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Gosh BB Cream

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2 Reviews
  • Comes in different shades
  • Good Coverage
  • Packaging can get messy
  • Breaks you out
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    2 Reviews
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      23.06.2015 19:16


      • "Comes in different shades"
      • "Good Coverage"


      • "Packaging can get messy"
      • "Breaks you out"

      May break your face out.

      The Gosh BB Cream isn't one of my favorite BB creams because it doesn't work as BB Cream but rather as a foundation. The packaging is a bottle in which you squeeze in which the product comes out so you can apply. Along with this the packaging has the colors clearly on the packaging so you can see the type of color you need easily.

      The packaging shows the color of choice really easily which is good because I actually bought my online through the Superdrug website and the BB cream happened to my color perfectly. I like the packaging because it's really simple and easy to look out however I dislike the way in which the product comes out because if you get to much out or you make the product come out really quickly it get's in the lid and become really quickly.

      The product comes in different colors, 7 I believe, and contains from quite dark to quite fair so there is a color close to your skin tone no matter who you are. In addition to this the price it a very affordable price for foundation/BB cream and is very good compared to high end brands.

      In my opinion, the product has great coverage and make your face look really natural and as though you are not wearing any face makeup if you are trying to go for a really natural look. However, the BB cream is really thick like a foundation formula but it can make you break out with pimples really quickly even if you wash your face well.


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      06.12.2012 01:23
      Very helpful



      best purchase I have made in ages!

      I am not the biggest wearers of makeup but recently I am trying to make a bit more effort to spruce myself up a bit and not be so lazy lol. A few months ago I'd seen this BB cream on offer in Superdrug for £7.99 (now selling for about £9.99) and after reading some reviews on here about the new BB cream thing and how they are a moisturiser, primer and foundation all in one handy tube I thought all my christmases had come at once!

      I never really heard of the GOSH brand before - they are actually a Danish beauty brand and have a few ranges in Superdrug and in some American pharmacist retailers but for me they are quite off the radar. The great thing about this BB cream is it comes in various shades, and has an espresso for dark skin which I think is quite rare as I did not see many BB Creams catering to darker skin tones. Altogether it comes in 5 shades - Chestnut, Beige, Sand, Espresso and Warm Beige so I think there is something for everyone!

      - Packaging -

      The BB cream comes in a black tube, which highlights GOSH BB CREAM quite boldly and also has a small rectangular transparent window so you can see the colour of the product in the tube. It is highlighted to be an "all in one" foundation, primer, moisturizer with an SPF 15. On the back of the tube it explains it is made in Denmark and the ingredients (which I won't boringly list here!) which don't seem too worrying.

      - Using The Product -

      The product is actually really easy to use, and following the basis of it that it is a "moisturiser" I apply it literally by squeezing a small amount onto the tips of my fingers and rubbing it into my face like I would do with a face cream. I find the cream rubs in really easily, and blends in so as not to rub into my hairline making it look like I have put too much make up on! I literally squeeze out only a small blob, probably the size of a 5p coin and this is more than sufficient to give even coverage and so making the tube really long lasting.

      - Texture Of The BB Cream -

      The BB cream is actually surprisingly light and refreshing. It is non-greasy and I do not find it sticky or heavy when on my fingertips nor rubbed into my face. It definitely leaves my face smooth and soft, and it doesn't look flaky or dry. It is really a creamy texture, not too watery, but not too thick so an ideal consistency for being used literally as a moisturiser to cream into my face.

      - So How Does It Fare As A 3 In One? -


      On my face, it looks quite matte like a foundation and I do find to spruce it up a bit, applying some lipgloss and mascara makes me look like I've spent ages doing makeup for flawless skin when really all I have used is this BB Cream! I get loads of compliments and people asking me what makeup I am wearing, and when I tell them it's this new cream that costs just under a tenner they all seem pretty impressed and 2 of my friends have even gone out and bought it! (Think GOSH/Superdrug should start paying me an advertising fee really lol). It does really well to blend and hide blemishes and spots, giving me a nice natural looking skin tone but without a face caked of makeup.


      I am quite lazy, and I don't actually think this needs to be used as a primer at all as I find it excellent enough to be used on it's own. I bought a new MAC blusher really, and I feel this BB cream compliments it as an undercoat but in terms of using more makeup on top, I really don't want to over do it and cake it on my face making me look like a clown!


      As a moisturiser this isn't the best, as I quite like a really thick, absorbing face cream. 90% of the time when I use this BB cream I do apply it straight after washing my face so it is pretty much my moisturiser. I don't particularly feel like my face is dry but I do feel old habits die hard, and I am used to creaming my face with a traditional face cream. So on the odd occasion when I remember I first moisturise my face with my Avon Rich Moisture face and body cream and then use this BB cream. To be honest there isn't much difference in my face feeling dried out and unnourished throughout the day but I find it hard to believe one product can do me so much good!

      - Any Last Points? -

      It's really long lasting, and I can wear this all day and it doesn't budge and looks just as good at 8pm in the evening as it did at 8am. Removing it is easy, a simple face wipe or a flannel and warm water and it comes off like a charm. One of the small niggles I have with it, is it tends to stain my fingertips slightly. The colour I have is Warm Beige so it has a tinge of brown to it, so when I apply it to my fingertips whilst rubbing it into my face I have to then wash my hands quite a bit afterwards otherwise I look like I had a bit of a mishap with fake tan on my hands lol.

      The other thing is it transfers quite easily. Hugging people, getting dressed post-applying this BB cream, or even on my beige hat for example, there is a mark left where the BB cream has rubbed off a bit. But I guess this happens with pretty much all make up right? lol.

      - Overall -

      To sum up, I love this BB cream and it's the perfect solution for someone like me who wants to look a bit more glamorous and though I take care of myself more than I actually physically have time for. It takes literally seconds to rub in, looks flawless and costs less than a tenner....what more could a girl ask for? The tube is 30ml and I bought this quite some time ago now and it has lasted ages what with me using it near enough everyday. i think this is a brilliant product and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a decent, easily applicable 3 in 1 BB cream on a decent budget but without compromising on standards.


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