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Guerlain Meteorites Pearls

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3 Reviews

Brand: Guerlain / Type: Makeup - Primer / Makeup - Primer / Skin type: All skin types / Contents/Size: 30ml

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    3 Reviews
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      07.04.2012 01:08
      Very helpful



      Bright, healthy looking youthful skin at a price

      Guerlain is a very well known name in my profession and I am so pleased that I get many free samples of their product dew to my wonderful friend and fellow beautician from Paris. Guerlain is a quality French range of beauty products in both makeup and skin care. 

      The Meteorites collection comprises of wonder products to help give you perfect, even looking skin and the appearance of an enviable complexion. This primer will also add luminosity to your skin, without leaving it greasy or shiny and all the time it will be working hard to hide the things you want hidden and emphasize your best bits. This primer is said to result in a brightened complexion and this in turn will take years off of you as a healthy, bright complexion is subconsciously read as that of someone youthful and full of health. While a dull complexion is considered unhealthy and can be ageing to the eye. This brightening technique is achieved by the inclusion of light reflecting particles. These wonder pearls are visible through the beautiful bottle and each one contains the secret to this products success.

      This Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer is quite a mouthful to say but a breeze to use. 

      This is not just a bottle of sparkles it has some fantastic skin nourishing and plumping ingredients. One of which is the amazing Cyclopentasiloxane this is a natural form of silicone and the inclusion of this magic serum will plum out any fine lines / wrinkles by gently and invisibly filling this crevises. 

      I simply follow my normal morning cleansing routine and then I just lightly press on the pump top dispenser. Very little pressure is required as one press is enough, more than enough for it's intended use of covering the face. Remember if you pump out too much you can't put it back in. Then only using the pads of my fingertips I apply this gently to my face. It is a soft cool gel so it moves freely and covers well. I cover my entire face and it is a very pleasant product to use. This product is best worn nude (of course mean your face). This is a fresh faced look, a youthful look, perfect for summer. You can add eye makeup and a coral lipstick for a very fresh clean, beach babe look.

      I have found this product be very effective it suits a blond, fair, complexion perfectly but it will work on all complexions. If you use your make up to cover a multitude of sins maybe this isn't the product for you as it looks best with minimal makeup. You can however experiment with applying it in sections as a highlighter rather than a all over primer.

      The scent of this product is quite gentle yet distinctively floral. It is at it's strongest as it exists the bottle and begins to fade upon application only if you are cheek to cheek would your partner be able to smell this gentle flagrance. It can cost £50 a bottle so it's for serious use.

      I think this is a fantastic all in one product. It's an incredible youth inducing gel that really does brighten up my skin and in turn brightens up my day.

      Tip :
      Any residue that may remain on your fingertips after applying it to your face. DO NOT wipe it off on to a towel or tissue. Use this light remaining product on your cheekbones and jaw line or below your eyebrow. By adding a slightly heavier application to this area it will catch the light a tiny bit more than on the rest of your face and highlight these flattering areas.

      Stay beautiful xxx


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      01.04.2012 00:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not something I would buy again but only because of the price.

      I bought this on a bit of a Guerlain spending spree a while ago. I love using a face primer and was very keen to try this product as it combines a few different functions from a quality brand.

      I really liked the design of the product. It looks very expensive and has an elegant, clean feel to it. The primer is in a heavy glass bottle with a black plastic pump and lid. The bottle is filled with tiny pink pearl which contain the primer inside. The pump works exactly as it should to release the product and what comes out is a gel formula with a slightly pink colour to it with glitter particles running throughout.

      The product is designed to give the skin even coverage and illumination. It is designed to give a more even complexion and lesson imperfections. I have used quite a few different primers but non that offer skin illumination as well. I love to get something extra for my money so this was a definite selling point for me. The bottle contains pearls which contain light reflecting particles. These provide the illuminating quality which adds a little shine to your skin tone. It gives your skin a really healthy looking glow and adds an extra dimension to your makeup.

      I tend to use the product as a base for my make up, or if I am feeling particularly lazy than as an alternative to make up! It is designed to be applied to cleansed and exfoliated skin but frankly that all sounds like too much hassle to me. I do cleanse and exfoliate but not daily because by skin simply doesn't need it. I find the product works just as well anyway so I wouldn't worry too much about the directions. One or two pumps of the bottle is adequate depending on whether you are applying make up over the top of not. If you use more than that then it can become a little heavy so I would resist the urge. I apply it to my whole face and neck in order to get the best results. I find it goes on very smoothly and makes my skin feel effortlessly soft. It even my skin tone whilst adding a little shimmer to make my skin appear healthier. I am rather pale and I do find the colour and shimmer a little bit too much sometimes. If I am using this in the day then I would stick to one pump and maybe double this in the evening for a more exciting look. Overall though I do really like the effect it has on my skin, it is smoothing without being heavy or suffocating.

      This product retails at £50 for roughly 30ml. This is very expensive and for me the most expensive primer I've used. I did really like using it and were it to be £20-£30 I would consider re-purchasing it. I think though for this price I would not consider buying it again because there are cheaper products on the market with results that rival this one.


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        25.06.2011 14:42
        Very helpful



        A primer that acts more like an illuminator

        The Obsession Begins...
        I already owned and loved the Guerlain Meteorites Perles Powder because they were so unusual and they were so much fun to use. After looking into the rest of the Meteorites collection by Guerlain, I became desperate to own each and every item. As I'm not made of money, I instead dropped more than a few hints to my boyfriend as my birthday was approaching, for the Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer. I didn't really know what it was or how much it cost and I hadn't read any reviews about the product. I had seen the bottle, and just knew I had to have it.

        What does it do?
        After having unwrapped my parcel on my birthday to find the amazing bottle inside and nearly bursting with excitement, I thought I should find out what it is supposed to do before I applied the product to my face so that I would know what to expect. The purpose of this primer is to give the skin an illuminating coverage, while hiding imperfections and to leave you with a matt complexion and even skin tone.

        How does it work?
        Each pearl with the bottle contains the perfect dose of light reflecting particles which brighten the complexion. As the light hits the particles, the light is reflected which gives the face a healthy glow and stops it from appearing dull. Glycerin is also included to draw water into the skin, which keeps the skin firm and plump, while also working towards helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

        One of the main ingredients within the product is Cyclopentasiloxane which is a form of silicone and its purpose is to fill in the pores and fine lines to leave you with a smoother complexion on which to apply your make up. Silica is also present for this purpose. Alcohol is included to tighten the pores further to reduce their appearance and to ensure that less oil is produced by the skin.

        How do you use the product?
        The product is to be applied to skin that has been cleaned, exfoliated and toned. One pump of this bottle is enough to cover the face and when I've been tempted to use more, my face has turned into a greasy and shimmering mess so I never tried that again!

        I take one pump of the product on the back of my hand and gently ensure that the gel is completely mixed to ensure an even coverage. Then using my fingers, I smooth this product into the skin on my whole face, but in particular onto my cheeks, forehead and nose. I then apply my normal make up on top or if my skin is in a good condition, I will just apply a tinted moisturiser on top as that seems to be when this product works the best.

        Packaging and Price
        This product is probably one of the most attractive items of make up I have ever seen. The primer comes enclosed within a heavy glass bottle that is completely transparent. It has some black writing on the front and a metallic shiny lid.

        What makes this product so attractive is that the primer itself is stored within tiny pink pearls which you can see loaded together through the glass. The primer is released through a pump mechanism and each time you pump the bottle, one of the pearls is burst to release the product inside. The gel that comes out of the bottle has a slight pink tinge and a pearlescent shimmering finish.

        I don't know the exact price that my boyfriend paid for this but I know it wasn't cheap! From looking online, I'm guessing it would have been in the region of £40 for 30ml of the product. It is available from many online websites so the price varies slightly but it remains expensive throughout. As you only burst one pearl with each use, the product should last me a very long time, and I haven't made any significant dent in it yet.

        My thoughts
        The product has quite a strong floral smell to it which is not entirely offensive but I always find that putting a fragrance into a face product is unnecessary as it can cause irritations and it's too close to the nose. Floral scents are never an aroma that I would go out of my way to choose but many people may like the smell of this primer.

        The purpose of a primer to give you a perfect surface on which to apply your make up, covering up pores and fine lines. This product doesn't really hide the imperfections at all. The shimmering part of the gel seems to settle into my pores and fine lines, making them stand out more rather than hiding them. The product does feel light on the skin and isn't suffocating and heavy like some that I have tried.

        Of course when you apply a good foundation, the shimmering colour difference is hidden but so is the radiance that the product provides. If you go bare faced, this product will be too shimmering and your pores and fine lines are exaggerated. I think this product only really looks nice when you wear it under a tinted moisturiser but then your skin needs to be in good condition to get away with this, and mine very rarely is.

        Alone the product adds a bit too much shimmer to my face and it looks too obvious in the sunshine, even for a massive glitter fan like me. Despite its promise of hiding imperfections and evening out the skin tone, it really doesn't have the coverage to hide blemishes or even the skin tone so it fails there in my opinion.

        The consistency of the product is gel like and quite greasy. I was worried that it was going to make my skin even shinier and oilier, and that it would cause more blemishes and blackheads on my far from flawless skin. This wasn't the case however and it doesn't cause any greasiness on the skin when you use the right amount, other than perhaps a sheen. It actually feels really cool and comfortable on my face and gives my skin a dewy glow with a healthy radiance and it also makes my complexion much brighter.

        It actually manages to prevent my skin becoming oily for a small period of time but it would be an exaggeration to say that it keeps my skin oil free for the duration that it is on my skin. That said, this product didn't cause any new blemishes or blackheads to form on my skin which I found pleasantly suprising. The product also doesn't make a noticeable difference to the staying power of my make up although it doesn't make it melt off faster either.

        All in all, I believe that this product is more of an illuminator than a primer. It doesn't really conceal my pores and fine lines appropriately or give me a perfect surface on which to apply my make up. The product doesn't improve the staying power of my foundation either.

        The primer does however brighten my complexion and give me a healthy radiance but in some cases, it can be too shimmery for my liking. The product only gives me radiance when I wear it will a tinted moisturiser, which I don't do often so I don't really get much use from this product. It smells nice and looks great in the bottle, but in my opinion, this product is not actually a primer.


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    • Product Details

      Guerlain Meteorites Pearls / A revolutionary concept: a constellation of multi coloured powders that recreates pure natural radiance / Meteorites pearls are harmonies of 6 coloured pearls to correct and unify the complexion: 2 pastel shades to correct skin tone / 2 unifying shades to even out complexion / 2 translucent light enhancing shades to capture and reflect light to sculpt the face / Your skin glows with new found softness and radiance /

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