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H&M Eyeshadow Duo

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Brand: H&M / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2011 18:08
      Very helpful



      I would not buy this again - and I think it is discontinued anyway

      H&M eyeshadow duo

      I like H&M for clothing sometimes, but I have only ever bought this one make up item - they make quite a few make up items now such as eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses and nail polish - the nail polishes are supposed to be really good. I bought this duo a few months ago from H&M's website.

      - About the product and packaging

      The product contains two eyeshadows which have a total product value of 6g (3g each) or 0.2 oz. The eyeshadow duo is named 'Hot sand" but the two shades are just numbered 1 and 2. The eyeshadows come in a plastic container which has a flip closure, which is clear acrylic so that you can see the shades easily and fairly accurately. Even though the container is made out plastic and the duo was really cheap, the container actually feels quite durable and fairly well made. Some of the ingredients of the shadows includes: Mica and talc which are both rock minerals (A level geology coming in useful!), synthetic wax (which I was not expecting in an eyeshadow), oxides and colourings.

      - The shades "Hot sand" and the texture of the shadows

      The duo includes one shade which is gorgeous, it is a really nice shimmery golden champagne colour, which would look great on a range of skin tones in my opinion, especially fair skin tones. The second shade is a golden medium brown in the container but when swatched the gold comes out so much more than the brown and it actually makes the shadow come out as a golden bronze colour - not as brown as it looks in the container. My favorite shade is the first champage colour, I would like the darker shade so much more if the gold did not come out as much and make it bronze, not brown.

      The eyeshadows have quite a lot of fine shimmer to them so I thought that they would have a rough, gritty texture - but they have a very smooth, powdery, almost cream texture which I was not expecting - especially as the eyeshadows were really cheap as well.

      - Using the eyeshadows and results

      Because of the really smooth texture of the shadows, they apply really smoothly and they feel a bit creamy on the skin as well, which is surprising because of the price of the duo. I usually apply these shadows with my fingers as it is easier this way and if I try to apply them with a dry brush they tend to have quite a bit of fall out, which is not nice and it also means that I have to spend more time on my make up after I have applied to get rid of the shimmery shadow that has dropped down onto my under eye area. I apply them with my fingertips as it is a quick and easy way of applying them and they are super easy to blend anyway but when using a brush the shadow an just wipe off. I would always use a primer with these shades as I find that the darker shade does tend to collect in my crease after a couple of hours, or less, but with the lighter shade I do not really need a lot of primer as it does not crease very easily in my experience.

      I like the results I get from these shadows as I find that they apply really nicely because of the smooth texture but they do tend to fall down and the darker shade can crease fairly easily, so I would use a primer. The lighter shade is my favorite as it is a light champagne colour which is shimmer so it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake - I like this use this shade as an all over the lid colour or I mostly just use it in my tear duct area to again make my eyes look a lot more awake. The darker shade is a bit disappointing as it is a bronze colour, not a brown colour as it looks in the container and it does crease easily, so I tend to not use this one very much. Overall, this duo is nice, it is easy to apply, the lighter shade is fantastic, especially as a tear duct colour/highlight but this duo does have a few flaws.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this eyeshadow from H&M online and it only cost me £1.99 at the time and H&M do not appear to be selling this product any more but they do sell eyeshadow palettes.



      *Nice smooth, powdery texture
      *Nice shades, although the darker brown shade actually comes out very golden - a bronze shade instead of brown which was a bit disappointing
      *Very cheap, although it does appear that they do not sell this duo now
      *Good, durable feeling packaging


      *Fall down with both shades but mostly with the darker shade
      *Shade of the brown shadow
      *Darker shade creases easily

      Thank you for reading my review


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