and it should help to stop eyeshadow from creasing while you are wearing it.


      This comes in a small tube that is only 10ml in size and the tube is white so it is very easy to lose.


      You apply a little bit to your upper eye lid and rub it in. It takes only seconds to rub in because it is dry nearly as soon as it is applied.


      I think this eye make up primer is not very good and it made my eye lids feel like they had a strange texture. It did not help for my eye make up to stay on longer and I had trouble applying it in the first place because of the way the primer makes the skin around my eyes feel.

      Some of my make up slid straight off and that didn't please me because I spend alot of time making sure that my make up looks good.

      I am glad I used it in the house only because I would have been very upset if I had worn it when I was out for the evening because it did not help for my eyeshadow to stay on my eyelids and it did make my make up look like a big mess.

      It made by eyelids itch also and that is very bad because it shows it is not a very gentle product and I think it should be better for something thst is applied so near to your eyes.


      This eye primer costs only £3.50 but I do not recommend it to you because it is a waste of money that might make your eyes look worse than when you do not use it.

      1 Dooyoo Heart.


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      01.08.2012 12:55
      Very helpful



      Terrible product - if I could give it no stars I would.

      I bought this eye primer ages ago as an impulse buy in Asda. It was only £3 and I thought it might be worth a shot because if it was good then I'd save myself a lot of money buying one so cheaply.

      The primer comes in a white pearlescent plastic tube. I would liken it to a concealer tube as it has a soft plastic body which squeezes easily and then a hard plastic twist on lid. Instead of the brush you would get with a concealer this product has a little nib with an application hole through which the product can be squeezed. The design is fine, it works in the way it should but it isn't in the least bit exciting. I bought it because it was cheap and none of my decision making was about how it looked, because it is pretty boring in terms of design - but if the product works then what does it matter?

      The primer is a light fleshy colour and is relatively thick in consistency. It actually has quite a rich feel to it when initially squeezed out of the tube and I had high hopes for it because it seemed better quality than I had expected. I use this product around my eyes, under and on my eyelid to smooth the area and hide dark circles. I used a small amount and rubbed it in this area but the primer forms in globules of the product which don't probably sink in and instead need to be wept off your face. Essentially it not only does not do what it proposes to do but it also is a complete inconvenience as it has to be cleaned off almost as soon as it has been applied.

      I almost think more fool me for buying something that was so cheap in the hope it might be great. But at the very least I expected a product that worked to some degree and what I actually got was something that caused more problems than it solved. It seems mad to me that they can put these products through testing and sell them in store when they simply are worse than rubbish. Oh well, I only paid £3 for it so I guess I'll save my money next time and completely avoid this cheap and not at all cheerful range!

      Do not buy this primer, it is awful.


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