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Guerlain Meteorites Eyeshadow Pen

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Brand: Guerlain / Type: Eye Shadow / Subcategory: Pen / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2004 18:32
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      When it comes to makeup, mum really does know best (well in my case anyway). Most of my favourite cosmetics were either bought by my mum or come from a brand that my mum recommended to me. This eyeshadow was a Christmas present from my mum a couple of years ago and it wasn?t until recently that I discovered it lurking in my less-used make up box. Why?! I really don?t know. Guerlain is not a brand that I regularly use. I like their blemish control, but that is the only other item I use. It is a brand that I associate with slightly more mature ladies with more money to spend. It is an upmarket French name offering fragrances and a fairly extensive makeup collection. THE EYESHADOW PEN I would go so far as to say that this is *the* most glamorous item of makeup I own (and that?s no mean feat). Sleek, stylish and gold but not the slightest bit gaudy. Unwrapping the present several years ago I recall being intrigued as to what the purpose of the pen was ? I couldn?t fathom it within 0.5 seconds of opening it as it was unfamiliar territory! Never before had I seen eyeshadow in a pen; and pen, although unusual, is a fair description of what it is. The pen itself is slim line, approximately four inches in length. A good three quarters of the pen consists of matte gold crescent moons amid shiny gold borders with the name and brand embossed in elegant black lettering over the top; the last quarter displays the actual eyeshadow colour via a clear section in the pen. It is class personified ? or rather objectified?! hmm, that?s not a word but I?m sure you get the idea. Take care when opening the pen because it is spring loaded, and although it probably won?t cause any kind of damage you risk losing some eyeshadow ? and at these prices that is the last thin
      g you want. Once open, effectively what you have is a little dipping pot (the lid) and a pen (the main body) with a black sponge applicator. The applicator is identical to a smudger that you would use to create a smoky look with eyeliner. COLOURS There are several colours in this range of eyeshadow pens. These are the three I currently own:  Rose Comète ? an irredescent pale pink with a very subtle hint of gold when it catches the light. Very subtle and pretty, but a shade that could be worn by youngsters and mature ladies alike.  Parme Lunaire ? a pearlescent blue hue with delicate suggestions of lilac. As with Rose Comète, this could worn by ladies of all ages.  Vert Astral ? a two-tone green with faint glimmers of gold. This colour looks like is has been stolen from the wings of an elegant dragonfly. I think this colour is better suited to younger girls as green is a more unusual colour for eyeshadow. After several phone calls to John Lewis I have been reliably informed that they also come in white, black, brown and beige (I?m afraid I wasn?t told the official names!) but these seem harder to hunt down online. METHOD OF USE Easy peasy. It depends where you want to wear it as to how you will apply it, but essential the method is the same. 1. Unscrew the lid of the pen. 2. Holding the pen in the lid and quite firmly in the shadow, press down and rotate the pen clockwise and anticlockwise several times to get a reasonable amount of shadow on the pen. 3. Sweep over the desired area. 4. That?s it! Don?t worry about putting the lid down and the shadow leaking out. Despite being a powder eyeshadow it is ver
      y solid in the lid and will not shift an inch unless you want it to. I believe that being the consistency is it, is a benefit to this eyeshadow, because it glides on with relative ease, but as it is not a powder and doesn?t contain glitter particles it will not move once applied. You might think I was being strange when saying where you want to apply it, but I don?t always put eyeshadow on my eye lids ? often I wear it just underneath my lower eyelashes, as it tends to highlight the eye beautifully. I wouldn?t often wear a dark shade in this way but I find with pearly eyeshadows the light reflecting off it makes my eye appear brighter and more open. Although this may not work for everyone because of differing eye shapes just get experimenting ? you will soon find your own individual style! WEARING THE EYESHADOW When applied, the colours look even more stunning than they do through the little peep hole in the pen. They are shimmery but understated ? if applied correctly they will look classy, not like some trashy ho about to attend the local meat market club. They are definitely suitable for day or night wear, but being fairly subtle shades I generally wear them during the day. Apart from looking absolutely gorgeous this eyeshadow has fantastic staying power. I do not use any kind of eyeshadow base and I find that this shadow will last all day ? it never fades or creases. In addition to this, it doesn?t feel at all heavy on (despite being more of a paste than a powder in the pot) and never makes my eyes sting as I have found with other shadows. When it comes to removing the shadow in the evening, it comes off without a fight. Normal cleanser will remove it, I doubt you will even need to use heavy duty industrial strength eye make up remover. PRICE AND AVAILABILITY £17 for 0.8g. I?m not going to deny it sounds extortionate, but if you look at the amount of shadow in the lid and the amount that transfers itself to the applicator, I think that even if you used this every day it would not need to be replaced more than once a year. Anyhow, I have not paid £17 for any of mine. The first was a present and the second and third I bought together on eBay (brand new and unused with boxes) for $24.47 including postage from the USA (which equates to around £13.72). This subsequently works out as £6.86 per pen, which I think is quite a bargain considering how classy they are and how long they will last! THE VERDICT I think you?ve already guessed that I absolutely adore mine. I couldn?t recommend them more as subtle eye colour! However, follow my advice and buy them from eBay or some discounted place online because £17 is pretty steep, even if it is a fantastic product.  carly_pussycat - dooyoo UK ©


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