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Illamasqua Cream Blush

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3 Reviews

Brand: Illamasqua / Type: Blushers / Subcategory: Mask

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    3 Reviews
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      21.02.2014 18:38
      Very helpful



      The most perfect cream blush that ever existed.

      Illamasqua's Cream Blusher comes in 8 shades:

      Lies - a pearlescent cool pink
      Promise - a warm candy pink with a dewy finish
      Laid- a bright rose pink with a dewy finish
      Rude- a warm peach pink with a dewy finish
      Dixie- a warm coral pink with a dewy finish
      Seduce- a warm rose pink with a dewy finish
      Zygomatic- a naked pink brown
      Libido- a vibrant reddish orange with a dewy finish

      They retail at £18.00 but you get a 10% member discount from Illamasqua that is automatically applied to your orders after you have placed three.

      Illamasqua also offer free standard 2-4 day shipping so a little tip:- if you're wanting to place a large order for the first time, it may be worth ordering your three cheapest products separately first (in three orders) and then place the bulk of your order as the fourth order so that you get the biggest discount possible.

      I personally own four Cream Blushers from Illamasqua, one which has since been discontinued and them Promise, Rude and Dixie and they are hands down my favourite blushers of all time in terms of formulation.

      They are true cream blushers. They apply easily to the cheeks and are a dream to blend out. They are not at all tacky or sticky and are so lightweight that you can't feel them on your face when wearing.

      I like to apply my cream blusher from Illamasqua with my Real Techniques buffing brush, dabbing it on the cheeks and then blending out.

      The blushers are incredibly pigmented so I would recommend starting with a small amount of product an working it into the cheeks and then building more product on top for a more intense look if required- remember, it's easier to add product on that it is to take it away.

      The finish of the blushers are quite dewy and they leave skin looking healthy and radiant.

      In terms of colour selection, they are beautiful. My absolute favourite is Rude as it's so pretty and it's one that I feel to be universally flattering.

      Another little tip is that you can also use the cream blushers as lip colours if you're wanting to go for matching cheeks and lips. You can do this by getting a little product on your index finger and dabbing it on to the lips.

      The blushers are very long lasting and do not fade.

      Although they are not cheap at £18.00, they are going to last you for a very long time due to how pigmented they are meaning you only need to apply the smallest amount sso if you look at it in terms of cost per wear, it's a pretty good deal.

      I cannot rave about Illamasqua's Cream Blushers enough and highly recommend them to every one and any one.


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      25.05.2013 07:09
      Very helpful
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      Five out of five stars

      I had been wanting to try the Illamasqua cream blush for ages but it's so expensive! Anyway, just before last Christmas I ended up putting it on my wish list in the hope that someone would buy it for me and no one did, in the end my fiancé bought it for me as a little extra valentines day present!

      It retails at £18 which is why I didn't want to buy it myself. Having tried it I do think that it is worth the retail price as it is good quality and I know that my compact of it is going to last for ages because only a small amount of it is needed each time I wear it.

      The first thing that I like about this blush is the packaging. It comes in a little cardboard box and the compact itself is square shaped. It is made out of black plastic and you can see the blush inside through the lid which I like, and I think this would come in really handy if you had more than one as you'd be able to tell which one is which. It doesn't come with a mirror in the compact, which isn't an issue for me but it is worth mentioning. The compact holds 4.5 grams of product and the shade name & information about the product can be found on the bottom of the compact.

      This blush comes in several different colours and I have the shade 'excite' which is a lovely peachy coral sort of colour. It actually looks bright orange in the compact which scared me a bit haha, but once it is on my skin and blended it doesn't look anywhere near as bright, it's just a subtle peachy shade and even when I don't have a tan it doesn't look too much on my naturally pale skin.

      The blush has an absolutely amazing texture - it actually feels good quality as it is so soft & smooth and it blends effortlessly! I also love that it is matte as it looks very natural and I hate it when blush has a sheen to it! The blush is very well pigmented and the colour payoff is amazing, I only need the smallest amount of it and it instantly brightens my face up. Be warned though if too much of it is applied it will definitely result in looking like a clown because its buildable so if a lot is used it will obviously get oranger and oranger. A really small amount makes an amazing difference though and I'm always really happy with how the blush looks. It stays in place all day long too!

      All in all I definitely recommend this cream blush. It's expensive but worth it!


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        24.10.2012 16:29
        Very helpful



        A quality product from Illamasqua


        As the years have gone by my make up routine has adapted, and until fairly recently was only slightly changed from what I have always done. However what I have found since I went through my late forties and early fifties is that cream products look much better on my skin, and a lot more youthful. I say this particularly in relation to blushes, and I have several absolute favourites that I use everyday. My skin is normal and not especially dry as I have the benefit of being pre-menopausal despite my age of 52, but somehow cream products give a more natural appearance on my skin and I tend to use them most of the time.


        I have several favourite brands but head and shoulders above all the ones I have tried are the cream blushes from the relatively new company Illamasqua. You can purchase these from Debenhams, Asos and from Illamasqua.com and here they retail for £18. It is worth joining the Debenhams Beauty Club which is a free loyalty scheme that rewards members with points if you shop there regularly. These points awarded on purchases contribute to money off future purchases as well as special event promotions. This can make these blushes more affordable as they are more expensive than some mid-price brands. Debenhams also offer free delivery on beauty products for members all year round.

        I think the most important attribute of these cream blushes is that applied correctly they offer the ability to look completely natural with no harsh edges, and they facilitate this by being so easy to blend. The way I do it is to apply a foundation first and then I use a stippling brush (I use Real Techniques) and simply apply a small amount to the apple of the cheeks and blend upwards. I then highlight the top of the cheekbones to complete the look, and will often choose the Illamasqua shade of the blush called Lies, which is an excellent highlighting shade as well as a lovely delicate pink blush for very pale complexions. My two favourite shades in the range are "Dixie" which is a warm coral pink and "Rude" which is a warm peachy pink shade, and both these look so pretty on the skin. You only need to use the lightest touch as a little goes a long way with all these blushes, and by using them sparingly you can build up the colour very gradually until it is the desired intensity. I also have the shade Zygomatic which is a pinky brown, and I wear this when I want to create a more neutral and understated look.

        All these shades last all day long with no need to touch up, and the shades Dixie and Rude in particular really impart that lovely healthy glow to the skin. I haven't tried any of the other shades in the range apart from Zygomatic and Lies that I mentioned, but there are some rather exciting colours and some dramatic shades to choose from including the blood red "Brazen!" There are many darker colours ideal for ebony skin tones and very light shades for more Nordic skin types.

        The finish on all the shades except Zygomatic is dewy, (Zygomatic is a pink beige more matte shade that can also be used for contouring), and the highlighting shade "Lies" which is a pearl. I think it is this dewy finish that looks so youthful. There is also a cream highlighter available called Gleam in the shade Aurora which can be used to highlight the cheekbones in combination with these blushes.

        Positive Reviews

        To give you an idea of the public feel for these blushes Make-Up Alley members voted the shade "Rude" as 4.4 out of 5, with 79% saying that they would re-purchase. The shade "Dixie" was more popular with 88% saying they would re-purchase and giving an overall score of 4.8. Zygomatic actually tops the charts at 5 out of 5 and 83% saying they would re-purchase especially for days when they wanted a natural look.

        All of these blushes can also be used on the lips, and this looks brilliant and something that I do with frequency and which makes them very versatile and easy for travel. I think another colour in the range worth looking at in the less extreme end would be Seduce which I understand is a deep raspberry pink and can look natural if applied with a light touch.

        Any Negatives?

        The packaging on these blushes is of excellent quality and the top snaps shut with a good quality mechanism, but there is no mirror provided or for that matter no applicator either. However a stippling brush is my preferred way to apply this or alternatively with fingers so a tool would be wasteful but a mirror would be helpful.

        The only disadvantage really for me aside from the mirror is the price, but these last for ever as you only need the tiniest amount as they are so pigmented. One of these will easily last over a year with daily use - no question about it. I have given the product 4* because of the price and lack of mirror, but the blush itself is 5*

        The product is easily removed at the end of the day with wipes or cleanser and I have had no skin re-actions at all from using these.

        Final Thoughts
        What I love about these blushes is that they impart a dewy glow but not a sparkling one, so they have a natural look and feel to them. I think their quality is reflected in the fact that I reach for them most days and they earn their place in my make-up bag without question, and are not something that I have in a drawer waiting for an occasional outing.

        Other cream blushes that compare favourably with these are those by Daniel Sandler which are also of excellent quality, and Too Faced also have some good alternatives. Both of these makes are priced at a similar level.

        I love these blushes and they are really my holy grail in terms of imparting a more youthful glow. I think they suit all ages from teens to middle age and beyond, and their ease of application and versatility makes them ideal for travel. A quality product from Illamasqua.


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