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Gosh Powder Effect Eyeshadow

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9 Reviews

Brand: Gosh / Type: Eyeshadows / Subcategory: Powder / Suitable for: Eye

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    9 Reviews
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      11.10.2011 22:46
      Very helpful



      Interesting powder effect, well priced but would probably prefer to use a pressed powder eye-shadow

      Reason for Purchase:
      Why Gosh? - The Gosh range caught my eye while I was in Boot's one day simply because they have so many colours and I was drawn particularly to the number of colours of eye shadow.
      Why effect powder? - I had chosen to use a lot of pressed powder eyeshadows and decided to try something with a new consistency, after putting a small amount of this onto the back of my hand in Boot's and saw the interesting effect I decided to purchase it.

      This comes in a small stylish pot with a black screw topped circular lid and solid glass base. Easy to open and has not become sticky with use. Inside the lid there is a perforated piece of plastic which allows you to invert the container to put a small amount of the powder onto the perforated plastic for application with a brush (not included).

      Product Statement:
      "A small glass jar with an incredibly silky, iridescent powder in a variety of colours.
      Gosh Effect Powder can be used as an eye shadow. This shiny powder can give either a strong color effect or be faded out for a shivering effect as a highlighter. Can also be mixed with other colors of eye shadows for a dramatic effect."

      Price and Availability:
      Retails at £4.50 at Boot's or Superdrug.

      My Thoughts:
      I purchased this effect powder in shade "Emerald" which is a lovely deep green colour with a visibly sparkly quality.

      This product provides good coverage and can be applied to produce a subtle look / highlight areas or applied more thickly to give a more vibrant colour. It blends well with khol eye-liner on upper or lower lids which I use a lot to produce a two tone brown green look to complement my eye colour.

      I use primer on my eyelids for eyeshadows which don't have much staying power, for this particular product I have to apply primer because the loose powdery quality of the product means it tends to end up elsewhere on your face.

      After first application day or night it tends to stay in place with the primer but does smudge easily and requires regular touch ups. I rub my around eyes a lot in work compared to less on a night out so I find the number of touch ups are proportional to the amount I paw around my eyes.

      One of the interesting features of this powder is that it doesn't tend to clump into the crease of your eyelid as pressed powders do over the course of the day or night which I do like as I hate ending up with half the eye-shadow I have applied ending up in the crease of my upper eyelid. The powdery application produces a subtle shimmering effect which I also find very appealing.

      You definitely notice the pigment load in the product on removal, depending on how heavily you applied, removal ranges from a few swipes with a cotton pad of your favourite eye make-up remover to a little more heavy duty if it was heavily applied.


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      17.01.2011 12:47
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good eyeshadow for someone who likes shine and sparkle

      I recently bought two of these, one shade called Pineaplle (golden/yellow colour) and the second one light purple (not sure about the name).

      The come in clear glass container with black screw-on lid with Gosh logo, fairly small but sufficient amount for a single eye shadow. Inside, there is a plastic "sieve" to which you sprinkle a bit of dry, powdery eye shadow which you need to apply with your own brush as no applicator is included. I like that you can actually close the "sieve to prevent the waste. There is no extra packaging and all necessary information can be found on the sticker on the container.

      I'm quite happy with the consistency of the eyeshadow, it's easy to handle and apply. However, I don't really like the actual colours - I'm not sure was I just unlucky getting wrong shades. The problem is the shine - of course these are shiny shades, but to me the shine actually overpowers the colour, giving just white sparkling effect regardless of which shadow I used, with tiny hint of colour you would expect. Honestly, I'm not sure is this due to lack of pigmentation or just too much sparkle added.
      I must say they are quite long-lasting, they stayed on for couple of hours on its own, but when I used them with Gosh eye shadow base, they stayed perfect all day long. Also they don't lodge into creases or wrinkles, so your eyelid stays smooth all the time.

      Overall, I'm not very happy with the shades I got, but otherwise the eyeshadow is pretty good and I would recommend it if you're looking for strong shiny effect. I prefer less sparkle, so I won't be buying this again.


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        18.08.2010 20:37
        Very helpful



        not a glitter fan? try another color or brand

        I found this in a car boot, once again and it had never been used, and it was only 50p.
        It was a grey/silver color (which more looks like the color of metal) and i thought that it would look great for a smoky eye look or it you just wanted to add a tab of glitter for a bit of sparkle in the eyes, but it can get really sparkly even if you just add a little, so actually you don't need that much for sparkly eyes, which is good cause you save less and more for your money.

        However the problem with this stuff is that it can easily fall onto the apple of your cheeks and if you're wearing a dark color it can leave dark marks underneath - which does not look attractive. But just make sure you apply some powder under your eyes/on the apples of your cheeks to swipe it off, then it should get rid of most of the marks.
        Yes they do come in a huge range of colors too like purple, gold, bronze, mostly natural and daring colors

        This eye shadow can be found in the Gosh range in Superdrug for about a approx of seven pounds, which is good but it may be a bit expensive for some, unless you find it unused in a car boot for 50p like me!

        overall, this is a nice product if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your eyes, but it is not suitable as body glitter, so it's worth having a bit of glitter for a night out.


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          17.05.2010 23:31
          Very helpful



          lovely - buy one. you wont look back :)

          Not the cheapest of eye shaddows, i brought this in a shimmery light purple colour in superdrug, wanting something with good pigmentation.

          The pots are really little and cute and the variety of colours is excellent! You need your own brushes to apply this eye shaddow. I use with it, a thin liner brush to make my eyes pop, or a round soft brush on the lids for a real statement look.

          It is a loose powder eyeshaddow, with a sepearate part at the top where the product is dispersed (can get a bit messy but it doesnt matter).

          When applied, it goes on wonderfully smoothly and creates an almost two tone look, and it is highly pigmented. The effect i got was very pretty, and finished with a bit of black eyeliner on the lid, it created a stunning look.

          It stayed on my eyes for most of the day with the help of some translucent powder.

          Also, baring in mind i have had this eye shaddow for about three years and its just as brilliant now!

          I am going to buy some more colours from this range. Definitely recommended. Well done GOSH!


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          12.02.2010 19:26
          Very helpful



          Gosh Powder Effect Eyeshadow

          This was another make-up item that I picked up when I was rushing through Superdrug on my lunch break and I mistook it for a different product because I wasnt really paying attention. I thought that this was a Barry M Dazzle Dust Pot because they actually do look really similar and I could only hope at this point that it would be just as good, because as always Id thrown away my receipt. Ive never really tried any GOSH products before, I keep meaing to because I really like their bright,wacky range of colours but the price tag always manages to put me off so even though this was bought as a mistake I was still looking forward to trying it. I personally bought the Bluebell shade of this eyeshadow but there is a very wide range to choose from (Ill put the list in later) so there is definately something for everyone in this range.

          Now because this is a loose powder it can be really messy to apply so I recommend using your finger to apply and put a sheet of tissue paper underneath your eyelid whilst your applying to stop the powder transferring onto your cheeks.

          This can be applied in many different ways: all over the eyelids for a full, bold colour, a very light, thin layer for a faded look, dry or wet, as a lqiuid eyeliner or mixed with other colours for a smudged look. So actually this is pretty versatile and Ive used itin most of those ways and I have to say it looks pretty good however its applied. The thin line of colour you can apply in the style of liquid eyeliner looks great and you dont have to use a lot each time you apply so even though the pot is quite small it will last you for ages.

          Rose Gold
          & Many others but I dont think you need a whole list! There isa really large range of shades and colours though so I reckon literally everyone can find a shade and colour that they like and that suits them. I really like a lot of the colours so Im definately going back for more when I get some money! Better get reviewing lol.

          Full Range Of Shades: http://www.gosh.dk/Default.html#/Default.aspx?ID=35&ProductID=coseye06

          The Look:
          I reaaaaaally liked the way that this made my eyes look and I think I chose a pretty good colour because (not been bigheaded) it looked pretty good on me. The full, bold colour lasted on my eyes all day without fading at all and at the end of the night the colour still looked as good as it did when I first applied it. I cant wait to get some more colours so I can see how well they blend together because I am a total GOSH! convert after using just this one item! Ive had loads of nice compliments whenever I wear this so other people must think it looks pretty good, its not just me!

          Useful Information:
          Makers: GOSH!
          Stockists: Boots & Superdrug Etc
          Website: http://www.gosh.dk/Default.html#

          Overall Opinion:
          I am a total GOSH! convert after using this and I highly recommend that others try it because Im sure you will be as impressed as I was and still am! Im definately going to check out some more shades of this next time Im in town because I really like LOADS of their wide range of colours. GOSH! is my new addiction, damn you for making such a great product. This product creates a great colour, its really versatile, lasts for ages and the colour doesnt fade on your eyes even if you have it on all day. Wicked!

          I bet you wont be able to buy just one!

          Thanks For Reading

          x0 Salz 0x


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          18.09.2009 12:12
          Very helpful



          Great choice of colours and not a bad word to say about it!

          I was out looking for a red eye shadow and could not find one anywhere. I went into Superdrug to have a look at what they had to offer and came across Gosh. I have heard of them before but i had not used any of their products nor did i know anyone who had.

          I was just having a browse through their colours and there it was, a red eye shadow, it was gorgeous. The shimmer in it is outstanding and i had to have it. I think i paid around £4.50 which i think is very reasonable.

          Once i had got home i had to try it on my eyes. I loved it straight away. You only need a tiny bit and the powder glides onto your eye lid without any effort. I have also used a wet fine brush and used it as eye liner and it looked amazing.

          It a very shiny metallic powder for use as eye shadow, eye liner. It has many advantages. It does not contain perfume, can be used wet or dry and has numerous application purposes.

          Overall i do not have a bad thing to say about it and was pleasantly pleased by how amazing the powder looked on my eyes. As you only need to use a tiny amount, the powder will last a very long time, so it is very good value for money and would definitely recommend Gosh cosmetics and i will be using them in the future.


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            24.06.2009 13:50
            Very helpful



            Rather odd how the two are so different!

            I bought two of these as part of a 2 for 3 deal in my local Superdrug because I loved one of the colours and am always curious to try something new out.

            The company themselves aren't that new - they've been around for 25 years in Denmark, and since coming to the UK are exclusively found in Superdrug stores.

            They have a wonderful website, but the colour swatches aren't great as they don't show the shimmer and hues that the powders contain, however they do have some make up tips on how to get the looks they use for promo posters in stores and magazines and you can check out the full range of make up they sell: http://www.goshcosmetics.com/

            What They Look Like:

            I purchased Aquatic and a purple one that has quite a pink hue to it and silver glitter. I didn't actually realise the purple had glitter in it until I got it home as I didn't swatch it and just chose it by the colour. The glitter is quite big bits, rather than the small, more subtle bits of glitter you get in Barry M Glitter Dusts.

            The powders come in similar small glass jars as the Barry M dazzle dusts. The have a smooth black lid with the brand name on the top. Unlike the Barry M Dazzle Dusts however they contain a powder sifter once you unscrew the lid. I find this incredibly awkward, the sifter comes with a snap down lid of it's own which I assume you have to break off to be able to close the jar lid, give it a little shake and to get some of the product into the sifter so that you can apply it. I simply put my nail underneath the sifter and pull it off so that I can dip my brush into the jar without faffing about.

            Using The Product:

            You can use these either dry or with a damp brush. Dry they go on reasonably well, and the blue is quite pigmented whereas the lilac is a bit lighter and absolutely covered in the silver glitter. I find the glitter goes everywhere with a dry brush, all over my face, whatever I am wearing, my bedroom mirror and floor.

            The blue is fine, it goes on much better because it doesn't have glitter in it and is a lush colour once on the eyelid.

            To apply it wet simply dampen a brush (you really must use a brush for these eyeshadows, sponge applicators just don't cut it) with water before dipping it into the eyeshadow.

            With a wet brush the lilac doesn't have quite so much fall out but it's never going to be one of those shadows I reach for a regular basis due to the glitter however much of a lovely colour it is. The blue goes on even stronger and is stunning.

            I actually fell asleep, when I'd been to a barbecue and gotten rather drunk, without removing my make up the first time that I wore the blue and woke up in the morning with it still on (that's the first time I've fallen asleep in make up in years!). I was amazed to say the least! It had faded only slightly and that was without using a primer or base under the eyeshadow.

            The lilac lasts somewhat less and I always use primer underneath to get the best result so that the colour shows up a bit brighter and that it doesn't fade too quick.

            My Final Thoughts:

            I adore the blue (Aquatic) and it will be worn time and again, but the lilac is just not on the same page due to the glitter problem, which makes me suspect that the powders may be a bit hit and miss with some of them being better quality than others.

            My recommendation would be to either thoroughly swatch the powder on the back of your hand before purchasing or simply go to the Barry M stand instead as they are a bit cheaper. Their glitter range, which is labelled as 'fine glitter' is just as nice as their dazzle dusts and you don't get as much fallout or such big bits of glitter in them.

            GOSH do some fab products, so this was something of a surprise to me! The blue powder I'd give a five star rating to but the lilac would be a three so I've put a four overall, but you must be careful what you get.


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              06.01.2009 01:00
              Very helpful



              Give these a go for fantastic, awesome colour

              Last year, I was a very good girl. Santa Claus awarded me accordingly with lots of different make up to try. Top of my stocking was a lovely gift pack from GOSH.

              From what I thought was a very new company, I was amazed to find that GOSH cosmetics have been around since 1945! But have been using the current style and products for over twenty-five years. A company from Denmark, GOSH claim to have a 'mission to develop and create top quality products and brands in constant evolution that satisfies the needs of end-consumers, working as a team with distributors and the most prestigious stores all over the world.' Okay, im sold... pass me the make up!!

              The packaging

              The powder effect eyeshadow comes sealed in a clear plastic cover for hygiene. Under this, is a thick black plastic screw top lid, with the other half a clear glass bottom with the product inside. On top of the lid, is simply the 'GOSH' logo in silver. Overall, the product comes in a small glass pot. Underneath the lid, is a plastic cover to protect the content and a 'salt shaker' style top, with seven holes.

              On the base, there is a sticky label with the name of the colour. If you peel off the sticker, underneath there is a list of the ingredients for those with allergies. However, a full list of contents can be found on the GOSH website at www.goshamerica.com

              The product

              Im a big fan of layering eye make up for really stunning effects, and for this the GOSH powder effect is perfect. The powder can be used simply as an eyeshadow with a full colour effect, or spread for a shimmer or faded effect. The powder can also be used as a highlighter or mixed with other colours. The powder can be used wet for a more defined effect, or dry for a more gentle fade.

              On this occasion, I treated myself to the 'sky' colour which is a glittery silver (ideal for everything!) Even though the pot is small, I think it will last quite a while as it can be spread very thinly with great effect. The pot is quite expensive at £5.50, but I got this on special offer which is great! However, the colours are amazing and varied, and the crushed delicate powder is worth every penny. Im turning out to be quite the GOSH fan!

              As I said, I brought the sky colour, but there are also many other shades *deep breath...long list!*;
              - Copper
              - Glamour (gold)
              - Paradise (light blue)
              - Kiss (Lilac)
              - Mink - (Light brown)
              - Sunset (deep pink)
              - Satin (light purple)
              - Gold dust (gentle sparkle)
              - Kiwi (light green/silver)
              - Spa (sea blue)
              - Purple rain (purple)
              - Azure (green)
              - Blaze (brown)
              - Steel (silver)
              - Meringue (light light pink)
              - Sea me (Aquamarine)
              - Pineapple (yellow)
              - Emerald (green)
              - Apple jam (moss green)
              - Sunstone (burnt orange)
              - Rosewood (maroon)
              - Rose gold (deep pink)
              - Butterfly (purple)
              - Bluebell (purple/blue)

              Where to buy?

              I buy my GOSH products from superdrug, but I have yet to find any other stockists on the high street (please email me if you have!) Otherwise, GOSH can be brought on ebay, or online at www.goshamerica.com


              This is a fantastic product for the make up bag, due to its adaptability. Expensive, but long lasting with an amazing range of colours. I would recommend 'Sky' especially, as its gentle light glitter is ideal for any make up style!

              One last thing... A tip for this product from GOSH themselves! INSIDER TIP: Apply a thin layer of GOSH WATERPROOF & SHIMMERING EYE SHADOW underneath the effect powder for more intense color.


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                26.10.2008 12:44
                Very helpful



                A brilliant good quality powder

                When it comes to evening make up I take a very different approach to what I wear in the day-times of course. Daytime I keep my make up subtle and play it safe. That's on days I wear any make up of course! I do like a break and if I'm just staying in or nipping over to the shops or something quick I will go naked, I'm really not that vain lol!

                However at night I like strong, colour intense looks. Dark eyes, lots of sparkle, pouty red lips and eyelashes so thick and heavy I strain to see out of them (not cos I've over used mascara though, I like false eyelashes lol). I love 50's glamour and I guess I've never been a trendy dresser or really had a clue about how to match up clothes because when I was growing up I was so overweight there were many clothes and styles that looked awful on me so me, well I became infatuated with make up and it made me feel better about myself to be honest. After all with make up one size pretty much fits all.

                I love sparkle and I'm pretty nifty at applying my make up after years of practice. I have time. I have patience. Money? I don't care how much the stuff costs if I set my mind onto owning it.... it's mine end of. However I own bags full of make up and nowadays I simply can't justify big spending out sessions on the stuff. I very rarely 'need' anything unless it's a mascara and cos it's a product I hate to purchase with a passion I purely buy on a need to basis and try to avoid at all costs!

                I wasn't aware of the brand that is GOSH until I bought some brand new make-up on Ebay a while ago. I got chatting to the lady because we know each-other off the site as she is my Urban Decay supplier so when I made my recent purchases from her she offered me a red coloured Gosh Lipstick and a pot of this for free. Never one to say no to freebies when it arrived I bust a blood vessel! I was overcome with excitement as I adore trying out products I haven't tried before!

                The Packaging....

                Small glass round see through glass pot with black plastic on/off lid. On said lid the word 'GOSH' is on there in silver writing and on a clear sticky label on the bottom of the pot the colour is stated (in my case Black Diamond). That's all the information you get. No size is stated or nothing it's simply a pot of product!

                Using It....

                Well this is a loose highly pigmented eyeshadow. When you unscrew the lid there is like an inset whitish plastic cover with a few holes in it. To get some of the product out simply shake some powder out gently into the lid or wherever else you want to work with it. Don't get to much out of the pot cos you have to try throw leftovers out (you can't get left over product back through the holes and into the pot) and it's a messy process and usually you forget to do this or something. I can't tell you how many times I've had some product in the lid I've been working with and finished using it on my eyes and forgot myself and screwed the lid back on it and powder has flaked all over my beige carpet and hands (Don't! It don't come out of furniture and carpets and that, it's a nightmare lol!).

                Now I have no idea if you can use this wet. I know with a lot of eye-shadows of this formulation you can but there is no information on this to tell me if I can or can't anywhere. Personally I wouldn't want to with this powder as mine isn't only a very dark shade indeed and tricky to apply anyway I really wouldn't want to get involved in messy applications with water anyway!

                Not all that easy to apply so it takes time and patience to get used to it. As I said this is a loose powder. It's not too thin and has body to it. Do all your make up base first, then get to work with this. I use it over the whole base of of the bottom of my eye and I usually with a brush or a sponge applicator (comes down to whatever I have handy really to be honest as the product doesn't come with it's own lol) and away I go.

                The powder feels very smooth and in my case it is shimmery and contains alot of glitter particles. This isn't unusual for 'Gosh' eyeshadows by the way.... the majority in the range are like this. Don't over load the brush or applicator and this is a breeze to apply. A little goes a very long way and with a steady hand gently sweep the area you want to add the colour to. Build up the colour gradual and you get no flaking or specs anywhere you shouldn't. If your not careful you do get speckles of powder where you shouldn't and with a dark colour such as this one I own it's really very hard to correct mistakes with out leaving grubby, tell tale marks behind you. Sounds like a science? It really isn't. You have to go easy with any powder products and this is no exception.

                Once on you can achieve a sparkly, bold evening look that is evenly applied and you can make it as subtle or as bold as you like though creating a bold look that is full of colour does take time to build up because if you just slap it on you get too much transfer if you touch it but if you go easy blending in as you the results are pretty remarkable.

                All In All...

                If you like simple make up application, then move along. These are statement eyeshadows and with the the darker colours like mine they take a little time to get used to but like Barry M and Collection 2000, once you get the hang of using them these are great and in my view these are longer lasting than Barry M and more colour intense than Collection 2000 colours. Once on these stay vibrant and crease free all day (or night long) but it really is down to your application method. Add too much powder too quickly you'll get smudges everywhere thought the colour 'pops'. I never have as I take my time and I do use an eye make up primer and sometimes if not using that will use a make up base primer and I do this to get longer lasting make up on my face.

                These do not irritate my over sensitive eyes and they come off relatively easily but I would recommend a seperate eye make up remover before moving on to your usual make up routine just to make it simpler to remove.

                D I Recommend Them?

                Certainly. This one I have gives me catwalk, show stopping eyes. At around £5.50 a pot, even with regular use this has so far has lasted me over a year and I still have well over half a pot left. I love the shimmer and intensity and once you get used to application which is a smooth no dragging ride it's a breeze to use and wear. You can of course blend it with other branded eye-shadows, layer a little over existing eyeshadows, basically however you want to use it you can. Play with and get used to it and test it out in the shop before purchasing if possible. If you like your loose pigment eye-shadows this is definitely one of the best quality ones offered at the moment in my view!

                I have only seen these on sale in Superdrug but they are course available for online purchase. There are a massive range of colours available as well in all colours of the rainbow and I for one will be purchasing a few for the party season that will soon e upon us!


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