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Giorgio Armani Maestro Mascara

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Brand: Giorgio Armani / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2011 13:17
      Very helpful



      A fabulous mascara by a designer you might not associate with make up

      When thinking about purchasing make up products perhaps Armani, primarily a fashion company, might not be the first to spring to mind. Not least because it can be a bit tricky to actually find in the shops. But don't let this put you off!

      The packaging is basic and plain, yet elegant. It is not instantly recognizable and because it is black it can sometimes be a pest to find in the make up bag.

      This mascara has a comb instead of a wand, slightly angled to prevent too much eye-poking. The comb is 4 sided and rather thin, so looks a bit flimsy at first. However, with teeth (don't let this scary word put you off) on each side as well as the angling, means that you can reach deep into the corners to get those tiny lashes coated. The comb allows for fabulous separation of all the lashes, creating an almost false-lash effect.

      Application takes a couple of uses to get used to the angle on the wand and the fact that there are teeth on all sides. I managed to mascara my eyelids a couple of times! But once you have the hang of it, it is very easy and very quick - just be sure to reach into the corners to get those smaller pesky lashes.

      The formula of the mascara itself helps lengthen the lashes without making them look fibrous, they look very natural in length, with the separation mentioned above. In terms of staying power, I have never experienced any problems with it staying on for the day, and have never had panda eyes at the end of the day, nor those annoying little powdery clump pieces that sometimes occur. I tend to use this as an everyday mascara, but for those who don't want this extreme look each day, it would certainly be fabulous for a dramatic night look. The only thing the wand doesn't do is allow for curling the lashes, so this would have to be done in addition to application, but I personally prefer the straighter look.

      It is very quick drying, so be sure to apply to your desired look the first time - you cannot go back over it a couple of minutes later - the lashes will have dried and become quite stiff. Trying to add more layers will just be pointless.

      This regular mascara (not the waterproof version) also passes the tears test. It stays in place, and does not run. It also doesn't make the lashes clump together after the tears have stopped - but that is providing you gently dab at the eyes rather than rub at them furiously with a tissue - it's not a miracle mascara afterall.

      My one issue would be that when I remove it with my gentle face wipes, sometimes it irritates my eyes a little. Nothing major enough to make me want to stop using it, but just a bit stingy for a couple of minutes after removal. It can also be a tad stubborn and requires a little more elbow grease in coming off, but the wipes do the job. That being said, it doesn't leave your lashes in bad condition when removed, there has been no breakages or falling out for me.

      My estimation would be a shelf life of about 2-3 months once opened. Using this every day it tends to dry out a little after that time, and can turn a little tough for application, but I tend to find that is the case for most mascaras generally.

      I always buy this in black, and have no complaints with the colouring of it - basic and simple, but does the job perfectly well. I have never tried any of the other colours, so cannot comment on them or their availability, but black tends to be the easiest to locate.

      With a price tag of around £21, and availability rather limited to stores like Selfridges where deals are few and far between, this is not an impulse purchase. Occasionally you can pick up a bargain on eBay. But for those who try it, I doubt you will look back.


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