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HD Brow Kit

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Brand: HD / Type: Eyebrow palette

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2012 12:36
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      Brow care for the modern woman, swapsies anyone?

      I received this HD brow kit as part of a samples box that I used to subscribe to. Most of the time they send you samples of products but occasionally there is that glorious moment where you open your box to discover a full sized product. I was thrilled to get this brow kit as I have been using a benefit brow kit for a while and found it gets used up quickly and is expensive to replace.

      The kid comes in a black plastic palette which has a flip top lid with clasp to secure it. It is similar in shape and size to powder compacts and looks very similar to my lancome powder, in fact I often get them confused. The kit also comes with a brush for application which is double ended for putting the powder on and tidying the brow. You push down the clasp to open the palette and inside are four circular dishes which four different colours. there is also a little dip in the side which contains a double ended padded eye applicator, I actually tend to opt for the longer applicator which has a brush on it as this is easier to apply with. The padded eye applicator is very similar to standard eye shadow applicators and I've used it for this purpose instead. Inside there is also a large mirror which makes it really easy to apply the brow powder in a rush or on the go. I find the packaging is really clean and simple and gives the impression of quality without the high cost. It is also really functional and the only problem I've ever had is getting the powder on the mirror, which does actually wipe off easily. Other than that it is totally trouble free and a really great, practical design.

      The palette contains four colours: a deep brown which is almost black in colour, a chestnut brown, a muted paler brown colour and a much lighter beige shade. The different shades are for different colour brows. Now, I dye my hair fairly regularly and since owning this palette I've gone from black to brown to red to mousy brown and with it I've used the different shades to match my hair. I found even when my hair was black that the black brow shade was too dark and heavy so I mainly stuck to the chestnut brown. Now my hair is a little light I actually use the more muted brown on a daily basis and then switch to the chestnut brown for slightly more impact on a night out. My muted brown is almost finished now and so is my chestnut leaving me with two shades I will never use. I think I need to find someone else with the palette who has used the other colours and do a swap. This isn't the best design and if you'd paid for it you'd be annoyed that you couldn't use 2 out of 4 shades, but as it was free I'm not complaining.

      The application of the powder to your brow is super easy. The brush is like a really soft, fine paintbrush but with a slanted edge which makes it incredibly easy to follow the contour of your brow. I tend to use a couple of brushes of the powder for each brow and this is the perfect amount to get them look clean and tidy, and matching the colour of my hair. I'm a bit obsessed with it and up until recently used it practically every day. Even with daily use the palette has lasted me almost a year of use which is fantastic and will probably keep going for another couple of months before I have to think about replacing it.

      The palette if you bought one would cost you around £30 which is very expensive for a simple brow powder. That said, I have never used anything that holds as well as this and that keeps my brows in place so well. I also think it lasts an absolute lifetime so £30 every year and a half isn't too bad I guess. What I would like to do is find someone to swap my half empty palette with who would use the other shades not suitable for me.

      Overall, a great product with the best hold and colour I've ever had for my brow.


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