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Hollywood Lashes Volume Up Mascara

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Brand: Hollywood Lashes / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye / What it does: volumizeses,

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2008 17:56
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      About Hollywood Lashes

      Hollywood Lashes Ltd are one of the leading semi permanent lash companies in the United Kingdom offering value for money along with quality products. As well as doing semi-permanent eyelash extensions, they provide a range of products to care for your eyelashes afterwards too. I trained with them over a year ago now and find their products fantastic, and I even pinched the mascara I got in my kit for myself!

      About Volume Up Mascara

      I first was introduced to this mascara when it came in my Hollywood Lashes Semi Permenant Eyelashes Kit, it was intended for use on clients eyelashes but after trying it once, I saw how amazing it was and pinched it for myself. Don't worry I got another one for clients. Hollywood Lashes Volume Up Mascara is the only mascara I know of that is suitable for use on eyelash extensions. It is not oil based, like most mascaras - instead it is waterbased so does not loosen or damage the bonding of the glue.

      Use & Effects

      Volume Up Mascara comes in a silver and shiney tube with black writing on, although with time this writing does fade. The tube doesn't clog up and start drying out, it remains clean and liquidous the whole time. Volume Up Mascara is easy and simple to apply. The brush is thick and seperates your lashes whilst you apply. Start with a clean, oil free lash and gently coat your lashes in an upward stroke for your top lashes and a downward stroke for your bottom lashes. You can apply as many coats as you want, but wait for each coat to dry inbetween applications to avoid smudging, it dries very quickly so you won't be waiting around for long. I only find it necessary to apply one coat, which I have never found with mascaras before, I'm forever applying several coats and having to reapply. As I stated in the 'about volume up mascara' section it is the only mascara suitable for using on semi permenent eyelash extensions. By these, I don't mean the strip lashes you can stick on your self, I mean the individual lash extensions you can get at a salon that last for months. This mascara was designed especially for these eyelash extensions as it is water based and doesn't damage the bonds. When applying to the extensions, try and just apply to the ends rather than the roots. I know this works fantastic with Hollywood Lashes Extensions but have found that not always on other ones, this isn't anything to do with the mascara, it is purely due to the fact the extensions haven't been applied correctly so the masarca clings to any parts that aren't quite stuck down. When you do extensions in however, it is not usually necessary to wear a mascara but it is down to personal preference.

      The mascara makes your lashes look really dark and thick without looking clumpy or like spiders legs. The mascara comes in black and brown but I am reviewing and use black. It is really dark, without looking too dramatic, it is the right colour to highlight your eyes and really make them pop. Volume Up makes your lashes appear really thick, luscious and long, and gives them a nice natural curl giving them body and definition. The mascara isn't waterproof unfortunately but doesn't smudge under your eyes in water, it just dissolves on your lashes slightly, meaning you will have to reapply but that is all, so you don't have to worry about panda eyes. I find this mascara lasts all day and there is no need to reapply which is fantastic! Towards the end of the day, you don't get that smudged panda look under your eyes, your eyelashes still look thick, dark and long.

      The mascara is easy to remove, on both natural eyelashes and the eyelash extensions. For natural lashes, you can remove with any make up remover, facial wipes etc but if removing from the eyelash extensions you need to use an oil free eye make up remover, you can usually pick these up for quite a reasonable price.

      Who it is suitable for

      The mascara is suitable for everyone. You should check that you are not allergic to any ingredients before use, and if you wear contact lenses take care when applying. It is not irrating to your eyes at all.

      I tend to get allergic to eye make up after using the same product for a while - but I have never become allergic to this one, fingers crossed I won't!

      Price & Availability

      Hollywood Lashes Volume Up Mascara can be purchased for the trade price of £6.00 if you are in the trade and have a Hollywood Lashes Account otherwise it retails for approximately £10. If you are not in the trade, then this mascara is quite hard to get your hands on. You can only purchase it from a Hollywood Lashes approved salon or therapist, so you would have to search on the internet for your nearest salon.

      It is recommended that you replace your mascara every 6 months, as bacteria etc can build up in it in that time, but it is down to each individual what they choose to do. This mascara lasts longer than that with daily use, but even if you replace it, £10 every since 6 months isn't unreasonable.


      Although it is hard to get for non trade customers, I think this mascara is fantastic and you should definately look out for it and give it ago! It gives you fantastic, long, thick and dark lashes which lasts yet it is still easily removed. It is the best mascara I have found, and I won't be changing.


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      Black Mascara / Great for eyelash extensions /

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