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Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation SPF25

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15 Reviews
  • A good range of shades available
  • fantastic shades available
  • Can leave me skin looking shiny
  • doesn't last as long in hot weather
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    15 Reviews
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      10.01.2015 12:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Excellent quality "
      • "A good range of shades available"


      • "Can leave me skin looking shiny"

      A great foundation from Benefit!

      I purchased this foundation from a Benefit counter on Oxford Street after having asked to be colour matched for it. I have naturally pale skin so I was pleased to see that this range contains TWO ivory shades, result! I chose the darker ivory shade known as "Believe in me" as the lighter shade looked a little too light. Each bottle contains 30ml of liquid foundation and it has a pump dispenser which pumps out just the right amount each time. The foundation has a good consistency and it doesn't smell "biscuity" either, like some foundations do.

      I find the foundation easy to spread over my face. You can use a brush, a sponge or simply your fingers to blend the foundation into your skin. I find that using my fingertips works best. I've applied the foundation to bare skin before but because I have oily skin the foundation slid off and my skin became really shiny. I now make sure I use a primer beforehand to prime my skin before applying the foundation. Benefit's The Porefessional works well with this. If you do apply primer with this foundation luckily it doesn't turn cakey or flake off.

      The foundation is long lasting and it covers blemishes and imperfections well, leaving your skin looking bright and radiant. It definitely gives a healthy glow to your skin and helps to even out skin tone. It lasts ages too so the £25.50 price tag is just about justified! It's also oil free and it lasts for one year once opened. I've had mine for just over a year and I'd say that there's still around 10% left in the bottle. It still smells fine and it's still kept it's consistency so it does last.

      The foundation has never irritated my skin as it has a gentle formula. I would recommend it, despite it's price.

      A good solid foundation that's a pleasure to use!


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        03.08.2014 21:43
        Very helpful


        • "long lasting when used with primer "
        • "fantastic shades available "


        • "doesn't last as long in hot weather"

        great foundation lovely shades available works best with a primer

        Fantastic foundation available in great shades so you can use one shade in winter and change to a warmer shade in summer if you get a tan. There really is a shade or two for everyone. The foundation covers well but i find used with a primer is when it works best then it really is a great foundation that lasts all day the only slight downfall i have found is in very hot weather then the shine tends to come through and it doesn't last as well.
        The price isn't too bad i dont think compared to some foundations and it certainly is one of the best foundations i've used so worth the price tag
        definately worth a try.


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        15.09.2013 00:35
        Very helpful



        Great foundation for a day look, with good coverage and a naturally not too made up face.

        I recently heard about this foundation on Instagram and I had heard many positive reviews on it! So, I decided to go into my local benefit, which was in boots, and have a look at how much the foundation was and just generally find out if it was worth it.


        This foundation is known for its oil-free brightening formula, leaving you with a natural complexion that promises to not leave you looking like you've been caked in makeup. This promotes its luminous and healthy looking results, containing a high factor of SPF, light diffusing properties, as well as a three star PA rating being the highest protection you can get.


        The foundation is available in 9 shades which isn't actually that many for a largely selling foundation, and I don't believe it the available shades would be able to cover everybody's skin tone but I seemed lucky enough to find one that did. The shades available are, Champagne, Ivory, Honey, Beige, Toasted Beige, Amber, Hazelnut and Nutmeg. As well as these names, the packaging also uses a humorous line, for example, 'warm me up' for the Toasted Beige shade.


        After realising the foundation was £25.50 I was slightly put off by the price, as I generally only tend to spend around £10 on a foundation. However, the foundation does last me around 6 months, depending how much I used on a daily basis, but every day I tend to use one pump.


        I'd say this is one of the only downfalls of the product. I apply my foundation at around 8 in the morning and by around 12pm I find it is beginning to wear off, and natural like my freckles begin to show through. Also, I find I have to reapply a dab of some over spots since it seems to wear off after slightly sweating or leaning on my face.


        Before putting this onto my face I ensure my face is correctly cleansed and moisturised, since I seen to follow the tips that the Benefit employee's tell me. I apply a pump of this onto my hand and then use a Mac 190 foundation brush to apply the foundation to my face, giving high coverage all over my face. I find after applying the whole amount of the pump, my face seems to be fairly shiny, so it doesn't give a matte finish which some may prefer. To stop this from happening you can simply apply powder, but in some cases some people may prefer the shiny 'glowing' face. After doing the rest of my makeup I may apply a bit more of the foundation again over prominent blemishes which have not completely been covered.


        Packaging is extremely important to me, as I like the general appeal to makeup. Since benefit fit is obviously known for its pretty packaging, I'd say this foundation is a bit of let down compared to the blushers and eyeshadow packagings of the brand. The bottle is almost a frosted white dispenser with bold black writing around it displaying the name and the protection it has in it. The pump of the foundation allows you to control how much you want to use, and not too much spurts out of the bottle. The consistency of the foundation is fairly runny which allows your face not to look too 'made up' and give you more of a natural look, however the runniness is not hard to work with.


        As said before, the foundation gives a fairly light coverage unless more is applied which would obviously allow you to cover up more areas and gradually build it up, while leaving you with a natural look. This foundation doesn't create flaky bits anywhere on your face after a while of it being left on, which I can find with many other foundations. This is a great foundation for covering blemishes while leaving you with a look that doesn't look too perfected, but I find it is not a long lasting foundation which some people may need.


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        28.04.2013 11:56
        Very helpful



        Not as good as Some Kinda Gorgeous

        I love benefit products ever since having since having my make up done at one of their counters severl years ago. I instantly brought some of the products used including You Rebel lite, Some Kinda Gorgeous and Boi-ng.

        Having some vouchers for christmas and having run out of some of my favourites; I decided to buy one of their sets which included Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow.

        It is described as "brightening makeup gives a naturally luminous complexion". It is oil free with SPF 25. It comes in a 9 different shades with quirky names such as champayne cheers to me, Im so glamber amber and I'm all the rage beige. It can be brought on the Debenhams webpage for £22.50.

        It comes in a pump action bottle and is very easy to dispense and not much is required.It is has a runny consistancy. However whilst it is very easy to apply, I certainly did not find it gave a flawless finish and still needed concealer. I also found my skin far from being brightened looked quite dull. It would last 2-3 hours and then need reapplying, it certainly did not have the staying power of some of their other products.

        By comparion I find that Some Kinda Gorgeous gives a very fresh faced finished, lasts well and looks much more natural- I also prefer the colours as the Lite is perfect for my skin tone.

        I was really disapointed with this product and given my success with other Benefit products expected a lot more. I would not buy again.

        This review also appears on CIAO under the same username.


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        26.04.2013 18:10
        Very helpful



        A light foundation providing a natural and healthy glow

        Due to the fact that I have sensitive skin, it is extremely hard to find a decent foundation that will work for me. It's not helped by the fact that I have an oily T-zone and can get bad dry skin around any of the other areas of my face. I've spent so long searching for something affordable that works - finding nothing by cheaper brands under about £10 I decided to take the plunge and invest in some Benefit Hello Flawless foundation as it claims to be oil free (great for my T-zone) yet hydrating (good for dry skin). Does it live up to the expectations?

        I've read so many great reviews about this foundation and thought it must be worth the money. After all, Benefit is rather a big brand name and is well known for their great quality products. Benefit is widely available in stores and beauty counters throughout the country in shops such as Boots and Debenhams. It comes in a choice of 10 different shades, all with cute tag lines:
        Ivory (believe in me)
        Ivory (i'm pure 4 sure)
        Petal (i'm plush and precious)
        Champagne (cheers to me)
        Honey (i'm so money)
        Beige (i'm all the rage)
        Toasted beige (warm me up)
        Amber (i'm so glamber)
        Hazelnut (i'm hopelessly hot)
        Nutmeg (gotta know me)
        I think the tag lines with all of the shades are a unique little extra that add a bit of fun to shopping for new make up. If you're unsure of what shade suits you best like I was, just go to any Benefit counter for a free colour match and the assistants will be happy to help. It might also be possible to be given a free sample of the foundation before deciding if you'd like to buy it. I think this is a great option, as it saves you wasting £24.50 if you really don't like it. For £24.50 you'll receive 30ml of the product.

        The packaging for the Hello Flawless foundation is quite simple and stylish which is what I prefer. It comes in a white box with silver sides. The writing on the front is simple in black while it says "Oxygen, Wow, Hydrating, Complex" down the side. The hydrating comment was also a reason as to why I chose this, suffering with dry skin it is often something I look for when buying a foundation. There's also a swatch showing the colour that you'll be buying on top.
        The bottle itself is also very simple: it's a kind of 'frosted' plastic with black writing on the front. The bottle is rounded and it allows you to see how much of the liquid is left inside. It comes with a pump dispenser that works perfectly well and allows you to get out just the right amount.

        The foundation is a quite runny liquid consistency, and can be applied using a brush or your fingers. I usually use my fingers just because I find it easier. It's really smooth and easy to apply to your face as it spreads easily and evenly. A little goes a long way so the 30ml bottle should last a decent amount of time before running out - because of the price, I don't choose to use this every day as I don't see the point using it up if I'm not doing anything important. Whilst applying the liquid it feels very light, and while it's on your face you can barely tell you even have any product on because it feels lovely.

        Hello Flawless provides a light finish that leaves you looking healthy and glowing. It doesn't cover all imperfections and I still need to use a little bit of concealer if I have any spots/etc. I love the fact that it looks natural, and I've had a few comments when people thought I had nice skin and that they didn't know I was wearing foundation at all. I've tried it with and without powder, and I think the staying power is definitely better when a powder is used over the top. It's not bad by itself and lasts a good few hours (better than any other foundation I've tried) but will still need to be reapplied about half way through the day if you haven't used powder - which I don't often use if my skin is dry. It's also not bad for dry skin and doesn't cling to dry patches badly. The fact that it contains SPF 25 means it's perfect for use in summer for a light cover up that doesn't feel like you're plastered in make up. It's really easy to remove with a wipe or face wash and doesn't effect my sensitive skin.

        I'd definitely recommend this product if you're looking for a light, natural coverage rather than full coverage. I wouldn't fully agree with the comment 'flawless' as I've already mentioned, I still felt the need to use some concealer on slight imperfections like spots. I still don't agree that it's worth £24.50 and wouldn't purchase it again due to the price, but it is a really good foundation.


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        01.10.2012 08:31
        Very helpful



        A great option if you are looking for a light, natural foundation

        I have a bit of an addiction to Benefit products. Initially I was attracted by the fun. retro-style packaging and that fact that Benefit was the only decent make-up shop near where we lived, but increasingly, it has been because I have been impressed with the way the products perform. I bought the Hello Flawless foundation a couple of months ago when I ran out of foundation and, yet again, found myself back in the Benefit shop near work in my lunch break.

        * Reasons for Purchase *
        There were a few reasons behind my desire to purchase this particular product. The first was the name - my skin has a tendency to look a bit rubbish, I can make it look 'ok' with the application of various potions and lotions, but it doesn't look as good as I'd like it to. Probably the result of not drinking enough water, a few glasses of wine too many at the weekends and children who don't understand the concept of a lie-in! So, the name 'Hello Flawless' conjured up images of perfect skin with that elusive glow that I'd love to have. Secondly, I was attracted by the fact that it is an SPF25 product. My day-to-day moisturiser is SPF 15, but I feel that it is always important to protect the skin on my face as much as possible. Finally, I was attracted by the suggestion that it would allow oxygen to get through to my skin and allow it to breathe, as I hate it when foundation feels heavy on my skin.

        * Packaging *
        Unlike many of the Benefit products I own, the packaging of this foundation is very simple. It came in a plain white box with the name of the product written in a simple black font, and a colour swatch at the top to show which skin tone it should suit. Inside the box, the foundation is in a plain white 30ml plastic bottle with a lid and a pump action dispenser. All very clean and simple and unlike the normal Benefit look.

        * Application *
        You can apply 'Hello Flawless' either with a foundation brush, a make-up sponge or simply by using your fingers. I tend to use the foundation brush when I am preparing for a night out and my fingers when I am rushing around getting ready for work as I find that quicker and easier. I use another Benefit product (the Porefessional) as a primer / base coat which I find makes my skin feels smoother and gives me a better canvas to apply the foundation. The texture of 'Hello Flawless' is smooth and silky, it spreads easily across your face and gives a matt finish. There is no oily, greasy feeling to my skin after applying this and my skin looks much fresher. Once the foundation has dried, it has a matt, almost powdery consistently and feels very light, to the extent that I don't really feel like I am wearing a product on my face.

        * Performance *
        As I am not a fan of heavy foundations, I find that the coverage that this gives me is perfect for me. However, if you prefer a more intense coverage, then this product may be slightly too light. It makes my skin look like a better version of itself - not entirely flawless (especially with those dark circles under my eyes - I still need the Lemon Aid to sort those out), but a lovely, natural look that I can enhance with the application of yet more products. It lasts well during the day and, unlike some foundations I've tried, doesn't tend to transfer itself to my phone every time I make a call. I do usually find that I need to do a few touch ups if I'm heading out in the evening to get a more finished look, but it is definitely long-lasting enough to survive a normal working day. i am also really impressed by the breathability of this product - even on hot summer evenings on holiday in Menorca I felt like my skin was able to breathe wearing this. My skin hasn't really had enough sun exposure while wearing this to comment on how well the SPF performs. It is also claimed that this is a 'brightening make-up' - to be honest, although my skin looks much better when I use this, I still need to use a blusher to really brighten it up. This product is also very easy to remove, I use facial cleansing wipes to take it off at night and my skin feels clean very quickly.

        * Cost and Colour Options *
        "Hello Flawless" costs £24.50 and is available in Benefit stores and at beauty counters nationwide. You don't need to use a huge amount to get good coverage so I am expecting my tube to last for a couple more months. It is available in nine shades, ranging from Ivory to Nutmeg - mine is Honey which is perfect at the moment while I've still got the vestiges of my summer tan, but I am contemplating getting the colour matching done again once my tan has faded. Updated (March 2013) to say that having worn this foundation at least 3 times a week since I bought it in September, the tube is almost finished - I feel that six months use from a product of this type represents very good value for money.

        * Would I recommend it? *
        Yes, I would definitely recommend this product as long as the look you are going for is relatively natural. It is light, comfortable to wear and gives effective coverage without looking or feeling caked on. I am a big fan of foundations which leave a matt finish on your skin, as my skin has a tendency to be a bit greasy, and this is definitely one of those. However, If your look tends more towards a fuller coverage, then this might not be the best product for you. Overall though, I think this is an excellent foundation and one that I will definitely be purchasing again in the future.


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          22.09.2012 18:38
          Very helpful



          Liquid foundation from Benefit

          Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation

          After receiving a benefit make over on my hen weekend I have since become a fan of benefit products. After running out of erase paste I went to my local debenhams to pick up more erase paste and browse the other products available. While there I was asked if I had tried flawless foundation. As I hadn't I was offered a quick make over at the benefit counter and was quickly taken by this product too and ended up buying this along with my erase paste and a foundation brush.

          Benefit cosmetics was founded back in the 70's and started as a beauty boutique specialising in quick fix products for beauty dilemmas. However benefit cosmetics is now a global brand selling over the counter in more than 30 countries. There are also now brow bars available at a lot of these counters. I've experienced benefit counters in both boots and debenhams. There products are widely available online too.

          Hello flawless foundation is an oil free new liquid foundation from benefit. It states it's brightening make-up that contains SPF 25. Hello flawless foundation is available in a number of shades which will cover most skin tones. I was advised after trying a few different shades to go for the ivory. The other shades available are: Champagne
          Toasted Beige
          Each shade comes with its own tag line. The ivory shade has the tag line "Believe in me"

          Like most benefit make-up this foundation is quite pricey. I paid £25 for mine from debenhams. It's £24.50 on the benefit website but I have seen it online for as cheap as £17.

          The packaging for this foundation isn't as quirky as most benefit products. The foundation comes in a see through plastic bottle with a frost coloured white lid. It has a white pump dispenser which makes the foundation really easy to use allowing you to easily control the amount of foundation that comes out. Unlike some foundations I have experienced in the past that come in squeeze bottles and end up with half the bottle out on the first usage.
          The front of the bottle has "hello flawless oxygen wow" written in large black letters that are in a fun/quirky font. It also has "brightening make-up" written in smaller letters and "oil free SPF 25" written in a pink bubble like shape. The bottle comes in a nice, classy looking rectangular box. The front of the box is white and has all the same information as the front of the bottle. Both sides are silver and have black writing saying things like "oxygen" and "wow". Each side has a different font. The top of the box is also silver and has a sticker on it telling you the shade and the shades tagline. The back of the box has the foundations names/promises, how to use and warnings. The bottom of the box lists the ingredients. Inside the box along with the bottle of foundation there is a fancy/classy looking leaflet which is black with white writing. The leaflet has more details of the product, how to use and warnings. I also got a free sample of benefit porefessional, not sure if this is a constant thing or just for a limited time.

          Statements on the box/aims
          "It's you... just more luminous and healthy looking! Our brightening make-up builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion you can believe in. Goodbye imperfections. Hello flawless."

          "Helps to boost cellular respiration for a plumping up effect."
          "Helps to protect against environmental stresses"

          "Contains vitamin C & E derivatives known to prevent signs of ageing."

          I really like this foundation, I prefer the more natural look and this gives me that perfectly. It is really easy to apply, this is a liquid foundation that has the consistency almost spot on. Its not too runny, that its slipping through your fingers, but runny enough that its easy to work with. It blends into my skinwell, and also works well with my other products, like Benefit erase paste. It blends so well with my skin and as it gives a light-medium coverage I'm not left with that orange line round my face, or that tangoed look. Although only a light coverage it hides all imperfections on my face well, it gives a real natural look not that shiny look so many foundations are guilty of. I also like how this foundation is SPF 25 as it means I don't have to worry about sun cream on my face after I have just put on all my make-up. Not that there has been a lot of sun but from the little we have had my skin has been fine so I believe it is working. It also feels really light when you are wearing it. I have used foundations in the past that have left my skin feeling quite heavy but this is the total opposite and sometimes I forget I am wearing it. It lasts well throughout the day and I very rarely have to top up. In fact I have only topped up once and that was because I was going out straight after work.

          Overall I think I have found a foundation I will be happy to stay with. So far it has lived up to my expectations and has done everything it has aimed to (time will tell if it helps prevent the signs of aging). When I am wearing this foundation my skin looks better and brighter and I feel more confident. I would highly recommend this foundation to those who like a more natural look however I would suggest shopping around for a good price as at full/normal price it's a bit on the expensive side.


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          20.08.2012 13:48



          disappointing for such a well known brand

          As you can probably tell by the headline...I was highly disappointed with this foundation by Benifit!

          Considering this was their First liquid foundation I am not impressed atall. Priced at £24.50 at the Benifit counter in Debenhams, I personally feel it is not worth that much.

          When I read other raving reviews online I went down to my local beauty store to purchase some for myself.

          When I was trying to apply the foundation on the top of a Benifit face primer it seemed very thin and even with a brand new foundation brush I still could not achieve even coverage on my face. As with any good foundation the best result should come from using a foundation brush.

          Benifit promise a flawless complexion with this and that is defiantly not the case!

          The overall finish of the foundation is quite dewy and requires some 5 to 10 minutes to dry before applying a powder or a bronzer, even so with a bronzer the appearance is still quite shiny.

          I would also like to comment on the uneven coverage that I got from using this, rather than leaving an even medium coverage I found it to be very thin with light coverage, this would not be ideal fro any one who wishes for medium coverage.

          I tried the foundation again this time using no face primer incase this was the reason for the dewy effect, however I still experiences the same problem!

          I feel Benifit could of done so much better from their first liquid foundation!


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          18.07.2012 17:44
          Very helpful



          One excellent liquid foundations from Benefit

          Most make up I will trial cheaper brands but when it comes to my foundation Benefit is the one for me. So far I haven't found a foundation that works so well on my skin apart from the Benefit range. Yes it is dear compared to others but certainly not the dearest.

          Benefit - Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow:

          'Hello...it's flawless time! Our new oil-free brightening liquid foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion you can believe in. It's you...just more luminous & healthy looking.'

          - www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk

          * SPF 25
          * Oil-free
          * Natural finish
          * Hydrating benefits
          * Light-diffusing properties

          My Findings:

          Like I said when it comes to foundations I hardly venture far from the Benefit range it seems to be only foundation product to not effect my skin and doesn't bring me out in spots the following day. I have used the powder Hello Flawless for some time now but normally use their You Rebel Lite under the powder.

          However now Benefit has brought out the liquid Hello Flawless and for me this has to be the best foundation I have ever used. It feels nice and light on my skin, keeps my natural skin tone but add a fresh looking glow. I don't really have to use the powder on top, but my skin can go a little oily during the day so to make me feel more confident in my appearance I always add the powder.

          To get the best results from your foundation or make up in general I believe you should always well prepare your skin. Every morning I cleanse, tone and moisturise and then before I add my make up I always use a facial primer, which will help your make up sit evenly and last longer. My primers I switch between That Gal and Girl Meets Pearl both by Benefit.

          Once I have a freshly prepped face I apply my make up, with this foundation you can either use your finger tips to blend over the skin or a foundation brush. I like to use a brush as I feel it gives me a better precise and even coverage, but it is really down to personal preference.

          When I tried this for the first time it was when getting a test patch done in Boots at the West Fields Merry Hill Shopping centre. I think test patches are important to find your right shade, in a lot of Boot's stores they have a Benefit counter where their assistants are always on hand to help you pick your shade if you are unsure.

          My shade that suited me was 'Believe in me - Ivory' they have a total of 9 shades available to choose from so you're bound to find a shade to suit.

          * Believe in me - Ivory
          * I'm pure 4 sure - Ivory
          * Cheers to me - Champagne
          * I'm so money - Honey
          * I'm all the rage - Beige
          * Warm me up - Toasted Beige
          * I'm so glamber - Amber
          * I'm hopelessly hot - Hazelnut
          * Gotta know me - Nutmeg

          I just love how they have their own names! In my opinion I think it adds a little more fun to make up which is why I think Benefit stands out from other brands for me.

          Using this for the first time on my skin by myself, I squirted one pump onto the back of my hand and dipped my foundation brush into the liquid. One pump was enough to cover my whole face; the liquid was nice and smooth over my skin like liquid silk.

          Once my face was covered I couldn't feel it on my skin but it certainly made a different to my appearance. It evens my skin tone well and really does brighten up my whole complexion. With some liquid foundations they can be somewhat oily, weighty and just don't sit right on the skin. This foundation however sits on the skin well, I don't feel like I'm wearing a mask but skin feels free and breathable.

          Now as I always wear a primer this of course helps the longevity of the make up itself and once applied my make up will last me the whole day and night. The only thing I would do personally (if going out after work) is just cover my T-zone once more with some powder and darken my eye shadow to change into an evening look. Apart from that the liquid foundation stays well put until I wash it off before bed.

          One thing that is a must for me is the SPF in pretty much most of skincare and foundations as even in the dull grey weather the sun rays can still hit your skin and as the sun over time can age and damage the skin I feel this is one way I am always protecting my face. Another thing it will do is help protect against environmental stresses and contains vitamins C and E derivatives which helps prevent the signs of aging!

          Even though it lasts well on my skin you would think it would be a little tough to remove. But a simple wipe and the job is done, which is great as soon as I'm home I'm like to get my make up off and into my comfy clothes a.s.a.p!

          This product comes in a cardboard box with the item inside. The foundation tube itself is excellent just lift the lid off and it has a pump you just press it down and out comes the contents. One pump is normally enough to cover my face and I've had no issues with it clogging or getting stuck in anyway. Once empty do remember to recycle.

          Packaging style isn't the most noticeable on the shelves but it is clean and fun looking which I believe suits the Benefit brand.

          Price and Availability:

          For the 30ml bottle it will cost £24.50 which yes does seem a little pricey but one bottle will last me around two months using it at least four times a week. For the results I get and it doesn't leave my skin feeling horrid I personally think it is well worth its money and fully recommend this product no end.

          Word of warning, there is a lot of imitation/fake Benefit items on eBay so if you do not fully trust the seller than please do not purchase as you will only be disappointed.


          As you can guess from reading my review this really is for me an excellent foundation. I get an even coverage; its light can not feel it on my skin and brightens my whole appearance. This for me gives me more confidence in my skin which is a big thing for a lot of women.

          Five out of five stars from me.

          Thank you for reading.

          Additional Information:

          Not tested on animals

          I love the story behind Benefit; it was created by the Ford twins in 1976 in a San Francisco beauty boutique from then on it has grow and become known world wide! Girl Power! For more information please visit their web site - www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk

          I normally add the ingredients as I find it important in case of allergies etc But the list is massive so I have added the link underneath where you can see the ingredients.



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            23.06.2012 20:57



            An excellent foundation from Benefit

            This is the latest foundation from Benefit Cosmetics. It's £24.50 from Benefit counters or online via their website.

            I tried a few shades before opting for Honey which is in the middle, i.e it's not too light and it's not too dark. There are nine shades to choose from. The foundation comes in a transparent pump, which is handy as you can clearly see how much of the product that you have left. A few pumps is all you need to cover your whole face. I apply the foundation with a brush and start with the middle of my face. I then bring the brush outwards so that the rest of my face is covered. The foundation spreads easily across your face and it feels cooling and soothing as you apply it. The foundation gives excellent coverage. It covers spots and blemishes whilst concealing dark circles and imperfections.

            The foundation is long lasting. You can always apply it with a touch of That Gal for even longer lasting results. The two products can be mixed together, although they sometimes cake if they haven't been mixed together properly. The foundation doesn't smell of anything so you need not worry about that foundation smell following you around all day.

            The foundation also contains SPF 25 and added vitamins for beautiful skin.

            Expensive but worth it.


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            11.06.2012 20:06
            Very helpful



            Definitely worth a try if you find a colour that suits your skin tone!

            The Benefit foundation comes in 9 shades and is described as a brightening foundation that's oil-free, buildable and provides light to medium coverage with the all important SPF 25. I love the packaging, especially that it comes with a pump so you can dispense that extra little bit if needed. The foundation itself is quite runny but blends quickly and easily leaving a gorgeous glow on the skin. I was matched to the colour "Believe in me" Ivory. It's definitely worth going in and speaking to the girls on the counters to get colour matched and just see how beautiful it makes your skin look! Unfortunately, the colour range is very limited. 9 shades is not great, especially for those at the extremes of the colour spectrum.

            It feels really light on my skin and it gives a lovely glow to the skin. For me, it's a day time foundation, I like something a bit more matte for evenings. The texture is very liquidy and light. It bubbles slightly when dispensed. I did need to use Boi-ing to cover my blemishes and dark circles. I found it looked really well when used over the POREfessional and applied with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. It faded a bit during the day but it didn't go clumpy or patchy. It feels lovely and light on my skin. I do love the dewy bright look and is perfect for work.

            Of course, the one down-fall for this product is the Benefit price tag, and at £24.50 it's not a cheap foundation. As much as the product is lovely and light, I could probably find a drugstore foundation which is of the same quality but for half the price which does make me question whether a repurchase is on the horizon once I've worked my way through the bottle. I'd definitely say go into your local Benefit counter and have a play with the product and see what you think because obviously every individual has their own opinions and obviously their own skin which will react differently!


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            18.05.2012 18:12
            Very helpful



            I'd recommend to anyone looking for a brightening foundation, definitely.

            The Claim:
            Hello...it's flawless time! Our new oil-free brightening liquid foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion you can believe in. It's you...just more luminous & healthy looking.

            The Reality:
            A really good foundation - as long as you have good enough skin to begin with.

            The Packaging:
            Clean, contemporary packaging. Maybe a little too big, as it is not a long lasting foundation and I have to top up during the day the bottle could be less bulky for fitting in the handbag.

            The Colour:
            Comes in 9 shades. Not a bad amount but some of the shades do seem a bit orange (not mines, the lighter ones are not orangey at all) Overall there is a good range of pale and darker shades.

            The Application:
            Smooth, lovely in fact! I think that's personally my favourite thing about the foundation. It glides on and blends easily with your fingers or a brush making it quick to apply.

            The Coverage:
            Light to medium, buildable. Had I known this when I bought it I may not have, but it looked good on in the shop! I was sold. So if you don't have too many blemishes it's fine but with skin like mine you end up using a lot of concealer, making the effect not so natural! It does have a lovely healthy glow, and doesn't look like you have much on.

            The Wear:
            It's not long-lasting, maybe 5 hours max, but it doesn't claim to be, so it can't lose marks for that!

            The Benefits: (No pun intended!)
            Sun Protection - SPF 25, which is one of (if not the) highest level you'll find in a foundation, great if you like a high factor, I prefer less but maybe I'm being picky?
            Hydration - Full marks here.
            Oil free formula - It can feel a little greasy sometimes so not sure here.


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            09.04.2012 22:43
            Very helpful



            Although its £24.50, its worth it for a decent foundation such as this!

            So if you have read my last review you will know that I had a bit of a spend up in benefit courtesy of my husband for my birthday. Although I am fairly stubborn when it comes to changing my mascara, I'm pretty fickle when it comes to foundation and will switch to whichever I feel is more suitable!

            The past couple of months I've gone through a few, mainly because I'd started to put fake tan on and so I found my usual foundation was too light, then the one I bought afterwards was too dark when the fake tan faded!

            I was about to stick to the old faithful You Rebel tinted moisturiser by Benefit when this new foundation caught my eye. I'm in my thirties now and if I am honest, I need a stronger foundation than You Rebel anyway.

            Skin Test & Shades

            I did already have foundation on but the Benefit woman applied several different shades anyway on top. There are 9 different shades from ivory through to nutmeg, and I think the counter lady was flirting between two of the shades for me; Beige (tagline - "I'm all the rage!") and the slightly darker shade Toasted Beige ("warm me up"). After showing me both shades on my face, we settled on beige, it seemed the most suited to my skin tone.


            I really was pretty happy with how it looked on my skin but was apprehensive about how it would look with no other foundation underneath. It comes in a standard tube format with a pump top. Applying it myself the next day, I found the consistency to be runnier than I expected, but on the other hand, this foundation is supposed to have a "hydrating" effect so perhaps not so surprising. As I apply foundation to my hand and then on my face with a brush, most of my previous foundations have had a "stickier" consistency but this may be why I am going wrong and not finding the perfect foundation!! Applying this consistency took a bit of getting used to; it was watery so I did feel at times I was applying paint, but now I've gotten used to how much to apply, it goes on evenly and smoothly. It claims to be medium coverage but with a light feel, and I can certainly vouch for that.

            The Results....

            In a nutshell: flawless, which does live up to it's claim!
            I suffer from red cheeks and chin and usually use benefits Boing to cover this up underneath my foundation (and sometimes on top if it's still showing!), but I found that this gave a lot of coverage and it wasn't needed. My skin looked dewey and fresh which is amazing giving the state of my skin sometimes! The colour match was also perfect and the best match I've had for a long time.

            The other benefits (haha, no pun intended!) is that it is oil free. This wasn't something I was aware of when I bought it; and it wouldn't have been a selling point for me as I don't have particularly oily skin but I am certain now I've tried it it is one of the reasons my skin looks so fresh (that along with the 'light diffusing properties' no doubt!!)

            I also found that this gave a good all day coverage and I didn't really need to touch up at all (just my red chin where I touch it unconsciously at work perhaps!)

            I have had several compliments on my skin in the last week since I've bought it, and it looks particularly good with a touch of Benefits Bella Bamba blusher! :)

            If I could show you a picture of me before and after; I would. This is definitely one of Benefits triumphs.


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            07.04.2012 20:38
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A lovely oil free foundation which brightens the skin and gives a light coverage

            There a few foundations that I am fond of but none that I am strongly faithful too. One thing that they all have in common though, is that all of them are oil free. My complexion is oil enough without any more additions. And so when I ran out of my last foundation and saw that Benefits new foundation was oil free, I thought it would be rude not to snap it up.

            What makes this foundation special?
            This foundation is oil free and it promises to cover up imperfections while brightening your complexion using light diffusing technology. Using a light to medium coverage, it claims to give you a natural and healthy appearance while also hydrating the skin. More importantly for me was the fact that it contains SPF 25 which means that your skin is protected from the sun every day, meaning that you won't prematurely age or put yourself at an increased risk of skin cancer.

            Available Shades
            The foundation is available in quite a few shades although I don't see how they could cover every skin tones with nine shades but there we go. My complexion is pale but not ghostly and so I was advised to buy Champagne. The other available shades are Ivory, Honey, Beige, Toasted Beige, Amber, Hazelnut and Nutmeg. Each shade comes with a funny byline to match its name such as 'I'm hopelessly hot' and 'I'm all the rage'. Mine came with the byline, 'Cheers to me!'

            How do you apply the product?
            The product needs to be applied onto skin that has been cleansed and moisturised. I use a primer first because I have pores the size of craters and this stops the foundation from sinking into the pores and looking awful. The product can be applied using the fingertips or a brush. If you have oily skin, then your fingers are probably your best bet because this will stop more oils getting onto your face. You need to take care around the hairline, jaw line and eyebrows. I finish off with a mattifying powder to stop me from shining.

            Packaging and Price
            The foundation comes in a plastic bottle and you can the foundation inside. It has a frosty coloured lid and the top of the bottle is a white pump dispenser which allows you to control the amount of foundation you want to use. The product name is written on the front in huge black letters and it is a fun looking product.

            The product doesn't come cheap but then you don't expect it to if it's from Benefit. Mine cost me around £24 and I got it from Boots. It will be available from all department stores which have a Benefit stall and also from a variety of online websites.
            The pump dispenser is easy to control and you can push it down half way if you want to release less of the product. It has a runny consistency but it isn't so runny that it makes it difficult to work with. The foundation glides on to the skin easily and it gives you plenty of time to work with it before it dries. It is simple to blend into the skin and so I had no tell tale marks once I had finished.

            This foundation gives a lovely light coverage that doesn't leave me looking like I've been caked in make up. Despite this, it does still manage to even out my skin tone and to provide some coverage on blemishes although I still need to use a concealer on top. My skin still feels able to breath and is really feels like you're not wearing make up! (That's until I trowel on all the rest of contents from my make up bag, haha!)

            It isn't matte like some other oil foundations can be but then it doesn't make you shiny either so I think this product has found a happy medium between the two. It doesn't make my skin any more greasy than it would have been without it and it has really good staying power. It doesn't go dry on my forehead or show up any flaky bits of skin.

            The foundation looks just as good by the time that I finish work as it did when I started. It makes my skin look brighter and healthier. It also makes my complexion look lovely in photographs. I haven't had the chance to test out its sun protection factor as we never see the sun but I'm sure it would live up to its claims.

            All in all, I am really happy with this product. It doesn't make me any shinier than I already am and it gives me a lovely natural complexion which is bright and healthy looking. It covers my blemishes and makes me look more awake, and it's long lasting too! Apart from the price tag, I can't fault this lovely foundation.


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              31.03.2012 13:35
              Very helpful



              Good selection of colour matches

              This is a review of Benefit's Hello Flawless new foundation or as they call it, "brightening makeup" which has just been released (March 2012). I was enjoying a makeover at the Benefit counter when I was introduced to this product and also sent home with one week's trial in a tube which I thought was a generous sample.

              The foundation is available in nine shades, from Ivory Believe in me to Nutmeg gotta know me. I am somewhere in the middle with Honey I'm so money.

              I thought the packaging was pretty good with this foundation, it comes with a pump dispenser which is not too wasteful and also in a clear tube so you know where you're at with it and don't run out without knowing you're getting towards the end of it.

              What's the story?
              The foundation is described as a brightening makeup which is an oil free formula including SPF25 which is usually an advantage when it comes to foundation as you protect your skin daily from exposure to sunlight.

              In use
              You can build up the foundation to a suitable level of coverage. In my makeover, the beauty consultant mixed it with a pore refining serum to give a nice texture to the foundation , making it cover better using less product.

              Special feature
              The foundation contains Benefit's special 'Oxygen wow' hydrating complex to help build cellular respiration and prevent the signs of aging.

              How much?
              A full size one is a generous 300ml and will set you back £24.50. I think this is a reasonable price as Benefit is a premium range and 300ml should last a few months even with daily use. If mixed with the porefessional product it will last even longer.

              My thoughts
              I asked for a 'daytime' look so it was quite translucent and not a heavy mask on my face. No powder was used with this (except blusher and bronzer) and I was happy with the look. I thought the colour selected for me really suited my skin and I also had a good chat with the consultant about all the products I used (including those that were non benefit). I do tend to use mineral make up on a daily basis but like to make a special effort if I have somewhere nice to go.

              Final word
              The foundation lasted a full day and didn't result in a break out. I have since used my seven day tester tube and was easily able to apply it using a sponge. The consultant used a brush on me but I don't have one of those so a sponge it was! It is probably more economical not to use a sponge as it does absorb a fair bit of the foundation which is wasteful. I would recommend Hello Flawless foundation if you can afford it and want a quite natural looking foundation rather than a mask.


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          • Product Details

            Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation / Our brightening makeup gives a naturally luminous complexion you can believe in / The oil-free formula with SPF 25 builds from light to medium coverage while feeling barely there / And with the power of our Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex / it helps boost cellular respiration and prevent the signs of aging / All skin types / Medium Coverage / Natural Finish / Pump applicator.