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Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation

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Brand: Illamasqua / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Mask

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    2 Reviews
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      14.07.2013 21:22
      Very helpful



      An underrated foundation

      As a makeup junkie, I've tried most foundations on the market in my quest for the perfect one. I thought I was onto a winner with this one, but alas it also has its faults. I was recommended to try Illamasqua foundations by a friend as it has a wide range of shades starting from very light (including white) to very dark. There were two foundations I was interested in - the Skin Base foundation and the Light Liquid foundation. I tried both, but found the Skin Base foundation to be too heavy on my skin. I like a light feeling foundation and do not need a lot of coverage as my skin is relatively clear, so I went for the Light Liquid foundation.

      I was colour matched to the shade 133, which to my surprise wasn't the lightest shade in the collection. As I have very fair skin, I usually have to buy the lightest shade in any makeup range, and even then some of them can be too dark on my skin. It is perfect for me because unlike lots of other pale coloured foundations it does not have pink undertones, but is neutral.

      The only downside to this foundation is that it does tend to wear off during the course of the day so I need to reapply during the day. Even on my dry skin it can make my skin look a little greasy so I need to use powder to set it, something I don't usually have to do with most liquid foundations. It is ideal for those who don't need a high coverage but not for those with blemishes or uneven skin tone.


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      29.10.2012 12:40
      Very helpful



      A good foundation but it is not as amazing as I thought it would be - recommended.

      Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation (LF120)

      I bought this foundation during the Illamasqua sale in June/July this year for only £10, a saving of £13! As the weather has been getting colder and there is virtually no sunshine at all, my skin is even paler than usual and this foundation is amazing for my pale skin tone - it is the palest foundation shade I own and it matches my almost perfectly for this time of year (although this isn't the palest foundation shade that Illamasqua make).

      - Product description (from the Illamasqua UK website)

      "Every face tells a story. Make yours compelling with Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation. It blends effortlessly, balances and corrects uneven skin-tone, giving a light coverage and a dewy effect that lasts long into the night. Step out and let your skin`s natural beauty shine through."

      - About the product

      The foundation comes in a clear plastic bottle which has a black screw top lid. The bottle overall is an unusual shape and it is clear so you can see the shade of the foundation fairly clearly through the bottle. The shade I bought is LF120 which is a fantastic shade for my skin tone now and the bottle contains 30ml (1 FL oz.) of foundation. The shade number is written on the back of the bottle, along with information about the foundation but the shade number of mine is rubbing off slightly.

      - Shade: LF120 (for light skin with pink undertones)

      This foundation comes in a whopping 14 shades which I think is fantastic and on the Illamasqua website it says what skin tone a particular shade would suit. I bought the shade LF120 as it stated on the website that it was suitable for individuals with light skin with pink undertones which describes my skin exactly. The shade LF120 is the second lightest shade and it matches me perfectly for this time of year when my skin tone is even paler than usual. The shade is light enough to suit my skin tone but not too light as to make me look like a ghost. Also the shade is slightly yellow toned, in my opinion so it does neutralise the red/pink undertones in my skin. The shade does not contain any shimmer or glitter which some foundations do and it is not matte either.

      - Using the product

      Before I use this product I cleanse and moisturise my skin - I use a little bit more moisturiser than normal with any foundation as my skin can get quite dry throughout the day and the extra moisturiser makes my skin even smoother so the foundation applies/blends easier. I then apply my Body Shop Moisturise it Primer as again my skin can get dry throughout the day. Then I dispense a small pear size amount of foundation to the back of my hand and if my skin is looking/feeling a bit drier than usual then I will mix this foundation with some of my Simple Rich moisturiser. I have used multiple tools/brushes to apply this foundation (as I have been using it on and off now for four months or so) and I find the best ways to apply/blend this foundation are as follows: finger tips are great to apply and blend this foundation but this method does decrease the coverage of this foundation. Another tool I have tried to apply/blend this foundation with is the Cosmopolitan Beauty Sponge but it can make the foundation look a little bit cakey.

      Although the best tool/brush I have foundation to apply and blend this foundation with (well most foundations) is the Real techniques Expert Face Brush as it doesn't leave the foundation looking streaky or cakey. I would say that the best ways to apply and blend this foundation is either with finger tips or with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (the Real Techniques Buffing brush works fairly well too). I would definitely not use a tradition flat foundation brush with this foundation as it makes the foundation look really quite streaky and slightly patchy. The foundation has a very smooth texture and it is almost creamy in texture which makes it apply really nicely (on the whole). The foundation applies/blends nicely and quickly on the whole - it only takes a couple of minutes for me to apply and blend this foundation with the Real Techniques expert face brush.

      - Results: coverage, finish and effects

      The foundation has light to buildable coverage so my skin does show through this foundation which I like when I have a good skin day which is fairly often so I use this foundation about three times a week or more. When my skin is redder or I have a couple of spots or if my eczema returns slightly then I will have to use another foundation with a heavier/fuller coverage. Overall, the coverage is good; it covers my pores well and it reduces the natural redness/pink undertones in my skin fairly well too. The coverage is not full/heavy enough to cover spots (unless they are very minor) and it is not heavy enough to cover the majority of my skins redness. The finish of this foundation is one of the best things about this product, in my opinion as the finish (how the foundation looks on the skin, eg: matte, dewy, luminous, semi matte) is gorgeous. The finish, in my opinion, is natural and it just looks like skin which I like but it also makes my skin look really radiant! The finish is not dewy and it does not greasy at all but it gives my skin a gorgeous natural looking 'lit from within' finish which is just gorgeous and great for this time of year when my pale skin can look a bit dull.

      Overall, the coverage is good but it could be better and the finish is just gorgeous - luminous, radiant and natural but not greasy looking at all. This foundation can look slightly patchy if you do not blend is well enough, it can cling very slightly any flaky areas but with a good moisturiser and hydrating primer this is definitely not an issue for me. One slightly negative point about the results of this product is that the foundation, once applied and blended, can feel a bit tacky on the skin which isn't very nice but this effect doesn't last too long and if the foundation is set with a powder then the tackiness is reduced greatly. Overall, the results from this foundation are great! The foundation doesn't look cakey/matte, it gives a nice natural luminous finish, it covers fairly well and I haven't had any adverse reaction to this foundation. I would rate the results (coverage, finish, effects etc) of this foundation at 4/5; one point lost because I would have liked a bit more coverage from this product.

      - Longevity and oxidisation

      I find that some foundations can oxidise on my skin (if a foundation oxidises it means that is has reacted with the oxygen in the air making the foundation look darker or orange toned which is not what you want, especially if you are pale like me). I find that this foundation does not oxidise at all on my skin; it stays as pale as it was when I applied it. The longevity of this foundation overall is good but it is not great, in my opinion. The foundation when it is not set with a powder is about six to seven hours on me. When this foundation is set with a powder is can last for a maximum of seven to eight hours on me which is good but not great, in my opinion. Overall, this product does not oxidise while on my skin and it has good longevity; I would rate the longevity of this product at: 3/5.

      - Overall opinion

      Overall, I am glad that I bought this foundation, especially as it was only £10 in the Illamasqua sale and it is a really good foundation overall. The main points that I like about this product include: the great range of shades and the shade I have LF120 is a fantastic shade for my pale skin. Another positive point about this product is the finish on the skin; this foundation makes my skin look more even (but it definitely doesn't cover everything I want it to) and it makes my skin look natural, luminous and glowing but definitely not dewy or greasy. I also really like the tiny nozzle disperser as you can control how much is dispensed very easily and the packaging is simple but unique too which I like. Some of the main negative points about this product, in my opinion, include: the foundation can look a bit patchy after about seven hours or so which is not fantastic but it is not massively noticeable and the foundation itself has a plastic/playdoh scent to it which I don't really like.

      Also the foundation can feel a bit tacky/heavy on the skin when applied and blended but this effect doesn't last too long and if I set the foundation with a bit of pressed powder (eg: Rimmel' s stay matte pressed powder) then the tackiness is reduced greatly. Also this foundation, for me, doesn't work with a lot of brushes - only my real techniques Expert Face Brush works fantastically with this foundation. Overall, I would recommend this foundation if you have normal, dry or slightly oily skin but if you have combination, flaky or very oily skin I would not recommend this product. Also if you have sensitive skin I would advise caution with this product; even though I did not have any reaction to this product it doesn't mean that others will not have a reaction - especially as this product is fairly strongly scented.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this foundation when Illamasqua where having this summer sale (I received this in my Illamasqua sale order which arrived at the beginning of July 2012). This foundation is priced at £23, which is expensive when compared to high street foundations (such as rimmel/Revlon etc) but when compared to brands such as Clinique this foundation is a great price - and Illamasqua is definitely a high end brand. I bought this foundation in the Illamasqua sale (July 2012) and it was priced at £10! I had to get this foundation at that low price and I am very glad that I did as now it is one of the very few foundations I can wear as my skin is even paler than usual!



      *Packaging/nozzle dispenser - easy to control how much is dispensed
      *Shade is an almost perfect match for me
      *Shade range is very large!
      *Natural, luminous finish - not matte but not dewy either
      *Does not cause any irritation for me and doesn't make me break out/spots
      *Applies and blends fairly easily on the whole
      *Good longevity but it is not fantastic - about seven hours
      *Natural, light but buildable coverage - this may be a positive point for some and a negative point for others


      *Can look patchy on the drier/oilier areas of my skin after about seven hours or so
      *Slight paint/plastic/playdoh scent
      *Can feel a little bit tacky on the skin but this doesn't last too long and it goes immediately when set with a powder
      *Doesn't work well with quite a few brushes/tools

      Thank you for reading my review


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