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Guerlain Terra Azzurra Nail Lacquer

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Brand: Guerlain / Type: Nail Lacquer / Nail Lacquer / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2012 18:45
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      expensive - are they worth it - probably not

      I don't normally spend an awful lot on nail polish as I do think that a lot of cheaper nail polish is just as good if not better than expensive nail polish. However I decided to splurge recently as I had £30 worth of recognition card vouchers from my House of Fraser recognition card. I figured that these were effectively free cash, and so I would treat myself to something that I wouldn't normally buy.

      I decided to treat myself to two of the Guerlain Nail Lacquers from the limited edition Terra Azzurra range. They only had two colours in the limited edition range; coral pink (pictured above), and indigo blue, and I bought both. The full price of these is £17.50 each, therefore making my total spend £35, however I bought these on one of House of Fraser's promotional days and so I saved 10% off my purchase, bringing it down to £31.50, so I only had to put £1.50 to the total, so effectively free in my crazy shopaholic eyes! (maybe not so in my husbands voice of reason sensible eyes though!)

      The coral pink is a lovely fresh and summery coral colour, it's a slightly sheer yet shiny finish, and it looks really nice against my pale and freckly skin. However I have to admit that this looks much better on tanned skin, my sister painted her fingernails and toenails with this just after coming back off holiday, and it looked absolutely fantastic against her tanned skin.

      The indigo blue is kind of a bold electric blue colour, with a slight metallic finish to it. This looks great on my short fingernails, or on my toes. It's a very edgy, and a kind of rock 'n' roll sort of colour. This again looks looks really nice against my pale and freckly skin, However once again my sister has used this colour as well, and once again it looked much nicer against a tan.

      So although I do really like both of the colours and they do suit my colouring - very pale and with tonnes of freckles. I would say that the colours are actually more suited for someone with tanned skin, or a slightly darker skintone than myself.

      The two colours actually compliment each other very well, and I find that they look good when worn with one of the two colours on my fingernails, and the other of the two colours on my toenails. They look good either way, but I would probably say that coral pink fingernails, and indigo blue toenails is probably the nicest of the two looks.

      I would say that the colour that you see in the bottles, is definitely a true reflection of the colour that these will be once on your nails. Both of the colours are the exact same colour on my nails as they are in the bottles, and they are also the exact same colour on my sisters nails as well.

      So now on to the quality of the nail polish, which is where for £17.50 a bottle I feel that they are not actually worth the money. The nail polish is quite a thin nail polish, however I don't mind this as I personally find that thinner nail polish is easier to apply. I do need to apply two coats of this, the indigo blue especially, I can get away with one coat of the coral pink, however it will be a very sheer coral colour with just one coat. Again applying two coats isn't necessarily a problem as with a lot of nail polish you do need to apply two coats to get a decent colour and coverage. However this does goes on really easily and smoothly with no uneven patches, or lumps or bumps. My nails are touch dry after 5 minutes, and then completely dry after 10 minutes.

      The biggest problem that I have with this nail polish is its longevity, it just doesn't have any. I've not had more than a day, or two at best out of this on my fingernails before it starts to chip. It does last longer on my toenails, maybe 5 days or so before it starts to chip, but then all nail polish does anyway as your toenails aren't subjected to as much abuse as your fingernails are.

      I'm happy enough with the colours, not over the moon but happy enough. However the fact that the nail polish chips really easily is a massive disappointment, especially at £17.50 a bottle. Would I but these again - no, I'm afraid I wouldn't. Would I recommend them - again no, I'm afraid I wouldn't.


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